Lunair Weir
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Lunair Weir is currently trying to become a student and attend college either for art or botany. Her powers pull her back into a life resembling that of a hitman, more and more. Still, she's making friends because of it, even as it carries her farther from a usual life.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Agility: 5 Perception: 4

Abilities: Power

Disintegration: 4 Weapon Conjuration: 6

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 2, Gather Information: 3, Marksmanship: 5, Melee: 2, Mercenary: 5, Stealth: 3

Abilities: Gear

Armor: 5

Advantages: Trained Wealth

Flaws: No Cowbell, Secret Agent Man?, To Kill a King, Under a Rock



Attribute: Agility (5)

Lunair's gotta duck and weave! Clumsy heroes better be durable. And she's not!

Attribute: Perception (4)

Paying attention and knowing what's going on is vital in her line of work.

Gear: Armor (5)

It's red and black armor, courtesy of a squished, women's armor wearing rival of Deadpool. It's mostly for her protection since she is well, squishy.

Power: Disintegration (4)

Lunair can disintegrate roughly weapons sized objects. While she can only *create* weapons, she can disintegrate many kinds of objects. Plot important artifacts and sufficiently powerful or complex objects are exempted. This power is slow and she MUST be able to see the object. It also takes a little longer than creating a weapon.

Power: Weapon Conjuration (6)

Thanks to extensive training after a medical trial's treatment ended up granting her powers, Lunair now has access to a certain comic book artist's dream power. To wit, she can summon weapons - be it a club, gun or something like a grenade or explosive. While plasma weapons are possible, she has to think of her own safety and not losing an eye. They always said she'd put her eye out... Regardless, she can summon the weapons and they are loaded. She does however, need to summon extra ammunition if she needs more than a clip.

Skill: Athletics (2)

Lunair wouldn't be much of a fighter if she couldn't keep up with them. She's in pretty good shape, though don't ask her to do parkour just yet.

Skill: Gather Information (3)

It's really, really, really awkward to shoot the wrong person or what have you. To this end, Lunair's learned a lot about paying attention, using sources of information and gleaning what is useful about a target and what is not. She also figures out that just talking to people really helps. Usually

Skill: Marksmanship (5)

It's really silly to conjure guns if you're just going to put your eye out. While it would make her aces at fighting beholders, peacocks and such, Lunair does prefer not to maim herself while shooting. To that end, she's had an extensive amount of training using guns. She's trained with professionals and on her own.

Skill: Melee (2)

Sometimes, it's okay to fight up close. But it's definitely not Lunair's favorite way to fight. Still, she could hold her own in fencing club. She tends to prefer lighter swords and knives.

Skill: Mercenary (5)

Lunair has effectively been trained as an assassin and soldier. She is talented at driving various vehicles, working with poisons, gathering information and all sorts of weapon types (as well as how they work) to compliment her powers.

Skill: Stealth (3)

Be it walking quietly, sticking to the shadows or simply going unnoticed, Lunair's carefully learned/learning to be sneaky without humming the Pink Panther theme.


Advantage: Trained

Lunair's been pretty thoroughly trained, as despite the experiment not going as planned, turning a bunch of powered teenagers loose untrained would've likely been bad. She was taught to handle weapons, reload, sneak around and generally do fighty things as well as resist the urge to hum the Pink Panther theme when being sneaky.

Advantage: Wealth

Lunair is after all, an adopted heiress. She at least has a healthy pool of resources to draw from should she need supplies or to pay for a hotel. That, and mercenary work can be remarkably profitable.


Flaw: No Cowbell

If she uses her powers excessively, Lunair begins to suffer from fever, weakness and potentially even hallucinations. She can collapse and/or pass out. Which makes fighting awkward. And sadly, cowbell does not cure her fever. Only time does, and she's likely to have a nasty cold the next day.

Flaw: Secret Agent Man?

Having a new identity can be both a boon and a bane. Someone particularly talented on digging up information just might find out that Lunair has a new identity and happens to be a lost part of an experiment/project that some folks just might be very much interested in having back.

Flaw: To Kill a King

Killing does awful, awful things to one's psyche, particularly when young. While she may have considered it something of an advantage for 'hunting monsters', Lunair's got an ugly case of PTSD from having killed. She will suffer fits from time to time, including laughter, flashbacks and twitching.

Flaw: Under a Rock

Sure, she got adopted eventually. But for the most part, an experiment tightly controls what its subjects see and do, what they learn and where they go. While Lunair's made imrpessive strides, she's very /odd/ sometimes, as she didn't get out and socialize much or really partake of TV and the internet. She talks awfully formally a lot of the time.


Lunair isn't Lunair's original name. Long ago, it was once Muriel. Muriel was a sickly girl, thanks to a weakened immune system from birth. She was often kept indoors, in a clean house, but it didn't seem to help much. Her parents felt hopeless and frustrated over the first few years of Lunair's life. When she was about 6, the family doctor approached them about entering Muriel in a medical study. Someone was testing a serum to boost immune system function and healing in children whose conditions inhibited one or the other. Hopeful, they signed Muriel up.

Despite her condition, Muriel was a quiet, friendly sort of kid. She ended up getting along pretty well with the others in the group, although she was noted for being good at memorizing things and being somewhat ferocious once annoyed. Along with a few dozen other children, Muriel was given the serum and put through a few tests - mostly to see how her immune system was doing and so on. As it turns out, the study was years long. While her parents visited often, and the kids were given their educations, it was very lonely.

Still, her health was improving and that was a lot to be thankful for. No longer was Muriel miserable and tired and generally fussy as sick kids are wont to be. It was as some of the kids were the age of 10 or so that a few of them started ... displaying some troubling abilities. It was becoming harder and harder to explain why little Timmy was breathing fire or tiny Tina was mind controlling nurses to do her bidding. Lunair wasn't really sure what she could do one day, until Timmy started chasing her around breathing fire. And in that moment, she found a sword in her hands because... she recalled a story on TV where a knight fought a dragon. Fortunately, Timmy got distracted and ran off, but it was then Lunair was marked down as one of the 'abnormal' children. As more and more of the children began to manifest powers (many, if not most of them remarkably volatile), those running the study began to panic. Arrangements to explain and move the children began - but it was a bit late as one of the little girls came unhinged and brought the building down with an earth quake.

That snafu marked the end of the medical trial, as many of the children either escaped, were taken who knows where or killed in the rubble. Lunair's world was turned upside down. It wasn't much, but that place had been her home for /years/ and grasping the idea that she possessed something that people would fear baffled her. Happily, one of the doctors working on the trial managed to find and adopt her. In the ensuing purge of records, Lunair ended up receiving her new name and the doctor's surname. The doctor managed to have connections enough to train her and teach her to use her powers. Of course, it figured that Lunair had no idea she was now part of a second project - to see if any of the survivors had useful powers.

For better or worse, Lunair survived the rigorous training. She found she had many other hobbies and talents, as well, though. Eventually, she was sent out on her first live assignment - which went a bit badly and ended up with a few dead burglars. However, the idea of using teenagers, even ones with powers, to augment police or military capabilities flew with the ethics committees as well as a lead balloon tied to one baker's dozen of weasels. That is to say, it didn't. On top of it all, the cosmos wasn't done dealing Lunair crappy hands. It did not merely give her lemons. It made lemonade, dumped it on her, then chased her around with lemonade loving snakes. Since Lunair kind of liked snakes, it actually ended up working out alright. She managed to stay with her adopted family, until she turned 19 - at which point she's taken off on her own with her inheritance. They figured it was far healthier for her to find her own path rather than keep her in project after project.


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