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Magneto-1 Magneto-2
Agility: 1 Strength: 1 Toughness: 1
Perception: 8 Intellect: 5 Willpower: 8
Armor 4 Electromag Spectrum 5 Force Field 10
Helmet 4 Magnetic Blast 4 Magnetic Flight
Magnetic Vision 8 Magnetism 10 Physical Augment 6
Brotherhood Engineer Geneticist
Polyglot Strategist
Condition Conviction Grudge Match
Name: Erik Lehnsherr "I am no hero - merely a man who has seen and done and endured what can never be forgotten or forgiven."

Known to some as a terrorist and others a savior, Magneto has become known for his radical views and methods pertaining to the mutant race.

Unwilling to tolerate the same bigotry and prejudice against his very race that he witnessed against his own family in Auschwitz, he has vowed to take any measure, no matter the cost, in ensuring the survival of mutantkind.

To this end, he has established a Brotherhood of Mutants to fight on behalf of their own kind as well as his own more obscure design.

Position: Master of Magnetism
Team: Brotherhood of Mutants
Age: 73
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel Iconic FC
Actor: Ian McKellen
Alts: Deadpool, Green_Lantern
Timezone: MST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Magneto was born Max Eisenhardt to a German Jewish family in the late twenties. In 1939, his family fled Germany, but were captured and killed in the German invasion of Poland. Max, the sole survivor of his name, was transferred to Auschwitz where he met Magda, a Roma girl with whom he'd been infatuated with as a youth. The pair escaped the prison camp in the 1944 revolt, settling into the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia, where Max adopted the name Magnus.

Magnus and his wife lived happily for a time, with Magda giving birth to a daughter, Anya. The peace was short-lived, however, as a rioting mob burned their house down with young Anya still within. Infuriated, Magnus' powers manifested themselves wildly, slaying the entire mob and wiping out a portion of the city. Magda, fearing for her own safety, fled, later giving birth (unbeknownst to Magnus) to two children, Wanda and Pietro.

Although he searched for Magda, Magnus' efforts would prove to be in vain. Adrift and without material ties, he wandered, eventually relocating to Haifa, Israel, working for a time at a psychiatric hospital for those traumatized by war. Here, he came to meet a man abroad - one Charles Xavier.

The two found a measure of kinship, each seeing something of himself in the other. Quickly becoming friends, the pair found their conversations increasingly turning to the topic of human genetic mutation, though each remained wholly unaware of the other's true nature. Here, a schism made itself evident: despite Charles' belief that humans and mutants could and would eventually live together in peace, Magnus knew the truth of the matter. Charles' dream would never be realised, because humans would never cease fearing and hating what they could not comprehend.

Despite their desire for secrecy, Magnus and Charles would find their hands forced by terrorists who staged a kidnapping of a mutual friend. The two were forced to reveal their powers, tracking the terrorists to their underground base and finding, in the bargain, amassed quantities of arms and gold. When the terrorists were defeated, the friends engaged one another. Magnus offered Charles the chance to build a grand mutant empire with him, but the latter refused. Disappointed in his companion's misguided beliefs, Magnus took the gold and left the compound, setting out on his own to make his dream a reality.

Despite his resolve and power, Magnus was still only one man. Adopting the name of Erik Lehnsherr, he wandered the globe, gathering others to his cause and taking steps of his own to set the stage for mutant supremacy - acts of shock, awe, and intimidation perpetrated by the newly-christened Magneto and his followers. To this end, the Brotherhood of Mutants was formed, paving the way for the betterment of mutantkind.

Magneto and his Brotherhood continue to move - sometimes aggressively - to hasten the inevitable rise of mutants above humans, and taking all who would see his dream realized into his fold. His one-time colleague, Charles Xavier, and his group of X-Men continually stand against his radical plans, though in the end, he is well aware that his strength of conviction will win out, for anything less would be unacceptable.


Gear: Armor (4)

Magneto's signature costume is, in reality, an armored suit of various lightweight, durable metals that help to guard him from many forms of physical assault.

Power: Electromag Spectrum (5)
Though more taxing by far than simply controlling magnetic fields outright, Magneto is able to manipulate any form of energy found within the electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays and x-rays.

Power: Force Field (10)
By bending magnetic fields around himself or an area, Magneto can create force fields of astonishing resilience, capable of withstanding most forms of physical assault, up to and including the force of a nuclear blast.

Gear: Helmet (4)
Magneto's helmet (Toughness 4) contains cunning technology of his own making, wired directly into it and rendering him virtually immune to all forms of psionic or telepathic assault while he is wearing it (Effective Willpower of 9 against these assaults when worn.).

Power: Magnetic Blast (4)
Magneto is able to focus magnetic energy into a blast of concussive force, which may be used for a number of purposes.

Power: Magnetic Flight (N/A)
Magneto is capable of emulating flight via his powers, enabling him to travel over great distance at varying speeds for extended amounts of time, either by gliding along the planet's natural magnetic lines of force or creating a repulsive effect between the planet and himself.

Power: Magnetic Vision (8)
Should he concentrate, Magneto is able to view the electromagnetic fields around him, including those present about living beings, additionally allowing him to ascertain certain physical or mental details about them.

Power: Magnetism (10)
Magneto's mutant power entails the control and manipulation of magnetic fields, employing them in a broad variety of ways. Most commonly, this translates to control of metal or metallic objects and alloys, no matter how large or inconceivably minute - however he is not limited to solely this function. More specifically, he may create magnetic force fields, enable an approximation of flight, concentrate the fields in concussive bursts or pulses, view electromagnetic fields with his own eyes, augment his own abilities by channeling his powers inward, and - though more taxing - manipulate any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum.

While the degree and range of Magneto's abilities have few quantifiable limits in theory, attempting to manipulate forces of intensely vast magnitude or prodigious distance can physically drain him, leaving him weak, unconscious, or worse depending upon the severity of his exertion.

Power: Physical Augment (6)
By channeling magnetic energy through his own body, Magneto is capable of augmenting his strength, agility, stamina, and durability to superhuman levels, temporarily increasing his statistics. This may not be constantly maintained, and is inevitably a strain to him following its deactivation, as the efforts associated with whatever actions he's undertaken catch up to him.


Advantage: Brotherhood

Magneto is the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, a group created by him to ensure the liberties and liberation of mutantkind no matter the cost - often resorting to tactics and stratagems deemed revolutionary or even terroristic.

Advantage: Engineer
Magneto's considerable intellect lends itself to numerous fields of study, including engineering and robotics. He is a contemporary visionary of sorts, having created the technology used in his helmet as well as various advanced robots, blueprints for orbital stations, and devices capable of nullifying mutant powers in their presence, to highlight a few.

Advantage: Geneticist
Magneto's considerable intellect lends itself to numerous fields of study, including genetic mutation and particle physics. This, notably, has allowed him to devise ways of mutating humans, creating clones, and fabricating artificial beings with a semblance of life. Much of his work in this vein is evident in the Savage Land, as he is responsible for the numerous mutates within.

Advantage: Polyglot
Magneto is well-versed and fluent in many languages where both reading and speaking are concerned, including English, Polish, German, French, Russian, Yiddish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Advantage: Strategist
Whether surveying a chessboard or detailed plans in preparation for mounting a war, Magneto's past experiences have led him to become a supreme strategist and tactician, often capable of predicting battles to a fine degree of accuracy and preparing accordingly.


Flaw: Condition

Despite his rather awesome power, brilliant mind, and iron resolve, Magneto is nevertheless over seventy years old. While his connection to the geomagnetic field of the earth allows him to sustain himself, overexertion - either of his powers or in a physical sense - has the potential to leave him severely weakened, incapacitated, or worse, depending on the severity of the exertion.

Flaw: Conviction
Magneto is firmly assured that what he has made his life's work is -right-, just as Charles Xavier is assured of his own moral high ground. This conviction can, on rare occasion, lead to tunnel vision and prodigious ego - Magneto will often ignore any evidence to the contrary or words of forbearance in favor of pressing relentlessly ahead with his schemes, occasionally blind to the more far-reaching effects of his current conquests.

Flaw: Grudge Match
Much of Magneto's disdain and hatred for humans stems from his own experiences, notably the death of his first daughter and the subsequent fleeing of his wife. He is driven by fury, revenge, and an inability to forgive at almost any cost. Should he or his be slighted, he will remember, and he will consider it a matter of honor to see the favor returned in spades.


Magneto Logs


  • Brotherhood: Anyone who is interested is welcome to apply to the Brotherhood of Mutants, an illicit organization with a 'get it done' reputation among street-level mutants and a known terrorist group with SHIELD and other Federal agencies.
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