Demon Lord of Greed
Fallen Muse
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Quote-open "Your father found our arrangement quite beneficial. There are things your powers can't give you. Things your father found quite...handy.?" Quote-close

Mammon is the ruler of the layer of hell pertaining to the sin of Greed. He, like many of his kind, makes contracts with mortals that are legally binding that can grant great wealth or power, but there is a price for them...always.


Abilities: Strength: 6 Dexterity: 5 Toughness: 7 Intelligence: 6 Perception: 6 Willpower: 6


Demon Lord: 9 - Not only is he skilled at being a demon, but he is one of THE most skilled at politics and doing what he needs to do to corrupt, punish and rule of all time.

Money: 6 - Mammon understands all forms of negotiations, currency and lucre.

Contracts: 7 - Mammon knows how to draw up a contract. Unless you're supernaturally good at getting out of it, you're not going to come out ahead.

Combat: 8 - He's been around since the dawn of the universe. He knows a thing or two about killing people.

Occult: 7


Demon: 8

Hellfire: 7

Sorcery: 7

Dimension Hopping


Contracts, Thralls, Demon Minions, Network of Hell

Flaws: Obligations, Greedy, Reputation, Pecking Order, Summonable


Mammon is one of the Forgotten, a muse who fought neither for or against God in the War in the Heavens. He is the ruler of the 8th sphere of hell. He is supposed to be unkillable except by one unknown method. When he initially fell to earth, he wandered learning all manner of magic, including Alchemy, Sorcery and magic, as well as science. He has also engaged in extensive breeding programs of mortals and other entities and takes a very long view of things. He also has great sway with cults and minions on earth.

One of the mortals he has interacted with extensively is Ascot Conneticut, the second person to bear the role of "The Economy." Mammon was partially to blame for Ascot's corruption and transformation into Cold Hard Cash. Ascot helped construct a powerful magical engine that 'fairly' distributed damned souls in hell, satisfying many of the rulers of hell and gaining Mammon a great deal of power as a result. When Ascot died, the Well of Souls began to breakdown. As a result, he attempted to get the third Economy, Kilroy Capital Conneticut, to repair the engine. Rather than repair it, Kilroy tricked Mammon into attacking him and violating his contract with Ascot, preventing Mammon from harming Kilroy in any way for a century, as well as severely limiting Mammon's ability to directly travel to the mortal realm. At the moment, he is simmering seeking revenge, and yet also severely restricted in some of his activities.


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Cold Hard Cash

Formerly helped bless the economy of his part of hell to be most efficient.


Most immortal powers of wealth have an ...understanding...regarding the world's economy. Of all of these, Providence is the most powerful and tolerates Mammon's excesses so long as he obeys certain...rules.


Mammon's Wanted List
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