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Manker Yriel
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Quote-open Love, Wealth, Influence, Happiness, Family.. are meaningless if you don't have the strength to keep them safe. Quote-close

A displaced man of royal heritage and magical experiments. Made anew in the wake of a horrible tragedy that brought him here. In atonement for his weakness, he fights to preserve peace, order, and prosperity.


Abilities: Manker

Awakened Potential, Coronal Vent, Focused Ejection, Nuclear Immunity, Plasma Barrier, Solar Charge, Solar Mass Ejection, Spaceworthy

Abilities: Skill

Ground Combat: 8, Magical Talent: 3, Other Combat: 6

Abilities: Gear

King's Guard King's Hand


Flaws: Dark Orb, Displaced, Fuel, Overload, Past, Unchallenged

Languages: English


Gear: King's Guard

Manker's armour, the King's Guard, is an enchanted armour manifested by the Dark Orb to protect its bearer. Its purpose stops his body from passively bleeding out radiation to his surroundings, and granting him defenses beyond his comparitively average human toughness. However, it is heavy and weighs him down. Every four hours the Dark Orb projects repairs on the suit and places it in Manker's possession, similar to his sword and including a replacement if the suit is damaged beyond repair.

It has 6 toughness and a retractable helmet that adds 1 perception to Manker while it is on. It also has a gauge along his spine that displays his charge level visibly. It can compact itself into a belt to alleviate the speed and dexterity penalty without having to remove it fully, and expand back to normal size without consequence.

Gear: King's Hand

Damage Note: King's Hand moves on its own accord, meaning that the 8 damage is not affected, nor does it add to Manker's strength. Should he be disarmed, it will act as a 2 damage melee weapon with a minimum strength rating of 6 to use effectively, and a 5 to lift with a push.

Manker's sword, the King's Hand, is a magically and technologically crafted blade borne of ritual and rite. The massive blade is bound by a stasis field to his person, and will return itself to his possession if left away for more than four hours. It weighs ten tons, however, animates itself to move seamlessly with Manker's will and is weightless to his manipulation, which means it is also ineffective against him since his command could render it harmless or alter its course. Due to the nature of its stasis it is impervious to physical and magical harm, however if it is somehow broken it will restore itself within four hours and manifest in Manker's possession as long as he lives.

Its stats are the following: Flight Speed: 2 Damage: 6 Toughness: 10

Manker: Awakened Potential

CHARGE EFFECTS: While under the effect of a high charge, Manker's traits will decrease in rating after ten charge, and at 21 render him at below mundane levels of physical performance. (1 for Dex, Strength, Toughness, Intellect. 0 for Speed. Willpower to 4)

Through a combination of experience, magical experimentation, and circumstance, Manker's body has awakened to its full potential and bestows upon him greater physical abilities and longevity.

These increased trait values are: Strength: 4 Toughness: 3 Perception: 4 Dexterity: 5(6 without armour) Speed: 1(2 without armour) Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5

Manker: Coronal Vent

Usage: This ability's general usage will be at low power if at all, and anything above the minimum rating will require Plot Approval/Consent from the powers that be.

A rapid venting of solar mass from all exposed portions of the body. 6-10 Heat/Radiation/Light levels at matching Volume depending on CHARGE. Fully Depletes CHARGE and is only available at 6 or higher.

Manker: Focused Ejection

A precise ejection of excess solar mass, generally done through the fingertips or eyes. 0-3 Heat/Radiation/Light levels at volume 1-2 depending on CHARGE levels.

Manker: Nuclear Immunity

Levels: Immune to natural heat damage, with a resistance of 6 to magical sources of heat. For cold his resistance scales upwards starting at 3 depending on his CHARGE, one point increase for every two points of charge above six due to his internal temperature being higher at greater charge levels. Magical cold resistance stays, and remains at 3.

Manker's altered physiology renders him almost entirely resistant to wave-based radiation, particle-based radiation increases the speed at which his charge is generated and empowers him. He also has an incredible immunity to heat and a lesser resistance to cold. Also, due to his increased body temperature and the concentration of radioactive solar plasma, as well as the required resilience of his body's cellular structure, most bacteria, viruses, parasites, and diseases are destroyed on contact. His unique digestive system that directly converts ingested mass into energy to feed his plasma generation renders him unaffected by poisons, toxins, and venoms. In most cases, they just contribute to the mass that feeds into his plasma generation.

Manker: Plasma Barrier

A constant leak of solar plasma to mitigate threats or cause steady harm to things in arms reach. 1-4 Heat/Radiation/Light levels at 0-1 volume depending on CHARGE levels.

Manker: Solar Charge

Manker's body is infused with and generates solar plasma within his blood vessels. It generates stellar radiation and heat, as well as light on a constant level from his exposed skin. As the levels grow higher, the passive emissions are more notable and powerful as well as granting him increased tolerance to heat and a higher body temperature. However, as the levels grow higher, it taxes his body to keep it contained. His charge levels will be displayed visually and at early levels he will gain one point per day, and an additional for each consecutive day he does not use any charge.

Manker: Solar Mass Ejection

A cone of expelled solar mass, from the palms or mouth. 2-5 Heat/Radiation/Light levels at 2-4 volume depending on CHARGE levels.

Manker: Spaceworthy

Manker's body is altered from the human norm, he is able to survive the vacuum of space without assistance and does not require oxygen to survive.

Skill: Ground Combat (8)

Manker has extensive combat training on the ground from his life as a whole, wielding his blade with precision and strength that would be the focus of tales and perhaps legend.. were it not for the tragedy that brought him here from his home plane.

Skill: Magical Talent (3)

Manker has some basic training in magic, and a very limited number of spells at his command, though all with equal efficiency. He can conjure flames of various shapes and sizes, with decreasing intensity as volume increases. He can distort light in a field around himself in the same manner as the flames, with decreasing effectiveness as range increases. He can also use a spell to grant himself temporary telekinetic abilities with a strength of 3 for interacting with things beyond his arm's reach, and also to other nearby people with decreasing strength as that number goes up.

Skill: Other Combat (6)

Manker's skills and resourcefulness wane while he is in the air, or an unstable environment, as well as his marksmanship with his powers at range beyond ten meters.



Flaw: Dark Orb

The dark orb is a very powerful magical stasis field around a dark mass. The dark orb contains a hungry and vast source of evil that watches over, drains power from, and subtly influences Manker at every passive moment. It will not allow him to die and will force his body into a type of stasis to recover, and drive him to battle, granting him a very temporary period of maximum charge and immortality. However, his judgement will be clouded and the orb will attempt to steal life and power from anything he comes in contact with until he is safe, or alone. The dark orb also may engage this stasis and direct control if a strong, direct attempt to alter his thoughts or actions occurs from an external source, be it positive or negative, and drive him to attack it or flee immediately.

Flaw: Displaced

Manker is not from this plane and is rather unfamiliar with the customs, though acts with general respect towards everyone unless there is a reason to deny it.

Flaw: Fuel

Despite the self reliance of his body, Manker still feels mundane needs like hunger and thirst. While they will not kill him, they will cause significant distraction if his heightened metabolism isn't treated properly.

Flaw: Overload

Manker's solar charge becomes critically unstable after 21 'levels' and has a chance to randomly cause him to Vent at maximum power, or surrender to the Dark Orb's influence.

Flaw: Past

Bearing a dark and traumatic past, at times Manker will mentally retreat, possibly giving in to the Dark Orb's influence, or bringing himself into recluse until it passes.

Flaw: Unchallenged

Coming from a royal lineage, Manker does not listen to direct commands or ultimatums. While he respects authority, he believes that none have the right to wholly rule or command another and will quickly make an enemy of those that truly believe themselves to be above others. He also dislikes the thought of others boasting their strength, and will challenge those that do for proof.


Prince regeant of a now stasis-contained plane called the Dark Orb. He adventured his world to spread peace, order, and safety to every corner during his time as prince, and returned home to take up duties as regeant when sickness had taken his parentage, he married one of his best friends after the many trials and hardships they'd gone through during their adventures, a mage. She was the one that taught him what he knows of magic. After a few years of peace, a great evil literally devoured most of the planet. It was preparation to hold back the forces of this evil that led to his changes and augmentation. However, when the true source of that power emerged even the combined strength of his world could not defeat it. In a final effort all the great powers in the world trapped it in stasis until their ruler was strong enough to combat it. This sent him far from home and flung him randomly throughout the multiverse, and into this world. The evil contained in the orb occasionally drains power and attempts to corrupt Manker to release it again.


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