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Marc Spector
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Moon Knight
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Moon Knight

Quote-open "I'm a ghost now...a spectre of the moon...the moon's knight of vengeance---and I've got work to do." Quote-close

Marc ran away from a scholarly family to become a fighter--in the ring, in service of his country, and eventually, for the highest bidder. Once dreaming of heroics, each new path only jaded him further with it's own brand of ambiguity and senselessness. Disillusioned and bitter, Marc went through a time where he cared very little what he was hired to do. But then, while working a job in Egypt, Marc had his moment to do the right thing when he chose to defend an archaeologist and his daughter from the violent coup planned by his fellow mercenaries, though Marc was fatally wounded in the effort. Marc died, or so he believes, and ended up indebted to the Egyptian God of Vengeance, Khonshu. He came back with purpose, with a second chance. Arguably, he found himself with everything he'd once wished for...though with some strings attached. Marc now has a higher purpose, the ability to hunt down only the deserving with clear certainty. Khonshu's certainty. No matter what.

Yes, Marc is finally the hero he always wanted to be; too bad that hero has a mind of his own. And then some.



Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Endurance of Conviction: 5, Moonlight Healing: 3, Moonlight Strength: 2/4, Night Vision: 1, Spiritual Vision: 1

Abilities: Skill

Detective: 5, Martial Skill: 6, Pilot: 5

Abilities: Tech

Carbonadium Suit: 4, Gadgetry, Glider Cloak, Khonshu's Ankh: 1, Lunar Cycle

Advantages: Frenchie, Languages, Psychic Confusion, Wealth

Flaws: Enemies, Indebted, Insane

Languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Egyptian, English, French, German, Hebrew, and Spanish


Power: Endurance of Conviction (5)

Khonshu does not have much sympathy for excuses, and Moon Knight consequently has become abnormally, even supernaturally tolerant of hardship or pain. Pushing himself to his absolute limits or throwing himself in harm's way to achieve his ends is something he will do far more readily than others might, and he's gotten good at it. While he is martially adept and capable of speed and dodging, he rarely relies on such defensive tactics. His manner of fighting, while skilled, also tends to be aggressive, bordering on reckless. He has been known to take punishing blows or grievous wounds in a fight if he thinks it will allow him to land his own, counting on his conviction and endurance to see him through where his enemies falter.

Power: Moonlight Healing (3)

Whilst in direct bright moonlight, Moon Knight's healing is increased, allowing him to heal bruises and scrapes in minutes, superficial bullet wounds in hours, and even averting potentially fatal wounds, though they would likely not heal completely in just one night of exposure. Limbs cannot be regrown and this ability cannot save him from instantaneous death, even if the injury was dealt under a full moon, and this ability does not function if the light is obscured or the moon is new.

Power: Moonlight Strength (2/4)

Moon Knight is generally a highly athletic but normal man, though his physical abilities can edge beyond normal human limits during nights of the fuller phases of the moon. On a normal, sunny day, Moon Knight can press approximately two times his weight (approximately 440 pounds). However, under the light of the moon, his strength increases, growing stronger as the moon becomes fuller. Under the direct full light of a full moon, he can lift up to roughly a ton. His reactions are also enhanced, though not to such an extreme degree.

Power: Night Vision (1)

As Khonshu's Avatar, Moon Knight can see in the dark perfectly within his line of sight.

Power: Spiritual Vision (1)

Moon Knight can detect most spectral beings and divine connections where a normal human could not, due to Khonshu's influence. Whilst most gods, other avatars, demons, ghosts, etc. can be sensed, the more powerful of these magical beings can block out this ability with their own magic.

Skill: Detective (5)

Moon Knight is a skilled detective. He may not be as gifted as the true greats, but he has a knack for picking out relevant details, a history with criminal investigation,four viewpoints to assist in reading both situations and people, and the tenacity to see a mystery through to the end. He has a broad understanding of the criminal world, and Jake Lockley especially has a gift for having his cab in the right places at the right(or wrong) times to pick up and assemble tidbits of information that may illuminate a larger mystery.

Skill: Martial Skill (6)

Moon Knight is an expert martial artist. He boxed professionally as early as his teens, moving on to years of high-level military training with the Marines and CIA. He continued to add to this knowledge in his wide travels as a mercenary. He is a frightening combatant weather armed or unarmed, close range or long. He is well trained with a wide range of weapons and firearms, and has a marksman rating. He is familiar with the use of pressure points, capable of striking nerve clusters to stun or potentially even knock out a vulnerable opponent. He is, of course, at his very best with his own gear, and is extremely accurate with his thrown crescent darts.

Skill: Pilot (5)

Due to Marine training, Moon Knight is a skilled pilot capable of flying various US military and civilian aircraft.

Tech: Carbonadium Suit (4)

Moon Knight wears a suit reinforced with Carbonadium, a metal similar to Adamantium, but more malleable and much more flexible. It easily deflects most small arms fire, and at it's strongest points it has even withstood the fire of a machine gun. The suit has crescent dart launchers at the wrists, a holster for his grapple truncheon, a two-way radio system sometimes linked to Frenchie, and a small cutting torch. Carbonadium is oddly radioactive, but so far has shown no physical detriments to Moon Knight's health.

Tech: Gadgetry

Moon Knight wields a variety of gadgets, his most used being his Crescent Darts, and Truncheon.

The Crescent Darts act as throwing tools that can be easily concealed, shaped like the Gibbous moon. They are sharpened on one edge, and can be used for both mid range and close quarters combat. They can be fired from his wrist launchers with sufficient force to trip, disarm, or pin a normal person's clothes to a wall.

The truncheon is a triple threat that can function as a baton or staff, nunchaku, or a grappling hook. It can extend to be a short truncheon or a long staff, it can separate into two halves linked by a chain to function as a nunchaku, or shoot a hook connected to a cable from one end that allows Moon Knight to climb to, descend from, or swing around a fixed point.

Toughness 5, Arsenal 3

Tech: Glider Cloak

Moon Knight wears a very flexible cloak that allows him to glide from one point to another, and slow his falls. Due to the flexibility required, it is completely unarmored and as such can be damaged rather easily, though it is replaceable.

Tech: Khonshu's Ankh (1)

Moon Knight wears an ankh pendant around his neck under his costume, and considers it his connection to his god. It is not technically directly necessary for his divine abilities to function, but it would unbalance him significantly to lose. It glows in the presence of imminent danger, though not always blatantly.

Tech: Lunar Cycle

Moon Knight owns a custom motorcycle fit to his insignia, the Lunar Cycle, which he stores not far from his home in Brooklyn. Fitted with rapid fire crescent darts, armored quite well, and modeled after a sports bike, it's the best transportation for him. Until he builds a helicopter. Which he's probably planning on doing.

Toughness 6, Arsenal 3


Advantage: Frenchie

Frenchie, otherwise known as Jean-Paul DuChamp, is a skilled pilot and inventor who met Moon Knight whilst the two were mercenaries in Africa, surviving the betrayal of Raoul Bushman together, and they have been comrades ever since. Frenchie has built most of Moon Knight's tech. He is the sole person who was privy to Moon Knight's secret identity. Over the years, Frenchie has developed feelings for Marc, though has kept these private.

Advantage: Languages

Moon Knight is fluent in various languages, English being an obvious one, French and Spanish from high school education, Hebrew and German from his father who was a German Rabbi, Arabic due to his time in the Marines and CIA, and Afrikaans due to the long period of time he spent as a mercenary in Africa.

Advantage: Psychic Confusion

Due to possessing multiple personalities, Moon Knight's mind is highly confusing and initially resistant to most mind readers, though with effort and annoyance, reading his mind is not an insurmountable proposition. Mind control or possession is similarly problematic, as when one personality is subdued, the other three will be quick to step up instead. Controlling Moon Knight is like a psychic game of wack-a-mole unless the attacker is capable of controlling all four minds at once.

Advantage: Wealth

Having collected various artifacts and gold from the Egyptian tomb where he gained his powers, as well as savings from previous jobs, Marc was not badly off. However, the money is no longer in Marc Spector's name. It was used to bankroll fledgling financier Steven Grant. Grant has enjoyed success at growing these funds into impressive wealth, possibly due to the blessings of Khonshu. But while this money is often channeled to fund the things Moon Knight requires, the others are not guaranteed to be able to lay their hands on large amounts of money if Steven Grant is for some reason not agreeable or unavailable.


Flaw: Enemies

Moon Knight has two enemies that hit close to home.

Raoul Bushman: Raoul Bushman was a fellow mercenary of Moon Knight and Frenchie in Sudan. A man who enjoys killing and plundering, he was searching for an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, where he massacred the village of Selima and an archaeologist by the name of Peter Alraune. Marc tried to stop Bushman, managing to save Alraune's daughter Marlene, but was himself shot and left to bleed out in an ancient temple to Khonshu. After Moon Knight was saved by Khonshu, he took out Bushman's men and reclaimed the relics, but Bushman escaped, harboring a vengeance for Marc Spector, the Moon Knight.

Randall Spector: Whilst Marc excelled through life, his younger brother Randall did not. Getting into crime early on, he began gun running with gangs whilst Marc was in the CIA. When this was discovered, it led to a deadly conflict between the brothers, wherein Randall was apparently killed. Marc thinks he's dead, and is haunted over all of this..but is he really gone? And how will he take learning the brother he could never measure up to is now the chosen of an actual god?

Flaw: Indebted

Moon Knight is first and foremost in servitude to the God of Vengeance, Khonshu, in exchange for his powers and life. However, as part of this, Khonshu occasionally stops by to talk to Moon Knight, though he is invisible to others at this time. Khonshu often delivers orders or otherwise tries to influence Moon Knight's decisions, regardless of what Moon Knight wants. Generally Moon Knight and Marc end up at odds, but eventually go through with Khonshu's will; fighting the god who holds your life in his hands rarely ends well, after all.

Flaw: Insane

Weather it's the calculated result of a god's meddling, or simply the consequence of a man driven to schizophrenia and MPD due to a traumatic near death experience, Moon Knight's mind is strange. He may not remember conversations or activities that took place even shortly prior, though this disconnect occurs most often between markedly different activities. He is known to hallucinate, and may sometimes goes quiet and unresponsive for long stretches, or start shouting and appear argumentative or unreasonable for no apparent reason. Sometimes he thinks he is a Brooklyn cab driver, sometimes a Boston financier. Sometimes he remembers the life he lived before being Moon Knight, and sometimes Moon Knight is the only thing he can remember. This can cause him extreme distraction at times, and if an internal upset occurred at an inopportune time, it could leave him with no memory of where he is, what he's doing, how to access his own bank accounts, or even how to fight. It tends to make those who know him for any length of time consider him dangerous and antisocial at worst, unreliable at best.



Grandson of a German Rabbi who escaped Nazi persecution by fleeing to the states, Marc Spector was born in Chicago, where his mother died whilst he was a youth. He was the older of two brothers, and his younger brother Randall looked up to Marc as a child, though increasingly felt overshadowed by Marc, especially as their father seemed to respect Marc more despite their frequent arguments. Marc was at odds with his father, who wanted him to become a Rabbi like him and his grandfather, but Marc wanted to be a man of action. At 18, he begun boxing, which he was remarkably good at. He was considering pursuing it as a profession, but when his father found out, he came to a match and entered the ring to stop him. Marc ended up striking his father, who responded by saying he never wanted to see Marc again. Marc ran away, and enlisted in the marines the very next day, and has never seen his father since. As a marine, he picked up a wide variety of skills and excelled in combat, eventually being recruited into the CIA, where he worked as a spy for many years. Around his early 30s he left the CIA, disheartened with how morally grey his 'good' work there was. Figuring if he was going to be used like hired muscle he might as well be honest about it, he became a mercenary. He went on to work in South America, where he assassinated the president of Bosqueverde and was tried but narrowly got off. From there he went to Africa, where he met Jean-Paul du Champ, or Frenchie as he was called, his future partner and best friend.

The two of them were recruited along with others for a job in Sudan by a man called Raoul Bushman, to protect an archaeologist who was searching for the tomb of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Bushman, a battle hungry man, massacred the villagers of Selima and attempted to kill the archaeologist, Peter Alraune, and his daughter Marlene, when they successfully discovered a wealthy tomb. Marc found there were still lines he was not willing to cross, and he tried to defend the archaeologists and stop Bushman, who shot him and left him for dead. Frenchie and some of the more friendly crew members left him under an idol of Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the Moon, Justice, and Vengeance. Marc swears at this point he died.. and the god Khonshu spoke to him, offering him a second chance at life in exchange for his loyal service. Marc accepted, and woke to find himself able to fight despite his injuries. Like a man possessed, he donned the silvery cloak from the ancient moon god's statue, and went on to tear through Bushman's men, though Bushman himself fled. Peter Alraune succumbed to his wounds, whilst Marlene escaped with Marc and Frenchie.

When they got back to the States, Marc was ordered by Khonshu to use his abilities to bring justice to the city, and Marc agreed. Marc spent the next few years training, parlaying the money he'd horded as a mercenary into a respectable fortune, building an information network in the city, and developing his tech with Frenchie's help. Over this time Marc became solidly convinced that he truly was the avatar of an Egyptian god, and became increasingly unstable, sometimes going by different names, talking to himself, forgetting things that happened, or remembering things that didn't. Whatever the case, his preparations have all managed to come together. He is now the Moon Knight, the moon's knight of vengeance. And he has work to do.

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