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Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 6 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 7
Brawling 6 Guerilla Warfare 6 Telekinesis 6/7
Telepathy 6/7 Tracking 7 Weaponry 4
Battle-Hardened Education Future Gear
Leadership Musician Team Player
Ethics Hound Memories
Nemesis Phoenix Tattoos
Name: Rachel Summers Rachel Summers is the daughter of X-Men Cyclops and Phoenix from the future of an alternate reality. Her world was a dystopia where mutants lived in concentration camps and her fellow X-Men fought against the robotic Sentinels and their mad creators. She escaped into a temporal vortex, intent on going to the past to reroute history but took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and wound up here instead.
Position: Freedom Fighter
Team: N/A
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5, North America)
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Rachel Summers is the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, both founders of the X-Men. Growing up in a household full of mutants, she learned to use her abilities from an early age, encouraged by both parents and Professor Xavier. Her childhood was actually pretty happy, with mutants enjoying something of a wary positive social standing, until one of the villains caused massive deaths, and the world turned on mutants like someone flipping a switch.

While she was part of the New Mutants' squad, Rachel was also coached by her parents on their own time, being groomed for leadership and finesse with the powers she inherited more from her mom than her dad. As the world spiraled into anti-mutant riots, giant robots named Sentinels began rounding mutants up, killing those that fought back, herding the ones who didn't into concentration camps. Rachel was promoted to the X-Men, and they started an open rebellion against the world's robotic masters. She did pretty well for awhile, but at one point, she was captured and turned into a Hound by a cruel man, whose one goal in life was the extermination of all mutants. She eventually escaped and continued to lead resistance cells in conjunction with her parents.

Events seemed to be coalescing in a resemblance of Catastrophe, or perhaps merely Genocide, and thus when murmurs of a new breed of Sentinel began circulating, the X-Men did their best to track them down, fighting valiantly to stop the Nimrod program from going online. Many X-Men and other heroes lost their lives in this wave of strikes. Rachel herself was leading an attack upon one of the prototypes when it seemed as if she would finally lose her life. Surrounded on all sides, she took the control to blow the factory to kingdom come and hit the button.

Then she woke up here.


Combat: Brawling (6)

Trained in combat of a more guerilla nature since she was young, due to the downswing in political matters in her original reality, Rachel learned less stylized forms of fighting and more things that merely gave a better chance of survival. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't art, it was about making sure the other guy went down first and living to fight another day.

Combat: Guerilla Warfare (6)
The X-Men of her reality were in open war against the human government for over half of Rachel's life. She learned how to fight thanks to her parents and the other X-Men, and she learned the hard lesson that you did whatever it took to get the job done, because the other guys were taking prisoners, and that was worse than being killed outright.

Strength: Telekinesis (6/7)
Being the daughter of Jean Grey, she inherited her mother's telekinetic abilities and potential in full. This means she can affect the world around her using the power of her mind. Mostly, this involves moving things around, levitating herself, attacking others with telekinetic force bolts, creating shields around herself and others, and throwing cars at bad guys, but can also be more delicate applications, such as bending a spoon or picking a lock. Rachel also inherited a genetic link to the vastly powerful Phoenix Force, which boosts her native potential up a tier. It also causes her telekinetic aura to appear fiery and raptor-shaped, although this is just a cosmetic side-effect.

Flaws: Rachel's TK requires her to be conscious and can easily be disrupted if she's distracted. She also hasn't had as much training and experience as her mom, so her finesses is much lessened.

Willpower: Telepathy (6/7)
Along with telekinesis, Rachel inherited Jean Grey's telepathic abilities. She can read minds, stun an attacker with a psionic bolt, hold mindlinks with multiple teammates to coordinate a fight, etc. Rachel also has powerful shields on her own mind to keep other telepaths out. Rachel's native abilities have been boosted by her link to the Phoenix Force, increasing the range in which she can touch or scan other minds, her sensitivity, the power of her psi-bolts.

Flaws: Rachel needs to be conscious for all telepathic abilities to function. Also, while she has powerful psi-shields, another telepath can finesse their way past them readily enough. Finally, the impact of unshielded minds around her can cause her mental fatigue, particularly in crowd situations. A mob scene, for example, would be very difficult for her to maintain her shields and keep all those powerful emotions out. It could be crippling in a battle situation. The link to the Phoenix makes this even more of a big deal, since her mind is even more sensitive to such things as her native ability allows.

Perception: Tracking (7)
Rachel was taught for many years to track other beings, whether human, mutant, or whatever, using abilities not merely tied into her psionics. She is able to track others in both urban and wilderness locales.

Weaponry: Weaponry (4)
While the X-Men all had powers to fight with, there were plenty of times when the enemy had power dampeners, and thus Cyclops made a point of ensuring that his charges knew the basics of handling firearms, melee weapons, explosives, anything that would help against mobs of angry humans and Sentinels. Rachel is a passable marksman with many firearms, although her archery skills need some work.


Advantage: Battle-Hardened

For over the past half-dozen years, Rachel has been, in effect, on active military duty in a warzone. She's been psychologically toughened against things that would make the average American citizen of this era blanch. She's got a perspective on all the petty details that people in peacetime complain about and while she's not quite got a touch of arrogance and dismissiveness about it, she's able to better cope with 'emergencies' well above and beyond what most normal people in these parts handle on a daily basis.

Advantage: Education
Scott and Jean (and to a greater extent, Xavier) ensured that Rachel was properly educated, to a standard above and beyond what the New York Board of Regents requires for students. Said education was well-rounded in all the basics, and Rachel found herself focusing a little more on a couple of the branches of science when things went a bit crazy in her world, so she couldn't continue her studies as intensely as before. Still, her mom insisted that she keep art, literature, and music in mind even during times of war, because those things were generally the first to get lost.

Advantage: Future Gear
Rachel came from the future with the gear she had on her at the time. This includes an outfit made from materials that haven't been invented yet (and may never be), a tablet that is 25 years in advance of what's on the high end of the market now, money with future dates (and images) on them, a few incidental military-grade items (utility pouch sort of things), and, well, it's a blaster (Arsenal lvl 2). It's small, readily concealable, but definitely inspired by blasters in Star Wars. The power packs are easily made or jerry-rigged in this era.

Advantage: Leadership
Rachel is not only the daughter of Jean Grey, she's also the daughter of Scott Summers, and her father taught her everything he knew about leading other people, taking stock of their strengths and weaknesses, and utilizing them in a pinch in ways that might not seem straightforward but are effective. This includes the more tangible aspects of creating a battle plan, in-situ tactics, changing things up, but also the more intangible such as keeping up morale and otherwise ensuring the troops are ready to fight.

Advantage: Musician
While never up to proper concert or touring standards, Rachel was taught the basics of music theory and how to play several instruments during her youth. She's an unabashed progrock fan and knows some songs that were never (and may never) be written, since she comes from roughly a generation into the future of an alternate reality.

Advantage: Team Player
Due to her extensive training both before and after things went to a certain fiery place in a container made of woven reeds, Rachel's well capable of working in a team unit, both as leader and follower. She's got a solid grasp of group dynamics and is certain of herself enough that she's more likely to stay and hold the team together than she is of haring off due to some personal freak-out (due exceptions listed in flaws).


Flaw: Ethics

Unlike her parents in her own timeline, Rachel has no particular qualms about the use of violence, up to and including assassination, if it served the greater good. She also has no particular qualms about casually sifting through the minds of people around her if she's seeking information, although she was once taught to be courteous, it's a habit she fell out of a long time ago. War is war.

Flaw: Hound
Rachel was once captured and corrupted into a Hound, a hunter of her own kind. During her enslavement, she witnessed and perpetrated the murder of a number of mutants, some of whom she knew personally through her connection to the X-Men. It's her dirtiest secret, and one that still haunts her to this day. Worse, it's like being an alcoholic, it's a very seductive temptation to simply revert and allow the hound programming to take control, because it's so very hard to stay as good as her mom and dad are.

Flaw: Memories
Due to the temporal/spatial jaunt, or due to the massive shock she got just as she was escaping, or something, but Rachel's memories of her past are a touch fragmented. She remembers the basic gist of history, her parents, living at Xavier's, but doesn't remember most names and faces. She has a basic sense of who she likes, who she doesn't, but the details are a bit messed up. Also add to this the fact that Rachel's world diverged historically at a point before the current time, so the fact that she remembers that the Cubs won the World Series in 2015 is completely irrelevant. They are just as likely to wind up in the basement here in 2015.

Flaw: Nemesis
Every hero has a nemesis. Rachel's is the houndmaster whose minions captured her and took a perverse delight in enslaving her to his will. Seeing him again, especially if it were to happen during the middle of combat. Also, the houndmaster was /livid/ when she escaped him, and he'll do anything to recapture her and bend her to his will again. So, he's coming for her at some point.

Flaw: Phoenix
Rachel has a small link to the Phoenix Force because of her parentage and its preference for the Grey genome. This link is detectable by those with the appropriate tech or mystic chops to do so, making her easily locatable on Earth or in space. Any negative press regarding the Phoenix amongst other races (such as the Shi'ar) can come back to haunt her. Finally, due to the boost the Phoenix provides to her native telepathy and telekinesis, Rachel's powers are more difficult to control. She is more susceptible to losing control or not being able to use finer aspects of either subset of her powers.

Flaw: Tattoos
When she was captured by the houndmaster, Rachel was branded with a series of 'hound marks' on her face, also tattooed on her back with a phoenix symbol. One was a mark of her shame, so anyone would know at a glance that she was a hound (if they knew what hounds were), the other was a means for tracking her anywhere, including throughout space and time. So, while she has escaped to another reality, they're probably working on a way to cross to this reality and track her down.


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