Hero NYC
Median claw Median person
Agility: 2 Strength: 2 Toughness: 2
Perception: 4 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 3
Claw Taser 4 Force Fields 5 Force Flight 2
Force Javelins 6 Force Walls 5
Gemini AI Gemini Riot Device It's Chinatown
Bond Can't Touch This Illegal Technology
In Bad Conscience Poor People Problems
Name: Norman Meyer Norman 'The Median' Meyer is a non-union construction worker who happens to have been accidentally fused to a pair of highly illegal, extremely dangerous biomechanical crab arms. Using the ability of his prosthetic sleeves to generate force fields, he heroically protects construction workers with bosses too cheap to buy proper safety equipment. Oh, and he does occasional vigilante work too.
Position: Nonunion Construction Worker
Team: N/A
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: Hero
Actor: Elis James
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Mountain Standard Time
Music: The Great Escape - We Are Scientists
Quote: "I don't think I'm qualified for this."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Norman went to college to study architecture, but ended up spending more time in the Outdoor Activities office than in class. He rock climbed, mountain biked, and white water rafted his way to a D average, doing homework solely as a means to some adrenaline junkie end.

In his senior year, Norman tagged along on a trip he'd been wanting to take his entire life: a Transamazonian river ride and hike. Early one morning, Norman left camp by himself to check out a "Sweet cliff" he'd seen the previous evening. Off trail and alone in the jungle, Norman stumbled upon a hidden tunnel that took him deep into the bowls of a hidden, abandoned facility.

Norman disturbed the wreckage that remained of the base upon entering, resulting in an avalanche of rocks and debris. Though he survived with only minor injuries, the entrance to the base was completely cut off. As he scrambled to find a way out he jammed his arm into one of the devices lying around. As it activated another immediately flew across the room to graft itself onto the other arm. As Norman screamed in agony the device responded, blowing a hole to freedom through the side of the base with a blast of crackling yellow energy.

Declared dead by his fellow campers, in violation of a quarantine zone, and inseparably grafted to illegal technology, survival became just the beginning of Norman's problems. The metal was seemingly indestructible and unable to be removed, and what few devices could pierce the armor did nothing but damage the flesh beneath. The arms seemed to function via telepathic link to Norman, but his fumbling control of them could barely function the clumsy claws he now had to use as fingers. Lastly, the telepathic link carried some sort of residual AI that haunted him every night with thoughts not entirely his own.

Norman wandered homeless for a few years before he finally found help in a social worker in New York City. Barney Yang found Norman work as a construction worker; his claws were dexterous enough to operate a wheelbarrow, and shifty foreman's counted on Norman's ability to generate force fields to protect their men when too stingy to buy proper safety precautions. He's also kind of a vigilante in Chinatown, but it's on the down-low. As much as it can be, considering what he's working with.


Equipment: Claw Taser (4)

Primarily for tasing bros. The prongs of Norm's claws can be charged with electricity that will be discharged into anything they touch.

Equipment: Force Fields (5)
Norman's arms are capable of creating crackling yellow fields of force in a limited number of shapes. The most common application is, of course, shielding. Normal can create basic geometric shapes in a roughly fifty foot radius around him, up to two at a time. They are extremely unsubtle creations, composed of bright light and very loud sound.

Equipment: Force Walls (5)
Norman can use his force fields offensively, creating cubes or walls of force to smash into other objects. In theory these are less than lethal attacks, though it'd be entirely possible to pancake a person if they were smooshed into another object with enough force.

Equipment: Force Javelins (6)
The actually dangerous part of Norman's arsenal. With practice Norm has learned to 'roll' his force fields into a cone of energy, creating a projective that can pierce almost any mundane materials. When it comes to actualling dealing life-threatening damage to things, this is where the magic happens.

Equipment: Force Flight (2)
Norman is capable of creating a sheet of force and riding it, magic carpet style. It's not exactly very manuverable, safe, or a good idea, but it's certainly possible.


Advantage: Gemini Riot Device

A pair of biomechanical arms that are grafted over Norm's own arms. They are the sole source of his powers, responding telepathically to his will to create his force fields. They are also practically indestructible, and would, in system terms, require a 9+ ability to harm them. Any damage the arms actually do suffer is almost immediately repaired by nanobots. Lastly, the arms are semi-sentient and very difficult for any other entity to control.

Advantage: Gemini AI
Norman has a shard of mad genius Dr. Gemini in his arms. This little bit of Gemini has knowledge of such fascinating topics as cutting edge transhuman experiments, biological science, and most of Gemini's life and work. It will not, however, share any of this unless it furthers the goals of the late doctor. Under ordinary circumstances Norm has absolutely no access to what the AI knows. He can speak to it and ask it nicely or try to negotiate, but It only really cares about restoring itself.

Advantage: It's Chinatown
Over time Norm has grown to become a known face in NYC's Chinatown. His work in the area and his familiarity with migrant workers has gained him a few valuable allies, and a small community of people that won't actually kick him out or turn him into the police for having weird energy arms.


Flaw: Bond

, Gemini Bond. What Norman doesn't realize is that his sleeves are literally rewriting his genetic code, as well as implanting a second consciousness into his head. Should he ever actually remove the arms he'll find separation with them has some nasty physical and mental side effects. Unless he reintegrates with similar tech or finds some other solution, he'll basically waste away into a husk of his former self.

Flaw: Can't Touch This
The Gemini Riot Device is not exactly a blessing. The problem is that Norm can't take them off. The arms are stuck. This means the three prongs at the end of them are now his hands, making work that requires any kind of finesse impossible. There's also no way to treat his arms in the event they are damaged in any way.

Flaw: Illegal Technology
Norman does not have the right to bear arms. Or crab arms, as the case may be. The devices on his arms are technically highly illegal weapons technology belonging to the Columbian government. Also they belonged to a supervillian. Norman is kind of an international criminal, albeit inadvertantly.

Flaw: In Bad Conscience
The Gemini Riot Device comes with a hive-mind AI that happens to be part of a replica of the late Dr. Gemini. Who was crazy. And wanted to do things like cut off people's arms and put them on their head and make a world-wide hive mind. Gemini saw the Human Centipede and thought it was amateurish at best. In addition to terrible nightmares, a shard of Gemini is currently chilling out in the back of Norm's head, waiting for the chance to seek out more of itself.

Flaw: Poor People Problems
While no longer homeless, Norman isn't exactly rolling in money. Since construction is about the only thing he has going for him and he can't join a union, the amount of money he manages to bring him to his shoddy little apartment is rather pathetic. He does better than starving, but not much.


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