Antihero NYC
Isabellucas 1289061634 Isabellucas 1289061616
Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 3 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 4
Immortality 8
Father Inexperienced Known Mutant
Name: Marissa Sometimes The sheltered and apparently rather geeky daughter of highly conservative Arizona governor Charles Sometimes. Her father has a reputation for being anti-gay, anti-mutant, racist and basically anti anything not white, heterosexual and Christian.
Position: Daughter of the Governor of Arizona
Team: Titans
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: OC
Actor: Isabel Lucas
Alts: Martian Manhunter
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Charles Sometimes married Emily Watkins for two reasons: Her looks and her appropriate family. As she felt much the same way about him, the relationship worked. Not a year after their marriage, she gave birth to Marissa. She then decided one child was enough and insisted on going on birth control. Marissa, thus, grew up without siblings and more than a little spoiled. Her father was a state senator at the time of her birth. He became governor six years ago, appealing to the conservative base.

That meant, for Emily and Marissa, more money and more 'fun'. Emily enjoyed being a fashion trendsetter and often treated Marissa a little bit like a living doll. She was raised to be appropriately feminine, but rebelled even before her teen years. The first conflict with her father started when she told him she would rather be a car mechanic than a trophy wife...and would rather build rocket ships than either.

Eventually, two things happened. Charles came to accept that his daughter was determined to be some kind of engineer and offered his support to her quest to attend MIT and maybe work for one of the burgeoning commercial space companies. Not NASA, of course. NASA did not pay very well and was a disorganized dinosaur. And, two years ago, Emily Sometimes died.

It was an accident, nothing more. Emily enjoyed riding in the desert. Somewhere in the National Forest near the Petrified Forest National Park, she came off her horse, hit her head and was not found for several days. Charles' grief was not helped by the internet comments about how stupid she was (true) to go off into the wilderness on her own. It should have made him and Marissa closer, and to start with it did. To the point where he promised her a graduation trip to the Stark Expo. Maybe, he thought, she would get noticed by somebody...maybe even Stark...who could offer her an internship and a start in a career. Neither of them knew that the events about to happen would drive them, perhaps irrevocably, apart.


Power: Immortality (8)

Here's Mend's trick...she doesn't stay dead. Technically, she has a healing factor (stat of 8 represents healing speed), but it only cuts in when her heart stops. When it does, it does heal all injuries, including non-fatal ones and ones that result from illness or aging. But if she breaks her leg, it stays broken...unless she 'dies'.


1. Marissa is not one of those immortals who can regenerate from a few cells. In order for her to survive she needs a significant amount of heart or brain tissue to remain. If both exist, but are not together, she tends to regenerate from whichever of the two has the most of her still attached to it. Needless to say, if she were to be burned to a crisp or vaporized, she would stay dead.

2. Marissa still needs to breathe, etc. (The walking on the lake bed scene from Highlander would not happen...she would drown, float to the surface and recover). If she is held in a situation where oxygen is not available, she will *not* recover until it is, and if it was for more than a day or so there is a good chance she will die.

3. If she loses most of her brain, then she will come back with holes in her memory. Somehow, she is able to fill these in over time, but she could end up easily with total, if temporary, biographical amnesia. Also, there is no guarantee *all* of her memories will come back...permanent holes might occur.

4. Marissa's healing factor uses biological energy. When she comes back she is hungry. Very hungry. It's possible for her to run out of this energy if she is killed repeatedly in quick succession and if she starves to death she may not have the energy to come back.

5. Telepathy, magic and any power that induces death by separating mind from body *will* work, either killing her or turning her into a vegetable. Incidentally, her bonds with her body are unusually strong, making it difficult and dangerous to her to, for example, try to take her onto the astral plane. Bad idea.


Advantage: Engineer

Marissa might just be a kid, but she has a real knack and talent for engineering...she's no Tony Stark, but she did manage to get into MIT (so much for that, right now). Adds to intelligence and perception if machines or gadgets are involved.


Flaw: Father

Being a governor's daughter was great. The money, the good schools, everything else. Unfortunately, Marissa's daddy dearest of those politicians that makes everyone wonder how he ever got elected. He doesn't like black people. He doesn't like gay people. He doesn't like people who don't go to Church every Sunday. And he really, really, doesn't like mutants. So, as you might guess, his reaction to finding out his only daughter is one? Not pleasant. He's basically cut her off, treating the entire thing as somehow her fault, and even going as far as saying that if her mother was still alive? He'd divorce her, because she must have cheated on him for this to happen.



flawname=Known Mutant flawdesc=Oh, and what else did Daddy Dearest do? Told everyone his daughter is a mutant. Held her up as a freak. In public. So, people know Marissa Sometimes is a mutant. That doesn't necessarily mean that anyone, especially in New York, will recognize who she is and know who she is, but there's a good chance that if she uses her own name she'll be 'pegged'.

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