Loc-titans tower
  Titans Tower is a new landmark located on a small island in Delaware bay.

City: Metropolis
Neighborhood: Delaware Bay
Address: 1 Titan Way
Built/Founded: 2012

Description of Titans TowerEdit

Rising as a giant T facing the eastward sky, the Titans Tower sits on an island in the middle of Delaware Bay, equidistant from Metropolis and Gotham. Around the base of the building, a well manicured field surrounds with entrances both at the base of the 'T' and into the cliffs that make a ring around the island.

History of Titans TowerEdit

Testament to what can be built with enough influence and money, Titans Tower was built in only a matter of months, crews working 24/7 to get the base of operations ready for the United States' junior super-team, the Titans of Tomorrow.


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