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Booster Gold

Quote-open "Hey, I'm not a time thief. I just... stole a few things, then traveled in time. " Quote-close

Booster Gold is from the future! How cool is that? Michael Jon "Booster" Carter is an aspiring model and actor as well as a costumed adventurer. His claims of being from the distant future may simply be a publicity ploy to improve his marketability; however, the technology he employs seems to support this assertion.

While Booster expects to be paid for acting, modeling, and promotion, saving the day is always free of charge.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Driven: 6, Future Genetics

Abilities: Power

Energy Conduit: 5, Enhanced Dexterity: 4, Enhanced Strength: 7, Flight Ring: 5, Force Bolts: 5, Force Field: 8, Illumination: 4, Visor: 4

Abilities: Skill

Athlete: 5/6, Spokesmodel: 3, Brawling: 4

Abilities: Gear

Life Support, Power Suit: 5

Advantages: Languages, Skeets, Back to the Future

Flaws: A Matter of Time, Culture Shock, Overconfidence, Public Identity, Rat Phobia, Technology, Wanted

Languages: English, Esperanto, and Interlac


Attribute: Driven (6)

Enhancement: Willpower

Booster puts up a facade to make himself seem more carefree than he really feels. Underneath, however, he has a stalwart willpower that keeps him focused on his goals. There is a deep seated need within him to become a real hero, to win legitimate respect, and while he would also like a lot of money he wants to actually earn it. Despite his desire for wealth, money will never get in the way of doing the right thing.

Attribute: Future Genetics (N/A)

Booster has remarkably strong and resilient genetics. Whether this is due to accelerated evolution, or something yet unknown, the benefit of it gives Booster robust health and physicality. He also shows a remarkable resistance to chronal atrophy and temporal modification, which would be handy if he needed to be in and out of the time stream a lot. However, he has no plans to do any further time travel, so this latter ability is wasted. For now.

Combat: Brawling (4)

Growing up in a dangerous Gotham slum, Booster has had his share of street scraps; you learned to fight or you got crushed. Building on this is the combat training he has received as a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, as well as the practical experience gained from actual combat.

Gear: Life Support (N/A)

The force field also acts as a self-contained environment, allowing Booster to survive and breathe in space and other hostile environments.

Gear: Power Suit (5)

Enhancement: Toughness

Booster Gold has a highly advanced microcircuitry-powered combat suit, a hybrid of alien and late 24th century Earthican technology. It is lightweight, flexible, and very durable. When not augmented by its force field, it can withstand being shot by high caliber projectiles, although the impacts can be extremely painful. The suit can take a lot of physical damage and continue to function. It has a nanotech system that provides continuous repair, although for significant reconstruction the suit needs to be taken offline for several hours. The nanites also allow for adjusting the suit's circuitry on the fly, to do things such as decrease or increase power for a particular ability or adjust how that ability functions. The suit interfaces with the biology of its wearer, utilizing a cyberpathic link for function control, and augments and amplifies the wearer's natural abilities. It is currently programmed to function only with Booster's genetic signature, although Skeets is able to do emergency overrides. The suit itself draws its power from its wearer, but the force field and weapons system require an additional power source. These are in the form of small but potent energy cells, 25th century military technology. There is one slotted into each wrist bracer, and although they can be recharged, Booster has a few spares around just in case.

Power: Energy Conduit (5)

Range: Contact.

With a conscious effort, the power suit can absorb energy in order to recharge the power cells. If there is an excess of energy, the suit can briefly contain this overload; the greater the excess power, the sooner it needs to be discharged--and if it is not discharged in a controlled manner, it will discharge in an uncontrolled manner. It is also possible to force Booster's suit into a power overload state against his will, by directing a heavy surge of energy at it. The suit can also act as a power channel, with continuous throughput. Some forms of energy are much easier to absorb and channel than others; kinetic energy is inefficient, while electricity is highly effective.
Note: The number rating indicates the top end of energy absorption he can handle before going into overload. A higher load can be handled if he is acting as a channel although only if he is concentrating fully on the job at hand. This is easier said than done as the throughput can be uncomfortable if not outright painful.

Power: Enhanced Dexterity (4)

The power suit augments Booster's natural reflexes.

Power: Enhanced Strength (7)

The power suit augments Booster's natural strength significantly. Since the suit acts as a magnifier, it behooves him to keep in tip top shape.

Power: Flight Ring (5)

This is a golden ring with an 'L*' symbol engraved upon it. It is made of an advanced anti-gravity compound (Valorium, a 30th century alloy of Thanagarian Nth metal). Due to an unknown time-travel incident, this ring ended up on display in a 25th century museum and was seemingly inert for decades. Inexplicably, it works for Booster; someday, he might even discover why this is so. The ring is attuned to its user and is then controlled by the user's willpower. Due to this, if it is within roughly ten feet of Booster, he can call it to himself with a telepathic command, even if it is being worn by another person. The anti-gravity nature of the ring allows the effect to affect whatever Booster has direct contact with, which allows him to carry cumbersome, heavy objects while flying. Since the ring requires the concentration of the user, if Booster is knocked out, he will stop flying and fall. It also allows communication with another person who is wearing a similar type of ring. Although it looks just like the rings used by the 30th century Legion of Super Heroes, it does not behave exactly like one of the standard-issue rings.

Power: Force Bolts (5)

These energy beam 'Booster Shots' fire from wrist bracers linked to the power suit. These bands also contain the power cells that fuel them as well as the force field. The blaster technology is from the 23rd century and alien in origin, powerful enough to destroy several feet of hardened concrete in one shot. They are adjustable, however, and can be modified to deliver a gentle stun, or overloaded for much higher damage (at the risk of quickly depleting the energy cells).

Power: Force Field (8)

Enhancement: Toughness

The original force field belt was a potent 30th century artifact transported back in time via an unknown chronal incident, and ended up on display in a 25th century museum with the flight ring that Booster also 'borrowed'. It must be attuned to its user in order to function; for reasons unknown, it worked for Booster right out of the display case. With the help of Skeets, Booster was able to take the inner workings of the device out of its housing, and integrated it into the circuitry of his power suit. The force field is virtually impervious. However, repeated punishment runs down the power cells that generate it; serious damage, such as a high yield nuclear bomb blast, would deplete those power reserves instantly and the field would shut down. The force field can either be form-fitting, or expanded in a sphere around Booster and anyone else nearby. He can also move the field off of himself to protect or contain someone else. As powerful as this barrier is, it does not reflect kinetic energy so Booster can still be knocked around and disoriented.

Power: Illumination (4)

Booster's force field can glow with a golden light, although it does not always do this; whether it emits light or not is controllable. If he is being overloaded by a power surge, however, it can get intensely bright.

Power: Visor (4)

Enhancement: Perception

Incorporated into the power suit are protective goggles, 25th century military technology. They provide aural and optical enhancements that grant Booster adjustable x-ray, microscopic, and telescopic vision, as well as allowing him to see into the infrared and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum. The visor also has a HUD that can feed additional visual data to Booster about objects and beings in his field of vision, and provides targeting locks. Its sensor array can take in and store a wealth of data that can be analyzed by, let's face it, someone with a much better grasp of science than Booster. He can also surf the 'net or watch TV on them, which is a nice perk during downtime.

Skill: Athlete (5)

Booster Gold is an amazingly talented and skilled athlete, and for once this is not a hyperbolic statement coming from Booster. From the time he could stand up and walk, he showed remarkable coordination and stamina. He has been training since childhood, groomed to be a superstar.

Football (6): Booster is particularly skilled at (American) football.

Skill: Spokesmodel (3)

Booster is a remarkably good looking guy; unfortunately, he knows it. However, it has provided him with a source of income, since such a photogenic and telegenic guy can get jobs looking good in front of a camera. Eventually, he'd like to get promotional and spokesman jobs on the strength of his heroic identity.


Advantage: Languages

21st century English is not Booster's first language. In fact, it's his fourth. He speaks Interlac (although he cannot read common 21st century Interlac), a 25th century variant of Esperanto, and 25th century Revised English.

Advantage: Skeets

A BX9 model 2.0 security robot and docent at the Metropolis Space Museum in the 25th century, Skeets was brought back in time by Booster Gold. Skeets has a historical database, but the records are incomplete and sometimes wildly inaccurate. Skeets is able to fly, assimilate information and access the internet for quick data retrieval, as well as wirelessly interface with Booster's power suit. He can also fire low-level energy blasts to incapacitate average individuals and is equipped with holo-projectors and scanners, not to mention a totally sweet sound system. Roughly the same size and shape as a golden football with fins, he acts as a valet droid, an external conscience and a companion for Booster and never hesitates to volunteer comments on any situation.

Advantage: Back to the Future

Booster sometimes remembers knowledge about temporal mechanics that he has not yet learned. While he has noticed this tendency he does not know why it happens; the reason is twofold. First, in the future, he will learn a lot about temporal mechanics. Second, also in the future, he will become a Time Master and his frequent forays into the time stream cause temporal ripples through his personal chronal existance. In a seeming paradox, sometimes the future Time Master version of Booster shows up in this current era, where Booster is not yet a Time Master--nor does he know what the hell a Time Master even is.


Flaw: A Matter of Time

For reasons unknown, Booster's cells store chronal energy, which may be one explanation behind his resistance to temporal tampering (see: 'Future Genetics'). This is dormant except when an outside source engages it--such as a significant overload of energy, or interaction with temporal-based powers (or whatever a particular plot point might dictate). This can have odd results, including triggering Booster to suddenly and uncontrollably time-travel.

Flaw: Culture Shock

Booster is from a different era, and is therefore not facile with the social mores and cultural norms of the 21st century. He does his best, but the historical records for the Heroic Era were woefully incomplete and at any rate, were interpreted by scholars who were not in full possession of all the facts. He never means to be offensive, and is often genuinely clueless when he ends up angering someone with a comment or action. 21st century English is also not his native language, and is one he had to learn; he is fairly fluent in it, but it is a complex tongue that relies heavily on context.

Flaw: Overconfidence

Being the most handsome, talented, athletic and brilliant hero around is a burden, but one that Booster is willing to bear, especially since he really, really adores attention. He does not question his true capabilities as often as he ought to and he charges into the fray, ready to kick butt--and as a result, sometimes seriously gets his butt kicked.

Flaw: Public Identity

Booster has not bothered to give himself a secret identity. This has not been an issue for him yet, but it may become one for him (or those close to him) in the future.

Flaw: Rat Phobia

Enormous feral rats, ugh! Due to some terrifying childhood traumas, Booster has a serious phobia of these, particularly the gigantic kind you'll get down by the filthy and polluted docks of future Gotham. The smaller ones are not as bad, but he'd rather not be near them.

Flaw: Technology

Booster has no innate superpowers and relies on technology to perform superhuman feats. Without his ring and his power suit, he has to rely on his regular human-level abilities.

Flaw: Wanted

Due to his actions in the 25th century, Booster is a wanted criminal in his native era. This is not a problem for him, currently; but it will be if he ever returns to the 25th century, or if law enforcement officials from that era travel to the 21st century.


Born in Gotham City in the 25th century, two minutes before his twin sister Michelle, Michael Jon "Booster" Carter's childhood was not as golden as it should have been. When he was four, his father Jonar--a compulsive gambler and petty crook--lost everything and abandoned his family, leaving them in poverty to live in a Gotham slum where they struggled to survive. A gifted athlete in secondary school, Michael earned a football scholarship for Gotham University where he became the finest college quarterback in the nation. Pro scouts fought for the right to sign him when he graduated, promising money and fame. As a professional athlete, he would finally be able to pull his mother and sister out of the slums and support them in style for the rest of their lives.

When his mother, Ellen, needed a delicate operation to save her life, Michael began betting on the college games he was playing in to raise the money, although he never told her nor his sister where the money really came from. Feeling buoyed by his success, he tracked down his father, wanting to bring him back into the family. He found that Jonar still had the gambling bug and was in trouble with loan sharks who had already cut his eye out for being unable to pay them back. Jonar insisted that everything would be okay again if Michael helped him out. He'd come back and be the father his family deserved. Ultimately, he pressured Michael into throwing a game, and the officials finally caught on to Michael's illicit dealings. Expelled from Gotham University, banned from college athletics and shunned by the pros, his football career was dead. His mother and sister were devastated; they were still traumatized by what Jonar had done to the family years before, and it seemed as if Michael had followed in his father's footsteps. His mother disowned him. His father, of course, took the money and vanished again.

Knowing that he could never expect forgiveness, Michael left Gotham once he was released on parole and drifted until he found employment in Metropolis as a night watchman at the Metropolis Space Museum. Patrolling the Hall of Heroes at night made him reflect on his ruined life. Seeing the love and enthusiasm people had for the heroes of the past stirred his interest. That sort of adulation could fill the emotional void that gnawed inside. Due to advanced law enforcement techniques, super-powered crime had been sharply curtailed late in the 24th century by the Science Police, and superhero culture dwindled until it finally vanished. Wanting to learn more, he enrolled in Metropolis University, specializing in the history of superheroes from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, also referred to as the 'Heroic Era'.

Michael fantasized about righting wrongs, crushing crime, and regaining the respect of the public. Privately, he came up with costume designs and heroic monikers; "Goldstar" was his favorite. He knew these were mere pipe dreams, but they eased that hollow ache within him. At least, until the day when he received a call from his sister; their mother had passed away. Between her inability to afford further medical treatments, and the stress from the media who continued to hound her about her criminal son, Ellen Carter had relapsed and, finally, died. Numb, Michael wondered if their mother had ever forgiven him; Michelle said only that Ellen had forbidden her from telling Michael of her illness and death, but in the end, Michelle felt this was an unfair demand.

Looking to his future, Michael saw nothing but emptiness; he had been famous, and after his fall from grace there were no career paths left open for him. His family did not want him, and the person he'd most wanted to reconcile with--his mother--was now beyond his reach. Wallowing in self-pity as he patrolled the dark depths of the museum, he lingered in the Hall of Heroes, but this place no longer granted him any comfort. These were figures of mythology, heroes like that no longer existed and had not existed for a very long time.

Michael had a lifelong tendency to do the wrong things for what felt like the right reasons. Opening one of the display cases, he picked up a supposedly inert 'flight ring' and slipped it onto his finger. He floated up into the air and hung there for quite a while, lost in thought. Then, he landed, and in a quiet and businesslike manner he started to take things from the various displays. He was tidy about it, because he respected the museum and its contents, but this did not prevent him from engaging in grand larceny.

Rip Hunter's Time Machine in the museum had given him ideas; perhaps he could travel back in time, to redeem himself as a superhero in the 21st century. He certainly couldn't be a hero in the 25th. Stealing several items from the Hall of Heroes display, Michael was briefly thwarted by Skeets, a museum docent and security droid. Deactivating Skeets he took the robot with him, leaping into the Time Machine. With his stolen technology, Michael was able to outfit himself in a brightly colored power suit modeled after the heroes of the Heroic Era.

Once in the 21st century, 'Goldstar' did his best to find and thwart crimes. He finally earned some recognition when he teamed up with Gimmix the Gimmick Girl to capture a Hodag rampaging through Chicago. Unfortunately, when a reporter asked for his name he fumbled and said, "Booster--I mean, Goldstar!", referring to his football nickname. It was posted as 'Booster Gold' and once that hit the blogosphere, Booster realized he was probably stuck with it. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. Some just steal greatness and fake it 'til they make it.


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Booster helps out with the heavy lifting.

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Booster is a reservist member of The Legion of Super-Heroes.



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