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Quote-open "When life hands you lemons, you smile and show it; just what amazing lemonade you can make!" Quote-close

Known as Millie the Model, she is a famous supermodel (top ten earning) in the world. Her face is everywhere: ads, billboards, gossip mags, and runways. During Fashion Week 2012 in NYC, she was wrongly accused of murder! Her and her fellow models managed to not only clear her name, but capture the real murderess!

When formerly known as Mill Collins, she was a world professional tennis player for 2 years (took 4th place in her first year, then 2nd place in her second year), and the face of tennis company Anstis. She even had a clothing line after her! She then retired for full-time modeling.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Ability

Pain Tolerance: 3, Physically Trained: 3, Stubborn: 3

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 5, Education: 3, Martial Arts: 2, Modeling: 8, Social Technology: 2, Tennis: 5-8

Advantages: Employed, Famous, High Class Contacts, Posh Penthouse

Flaws: Little Privacy, Target, Too Nice, Wrongly Accused

Languages: Currently spoken: English, French, Italian, and Japanese


Ability: Pain Tolerance (3)

Millie is not on par with the seasoned superheroes, that's for sure! But she can walk with blisters covering her feet in too tight shoes and not let her beautiful smile slip. She can break her arm, and smile to the doctors to encourage them and let them know she is alright. She can be exhausted and ready to cry, and still get that smile on her face to hold it all in. She isn't superhuman, but there is just something about her strength of character that gives her a little boost to endue, that gives her time till she is alone and she can break down in private, and to wait for those pain killers to kick in.

Ability: Physically Trained (3)

Millie is energetic, can keep up with her trainers, and has a natural endurance that gives her staying power. Furthermore, she is a graduate Wayde Tennis Academy, an elite high school for women's professional Tennis hopefuls. (See Also Ab: Pain Tolerance) She has unusually quick reflexes for your average civilian as a result, and can run that extra mile or rather strut that extra mile that leaves many models struggling to keep up. She may not be very physically strong when it comes to lifting, but she can hold tightly and even do pull ups with her own weight quite a number of times before her arms start to badly shake. The point is, Millie is a trained professional athletic and those are skills she has not laid to the wayside when she became a professional supermodel.

Ability: Stubborn (3)

Millie isn't just enduring physically, she has a strong will. People have to fight with her and be determined to change her mind on things. Once she believes something, she fights tooth and nails for it. Millie has trouble ever just giving in, and it's a trial to get her to do anything that she is not prone to do anyway. It is what makes her training as an athlete so successful though, her disciplined mind.

Skill: Athletics (5)

Millie is actually quite active and enduring. She practices yoga, basic self-defense, runs, does aerobics, swims, plays tennis, and more. (See Also - Ab: Pain Tolerance and Ab: Physically Trained)

Skill: Education (3)

Millie actually took some college courses to help expand her knowledge about the history and especially the culture of other countries. She has especially studied fashion (of course!) in other countries, historically and modern. She does not hold a degree, but between her classes and her travels, she has become beyond proficient in not insulting people and navigating potentially iffy terrain. Still, some avenues are out of her ability, such as the Arabic countries and African countries.

She is also very talented in her ability to pick up French and speak it almost natively. She has also picked up a range of Italian, but depending on the region someone is from can make it either easier or more difficult for her to understand them. Her Japanese is minimum, but she knows enough on how to flatter someone and be polite, and matched with her knowledge of the culture she makes a great hit when visiting the fashion industry there.

Skill: Martial Arts (2)

Millie has training in self-defense, which she has picked up even more after suffering attacks against her person more than once during the 'wrongly accused of murder' episode. She isn't amazing, but she knows some basic attacks, how to make a decent throw, how to punch, and use furniture as a weapon! Let's just say, improvised weapons are sort of her speciality, this girl isn't afraid of creating a make-shift weapon to enhance her attacks damaging power; just expect less lead pipe, and more lamp.

Skill: Modeling (8)

Millie is a professional model and one of the top ten earners in modeling, and is a supermodel. She is stationed in New York City, but has visited London, Paris, Milan, and Rome. She has a number of big contracts, which were regained after her named was cleared of a wrongful murder and the fame of helping to catch the real murderer. She is also a well-known runway model and her face and body has been plastered on so many billboards across the globe, there is no point in trying to count. She knows how to talk-the-talk, walk-the-walk, smile-the-smile, and wave-the-wave. Exciting, huh?

Skill: Social Technology (2)

Don't get between Millie and her Touch Screen cell phone! There are very few out there that can out text her, out twitter her, and out facebook her! Well, Mary Jane Watson might be able too, and maybe Chili, but that's not the point! She is also able to use computers to do research (navigate the web), e-mail, share pictures and files, and so on. She's a modern girl! Alright, so it's celebrity technology, but it's still technology.

Skill: Tennis (5-8)

As a teenager Millie attended and graduated with honors from the elite Wayde Tennis Academy. She then became a professional tennis player. She ranked fourth in the world in the WTA at 18 years old, and ranked second at 19 years old before retiring. She had a lot of promise in those two years, but had decided to retire the 11 month sports seasons for modeling. Though her training may have changed over the years, she has always kept brushed up on her skills with tennis trainers and private challenges.

Millie's skill when she was top of her game was internationally acclaimed. Since then, her warm-ups and current mental state affect her level of playing, but she would require intense (re)training to re-obtain her former glory and keep it.


Advantage: Employed

Millie is employed by Handover Agency is practically a supermodel, making the top ten earners of models in the world. She works in ads, runway, glamour photography, and fashion magazines. Depending on the year, she can make $15 to $20 million dollars a year.

Advantage: Famous

Millie the Model is a supermodel, most everyone recognizes her face or thinks she looks like someone they have seen before though they may not know her name. As a result, she can get through closed doors easily (such as restricted clubs and top notch restaurants), gets treated like a Queen when she goes places, and so on.

Advantage: High Class Contacts

Millie knows just about anyone that is anyone from attending parties, working the fashion industries, being dates to big and important people (such as Tony Stark), and so on. It doesn't mean she has great sway, but with her pretty face, honest and sincere nature, and sweet smile, she can generally get people to listen and consider her.

Advantage: Posh Penthouse

Millie owns a posh penthouse in NYC, in a great part of town. She owns it in the clear, which is even more amazing, and it has taken her many years to pay it off. It may not be the biggest penthouse around, but it's still very posh.


Flaw: Little Privacy

Due to Millie being a supermodel, the paparazzi will stalk her if they can get away with it. People will use her for free publicity, and take advantage of her if she allows them. She must always be concerned about her appearances, because she could be photographed at any time, even just shopping for groceries. Due to her career being her looks, she must always look her best. This provides her with little privacy outside of her home, and secured areas that restrict media access. When out in public, there is always the thought in the back of Millie's head that she must be on guard.

Flaw: Target

Millie is very famous, and as a result she is a target. She may be targeted due to jealousy, who she is dating at the time, because she rivals another model for a contract, because someone is obsessing over her, or even because she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is also often targeted by the paparazzi, and those that read the rag magazines, likely know who she is.

Flaw: Too Nice

Illie is just sometimes too nice for her own good. Some call her naive, but she just likes to see the best in people. This has gotten her in trouble sometimes, and she sometimes gives people too many chances, when they had already done her wrong. However, when push comes to shove, she can snap just like anyone else. It just takes a whole lot to get her there, more than it should.

Flaw: Wrongly Accused

Millie was wrongly accused of murder, in a very public manner. She lost a few contracts as a result as well (which she has either regained, or replaced very quickly once cleared). Even though she has been cleared of all murder charges and even was reported to having helped solved the case, there is still that stigma in some people's eyes that she is somehow less for being even accused. It has also left some emotional scars on her, which will take a long time to heal if ever fully.


  • Small-town girl from Sleepy Gap, Kansas. Hard worker.
  • Aunt Millie (rich aunt) founded her attendance in the elite Wayde Tennis Academy.
  • She was the worse of the bunch, until she choose her own coach. His name is Walt, a former big name couch, he got into drinking and debt though had a loyal and loving ex-model wife.
  • The wife, Wendy, got her into modeling while she was still attending school for extra money and an alternative career should anything happen to her tennis one. Money could be put aside for college.
  • While still in high school, had a Tennis company actually select her for modeling their clothing line. She did get tied to a jerk of a boyfriend that was one of Walt's ex-students that strained her relationship with Walt. but she got rid of him when he wanted her to model lingerie and got back with Walt to later graduate with honors.
  • She had a successful tennis career for 2 years while being the face of Anstis (Tennis company). She went by Mill Collins then.
  • Later retired, became a full-time model, and became known as Millie like her aunt.
  • She got hooked up with Handover Agency, made friends with fellow model Toni Turner and friendly nemesis with Chili Storm (also with same agency).
  • Last year's Fashion Week 2012 was all the hype, when suddenly Millie was accused of murder of their photographer Todd Speers! Her two friends and Jill Jerold along with a(n) (anonymous) model superheroine, managed to clear her name and stop the painter Sachet (the real villainess!). Millie ended up getting a broken arm during the incident, but in revenge, at the last battle she got to take Sachet out with a chair!
  • Since then she either got her contracts back or better ones, and has also taken self-defense classes now. Something changed inside her, but she isn't quite sure what all did just yet.


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File:Handover Agency.jpg
Handover Agency

A world-renowned modeling agency that employees Millie Collins and Chili Storm, among many others.

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The Gifted Foundation

The Gifted Foundation strives to bring together individuals from all walks of life from the human race to work toward a peaceful co-existence that encourages the growth and stability of the gifted youth. We contribute funding toward education and awareness on what it means to be gifted, and take a strong stand by supporting anti-bullying and anti-segregation programs. A further goal is to design and support a system that brings the more experienced gifted together in order to assist the younger generation by giving a trusted ear to listen and guidance in difficult times.

File:Sebastian Shaw.jpg
Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Shaw is known as many things, corporate tycoon, bigot, and man of debauchery as well as fine taste. Still, when he made the public apology on LexNews and reversed his public bigot ways, many thought it was tied to Millie who had seen the two together more and more often. Furthermore, right after that, the two began to go 'steady' as they say. A mismatched pair to say the least, the controversy aspects caused by their relationship will likely be something long-lasting.


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