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The greatest creation of Victorian magitech specialist Genevieve Zavia in the 19th century, Minoke was a curious and sometimes childlike android who could grow and evolve... but when her 'mother' froze herself to escape persecution, Minoke's core went with her, refusing to abandon the one person precious to her. Now, in the present, she awakens again to find a brave new world!


Character Sheet

Abilities: Magitech

Elec. Absorption: 4, Magic Absorption: 4, Magitech Blast: 4

Abilities: Metal

Assimilate Metal: 8, Copy Pets, Core Plating: 2/8, Metal Detecting: 10, Nanite Bullets: 2, Nanite Form: 6, Radio, Shapeshifting: 5, Travel Forms: 2

Abilities: Stats

Intellect: 1-6, Perception: 6, Strength: 5, Willpower: 3/8

Advantages: Genevieve Zavia

Flaws: Archaic Technology, Curiosity, Heart-Core, Heavy Stance, Metal Dependency, Prejudice, Shifting Tell, Telepathic Echo, Timelost

Languages: English, Latin, and Machine-Code


Magitech: Elec. Absorption (4)

Core: If safe to do so, Minoke can expose her heart-core to absorb electricity more directly, giving this ability a rating of 5.

Minoke's heart-core runs on both magic and technology. Thus, Minoke can absorb some medium-power electrical energies to increase her power, mostly done at night when resting.

Magitech: Magic Absorption (4)

Core: If safe to do so, Minoke can expose her heart-core to absorb arcane power more directly, giving this ability a rating of 5.

Minoke's heart-core runs on both magic and technology. Thus, Minoke can absorb some medium-power mystical energies to increase her power, mostly done at night when resting.

Magitech: Magitech Blast (4)

Limit: Minoke draws on her own energy reserves to do this. She can seldomly fire more than a few such blasts without putting herself at risk of shutdown due to low energy.

Minoke can draw on the magical or electrical charges in her system to fire a beam of either electrical energy, magical energy, or a blend of the two. Often, one or the other will work against some targets.

Metal: Assimilate Metal (8)

Slow: Minoke's eating abilities are incredibly thorough and destructive - but hardly rapid. It would take several minutes to 'devour' any large quantity of metal. For example, it took her 10 minutes to 'eat' a 500-pound steel girder that was given to her, and 2 of them formed her whole body.

Minoke's body is composed of nanites - those nanites are created by stripping metals down to the atomic or molecular form and turning them into more nanites. Her core itself can do this, or any part of her body that touches metal. Most metals can become 'lunch' if Minoke so chooses - only exceptionally resilient or enchanted metals would be able to defend themself - things like adamantium which is indestructible to all damage, for example, would be beyond Minoke's ability.

Metal: Copy Pets

Electricity : Well, in this day and age, electricity is plentiful. Minoke would be able to charge the pets by simply having them plug in to any wall outlet or if necessary, by using her own electric beam ability.

Toughness : Their toughness rating, like Minoke herself, is based on material composition. (Steel, the most common metal Minoke has access to, is a 5.)

Strength : Strength is based on size. A kitten would only be strength 1. If she made them larger, they would grow in strength up to 7 for a T-Rex-sized copy pet.

Intelligence : 0. Minoke is the sole controller of the Copy Pet.

Weakness : They are purely technological devices running on electricity. Draining the electricity, EMPs, or conventional firearms could disrupt the connection between blocks, deactivating the copy pet. Water can also short the blocks out temporarily until they dry.

Minoke has used excess scrap metal around to create blocks (about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch by 1/8 inch). Making multiples of these blocks allows them to animate once charged with electricity, and start to move around on their own in simple shapes like a kitten or a spider. The copy pets can assume any form and are under Minoke's mental control.

Metal: Core Plating (2/8)

Core Image: Http://

Due to a gift of her sister Sola, Minoke's heart-core is now plated with a rare metal from her future timeline called Numettorum. It would give her heart-core a toughness of 8. However, she can't encase her entire core in the stuff. Any direct assault against her heart-core would either hit the metal 'cage' (tough 8) or penetrate between the metal to strike the rubies in her core directly (tough 2). Each outcome has a 50 percent chance of occuring.

Metal: Metal Detecting (10)

Blocking: Her sensors are not without flaws. Dense materials like lead, gold, or osmium can shield stuff from her (she'd still detect the shielding material if it was metal, but not what's behind it.) Also, an extremely powerful magical or electrical field can create a blind spot - overloading one sensor to blind the others.

Minoke is an entity who consumes metal and needs metal to survive to repair herself. When it comes to detecting metals, Minoke has unparalleled perception abilities - she is aware of every scrap of metal in a wide 5-mile radius (distance 3). However, with the amount of steel and titanium in a big city, such metals just don't register very well on her sensors. Exotic metals like vibranium or adamantium, however, might as well be beacon flares and Minoke can track them unerringly. The radius is slowly expanding as Minoke practices, and can expand with time.

Metal: Nanite Bullets (2)

In a desperation maneuver, Minoke can fire bits of her own body as bullets, in case she lacks power to do magitech blasts or they're ineffective. However, this will decrease her total mass and can cause other problems, such as a gradually decreasing intelligence.

Metal: Nanite Form (6)

Titanium: Minoke is currently made out of titanium. If she gains access to a different type of metal, her toughness rating will change accordingly. Her current weight at full size is around 540 pounds.

Minoke has a metallic body composed of millions of nanites - all of which are constructed from whatever metal she has last assimilated. What kind of metal she has access to determines the strength of her body. If using tin or cheap pot metal, she would be relatively fragile. If, however, she got into vibranium, she'd be virtually indestructible. This will serve as her toughness rating.

Metal: Radio

Minoke, with Bruce Banner's help, is learning to tap into the electromagnetic spectrum that fills the air with all sorts of noise and data. So far she has learned to tap into AM and FM radio via an antenna she grows from her scalp, one of the simplest uses of the EM spectrum, and the easiest to understand. She can also 'tune out' the parts of the spectrum she cannot process.

Metal: Shapeshifting (5)

Core: She will _always_ do her best to protect her heart-core within at least two inches of solid nanite armor. She can't, like, go all the way under a door, for example, but could reach under it to open it from the inside, assuming there's a suitable gap under it.

Minoke's form can be modified down to the molecular level, because all of her nanites can be controlled individually from her core. Her mass is constant - but what she does with it is not. She can grow spikes or other melee weapons such as swords, spears, and whips, make herself huge and hollow - she is able to artifically create pigments to make herself look like a normal skin tone - basically her entire body can be adjusted.

Metal: Travel Forms (2)

Minoke has recently learned how to change her shape into practical nonhumanoid forms. She can turn into a motorcycle for speedy ground travel, or a ducted-fan hovercar for air travel. Both, of course, would be made of red metal with red-and-white glowing headlights. Alone, there is little singificant energy drain compared to normal walking. If she carries a passenger, she will get tired easier. Her maximum safe weight load is 540 pounds, equal to her own mass. In an emergency, she might be able to carry more, but only for a short time. In either form, her top speed is close to 100 MPH.

Stats: Intellect (1-6)

Damage: This means that if Minoke takes massive damage, she can get progressively... less intelligent.

Minoke's intellect is directly related to her size - the nanites don't just serve as cells of her body but are able to combine computational resources to perform complex calculations. The core alone isn't very intelligent, just enough to communicate in an archaic machine code that only Genevieve could understand, but as she grows to her full size, she gains more intelligence to a rating of 6.

Stats: Perception (6)

Magic: Minoke has a high level of awareness when it comes to magical fields. She can detect those at a perception of 7 at a distance of 1 mile (rating 2). This only encompasses active enchantments or magical fields. Passive effects like a magical nature or a curse/geis is too low-power for Minoke to detect unless she's right there.

Electricity: Minoke has a high level of awareness when it comes to electrical fields. She can detect those at a perception of 7 at a distance of 1 mile (rating 2). There is a problem with this, however - most cities have so much electricity that it is basically white noise. In such cities, only powerful electrical signals will really register, or if she is really close to them.

Minoke is always monitoring her surroundings in all directions using a variety of means. Sensors, 360-degree visual analysis, exceptional hearing... very little escapes the notice of this android. Her eyes are simply a convenience for 'solids' to have a point of reference - but her entire body can 'see', 'hear', and 'feel'. But sometimes she might not understand what she is sensing or misunderstand it.

Stats: Strength (5)

Note: If she somehow gains access to some super-metal like vibranium or adamantium, she might be able to wield higher strength.

Minoke, being made of metal, has the ability and mass to exert tremendous force, far beyond what a human of her size can wield. Though she is most of the time limited simply by her size.

Stats: Willpower (3/8)

Minoke's very existence revolves around serving and protecting her creator, Genevieve Zavia. When she is with her creator, nothing short of cataclysm can sway her from fulfilling her primary objective - she will defend Genevieve to any means, will let nothing stop her. However, if she is away from her creator for whatever reason, this superhuman willpower will not be present and she basically just has a basic willpower of 3.


Advantage: Genevieve Zavia

Genevieve, her creator, mother, and best friend, is quite possibly the biggest advantage a young android could want. Her mother has nutured and cared for her from her creation. Minoke will be at her side as long as Genevieve shall live.


Flaw: Archaic Technology

Minoke was the finest creation of 19th century technology - but that seldomly translates well to the 21st century. She will have a hard time interfacing with modern computer technology.

Flaw: Curiosity

Minoke is ALWAYS curious about new things. She has a childlike wonder of the world, and will always investigate things she doens't understand, even if it puts her into a potentially harmful situation. She was like this from initial boot-up of her core and it probably won't change anytime soon.

Flaw: Heart-Core

Minoke's heart-core is, more or less literally, her heart. It is a large flawless ruby inside a special metallic cage, about the size of a baseball, and it is what makes her body work. The core alone is basically an intellect of 1 and can only speak in an archaic machine code that probably only her creator can understand. If the core is damaged, it can disrupt the entire android and perhaps cause a shutdown. The special metal that's used to defend her heart-core from physical damage does create a new vulnerability - the metal is more responsive to magnetism than the rest of her body and a strong enough magnetic force could rip her heart right out.

Core Image:

Flaw: Heavy Stance

Minoke weighs a lot - though she looks human, she can weigh anywhere between 700-1100 pounds depending on what she's made out of. This can cause problems, such as walking on fragile surfaces - she is quite capable of accidentally breaking something and not even noticing it.

Flaw: Metal Dependency

Minoke needs metal to form her body. Sometimes, she'll have to settle for cheap metal like pot metal which makes her body much less durable. She doesn't like being at less than her normal full size and will procure any metal (using legal means, as insisted by her creator), so may end up with suboptimal body forms more oten than not.

Flaw: Prejudice

Minoke's creator will always treat her with family and friend. Sometimes, though, other people treat artificial life-forms as... well... machines. Not people. This attitude has always puzzled and hurt Minoke. And she sometimes pretends that she's a mutant to fit in, which has its own prejudices.

Flaw: Shifting Tell

No matter what form Minoke takes, she will have red hair and ruby-red eyes. This was an intentional design decision made by her creator so she cannot just change to perfectly match someone's appearance and take their place. When not trying to 'impersonate' someone, she will always have bright red hair (almost unnaturally red, but not quite) and ruby-red eyes. Any damaged sections will also glow red like lava.

Flaw: Telepathic Echo

Minoke's unique nature is not without its problems. Being a sentient construct that also is run on magic gives her an astral presence, and opens the doors for telepaths to access Minoke's thoughts. But her thought patterns are unique. Since her whole body thinks, her thoughts 'echo' throughout her body, and it would be an alien (and easily identifyable) mind that could easily be tracked by skilled telepaths. And even if Minoke is in the form of a smiple vehicle like a motorcycle, her thoughts would betray her presence to those who are searching in such a way.

Flaw: Timelost

Minoke is from 1897. The modern world is confusing, perplexing, and downright insane to the mind of a young lady from a backwater part of England last century. All the lights, sounds, technology, and everything can overwhelm and disorient her.


"Wake up, sweetie," were the first words Minoke heard, when her heart-core was first turned on. Aware of the woman who cradled her heart in her hands, she beeped, "Hello" back. She soon learned that her name was Minoke and her creator was Genevieve Zavia, and the year was 1893. For a while she was just a core, studying everything around her with innocent childlike curiosity... and then once Genevieve was sure her programming was secure, started feeding her metal to start to form a body. Slowly - first she was able to form a baby, dark-red color. She learned later how to make herself look human, and then she started looking more like a human baby - then as Genevieve fed her more metal, she started to grow, soon taking on the form of a six-year-old girl with pigtails and a cute red and white dress.

Then the townsfolk finally found out that Genevieve was doing what they saw as unnatural things and wanted to burn her as a witch. Genevieve, with sorrow, took Minoke's heart-core and froze herself in cryosleep. She had to abandon the body she was so proud of, and then... she was turned off. They awakened in the 21st century, and Minoke, once again, started off as just a curious ball - everything was SO different! Genevieve once again began the process of growing with the metal available (which was higher quality) and was stronger and more durable than before. Minoke's life was short, but she hopefully has a long potential in front of her. She starts to learn to grow to her full 'adult' size - and to study the incredible (in her eyes) technology all around her.


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