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Agility: 5 Strength: 1 Toughness: 3
Perception: 6 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 2
Shapeshifting N/A Immortality N/A Vocal Mimicry 9
Visual Memory N/A Damage Resistance 2 Psychic Defenses 7
Acting 5 Covert Ops 8 Firepower 3
War Games 5
Brotherhood Safehouses Languages
Security Systems Destiny
Children Untrustworthy Alone
Superior Species In for the Win
Name: Raven Darkholme A woman of many faces and roles over the last hundred or so years, Mystique is a shapeshifter, and a woman who has butted heads with nearly every agency in one form or another. Known for betrayal and playing two sides of a conflict against the middle, Mystique's 'reputation' remains largely hidden to most sources, as she performed under a dizzying number of aliases. For better or for worse, she is most defined by her current membership in the Brotherhood of Mutants; not only is it the most public with her natural form that she has ever been, but it is the organization that she has stayed with the longest.

For what reasons, she has yet to share.

Position: Femme Fatale
Team: Brotherhood of Mutants
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Rebecca Romijn
Alts: Domino, Harley Quinn
Timezone: CST
Music: N/A
Quote: "Who am I? That, my dear, is an excellent question. Although not one so easily answered."
Tone Likes: Angsty, Gritty, Heroic, Social
Tone Dislikes: Classic, Comedic


It was a little village in Austria that Raven Darkholme was originally born, and there, she had a reasonably happy childhood. At least, until she turned blue around her 16th birthday, was betrayed by her family, and was forced to flee with little more than the clothes on her back.

Life became better when she discovered her gifts of imitation. Robbery and theft, not to mention outright conning, became an incredibly simple task to her, and she used her newfound abilities to improve her life - and help some of her lesser-fortuned mutant friends out with their lifestyles, as well.

But she could not stay in one place long. Wanderlust stole her to travel the world; although when the Great Wars broke out, she returned home to Austria; less to fight openly for the human governments, but to try to do her part to help protect the mutants she had grown fond of there. BUt her childhood friends grew old. They died, to war, and other causes. Raven became a spy for hire, more or less, although it was here that she truely began experimenting with shifting loyalties.

One of those shifts brought her into contact with Victor Creed. After spending a night with him, she abandoned him - and discovered later that she was pregnant by him. She gave the child to an orphanage - she had very little time in her life for children - but she made certain that, at least financially, that her child would be taken care of. Graydon Creed was his name.

It was the abandoned child that caused her pause, caused her to rethink the path her life was on. She returned to Austria, in the guise of a noblewoman that she murdered for the express purpose of taking her place. It was good for a time. She married a German nobleman named Christian Wagner; and frankly, she cheated on him after learning that he was sterile. One of her partners was a mutant named Azazel; Kurt Wagner, who would be known as Nightcrawler, was the fruit of their union.

Unfortunately, when he was born, the villagers thought that Raven had made a pact with dark forces, and a demon child was the product of that bargain. Deja vu, in the worst sense, for Raven.

She took the form of a villager, and tried to flee with her newborn child - but she was caught, and was forced to throw him in the river, or sacrifice her own life along with his.

Distraught over the loss of her son, she encountered a woman named Destiny. They became friends, and more - and Mystique decided to live with her. Destiny suggested that they adopt a child, and Raven agreed - Anna Marie was her name. She had abandoned two sons - she would not abandon a daughter as well. That was, until fickle fortune led Anna Marie to the X-Men not too long after her powers manifested.

It was that 'loss' of a third child, although to call Rogue's defection a loss was stretching the truth a bit, that left Raven's heart and mind fertile for listening to a charismatic speaker preaching of the strength and survival of mutantkind.

It gave Raven a cause to pick up again, to brush off her old skills for a purpose.

To fight again for mutants, this time, for all mutants - what could be more satisfying than that?


Power: Shapeshifting (N/A)

Mystique can, in the space of a few seconds, modify her appearance to match any humanoid form in her memory. This includes differing genders, species, and people of varying sizes and shapes. This also includes clothing. If she changes size, she does not change mass, however - so even if she were to take on the form of a 300 pound Russian Wrestler, she would still be as heavy as she always was. And, although shapeshifted clothing, skin, and otherwise feels like it should, she cannot hide her scent.

Power: Immortality (N/A)
Most normal beings die because one organ or another wears out. Mystique does not have that issue - 'refreshing' her organs or anything else about her form is as simple as a thought for her, and as such, it is very possible that she could never die.

Power: Vocal Mimicry (9)
Mystique can just about perfectly mimick any and all voices that she has heard, even if only hearing them for a handful of moments.

Power: Visual Memory (N/A)
Mystique has a special sort of memory for shapes, and people. Upon observing someone for only a few moments, she can remember their form, their voice, and little oddities about their demeanor and gait that would be helpful for mimicking them later.

Power: Damage Resistance (2)
When Mystique is cut, shot, stabbed, or otherwise - she is wounded with a very real loss of flesh. Her ability to shapeshift can help with this to some extent - she can rearrange her organs if one is about to be, or has been wounded, perhaps creating a second heart when the first was stabbed, so on. She has used this trick to appear dead a great many times.

Power: Psychic Defenses (7)
Whether because of mental corruption or from her biological makeup, her natural defense against psychic intrusion and manipulation is so effective that the most sophisticated of detectors and the most skilled of psychics have trouble pinning her down, let alone scanning her.

Skill: War Games (5)
She's learned quite a bit about armed and unarmed combat, the operation of civilian and military vehicles, and the handling of weaponry, including advanced and experimental equipment. If it's designed for war, she can probably use it or figure it out.

Skill: Covert Ops (8)
Infiltration, espionage, assassination, impersonation, subterfuge, there's little she hasn't done and done well. Advanced acrobatics allow her to quickly and easily reach areas where others would fail, and disappearing after a complicated task is rarely a problem.

Skill: Firepower (3)
Over the decades she has amassed a healthy amount of supplies, including some select military ordinance. While her stored gear and what she can access via the black market is a bit more common, there may be times where she follows leads on more powerful or experimental weaponry. If such hardware cannot be directly stolen from the facility housing it she might be able to copy the schematics in order to have a duplicate constructed with help from a tech-savvy individual.

Skill: Acting (5)
To make the most of her powers she's learned how to become a social mimic. Not only can she look and sound like anyone else, she can also act like them. Trying to spot the fake can, at times, be incredibly difficult.


Advantage: Brotherhood

Mystique is a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants; as such, she has access to the same hideouts, resources, and technology that the rest of the Brotherhood tends to enjoy. Not to mention the security that comes from having access to like-minded mutants.

Advantage: Languages
Mystique knows, and can both read and speak many, many languages, including: English, German, French, Hungarian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and a little Italian.

Advantage: Safehouses
Over the years, Mystique has created a number of safehouses which consist of a room, basic supplies, and a little bit ofmoney, all of which is unknown, (she hopes) to even her allies in the Brotherhood. They reside in Austria, New York, Seattle, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Advantage: Security Systems
Against cliche, Mystique has been certain to keep up with the times in at least one area: security systems and how to get around them. This tends to mean that she is well-versed in doing things as old-school as lockpicking, and as new-school as hacking iPhones.

Advantage: Destiny
Destiny is one of the few people Raven can say that she truely loves. She remains in contact with her, and while Destiny has precious little in the way of resources to offer her, she is a precognitive mutant. Which might come to her advantage, someday.


Flaw: Alone

Mystique is an incredibly clever and resourceful woman. Which is good, because if she should ever run into trouble, she would have precious few people she could fall back on. The Brotherhood has been the closest thing she has ever had to maintaining any sort of lasting connection with any organization, and she feels distant from even that, more often than not.

Flaw: Untrustworthy
Mystique, for those 'lucky' few that know or have encountered the woman herself, has a remarkably bad reputation for being untrustworthy, and just as likely to stick a knife in your back along with the enemy. So her relationships with organizations and people in the know about her tend to start out strained, and get worse from there.

Flaw: Children
Raven is the mother of Graydon Creed, Kurt Wagner, and the adopted mother of Anna Marie Darkholme. And she is estranged from every one of them, something that secretly tears at her heart..

Flaw: Superior Species
Mutantkind will prevail, because they're better in every possible way. Countless mutants might die in this pursuit, Darwinism does affect all. Humanity, however, will burn, and she would be content to be the one left holding the match.

Flaw: In for the Win
It's all about her. What she wants, she's going to get. This has an unfortunate side-effect of her sometimes underestimating her opponents, from other mutants to the lowly homo-sapiens.


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