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Natalia has outlived a string of husbands, though she is careful not to kill them, she has found occasional enemies who do not mind trying to kill her by means that kill other people in her area. She was, however, accused of killing her last husband and placed in Arkham Asylum. She was eventually freed by an attack on Arkham, but refused to flee, seeking to prove her innocence. She was finally freed legally, and has resumed her career as a thief.


Abilities: Power

Dexterity: 5, Hypnotic Bite: 6, Immortality, Machine Invisibility, Regeneration: 5, Shapeshifting: 3, Speed: 2, Supernatural: 4, Vampire Magic, Vampire Senses: 5, Vampirism: 7

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 5 Thief: 6

Advantages: Criminal Contacts Tools of the Trade

Flaws: Enemies and Rivals, Faith, Magic, Sunlight and Fire, Vampire, Wood and Silver

Languages: English


Power: Hypnotic Bite (6)

This is a consent based ability when used to alter actions.:

When Nocturna bites someone, she can generally make them forget things and often alter the person's behavior. She can not, usually, make the person do something they are firmly set against.

Power: Supernatural (4)

For any physical ability not specified, and for willpower, Nocturna has a base effective ability of 4 as long as she is well fed (IE, has fed on a guart of blood within the last 24-36 hours).

Power: Vampire Magic

Nocturna has the potential to develop a number of other powers, such as weather control, control over animals, and the ability to control minds at a distance. She has shown no signs of developing any of these powers, but it is possible that in times of dire need she might manifest such an effect as a one-time thing that will probably leave her very hungry for blood afterwards.

Skill: Combat (5)

Already a decent combatant when living, as a vampire Nocturna's increased strength and reflexes, and decades of experience have made her remarkable. This ability drop to 3 should she not be well fed.

Skill: Thief (6)

Nocturna is skilled in the arts of theft, such as opening locks, disarming alarms, finding hidden compatments, hiding from sight, moving soundlessly, and sleight of hand.

Power: Dexterity (5)

Nocturna's coordination is enhanced by her undead nature, though like most powers this is dependant upon having fed recently on blood. As she was better than most humans at this before conversion, she is superior to most Vampires now. When not having fed, this stat reverts to a 3, rather than a 2.

Power: Immortality

As long as she feeds regularly, Nocturna does not age and are only able to be hurt a few ways, as detailed below in Flaws. The only way to actually slay her is by scattering her ashes after she has been reduced to them by sunlight or fire.

Power: Machine Invisibility

Nocturna can not be seen in mirrors, nor does she show on cameras, set off motion sensors, trip electric eyes, or trigger most electronic alarms. She does still possess weight and mass, so scales and tripwires and other purely mechanical devices still function. This ability is rather like an aura extending a few inches from her body, it covers her clothing and anything else close to her body. This is a great help when stealing small items, which vanish from detection the moment she takes them in her hand. If, for example, she were to use a rope for climbing or sword for fighting, those would extend outside her aura and be detectable.

Power: Regeneration (5)

When she has fed properly within the last 24 to 36 hours Nocturna heals quickly, in addition, during feeding she can heal herself even more quickly (level rises to 7 during feeding).

Power: Shapeshifting (3)

Nocturna is able to assume a limited variety of shapes, including the form of a mist, the form of a bat, and the form of a wolf.

Power: Speed (2)

Nocturna can run like the wind, normal humans have no hope of outrunning her when she is fed. Her speed drops to normal if she has not.

Power: Vampire Senses (5)

As a supernatural hunter, Nocturna has eyes that can see in the dark, detect body heat, and spot movement at great distances. Her hearing can detect a heartbeat on the other side of a wall. Her sense of smell can track a person hours after they pass, especially she is sensitive to the smell of blood, able to smell blood like a shark in water and track a blood scent far longer than other scents, especially when hungry.

Power: Vampirism (7)

Consent: This is a consent-based ability when used upon other players.

At a basic level, this is the ability of Nocturna to feed. She has fangs that she uses to feed, and this ability determines the maximum toughness of the creature upon which she can feed. If she drains someone completely, this ability becomes the level of the attempt to transform them into a similar vampire, and the level of her ability to control the vampire thus created. If she has not fed for an extended period, this power replaces Strength and Combat ability while she is in a feeding frenzy.


Advantage: Criminal Contacts

Nocturna knows where to find criminal help for her thefts, and where to sell what she steals. She can be contacted to commission thefts, by those in the know.

Advantage: Tools of the Trade

Nocturna is a professional thief, and generally has on hand any tool she expects to need to do such things as opening locks, overcoming alarms, cutting through glass windows, and making escapes.


Flaw: Enemies and Rivals

Nocturna is a professional thief, as such she has stolen things from important people in the past, and beat out other thieves. Some of these persons have been less than happy, which has resulted in the deaths of those close to her on occasion.

Flaw: Faith

As a Vampire, places and items in which a person invests faith can damage a vampire. This only works if the person actually believes in the faith represented by the item though (a Jew holding a Cross is useless, but one holding a Star of David has power). As a note, if Nocturna were buried in a place of faith she would be unable to rise unless that place is deconsecrated or desecrated, but not would not be actually destroyed.

Flaw: Magic

As a Vampire, Nocturna is vulnerable to magic, any magic that effects the mind, any magic that can harm non-living objects, or any magic that specifically targets undead, will effect them normally. Any magic that effects the living has no effect, because they are not alive.

Flaw: Sunlight and Fire

Sunlight and Fire can quickly burn Nocturna to bones, and then to ashes. While the process is quite painful, it is not permanent unless the ashes are scattered over a wide area, she will recover the following sunset if not properly destroyed. A few seconds exposure will cause painful burns and blisters, depending on intensity, while about a minute will reduce her to bones and less than three minutes will reduce her to ashes (assumes a roughly intensity 2 effect, more or less intense flames or light will have proportionate effects).

Flaw: Vampire

As a Vampire, Nocturna requires about a quart of blood every night to survive, it does not have to be human blood nor necessarily completely fresh (she often stops by the Gotham Slaughterhouse and feeds from the Abattior), after a night without feeding her abilities begin to decline. After about a week without feeding, she is likely to enter a blood frenzy upon encountering a creature with living blood in their veins. If that happens she uses her Vampirism trait in place of strength and combat skill, and can not stop feeding until she has drawn at least five quarts, even if this is fatal to the creature.

Flaw: Wood and Silver

While most weapons have no effect on Nocturna, weapons made of silver (or coated in silver) can harm her, and her regeneration is greatly reduced to injuries caused by silver weapons (reduce regeneration to 3 from damage caused by silver). Wood can hurt Nocturna, and a wooden stake (or silver blade) through the heart will hold her indefinitely, though she can only really be killed by wood and silver if her body is then burned by fire or sunlight and the ashes scattered.


Natalia Knight grew up on the streets of Gotham, just another homeless waif. She learned how to defend herself and how to steal to survive, and became quite good at both. By maturity, she was a wealthy thief, stealing on commission mostly.

At 25,she was hired by an occultist to steal a silver dagger from a tomb. The Occultist knew that the tomb was that of Baron Mitternacht, a vampire laid to rest but who was not fully destroyed. When Natalia removed the dagger, the vampire awakened and drained her. Three nights later, she awakened as a vampire and became the Baron's Vampire Bride.

Finding Natalia to be useful, the baron legally married her, this she became Natalia Mitternacht, a name she prefers to use to this day. Eventually a Vampire Hunter tracked down the Baron and destroyed him, but as Natalia had never killed he let her live.

Over the years since, Natalia has continued as a thief. She has married more than once, and rivals of hers have caused the death of her husbands in an attempt to get to her (attempts which have failed because those rivals have not figured out she is a Vampire). One Rival got smart though, deciding if he could not kill her, he would get her out of the way by framing her for the death of her latest husband.

She was sentenced to Arkham Asylum, though she was appealing her case when an attack on Arkham happened to free her, thus she refused to leave until she was freed legally. During this time, it is assumed she would leave her cell at night to feed upon other inmates, and may have made contact with several of them for later.

Once legally freed, she has resumed her life as a professional thief. If she finds out who arranged her being frames, she might make an exception to her rule on killing.


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