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Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
Natalia Alianovna Romanova
Natasha Romanov
Black Widow
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Black Widow

Quote-open.png "Revivication is the new black." Quote-close.png

Beautiful. Dangerous. Unpredictable.

The woman known as 'The Black Widow' was once a loyal spy for the KGB. After an encounter with a noble hearted criminal, Natasha turned her back on Russia and is now an appearantly loyal agent of SHIELD, as well as an Avenger.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Agility: 5, Enhanced Stamina: 5, Enhanced Strength: 3, Exceptional Will: 7, Red Room Assassin: 3

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatic Grace: 9, Drive/pilot: 4, Espionage: 9, Fighting: 7, Stealth/escapology: 7, Tactics: 5

Abilities: Gear

Suit: 4, Widow's Bite: 4

Advantages: Contacts, Independence, Legitimacy, Resources

Flaws: Distrusted, Enemies, Identity

Languages: English


Gear: Suit (4)

The Black Widow suit is made of an advanced fiber that, much like other SHIELD uniforms, is slightly resistant to damage including knife-slashes, punctures, and bullets. It's also grounded against electricity and has some limited fireproofing. Unlike SHIELD suits, however, her outfit has been specially modified to allow her to crawl up walls and along ceilings. She also has a belt of gold discs that include plastic explosives and knockout gas among other useful toys.

Gear: Widow's Bite (4)

Capable of discharging over 450,000 watts, the Widow's Bite is a good deal nastier than a Taser. She can immobilize, harm, knock out, or even kill an opponent. It comes in the form of tiny darts attached to cords within the cuffs at her wrists. The Bite can also be used as a grapple.

Power: Enhanced Agility (5)

Black Widow's training from early childhood, her years of practice, and the Red Room's version of the Super-Soldier Serum have combined to make her unnaturally agile.

Power: Enhanced Stamina (5)

Combining the Serum with decades of intensive training and... well, and being Russian, Natasha can run, fight, and stay awake at peak capacity for a good sixty hours at a stretch.

Power: Enhanced Strength (3)

Strong for a woman. Strong for most men, in fact. Decades of training have not made Natasha super-strong, not even with the serum, but she can lift three hundred pounds and packs a very surprising punch.

Power: Exceptional Will (7)

Natalia was trained from extreme youth to withstand interrogation, brainwashing (well, non-Red Room brainwashing), even torture. She doesn't crumble if her cover's in danger, even if it's blown: she can go from a state of calm to a state of kicking her adversaries in the teeth in a matter of milliseconds.

Power: Red Room Assassin (3)

As an altered human, Natalia's biology has been altered somewhat in the same manner as Winter Soldier and Captain America. She is about as physically fit as a human can be; moreover, she can maintain this fitness with relatively little effort. Drugs and alcohol have little effect on her, and she never gets sick. When injured, she heals at least twice as quickly as the average person. Her aging is extremely slow: she has been active constantly for eighty years and looks not quite thirty.

Skill: Acrobatic Grace (9)

From parkour to ballet, Natasha is second to almost none when it comes to moving her body with grace, speed, and precision. She can run across tightropes, leap or swing across streets, and turn off the light with her toes. She's also a highly trained and accomplished dancer: she has been a ballerina and could be again, and has been trained in several other forms of dance including various ballroom and swing styles.

Skill: Drive/pilot (4)

She's piloted various vehicles on land, sea, and sky giving chase to targets and avoiding becoming one. She tends to avoid being flashy except when strictly necessary.

Skill: Espionage (9)

Where Captain America is the Super-Soldier, Black Widow is the Super-Spy. There's no security system that can keep her out forever, no persona she can't take on, no mark she can't take out. She can become anyone, young or old, complete with personalities so natural and complete that even interrogation and torture wouldn't break them. She can lie with utter believability.

There's a reason she's called the Black Widow: she's seduced many of her marks, killing them when she got close enough. As a side effect of all this, she's also very good at detecting deception in others. This comes in very handy in interrogation. Even for Black Widow, interrogation rarely includes torture: it's overrated as an information-gathering tool. She wields this skill like her skill in martial arts: she uses her enemies' arrogance and preconceived notions against them.

Skill: Fighting (7)

Natasha has been trained in multiple forms of martial arts, mostly consisting of using the strength and size of her enemies against them. She is quite capable of using hand-to-hand weapons as well as firearms. Together, her skill at fighting and her skill at dance and acrobatics create a powerful and deadly combination.

Skill: Stealth/escapology (7)

Natasha can move silently and knows how to use her surroundings to her advantage when avoiding notice. She can distract and create diversions at need. If she's unlucky enough to get caught, handcuffs and bonds are no match for her skills: she can unlock the former and wriggle out of the latter if she must.

Skill: Tactics (5)

Though she's usually a loner, Natasha has been in enough sticky situations that she knows how to get in and get out. She could happily organize an Oceans 11-style heist. Gambling is especially fun, and she has a masterful poker face.


Advantage: Contacts

Worldwide, legitimate and less so, Black Widow knows someone. Or she knows someone who knows someone. There's a good chance, wherever in the world she's dropped off -- especially if it's in good proximity to a major city -- that she can call in a favor.

Advantage: Independence

Despite being an Avenger and such -- indeed, despite having worked for the Red Room -- Black Widow has spent most of her time working alone. She's not incapable of working within a team, but she's immensely resourceful and both mentally and physically capable of extracting herself. Natasha Romanova is the self-rescuing princess.

Advantage: Legitimacy

Being an Avenger and a S.H.I.E.L.D agent means that there is, in effect, always somewhere for Natasha to come 'home' to. For the first time she has (reasonably) solid, reliable backup.

Advantage: Resources

Decades of assassination and espionage have been rather lucrative, even for a communist. The Black Widow has more than enough money to live extremely comfortably, including multiple safehouses in countries worldwide, a numbered Swiss account and another in the Caymans, passports and cash and anonymous bonds. At the moment, she mostly uses her nice Manhattan apartment.


Flaw: Distrusted

Black Widow /is/ an assassin, even if that's not generally known. To the general public she's just a SHIELD agent and an Avenger, but among the intelligence community -- even among her own teammates -- she's hard to quantify. She's not naturally friendly or gregarious, either; she doesn't talk about her past and tends to be a bit of a workaholic. She has colleagues, teammates even, but few friends. She may be a chameleon, but she's a bit of a stranger in a strange land -- and not everyone wants her here.

Flaw: Enemies

Just as Black Widow has contacts worldwide, she also has a lot of people who want her dead. The worst part? Not all of these people are /bad/ people. Not every victim of the Black Widow was a bad person, after all. Hydra doesn't like her. Rivals want to replace her. And of course, there's a price on her head.

Flaw: Identity

Who is Natalia Romanova? Was she born with that name? Are her memories her own? She was trained from such an early age to be a chameleon, to change her thoughts and moods and actions and reactions at a moment's notice. Who is she really inside? She's not sure. Where do her loyalties lie apart from with herself? Even she isn't certain -- what with programming, memory rewriting, and everything else, it's hard to tell.


Natalia Alianovna Romanova's parents are unknown even to her -- some record may remain of them in the Red Room, but she has no idea and isn't hugely concerned. She knows she was an orphan, brought up from very early childhood to be a spy and assassin for the KGB. Raised to believe that Communism was the only true way forward for humanity, that it was the only way to eradicate poverty and starvation, she never questioned her upbringing until she got more than a glimpse of the outside world.

And even then, as an assassin for the USSR she was top-notch. She gained her moniker because of the way she often killed her victims: she could seduce her way into anyone's bedroom, even marrying more than one of her marks just to get close enough. She was trained to take on any persona, though her most commonly used was that of a young ballerina. This guise allowed her to travel across the world. The sweet, innocent personality she displayed made her above suspicion, and she was able to infiltrate quite as well as her handlers had hoped.

When the Soviet Union fell, the Red Room lost a lot of its power and cohesion. As a result, former comrades have both welcomed her and hunted her -- sometimes she's even received the same treatment from both sides. Her efforts were turned toward the United States, where she was able to successfully defect in another switch of loyalties. Whether this one is legitimate is anyone's guess, but she's gained just enough trust to be allowed on board as a SHIELD agent and a member of the Avengers.


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