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Created to be a one-shot living weapon, Nate ironically managed to survive his world destruction by sheer luck. Growing in an alternate, dystopia timeline, Nate has known little more than violence and war in his short life. But fate seems to have given him a second chance.

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Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Strong-Willed: 5

Abilities: Power

Empathy: 2, Psychometry: 2, Telekinesis: 8, Telepathy: 9

Abilities: Skill

Battle-Hardened: 3, Combat: 6, Survival: 5, Wary: 4

Abilities: Gear

Uniform: 3

Advantages: Self-Sufficent

Flaws: Memory, Obvious Power, Power Burnout, Psionics, Reckless

Languages: English


Attribute: Strong-Willed (5)

Nate is the kind of person that never surrenders, and never gives up on something he considers important. He is almost fearless and extremely stubborn and his Willpower should be considered about 5.

Gear: Uniform (3)

Nate's only possession is his uniform. It was designed by/for the X-Men of his world and works as a light armor made of Kevlar and padded in some areas. It offers decent protection from shrapnel, fire and light ballistic weapons.

Power: Empathy (2)

Range:: A few yards.

Nate can detect/feel the emotions of others, but only if they are intense and the person feeling them is close enough.

Power: Psychometry (2)

Nate can read the psychic impressions of objects as a form of limited poscognition. He barely controls this ability, but he might be able to do this when psychic impressions are strong. Sometimes the power fires itself and Nate is trapped in a postcognitive vision for a few seconds or minutes.

Power: Telekinesis (8)

Range:: Line of Sight

Able to easily lift tanks, Nate Grey was probably the most powerful telekinetic in his home world, although definitely not the most skilled. Even now his lack of experience makes difficult for him to fine-tune his abilities or multitasking.

Force Shields: Nate can create very strong force-fields to protect himself or others. They can be flat or in the form of bubbles and other simple geometrical constructs. Complex shapes are beyond his skill.

Flight: By using telekinesis Nate can fly at supersonic speed, protecting himself from air friction with a force-field. He can also move groups, but his speed is more limited.

Force Blasts: Nate can create bursts of psychokinetic energy that usually are fired from his left eye. Those blasts generate no hear or radiation, they are pure kinetic energy.

Enhanced Strength/Toughness: By focusing his telekinesis on himself Nate can give himself the equivalent to great superhuman strength and matching resistance to injury (up to rank 8 in both if he does nothing else with his power, but risking power burnout as for per flaws if done for more than a few minutes - rank 6 or less is safe).

Molecular Rearrangement: Nate can use his telekinesis to control the molecules of small amounts of solid matter and change its shapes. He can reconfigure his clothes, or mend a broken window, or remove the ink from a sheet of paper. He can even 'walk through walls' although he is not really phasing, but liquefying stone, concrete and bricks and rebuilding it after he goes through. He can't do this with very strong materials (that is, anything he couldn't break with his telekinesis).

Power: Telepathy (9)

By sheer power perhaps the strongest human telepath alive (and maybe the strongest that can ever exist and still remain human) Nate's vast power is limited by his lack of skill at wielding it. Therefore despite being able to perform some stunts that can shock even telepaths like Xavier, his effective power is 9, not 10. In psychic combat he can be defeated by weaker telepaths with more finesse and experience.

Communications: Nate can send his thoughts and establish two-way mind-links easily, even with people thousands of miles away. Multi-mind mind-links are trickier but he can also bring a small group into a mental chat. Keeping a combat mind-link is something that he has just started trying, and still tends to lose it if he is too distracted. He can also project memories and images into willing minds with ease. Mind-Reading: Nate can read human and human-like minds easily, sometimes without even trying, even minds that are tens of miles away. Non-human minds are not so easy to read for him, and truly alien minds and the minds of animals can be incomprehensible (although generally he can still at least 'feel' then and attack them psychically). Reading memories is also possible, although it is not so simple and it would require the target to be within a mile or so or an open mind-link and a willing person.

Psychic Blast: Nate can blast minds with raw psychic power, stunning, or even killing, other sentient organic beings. The effects are reduced, or even fully negated in beings with strong psychic shielding and on exceptionally strong-willed or disciplined individuals. His range is of a few hundred yards and the blast have more effect the closer is the attacked mind.

Mind-Shields: Like most telepaths, Nate has strong mental defenses. He can screen his mind from other telepaths, and he instinctively keeps some shields up to avoid automatically reading minds around himself. He is able to extend his shields to other minds that are very close to him, but they will lose some resistance (and even more if he covers a large group). Unlikely to most other telepaths he can't use his shields to hide his presence from psychic sensitives, he is always too psychically active and radiates too much power.

Astral Projection: Nate can easily free his astral form, becoming a ghost-like being in the physical plane (his psychic capabilities are very reduced as a 'ghost' except against other psychics, though). He can also enter the Astral Plane where his full powers are accessible, he can draw more power from the psychic substance of the plane, and without the restraints of his physical form he stronger than normal. He can also bring others into the psychic plane with him.

Mind-Control: Although Nate dislikes manipulating minds, he is able of a broad variety of tricks. He can, for instance, implant ideas and memories in the minds of others (those false ideas tend to fade in time), and project psychic illusions, including making himself 'invisible', or even completely override (possess) other minds. Due to his lack of experience, however, attempts at sophisticated telepathic manipulations are often imperfect, or sometimes even disastrous. A strong will and any kind of psionic shields and resistance can protect people from all these tricks.

Skill: Battle-Hardened (3)

Nate had to live for years in an extremely taxing environment. Constant fights, paranoia, desperate races, injuries, etc. As a consequence he grew up to become a quite fit and strong young man. His Dexterity is 3, despite little formal training as an athlete. His Toughness is also 3, he knows how to take hits, he is hard to push into shock and has a very high pain threshold.

Skill: Combat (6)

As part of a resistance cell fighting Apocalypse's troops, Nate received constant and intensive training that puts him on the level of an experienced soldier. He is an accomplished martial artist, using US army techniques learned from Forge. These are not pretty and stylish martial arts, but a set of quick and brutal fighting maneuvers designed to incapacitate the adversary as quick as possible. He also knows how to use guns and explosives, and even knows the basics of sword-fighting (taught to him by Toad, who was quite skilled in his world).

Skill: Survival (5)

Nate learned to survive in the ruined, war-torn world Apocalyse had created. He is able to find food and shelter almost anywhere, hide when hiding is a good idea, preserve scarce resources, perform basic first aid, and to watch his back and his friends' back. It should be noted his skills are oriented towards the territory he knows: post-holocaust America, ruined cities, radioactive areas, killer cyborgs, cannibal bandits and mutant-hunting giant robots. He wouldn't do so well in the Savage Land or the Sahara Desert, although some of the techniques he knows are still valid.

Skill: Wary (4)

As part of his survival and combat training, Nate's Perception is 4 (even without his powers) since he is always wary and watchful, avoids giving his back to doors, looks for all exits of every place he is on, etc. He is hard to surprise even without using his telepathy.


Advantage: Self-Sufficent

Nate arrived from his homeworld with nothing but his combat outfit, which can repair and reconfigure with his telekinesis. He is used to go on with very little, steal or scavenge food, and sleep anywhere. As a mater of fact he has a somewhat irrational rejection to accumulate material possessions (he calls it 'junk') or settle anywhere.


Flaw: Memory

Nate can't remember anything from before he was 14 or so. Even his escape from the New York prison was a blur. After shifting realities his memory became somewhat damaged. Many details of his are missing; he can't remember many of the historical events that led to the rise of Apocalypse either.

Flaw: Obvious Power

High end pisionics sometimes come with a light show. His glowing left eye is a bit of a signature (shared with his 'brothers' Cable and Stryfe) and will be apparent even for moderate uses of power. When operating at high power levels, his body becomes surrounded by a nimbus of golden light. His force blasts and shields are also gold-toned. Moreover, his powers are also very 'loud' for other psions, his powers can't really be turned off and his presence is said to flare across the Astral Plane with each power use. Mutant detection devices will detect him easily.

Flaw: Power Burnout

Sinister altered Nate's DNA when he created him, increasing his powers and letting him achieve his maximum potential quickly. This has allowed him to become on of the most powerful mutants alive even in his teens, but his body, particularly his brain, can't cope with the full extension of his abilities. Using his powers at the highest levels for a few minutes will cause headaches and hemorrhaging (bleeding from nose and ears, but also internal bleeding). Pushing his powers past normal will have more serious consequences than simple fatigue, it can lead to power failure (short or prolonged periods without telepathy and/or telekinesis), periods of coma-like unconsciousness, and eventually death. In fact, he is not going to live a long life even if he is careful: his power will kill him in a few years.

Flaw: Psionics

All of Nate's powers are mental and require him to be conscious. Its performance depends on his mental state and ability to concentrate. If he is tired, upset or drugged, his powers will be weaker, uncontrollable or erratic.

Flaw: Reckless

Nate is very prone to act without thinking. He is impatient and easy to anger. He is also almost completely fearless. As a consequence he is quick to jump into action, and it is easy to provoke him into a fight. In part this is due to a good deal of badly restrained rage because of his past in his homeworld, but in part it is due to his powers overwhelming his psyche, charging him with nervous energy.


Nate comes from an alternate timeline where the mutant Apocalypse had conquered or destroyed most of the world. He was created in a lab by Nathaniel Essex (aka Sinister) one of Apocalypse lieutenants, from generic material taken from Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Sinister's goal was creating a mutant able to kill Apocalypse and he believed with those genetic parents Nate was his best shot. He was artificially aged at double speed until he was 14 or so. And given a normal kid knowledge (but no memories) using sleep-training machines.

He was released from the machines by Scott Summers (unknown to both of them, his genetic father) which had found him in cryogenic-like sleep in one of Sinister genetic laboratories. Confused and lacking memories, he was found by the mutant freedom-fighter Forge, an ally of the X-Men, and taken into his rebel cell. During the following years, Nate was trained by Forge to fight and survive, but forbidden to develop or use his powers. He nevertheless fought for the resistance against the mutant overlord troops in dozens of skirmishes.

Eventually Forge's resistance cell met a disguised Sinister (claiming to be a fugitive mutant scientist) who encouraged Nate into using and perfecting his powers against Forge's opinion. The use of high-level psionics quickly led to Nate being detected by Apocalypse, and it caused most of Forge's cell death in the hands by agents of Apocalypse. Nate confronted and killed the gloating Sinister. And then he flew to New York to attack Apocalypse.

Attacking the mutant tyrant tower alone, Nate met and allied with Magneto and his X-Men during the final battle with the mutant conqueror and his minions. But he was dimensional shifted out of the fight and just before the world nuclear destruction when he got his hands on a fragment of the fabled M'Kraan Crystal, which the mutant dictator was going to use to leave the doomed world himself.

Appearing in a pristine New York in the height of humankind's Heroic Age, Nate managed to built a new life for himself that involves more than mere surviving. He has joined a group of like-minded individuals to protect the Earth from internal and external menaces (with Apocalypse in mind) as the Stormwatch. He has also contacted the X-Men and the world's analogues to his parents and some of his friends (and his enemies!).


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Nate is a reserve member of the X-Men


Nate is a founding member of the Stormwatch



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