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Agility: 6 Strength: 1 Toughness: 3
Perception: 6 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5
Aviator 4 Hide in Shadows 5 Unarmed Combat 6
Catholicism 5 Medic 3 Fencing 4
Teleportation 7
Infrared Vision Prehensile Tail Xavier Institute
Neyaphem Remarkable Looks Teleportation Limitations
Name: Kurt Wagner
Position: All around good guy
Team: X-Men, Xavier Institute
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: "Every so often, liebchen, since I look like a demon... I have this irresistible urge to play the part."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Orphaned at birth, he was left to a woman, Margali Szardos, to raise him, and she did.. with her two kids, Stefan and Jimaine. She took him to a small Bavarian circus in which she was a fortuneteller, and there, he was essentially raised by the entire circus. Soon enough, as he grew, he became the circus' star acrobat and aerial artist.

The circus was bought out by a Texas millionaire who then insisted Kurt be moved from acrobat to side show freak. He eventually escaped (with help) and went home, where he found his foster brother had gone on a killing rampage. Kurt fought him, and unintentionally broke his neck.

Of course, the townspeople assumed that all the killing that was done by Stefan (his foster brother) was done by this demon, and they were about to kill him for the crimes when Professor Xavier rescued him. Before they left for America, Kurt tried to explain to his foster mother what had happened, but she didn't believe it. (Later, she would.)

Since joining the X-Men permanantly, or as permanantly a home as any Kurt's had, he's gone on more than a few missions. Some of them have turned out well, and others.. not quite so much. Things change, people come and go.. and through it all, there's been the saving grace that has kept his spirits up, kept his outlook positive that all will work out in the end the way it should. His faith.

After awhile, working with the team, in all their permutations, didn't seem like the thing to do anymore. Finding, instead, that perhaps a more.. monastic life was better suited for him, he joined the seminary. It simply wasn't to be, however. The 'me' simply wasn't enough to keep him there; not when he knew full well there was still the 'we' that perhaps needed him? Or.. at least he hoped they did?


Skill: Aviator (4)

Kurt has served as the pilot to the SR-71, and as its mechanic.

Knowledge: Catholicism (5)
Kurt's considered, on more than one occasion, to take the Cloth, even going so far as to enrolling into Seminary. It's not to be, however, though his faith is still very strong.

Skill: Fencing (4)
Totally like Errol Flynn. Seriously.. Kurt likes the idea of fencing, and even though it's hardly the chosen manner of most, there's something suitably romantic that just feels 'right' to him. To that end, as well, he's more than capable of wielding that epee with his tail..

Skill: Hide in shadows (5)
He has the ability to blend into shadows, both as a result of his indigo fur, and the dimensional portal which always surrounds his body and absorbs (light) photons. (Excalibur, vol.1 #65)

Skill: Medic (3)
Knows enough on how to try to keep someone alive until they can be seen by a professional.

Ability: Teleportation (5)
Kurt has the ability to teleport. This can be in short distances, and in rapid bursts if need be, and he has teleported up to 50 miles away, his maximum so far. He has a basic spacial awareness that allows him to actually land on his feet. He is also able to take at least one person with him, though the distance he can do that is a great deal shorter than his maximum alone. To date, with a passenger, his maximum is approximately one mile, and that is not without side effects. Teleportation does take willpower and does fatigue him, and any of his "passengers", though this is something that can be trained and improved. He has been known to teleport a combatant to weaken them to the point of unconsciousness.

Combat: Unarmed combat (6)
Kurt is rather good at unarmed combat, thinks himself a veritable Errol Flynn. He incorporates acrobatics, teleportation, and sometimes a sword (complete with a little finesse) in fighting.


Advantage: Infrared Vision

Kurt's glowing yellow eyes aid him in seeing in the dark. While he can't see in complete darkness, if there is a light source, he can see.

Advantage: Prehensile Tail
Kurt has a prehensile tail that can carry up to a man's weight. He has full use of his tail, and has been known to wield a sword in it, or hang by it.

Advantage: Xavier Institute
Kurt's found a home there, and always returns should he be away.


Flaw: Neyaphem

As something of a demon, the use of angel's blood will not heal him, but rather, injure him.

Flaw: Remarkable Looks
Blue fur, yellow eyes, three fingers, two toes.. and a tail. I'd call that remarkable.

Flaw: TP Limits
If Kurt teleports too much, he can fall unconscious with fatigue. His teleportation is stronger in the north/south magnetic lines rather than east/west. He can only teleport into areas that he knows, and the further away, the greater the chance of his appearing in another object. When he teleports out, there's a smell of brimstone and a soft *bamf* noise as air rushes in to fill the void where he was. Before he appears, there is a slight disturbance in the atmosphere, so minor only the very sensitive can feel it.


Nightcrawler Logs


* Jimaine Szardos: Also known as Amanda Sefton and 'Daytripper'. 
* Charles Xavier: Professor X, friend and mentor.
* Nocturne: My daugher TJ Wagner from an AU.. and we've met. (In one incarnation.)
* Azazel: Dad. :)

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