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Nocturne1 Nocturne2
Agility: 6 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 3
Acrobatics 4 Body Possession 4 Brimstone Hexbolts 5
Catholicism 3 Drive 4 Fencing 4
Heightened Agility 6 Jury Rig 2 Rapier 2
Romani Heritage 3 Singing 4 Telepathy 2
Unarmed Combat 4 Wall Clinging N/A
Infrared Vision Linguistics Prehensile Tail
Displaced Netaphem Overt Mutant
Name: Talia Josephine Wagner
Position: Lost Hero
Team: X-Men (Formerly), Exiles (Formerly), Xavier Institute
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Ksenia Solo
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Pacific Standard/Arizona
Music: "Love Bites" by Halestorm -
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Talia Josephine Wagner was born in another dimension, the child of Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner and Wanda "Scarlet Witch" Maximoff. In this dimension, the X-Men and the Avengers both existed, and her parents decided to be separated with one on each team to avoid having their decisions being affected by each others' presence. While the dimension itself was a peaceful one, it still had the need for superheroes to fight the villains both small and large. However, this led to Talia leading a very charmed life. Knowing both the worlds of the X-men and the Avengers, she received a top-notch education, all of the training in her mutant abilities that she could ever desire, and a support network of some of Earth's mightiest and most well respected heroes. She was sublime.

It was the middle of her 19th year that she was at a performance of her pro-mutant rock band "The Butt Monkeys" at a dive-bar near the Salem Center Mall. Her close friend Kitty Pryde (and fellow full-rank X-Man) was present, acting as moral support while Talia's boyfriend, James "Thunderbird" Proudstar was back at the Xavier Mansion keeping an eye on the students. Shortly after the performance, a distress call came over their communicators that an attack was commencing, focusing on the students at the Xavier Academy. Racing home, Talia and Kitty Pryde came face to face with a villainous team of "Exiles". The fighting was intense, but Talia and the X-men were able to repel the attack without losses. It was the first time that Talia was able to prove herself to her often demanding father, and she couldn't be any happier. Little did she know that her happiness was about to be disrupted as the recently defeated Exiles bore down upon her. A one-against-four fight erupted, and before the X-men were able to reach her she was pulled into a portal by the evil Exiles. The portal itself was a direct route into a vortex of energies that channel between countless realities.

Twisting, tumbling, Talia's senses were assaulted by the swirls of colors and the images of planets, people, events, and colossal beings such as Galactus and the Watcher flying past her. Nomatter how hard she tried, she had nothing but rushing wind and time and space to grab on to. The last thing she could remember were the sounds of her screams before she lost consciousness.

She awoke in a room with pink, crystal walls with four other strangers. The main of them being a pink-skinned elf-like heroine named Blink. It was explained to Talia that to avoid her father's death at the hands of the Hellfire Club that she would join a new team of "Exiles", travelling through alternate dimensions to right wrongs and repair fractures in reality. She chose to make the decision that would rescue her father, even if it meant never making it home again. For a year, she travelled with the Exiles, fighting some of reality's most powerful and unlikely of foes. However, near the end of the year, just when she was starting to get used to her life as an Exile, she was forced out of the dimensional stream once more by Blink as a lifesaving measure. Talia was about to be irradiated by Holocaust, and Blink had to make the decision to shove her into a dimensional portal or watch Talia die. To this day, Talia doesn't know whether or not Blink and her Exiles still live. However, just as before, she tumbled through the dimensional vortex, losing consciousness in her fall.

When she awoke, she was in the center of a corn field. It was dark, and the moon above told her that she was on Earth. With only the clothes on her back and her weapons from her fight with the Exiles, she walked toward the highway and picked a direction. Two hours later she entered the outskirts of Omaha, Nebraska. It was a lucky guess, but "Boy's Town", a well known Catholic campus and learning center for lost and orphaned children was exactly where she expected it to be. She approached the large, central church on the gate-less campus and was ushered inside by an elderly priest. It was there that she was offered protection from the road until she could find her father again. However, strangely, the phone number for the Xavier Mansion was not in service. She accessed the internet and began to find that certain details were different. There was no President Gyrich. There was no Prime Minister Braddock. Mutants were feared, and there was a catastrophic event at a place called Genosha. Most importantly, there were no known "teams", such as the Avengers and the X-Men, who were reported on regularly in her home dimension. It began to dawn on her that...she was not home.

After three days of searching, failed phone calls, and conversations with the staff at Boy's Town, she was offered a room in the basement of the church. The church itself was hesitant, despite her appearance, but when she was able to recite the prayers and duties of a candle-bearer, the tensions bled away. Three months passed, and while she was waiting to find direction she assisted with taking care of the homeless children. She even attended a few charity events, delivering food to unfortunate families in the cold of winter. However, she couldn't bear it any longer...she had to know. She was going to try to find the Xavier Mansion, and if possible, she was going to try to find her family.

A small collection between her friends and well-wishers was taken, giving her enough money for a bus-ride to New York City and some food to eat along the way. She would have to find her way from there.


Skill: Acrobatics (5)

Due to Talia's inherent superhuman agility, Talia finds the five Ds to come to her with relative ease: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge. Overall, her mutant physiology also provides her with Olympic-level balance, flexibility, and grace.

Power: Body Possession (4)
MUTANT PHYSIOLOGY: Talia has the ability to possess the body of other sentient creatures. When doing this, her body "phases" into the target's body and gains control of the physical host for up to 12 hours. After she leaves or is evicted by the body, the host enteres a confused or comatose state for up to 24 hours, and has vague memories of their actions while possessed. The host, unless familiar with the technique, would not assume that they were possessed. Talia can only perform this power for 12 hours per host, and only once a day. This ability is able to be resisted by highly intelligent people, or people with the ability to protect themselves telepathically. Also, this power allows her to delve into the subject's thoughts. She can learn the subject's emotions and intentions or gain valuable information such as computer access codes or recent, important knowledge. She cannot, however, learn details about the host that the host has either forgotten, or does not know about themselves.

Power: Brimstone Hexbolts (5)
MUTANT PHYSIOLOGY: Talia has the ability to emit brimstone-smelling "Hex Bolts" from her hands. They're the ultimate mix of her parents, as they smell of brimstone and are scarlet-colored. However, unlike her mother, the Hex Bolts do not have the ability to change the properties of anything or anyone. They are merely a concussive laser-bolt type blast that physically damages her targets.

Skill: Catholicism (3)
Talia is a confirmed follower of Catholicism, taught to her directly by her father.

Skill: Drive (4)
Talia knows how to drive, but her preferred form of transportation are high-powered racing motorcycles. She knows how to weave in and out of traffic and race with them. It's her preferred form of transportation.

Skill: Fencing (4)
Talia's father believed that fencing was excellent fitness, as well as a great skill to learn for self defense. Talia has been practicing with rapiers and fencing foils since she was a little girl.

Power: Heightened Agility (6)
MUTANT PHYSIOLOGY: Gifted to her by her mutant genes, she can leap and dodge with minimal effort.

Skill: Jury Rig (2)
Talia knows how to jury rig some non-complex electronics. This includes some car parts, but mostly old, used band-related equipment such as shorted out cables on guitar amplifiers.

Gear: Rapier (2)
Talia owns a basket-hilt rapier and main gauche (second hand blade) that she can use to assist her when she's in life or death situations.

Skill: Romani Heritage (3)
While far from an expert, Talia does have a limited knowledge of gypsy ways, handed down from her mother, Wanda Maximoff.

Singing: Skill (4)
Talia has a respectable set of pipes, which were refined through music lessons through her childhood. For modern reference, her vocal style is a close match to Lizzy Hale of Halestorm. While she favors punk music as her chosen form of singing, she does know a little bit of opera, which is a favorite of her fathers and is much easier on her vocal cords.

Power: Telepathy (2)
MUTANT PHYSIOLOGY: Talia has a weak telepathic ability, which is a low-level ability to read and project thoughts.

Skill: Unarmed Combat (4)
Talia has trained with the Xavier Academy on Earth-2182, which included a self-defense regiment that includes elements of Krav Maga, Judo, and To Shin Do.

Power: Wall-Clinging (N/A)
MUTANT PHYSIOLOGY: Like her father, Talia's hands and feet have Micro-Suction Discs that allow her to cling to walls and ceilings.


Advantage: Infrared Vision

MUTANT PHYSIOLOGY: Talia's eyes allow her to see in the infrared spectrum, effectively giving her the ability to see through the dark.

Advantage: Linguistics
As her parents urged, Talia knows how to speak the languages important to their family. Talia is fluent in English, Latin, German, and Romani.

Advantage: Prehensile Tail
MUTANT PHYSIOLOGY: Talia has a pointed, devilish-looking tail that looks much like her father's. It is prehensile and quite agile, which assists her in maintaining her superhuman sense of balance. However, unlike her father's tail, the tail itself is retractable.


Flaw: Displaced

Talia is from a different dimension, which means that her life, her family, her friends and loved ones have all been lost to her, seemingly with no means of getting them back. Talia struggles regularly as she tries to cope with the realization that everything she has in this dimsension is either new, or merely a replacement for the real thing. It leads her to feel as if she doesn't belong, and drives her to seek meaningful accomplishments that aren't tied to her prior life.

Flaw: Neyaphem
Talia's Grandfather(Azazel) is full Neyaphem. Her father (Nightcrawler) is half Neyaphem. With her mother being a human mutant, this makes Talia 1/4th Neyaphem. This subjects her to many difficulties. She can be affected by spells and ritualistic powers that affect "demons". The Neyaphem consider her one of their own, subject to their meddling. Likewise there are many social groups in different parts of the world that would react to her for being "demon" in pedigree and appearance, resulting in a constant danger of a series of unfortunate events ranging from being shunned to being murdered.

Flaw: Overt Mutant
Talia cannot hide the fact that she is a mutant without the aid of an image inducer (which she does not have regular, assured access to). This makes her immediately identifiable as a mutant by the general populace, subject to all of the praise and prejudice that comes with it. However, this appearance of hers tends to fall more in the prejudiced category. Like her demonic appearance, her overt identity as a mutant can lead to a range of unfortunate events that include being shunned to being murdered for her mutant heritage.


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  • The Exiles: Any "Exile" characters would be fun, even if they're not canon Exile characters. Just let me know when working on the bio and we can work out how and when Talia crossed paths with the Exile character.
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