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Orphan of the Red Planet

Portrayed by Ezra Miller
Ahk'ka'tom'bar O'mad'katom
October "Toby" O. Macadam
Martian, P. I.
Appears 20s (Indeterminate)
White Martian
Game FC

Quote-open.png "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." --Socrates

"Wisdom begins in wonder." --Socrates

"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil." --Socrates

"An honest man is always a child." --Socrates

"Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant." --Socrates

"As for me, all I know is that I know nothing." --Socrates

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life." --Socrates

"From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate." --Socrates

"Let him that would move the world first move himself." --Socrates

"Be as you wish to seem." --Socrates

Ahk'ka'tom'bar O'mad'katom was born on Mars in the tradition of those who chose to be White Martians. Eschewing the destructive ways of his kin, he turned his natural talent for combat inward and became a monk, wandering the galaxy and seeking to emulate his green cousins. Drawn by broadcasts from Earth, he has ended his roaming and come to find a new home.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Alien Physiology, Clairsentience: 4, Flight: 5, Phasing, Regeneration: 6, Shapeshifting, Spiritualism: 8, Telekinesis: 6, Telepathy: 8

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 9, Detective: 6, Knowledge: 4, Martial Arts: 8, Technology: 6, Vehicles: 4

Abilities: Gear




Flaws: Alien, Astral Plane, Fire

Languages: Cantonese, English, French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Kree, Martian, Russian, Shi'ar, and Spanish


Power: Alien Physiology

As a Martian, October's physiology is very different from that of most Earth creatures. More resilient due to his malleability and lack of internal organs, even without consideration of his telekinetic powers, he is capable of existing in very hostile environments, such as the vacuum of space or the bottom of the ocean. This power also protects him from damage from hostile atmospheric conditions or even ambient radiation. He is immune to most toxins, antigens, or viruses that affect humanoid beings.

In baseline form, he has a strength rating of 4, toughness of 5, and dexterity of 6. His telekinesis can be used in place of these stats when appropriate, and via shapeshifting he can shift 1 point from any of these three traits to either of the others. (Dexterity -1, strength +1; strength -1, toughness -1, dexterity +2; etc.) Due to a racial drawback, as noted in his flaws, his toughness rating is limited to 3 vs. fire or flames.

It is notable that October does not have "powers" that can be suppressed, as his abilities are entirely natural and native to his species, and in fact they are a part of his basic physiology. One can no more "depower" him from his abilities than one could "depower" a human's body from converting calories into energy.

Further, the "alien" to him is very different than it might seem to a human. The minds of his people are considerably more fluid and complex than a human's, and so even those things which would seem horribly bizarre and alien to an earthling will do little to affect him. For instance, a "chaotic" or "alien" mind is hardly incomprehensible to him.

Finally, this sheet deviates somewhat from a purely canonical Martian type. This is done deliberately to emphasize October's focus on mental development and finesse over physical power, as well as to offer a view of Martian physiology that seems less like "telepathic, shapeshifting Kryptonian clones."

Power: Clairsentience (4)

Area: 10 miles; 50 miles while meditating; greater with sufficient time and concentration

Drawback: While focusing his mind to sense the physical world, October becomes more vulnerable to shocks from the Astral Plane.

With this ability, October senses the physical world around him. He can sense the location and, with effort, identity of nearby minds. With greater focus, he can perceive the physical world at a great distance or read the psychic imprints on nearby objects, reading their history via psychometry.

Power: Flight (5)

As an application of his telekinetic abilities, October is able to fly at transonic speeds -- approaching 20,000 mph -- though traveling at such a speed for any length of time is quite exhausting. His comfortable "cruising speed" is 10,000 MPH.

Power: Phasing

Drawbacks: While phased, his physical abilities have no effect.

Due to his extensive control over his physical form, October is able to shift his physical body out of dimensional "phase" with the normal material universe. Existing in a kind of half-step between the physical universe and the dimensional "skin" of the Astral Plane, he is effectively intangible and ignores most physical barriers and attacks. Notably, the presence of a sufficiently strong fire, as per his flaws, will force him back into physical phase and affect him normally. Mental, spiritual, and other non-physical attacks also affect him as normal.

Power: Regeneration (6)

Martian physiology allows for extreme levels of healing and recovery. October could potentially regenerate completely from a single body part, though he would need external bio-material to avoid losing mass. He has no "vital areas" of any kind, though sufficient physical trauma can still render him stunned or unconscious. In recovering from serious injury, this ability functions best when October is at complete rest. Notably, the regenerative properties and durability of his body mean October will have a lifetime many times longer than that of a human being--he could potentially live to be thousands of years old.

Power: Shapeshifting

October is capable of shifting his body to into the shape and appearance of nearly anything he can imagine, so long as physics allow. Like many Martians, he is quite adept at this, and he is able to very convincingly shape himself into various beings, creatures, or objects down to the last detail. His shapeshifting is good enough to fool all but the most advanced genetic scanners, but he does not truly alter his genetics. As such, he cannot emulate superhuman abilities beyond those granted by the structure of a form.

Notably, he cannot become considerably larger or smaller than his normal form, and must always be generally "human-sized." However, he can shift one point of physical ability from strength, toughness, and dexterity to any of the others. If he does so, his effective stats may shift somewhat so that he is less dextrous but stronger, weaker and less resilient but notably quicker, etc.

Power: Spirititualism (8)

Influence: October gains +1 vs. any unwanted mental influences. This does not aid him against direct mental damage or attack.

In part due to the resilience and fluidity of the Martian consciousness and in part due to the strong spiritual center October has developed within himself, he has tremendous control over his own mind and very advanced mental defenses. This spiritual training that has given him some limited control over his racial fear of fire, but more importantly it has helped him overcome the violent side of the White Martian culture. It is nearly impossible to compel him to take any action against his will, and even the most potent mental or spiritual attacks will find his mind very difficult to harm--far more so than his physical body, which is somewhat weaker than most Martians.

Power: Telekinesis (6)

Drawback: October's telekinesis cannot directly affect or defend against fire or flames.

As per his Martian physiology, October's form is almost entirely controlled by telekinesis. This allows him is rather adept at the discipline of "mind over matter." He can use this power to augment his strength via tactile telekinesis, or he can project it outward like more traditional telekinetic powers. His telekinetic strength allows him to exert roughly 30 tons of force, sufficient to rupture reinforced steel walls or lift a bus.

This force can be used to manipulate, lift, or apply pressure in any way he can imagine, limited only to his range of perception. He also has very fine motor control, able to use his power with such precision as to manipulate anything he can actively perceive. By projecting his power outward as a solid field, he can create force shields, but the larger he makes them, the weaker they become.

Power: Telepathy (8)

Range: 200 miles with ease, continental with effort, global with great strain

Scale: Close contact (easy): 1-10 minds; Small crowd (effort): 20-30 minds; Large crowd (strain): 50-50+ minds

Drawbacks: October's telepathic sensitivity is such that, despite his defenses, when the Astral Plane around him is itself affected strongly, he feels the affect as well. A powerful upheaval there could render him unconscious or comatose.

Mind Link: October can establish mental contact between himself and other sentient minds. These links can be temporary or indefinite, but they require his conscious awareness to maintain them. The number of minds involved affects the strength of the bond. More members or greater distances increase strain, but familiar minds are much easier.

Mind Reading: October can easily scan unguarded surface thoughts or emotions, and with concentration he can look more deeply into the mind of the target, reading thought and memory. The difficulty depends on the target's mental resistance level. This power can be used on one target, giving detailed information, or many, which results in a group profile.

Psychic Defense: October's mental defenses are an extension of his Willpower, virtually impregnable when he is at his best. This is his protection from other psychics who may be hostile, but it is also the only thing that keeps him from having to "hear" every thought that passes within the radius of his rather extensive mental perceptions.

Psychic Assault: This is a direct assault of October's will onto the mind of another. At low levels of intensity, it might simply cause the target great pain or unconsciousness. At higher levels it will cause actual damage to their psyche, and at the highest levels of intensity it could cause permanent disability, coma, or death.

Psychic Manipulation: From subtle suggestion to overt mental domination, this aspect of telepathy allows October to tell others' minds what to perceive and think. He can create telepathic projections or illusions, intricate for a small group or comparatively simple for a large crowd, perhaps a single image or command. Emotions may also be affected, adjusting or implanting feelings in the same manner as images.

Astral Projection: October is, with concentration, able to project his mind into the Astral Plane. His body goes into a dormant state of deep meditation, and his psychic essence is able to travel the Astral Plane independently. His Astral form ignores physical barriers and the limitations of speed or distance. This form is not physically visible, though October may project his image into others' minds.

Skill: Athletics (9)

Similarly to October's Martial Arts skill, this really represents mastery over his physical form, allowing him to move and maneuver in ways that might seem impossible to the human mind thank to his Martian physiology. If for any reason he is unable to shapeshift , this skill drops to 4.

Skill: Detective (6)

October's personal philosophy lends itself toward understanding things, and solving mysteries or puzzles comes naturally to him. His various travels and experiences have helped him to pick up on many different methods of observation and investigation, largely centering on the use of his naturally occurring abilities and whatever is on hand. His idea of crime scene investigation can be unconventional and does not always align to methods used by contemporary Earth authorities, but they are highly effective in their own way.

Skill: Knowledge (4)

October has an extensive working knowledge of Martian society and culture, as well as a working knowledge of most other significantly known races in the galaxy, including their languages. When it comes to Earth, his knowledge is not equivalent to a well-educated native, but he is a dedicated student of Earth culture, literature, and so forth. He has taught himself several Earth languages via telepathic means. The ability rating represents his knowledge of Earth. His knowledge of alien worlds gains +1, and his specific knowledge of Mars gains another +1. So, his Martian knowledge operates functionally at a +2.

Skill: Martial Arts (8)

This is technically a skill, but it heavily represents training unified with October's Martian physiology. He has refined his style from the highly aggressive form he was taught in his youth, so the style he practices is based on self-mastery, enabling him to fluidly combine his natural physiology and fluid form into a highly effective combat style. It incorporates fine control over his body, shapeshifting, phasing, self-control, and the other elements of his powers. As such, if he lost the ability to shapeshift for any reason, the rating of this ability would drop to 4.

Skill: Technology (6)

Familiar with various alien technology, October is highly skilled at using and understanding various forms of technology, especially Martian biotechnology. He gains a +1 for interacting with Martian technology; however, he is not a scientist, and as such he is at a -3 when attempting to innovate or build anything new. His skill lies in using tech, not building it.

Skill: Vehicles (4)

Having flown throughout the galaxy aboard his bioship, October is a skilled pilot. He is familiar with various forms of spacecraft and even some land, sea, and aircraft. His expertise is with Martian vehicles, with which he can directly interface. When operating any vehicle with a psychic control interface, he gains +1. If it is a vehicle of Martian design, he gains another +1. (Thus, he is at +2 when piloting his bioship.)


Ahk'ka'tom'bar's bioship

Gear: Bioship

The bioship is a Martian craft capable of operating in air, underwater, or outer space. It is outfitted for high speed interstellar flight, with both the propulsion and resilience necessary for such operations. It is durable enough to survive an indirect nuclear shockwave without taking significant damage, and its entire form is capable of limited shapeshifting, such as to close down into a regenerative "egg" state, to configure the interior and controls for any user or needed environment, to create strong grasping appendages, or to open entrances into the ship from the outside.

The ship also regenerates from damage, much like a Martian would. It is unarmed, but it has the ability to render itself invisible by entering a camouflage mode, and it is capable of interfacing with other technology, so weapons could be added if desired. Manual controls can be generated, though it also responds fully to telepathic control by authorized users.



October's office/apartment

Advantage: Investigator

October is a licensed private investigator, and he has all the trappings that would entail, including an office in Metropolis, a few contacts here and there, subscriptions to various online services that support his type of work, and a modest income.


Flaw: Alien

October is a Martian. Martians are made completely different from humans. If October becomes ill, taking him to a doctor won't do him much good unless the doctor is trained in the rather esoteric Martian physiology. He cannot take a typical painkiller for a headache, as the stuff isn't designed for his biochemistry. He even has to be careful which foods he eats, as certain chemicals can have odd effects. (Oreos and other similar cookies, for example, affect him like a mild drug, such as cannabis.)

Flaw: Astral Plane

October is highly attuned to the Astral Plane. This means that when something affects the Astral Plane, it affects him. If someone destroys a city, October will feel the Astral impact, and it will be quite unpleasant and painful for him. Trauma to the Astral Plane itself could be debilitating. Those with the ability to detect strong Astral Presences or psychic powers will no doubt find that his planar attunement makes him relatively easy to "see" unless he is concentrating on actively concealing his mental presence.

Flaw: Fire

October's suffers from a crippling racial fear of H'ronmeer, the Martian god of fire and death. The effect of this phobia is so strong as that a Martian trapped in close proximity to a strong blaze will be completely unable to focus his mental and physical abilities. In this state, October might be able to send out a psychic call for help, but will be otherwise unable to focus his powers--no telekinesis, no phasing, no shapeshifting, no complex telepathy, etc. He will also be afflicted with a deep and pervasive sense of fear.

October's mental discipline is very strong, and so he is able to endure the presence of fire to some degree. In fact, he often practices a meditation technique where he lights candles in the room with him. Due to this conditioning, October is able to stand the presence of any contained blaze, such as a fireplace, gas stove, or lantern. He can even keep calm for up to a few seconds, despite his power loss, if surrounded by flames.

Martian powers and physiology offer no defense against fire, so no matter what any of his abilities might do, his toughness rating against fire or flames is always 3. Note that this does not apply to ambient or focused heat, lasers, plasma beams, and so forth--it must be real fire to affect him. (Conjured magical fire, if it actually burns, affects him normally.)


As a wanderer, October does not explicitly fit in anywhere. He has spent his whole life trying to balance a personal need for growth and individuality--which he considers selfish but important--with a yearning for exterior meaning and a moral center. As he rejected his White Martian upbringing but could not be part of the Green Martian culture, the struggle of individual freedom and desire versus external morality and even determining what that morality might be has largely defined his life. He has a deeply spiritual side, but he is also fascinated by the material world, seeing beauty in almost everything. As such, he is easily tempted by the call of the inner world as well as the outer, by both his own quest for meaning and by all the world around him has to offer.


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File:J'onn J'onzz.jpg


J'onn J'onzz

J'onnz J'onzz is the only other Martian that October knows, also representing the nobler path than the violent way of the White Martians. For October, J'onn represents a hope--an ideal to strive toward.




Keth'ren is a Tamaranean hybrid who came to Earth by crash landing, and October helped him to adapt, even welcoming the odd little guy as his roommate until Keth could find his way in the world.


October Macadam's Wanted List