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Pepper Potts

Quote-open.png "I am Stark Industries now." Quote-close.png

Even though her job's official title is 'Senior Executive Administrative Assistant', Pepper probably has more direct influence on the day to day operations of Stark Industries than her boss Tony. If you want to talk with Tony and are going through official channels, you'll have to talk to her first.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Business Acumen: 7 Multitasking: 6

Advantages: Contacts, Iron Man, Stark Resources, Tony Stark's Money

Flaws: Public Personality, Scrupulous, Workaholic, Wrangling Tony Stark

Languages: English and Spanish


Skill: Business Acumen (7)

Having been originally hired into the Stark Corporate Headquarters accounting department, Pepper is quite handy at number crunching, both by hand and with all of those nifty modern software packages. In fact, that's how she went from a nameless and faceless accounts payable drone to Tony's personal assistant: she was processing one of his expense reports and caught a seemingly simple error in his numbers which would have cost the corporation a very large sum had it gone through unnoticed. However, upon becoming Tony Stark's defacto right hand woman, Pepper took on many responsibilities that were technically not hers, leaving the number crunching behind to take up many, many more hats. Simply put, Pepper runs most of the day to day aspects of Stark Industries that should normally be Tony's job. And she's VERY good at it -- so much so that she's highly respected amongst the biggest names in business and politics, and might even give someone like Donald Trump a run for their money. And, of course, the better she becomes at doing Tony's job for him, the more of his job he lets her take over. The duties she's taken on in Tony's stead include contacting and discussing business matters with the various heads of the Stark Industries subsidiaries around the world and facing off against the sharks that populate Capitol Hill. Additionally, Pepper also very frequently has to run interference with the media. Even more so now that Tony's done the whole "I am Iron Man" thing. She SO deserves a raise. A big one.

Skill: Multitasking (6)

Going hand in hand with having to wrangle Tony at the same time as deal with corporate reports, schedule meetings, discuss current Stark Industries events with news reporters, arrange to have the kitchen in stark Tower regularly stocked, compose emails to various individuals within Stark Industries, and try to eat a bite of lunch, Pepper has long since learned the fine art of multitasking. At any given moment it's typical to find her doing at least two or three things simultaneously, and her idea of a vacation is doing little or nothing at all.


Advantage: Contacts

Pepper's job has put her into direct contact with many of the most influential business people around the world. She can literally pick up the phone and get a direct line to the CEO of just about any Fortune 500 company you could name, and several big wigs in the military too, now that I think about it. Do you want tickets to the next NY Mets game? She could probably get box seats with one phone call, though that would be callin in a favor for personal gain. Sorry, better luck next time.

Advantage: Iron Man

If there's one thing that Pepper can count on besides death, taxes, papparazzi, or Tony's erratic behavior, it's that if anything bad WERE to somehow happen to her Iron Man would move mountains to make sure she's safe. And for good reason. If she were gone, Tony would have to start behaving like a responsible adult. What a scary thought!

Advantage: Stark Resources

Above and beyond Tony's finances, Pepper has access to and control of just about every aspect of Stark Industries. The amount of power she wields over the congolmerate is honestly frightening if she ever chose to set the entire multinational corporation to work on a single goal. Again, it's a good thing that she'd never actually do anything like that without an extremely good reason.

Advantage: Tony Stark's Money

As Tony's personal assistant, Pepper has full access to his personal bank accounts. All of them. And everything that that kind of financial clout entails. Good thing she's about as scrupulous as a human can get. Okay, so the dress she bought for herself "from Tony" was on the spendy side, but she got it on sale, okay? And the shoes she totally already had in her closet.


Flaw: Public Personality

Speaking of publicity, Pepper is not invisible to the media herself, not by any stretch. She's nearly as common to the public eye as her boss, though for entirely different reasons. Thank goodness for different reasons. She would NEVER live a scandal down.

Flaw: Scrupulous

Part of what makes Pepper so good at her job is also sometimes a serious limitation and liability. She has got scruples for miles, and not only can't tolerate dishonesty and shady dealings in the businesses around her, it frequently bleeds into her personal life. Heaven forbid she catches you lying to her face, or worse, doing something untoward like cooking the books or cheating friends/employees/family out of hard-earned rewards. And no, there is ZERO grey area in her mind when it comes to that kind of thing.

Flaw: Workaholic

If her list of duties and responsibilities wasn't enough of a clue, we'll say it plainly here: Pepper is a workaholic. She easily puts in 12 to 16 hours every day (most weekends, too), and would very likely not know what to do with herself if she suddenly had several hours of free time every day. Better to keep busy with contingency plans than to get blindsided by yet another of Tony's potential publicity fiasco stunts, right?

Flaw: Wrangling Tony Stark

While there are almost countless perks to being Tony's personal assistant, there are almost as many problems, annoyances, trials, hardships, and challenges in her job. The man is a billionaire playboy with his own super hero suit for pete's sake. It's a publicity nightmare, a legal minefield of biblical proportions, and just plain a LOT to keep up with every day.


Virginia Potts is a native of New Haven, CT, the daughter of modestly well-to-do parents. From early on, she proved to have a surprising aptitude for mathematics, as well as a keen organizational sense. She was saddled with the nickname 'Peppermint Patty' in the eighth grade when an unfortunate haircut paired with her copious freckles were immortalized in the school yearbook. She made the best of it, though, and over the span of her high school years managed to shorten the nickname to Pepper.

After graduating from high school, Virginia went on to attend a community college in New Haven, earning an Associate’s degree in Accounting. At this point, she realized that student financial aid would quickly drown her in debt, so she relocated to New York City and took an entry level accounting position in Stark Enterprises. It wasn't anywhere close to a prestigious job, but it paid the bills and allowed her to start taking night classes at NYU.

Pepper spent a couple of years working diligently in the Stark Corporate accounting department and then was assigned to process expense reports for the top level executives -- a real opportunity considering her planned career path. It was not long after she started these new duties that Pepper happened across an expense report that had a small, easy to miss error. If she'd not caught it, the company would have been out money in the quadruple digits. She took it personally to the CFO, who insisted on calling in the author of the erroneous expense report. It was none other than Tony Stark himself, who rewarded her honesty and sharp catch of the accounting error by promoting her to be his personal assistant.

Since then, Pepper has been Tony's personal assistant, accompanying him on his rise to CEO of his father's corporation and taking on the added duties and responsibilities the go along with it. Sure, she could have turned down the job at any time and gone back to Accounting, but why? The hours are atrocious, the amount of work she has on any given day is backbreaking, and sometimes Tony can be a complete and utter dog. But she wouldn't have it any other way.


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