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Agility: 5 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 2 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 5
Flight 3 Magic Potential 3 Pixie Dust *
Fairy Friendly Undaunted
Claustrophobia Tragedy Visible Mutation
Name: Megan Gwynn Megan Gwynn has been living in New York for a few months, since moving from Wales with her grandparents. About a month ago, after a near-miss with an oncoming car, she began changing; her features altering, her hair turning pink, and a pair of irridescent wings sprouting from her back. She's made no apparent effort to hide the changes, and continues to be known by those she meets as a generally pleasant mutant girl.
Position: The Friendliest Mutant
Team: Xavier Institute
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Emilia Clarke
Alts: N/A
Timezone: PST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Megan Gwynn was raised in the small town of Templeton in Wales. It was a very small town with only one single elementary school (she had to ride the bus to the next town after the sixth grade), considered by some to be the ideal in country living. Her father moved there with her after the loss of her mother, which was never fully explained to the young girl. Her mother's true nature as a Fairy was also never revealed to her. The two were very close, Megan was often allowed to join her father at his work sites and was always encouraged by him to follow her dreams. She was also raised to be very self-reliant as her father's long hours often meant spending a great deal of time alone. She learned to cook and clean for herself at a young age (though she has yet to become an amazing cook) and how to find help for her homework when there was no one else home.

She was fifteen when her father died. An old mine had been discovered just outside of the town, and a group of people were selected to inspect the mine and report just how dangerous it was to the town. Megan's father was asked to go as well, as an operator of the equipment that was borrowed from his construction company. The cave-in happened not long after the group entered the mine, and though some were eventually saved, Mr. Gwynn was not one of the survivors. Megan was at the mine as often as she was allowed to be, and saw the looks on the townspeople's faces when they realized her father was no longer alive. Struck by terror and grief, she ran from the mine and hid in her house until a neighbor came to try and console her. She and the others of the town did their best to help the young girl until her grandparents could come and take over her care.

It didn't take long for her grandparents to realize that the town and house were continuing to cause Megan intense grief. They began discussing plans for change, and a few months later moved to Swansea, renting a small house while they put the house in Templeton up for sale. It being a very small town, it took some time for the house to sell. Once it did, they told Megan their plan. Pooling together the money from the sale and their retirement funds, they would move to America. Though Megan was very surprised, the prospect of a completely new place, in which she could really and truly start over, was more than intriguing. She agreed, and once everything was packed the three moved to New York.

Megan's grandparents, acting out an old dream the two had once shared, bought and opened a bakery and began selling specialty breads and pastries. Megan helped them gladly, excited about every aspect of living in this strange new place.

A few months after the move, Megan was exploring the city when she was nearly hit by a car speeding around a corner. Her power manifested then, a pair of wings bursting from her back and lifting her safely out of harm's way. Her features began to change as well over the next few months, her eyes becoming a solid black and her hair lightening to a bright pink. She and her grandparents, who were also never told who Megan's mother really was, assumed these were the manifestation of mutant powers and began looking, discreetly, for those who might be able to teach her how to use them. Megan loved the changes, she worked diligently to alter her clothes to accommodate the wings and learned quickly just to smile politely at the people who were now staring at her, almost everywhere she went. She and her grandparents, who were also never told who Megan's mother really was, assumed these were the manifestation of mutant powers and began looking, discreetly, for those who might be able to teach her how to use them.


Power: Flight (3)

Megan is capable of flight. Her mutation, pixie-like wings that sprout from her back, make this possible. She is incredibly agile, more so even than when on the ground, when in the air. She is also very fast, if she pushes herself she can fly at subsonic speeds for a few minutes before completely exhausting herself.

Power: Magic Potential (3)
Along with Megan's other powers, she has the ability to perform magic spells. She is currently untrained in this area, however, any spell she tried would have varied and unpredictable success, if it even worked at all.

Power: Pixie Dust
Megan is able to produce a kind of 'pixie dust' from her hands, which when inhaled by another causes hallucinations. Megan is unable to control what the people who are affected see, though the visions most often come in the form of childlike images such as bubbles and unicorns. In order to be effective the 'target' must inhale the dust. Depending on the amount inhaled, the effects can last from thirty minutes to a few hours, though they will always wear off eventually.


Advantage: Fairy

Megan's mother was an actual Fairy, though she does not know this. This means that the visible aspects of her mutation, as well as her potential for performing magic, are due to her being half-fae herself. It also means that, were she ever to meet another Fairy, it is possible and even likely that she would be treated as one of them rather than as an outsider. She might, therefore, be allowed certain privileges that others would not be.

Advantage: Friendly

Megan is an extremely friendly person. She tends to get along well with all different sorts of people, as she is very open about the fact that she truly does care about others, no matter who they are or what their circumstances in life. This can often mean that she is more readily accepted by groups who would not normally accept outsiders, especially ones with her unique look.

Advantage: Undaunted

It is very, very difficult to get Megan down. She retains her cheer despite even the worst of circumstances, lifting the spirits of others as well whenever she can. The only things that have the ability to depress her are issues related to her father and the circumstances of his death. Once she has dealt with this, only the loss of another she is very close to would be able to change her disposition.


Flaw: Claustrophobia

Her father's death in the collapse of the mine has left Megan with a difficulty to face enclosed spaces. This is really only a problem when she is underground, but if she were ever forced into a small underground space her fear would overtake her, making her a possible danger to herself and to others.

Flaw: Tragedy

Megan never knew her mother, and her father died in a tragic accident when she was just beginning her teens. Her father's death scarred her deeply, and she is currently using her move to New York as a means of avoiding the memories as much as possible, so that she has not yet finished grieving.

Flaw: Visible Mutation

There's no hiding it, Megan Gwynn is a mutant. She has naturally bright pink hair, eyes that are completely black, pointed ears, and most spectacular of all large pixie-like wings sprouting from her back. It is difficult, if not at times impossible, for her to pass as Human.


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