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Power Girl
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Agility: 6 Strength: 10 Toughness: 10
Perception: 6 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 6
Flight 6 Heat Vision 3 Super-Senses 4
X-Ray Vision N/A
Kryptonian Starrware Labs
Kryptonite Mentalism and Magic Needs Yellow Sun
Not Taken Seriously Starrware Labs
Name: Karen Starr Karen Starr is one of those heroines that leads a dual life. By day, she is known as Karen Starr, of Starrware Labs, an engineering firm that likes making obscure solutions to real world problems. A company that is just barely profitable, ahem.

Also, um, by day, she is known as POWER GIRL, a heroine of great strength, but only minor reputation that has mostly been seen around New York City.

Position: CEO, Starrware Labs
Team: N/A
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Race: Kryptonian
Type: DC FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: Well, unfortunately for you, you're not dealing with Superman... You're dealing with me!
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, and Social
Tone Dislikes: None


*In another world, in another time... many, many things in that universe were different. Many things were the same. The planet Krypton was in danger of being destroyed; but this time, the entire galaxy was shuddering at the edges of its reality.
  • But that would not come for some time. Launched off of the dying world roughly at the same time as Kal-L, her dimension's counterpart to Kal-El, her pod was equipped with teaching tools, devices. By the time she landed on her Earth, it was if she had grown up, raised Kryptonian.
  • She didn't stay naive, though. Having a great deal of adventures, Kara Zor-L, or Karen Starr, as she preferred to call herself on her adopted home, grew up as anyone with superpowers might, believing you can punch evil away with a swing of the fists.
  • But her parents predictions started to come true, and the whole of her reality started to groan and unravel. It was a very Cthulhu moment.
  • It was very dramatic, but they managed to escape. Karen had no idea if her friends - or anyone, really, had made it to the same place she had.
  • She had come to is the 'normal' reality.
  • Frankly, she hasn't been a global force as much as she has been back in her home reality.
  • Part of the reason for that, is when she materialized in the kinda alien America, she looked for a group like she was used to. Where was Kal-L? Probably dead back on this reality's version of Krypton. That Superman guy flying around? Who knows what he was.
  • Anyways, Karen was at a dilemma. Yeah, she could punch things really wonderfully. But in the end, the only thing that saved her own life had absolutely nothing to do with her physical strength, but some weird quasi-scientific thing she didn't understand.
  • So Karen went to school, and found that she absolutely sucked at stuff like math, and physics. She wasn't dumb, she knew she wasn't dumb, but she just didn't /think/ that way.
  • So she majored in Communications, instead, managed to get a shiny new degree.*Karen gets the idea to start a research and development firm for long-term improvement of Earth, to seek out new tech and well... researching anything that can help the people of earth, really.
  • Getting back into the superhero biz was more a spur of the moment sort of thing. It started with saving some guy and beating up a couple muggers. It kinda just blossomed from there, and she made herself an awesome suit and everything.
  • And here she is now, kinda reluctantly being dragged into bigger and bigger things, while trying to keep her company afloat.
  • But if anyone is up to the challenge, it is POWER GIRL!


Power: Flight (6)

Karen has the ability to fly, at faster than transonic speeds.

Power: Heat Vision (3)

One of the ways that Karen can utilize stored solar radiation is by exciting and then emitting the energy particles through her eyes in a concentrated, more destructive form that is by her own estimation, 'pretty darn hot'. At its weakest, it's just pretty light, but at its hottest, it is hot enough to melt steel, and Karen can either release it kinda widely to make a sudden, if harmless flash of red light, or concentrate the beam down to a laser-fine point suitable for blasting or etching rude messages in aircraft carriers.

Power: Super-Senses (4)

Karen Starr can vary the ability of her ear to detect sound frequencies, and 'focus in' on sounds she is particularly interested in. What this does is let her listen to sounds or make out conversations from roughly 20 miles away, if she focuses her attentions in on her target. Like a house, or something.

Likewise, Karen can focus her vision in much the same way, able to see about 20 miles unaided with great detail - past that starts getting fuzzy, to becoming basically one giant blur at 22 miles.

Power: X-Ray Vision (N/A)

Similar to her heat vision, Karen can vary the wavelength of the radiation particles she can emit from her eyes to give herself X-Ray vision. Essentially, she emits the particle that is similar to a high-energy X-Ray particle, except that she can vary the wavelength to give it different penetrating power for varying substances.

In short, she can see through just about anything she wants, and if she's having trouble seeing through it at first, she squints a bit. Except lead. She can't see through that at /all/.


Advantage: Kryptonian

Believe it or don't, Karen Starr is actually an alien from the planet Krypton. What makes Kryptonians so special is what they can do with the energy from a yellow sun - they subconciously absorb, and convert the solar radiation from the sun to fuel all sorts of amazing feats, and Karen is no different.

Advantage: Starrware Labs

Starrware Labs is an engineering group that was started by Karen to both give herself a cover identity, and because she has a real and honest interest in making the world a better place. She just likes to think that she has more of a long term view than say, Superman. Sure, you can punch things all day long, and protect the people of Earth, but what will really improve their lives is new sources of energy, and new ideas and machines to make everyday life simpler and safer.

So, her engineering group was created with that idea in mind, and Karen loves surrounding herself with people that are more educated in the sciences than she is, especially if they have off the wall ways of looking at things that fly counter to normal science. Right now, Starrware Labs is in a little office building, and it is basically a money sink for her, but she has access to some very smart employees in both sciences and businesses, who can possibly fabricate things for her, if she can provide the materials, and possibly the ideas.

Whether or not she gets what she wants, or something off the wall is up to the whims of fate.


Flaw: Kryptonite

Karen Starr has a weakness to the material Kryptonite. Basically, Kryptonians are beings that can absorb and utilize solar radiation, and Kryptonite emits a special sort of radiation that interferes with the ability of Kryptonians to do that, sometimes even modifying those natural processes to produce highly undesirable effects in the Kryptonian.

For example, the most common Green Kryptonite will make her feel woozy and weak, lowering her toughness moment by moment until it is about 0 in ten minutes, incapacitating her in about 15 to 20. If someone manages to get their hands on Kryptonite from her own, disappeared reality, (or just something that mimics it) it is much more effective, giving her toughness 0 in about 2 minutes, and incapacitating her in about 5.

Flaw: Magic and Mentalism

Magic is pretty weird stuff that defies all natural laws, and orders of things. As such, it really doesn't care that Karen is bulletproof. Her soul isn't. Likewise, her brain. Stopping a missile doesn't matter much if Professor X wants to fry your braincells. Karen can only attacks of a magical or psionic origin with a willpower or toughness of 2.

Flaw: Needs Yellow Sun

A great many of her powers and innate strength depends on the presence of radiation from the yellow sun. If she goes without for a prolonged period of time, she will become essentially human, with her physical stats lowering to 2, and perception dropping down to 4, without her super-senses present. She will also be unable to utilize her energy in other ways - including losing the ability to fly, shoot lasers, freezing breath, etc.

Flaw: Not Taken Seriously

Karen is a blonde, tall woman with a great figure, and in a business that relies on heavy sciences, most of which she knows little about, (although she is making great effort to stay informed on a lot of what her people do). It has a tendency to draw out people who are either sexist, or just plain morons, and at times, she has a hard time being respected by those sorts of people. And, at times, this upsets her. And a Kryptonian should be one of the lowest on anyone's list of things to upset. Just under the guy making your hamburger at the local fast food place.

Flaw: Starrware Labs

While Starrware Labs is a great resource for her - it also takes a lot of money to maintain, even in the office building that she's in. People like getting paid and stuff, and some of those experiments are costly. Karen desperately wants to expand her operations, but she has to find a way for her current business to avoid going under.


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