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Agility: 2 Strength: 2 Toughness: 2
Perception: 6 Intellect: 5 Willpower: 10
Telepathy 10 Clairsentience 5-10 Equipment
Mansion Allies Wealth
Academics Science Contacts
Enemies Paraplegic Quest
Name: Charles Francis Xavier Professor Xavier is known in certain circles as a genetics expert, and his school has some small reputation in the world of academia. He may be recognized from various equal rights campaigns, having often served as a speaker or technical expert. Though it is not public, the Xavier School for the Gifted is actually a training academy, home to the secret special operations group, the X-Men.
Position: Founder, Xavier Institute
Team: X-Men
Age: 65
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel Iconic FC
Actor: Patrick Stewart
Alts: N/A
Timezone: N/A
Music: Harry Belafonte, "Turn the World Around"
Quote: "Mutation: it is the key to our evolution... normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Charles Francis Xavier was born the son of Dr. Brian Xavier and Sharon Xavier and grew up in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Young Charles was a reasonably happy child until Brian was killed in a localized nuclear blast, and Sharon later remarried Kurt Marko. Kurt's son, Cain, took the chance to bully Charles mercilessly. Despite this, Charles excelled in school and remained fairly well-adjusted. The family moved to the ancestral Xavier mansion in Westchester County, New York. Sadly, Sharon soon realized that Kurt was only interested in her money, and she turned to drink for comfort, eventually dying of alcohol poisoning.

Cain remained jealous, eventually starting a fight that caused a fire, killing Kurt. Soon after, Charles began to notice the beginnings of his telepathic awareness. He found himself knowing the answers to questions in school before they had ever been taught, and within a few years had the command of impressive prowess. He was an excellent athlete, specializing in track and field, but he chose to quit when he realized his powers gave him an unfair advantage over others. He and Cain never reconciled, but in time Charles won a full scholarship to Oxford and was quick to pursue it.

University life suited him well, and he continued to perform well ahead of his class. It was during this time when he first met and befriended young Moira Kinross, who would one day become a valued colleague. They might have become lovers but for the Second Indochina War, also known as the "Vietnam Conflict." Charles was called to war, and the experience changed him. He resolved more than ever to use his abilities to do good. He sought assignment with a search and rescue detail, and his uncommon level of compassion and concern for others earned him the nickname "the Good Shepherd." After Charles was released from the military, he had no immediate reason to return to America. Instead he traveled the world, seeing many places and doing quite a lot of soul-searching.

In Haifa, Israel, he encountered an old friend from school operating a shelter for those traumatized by various wars and conflicts. Some of these were Holocaust survivors, and among them was a man whom he came to know as Magnus. The two became fast friends, kindred spirits of a sort, and extensively discussed the possibilities of human genetic mutation -- neither knowing the other was a Mutant. They disagreed strongly on a number of points; mainly, Charles had hope for Mutant coexistence with mankind, while Magnus felt that such was impossible because humans would always hate and fear Mutants.

A clash with terrorists forced Xavier and Magnus to reveal their powers, tracking the terrorists back to their underground base where they had stockpiled weapons and gold. The pair defeated the enemy force, and when the battle concluded they confronted one another. Magnus wanted Charles to join him in building a Mutant empire, but Xavier refused. Magnus left with the terrorists' gold, and Charles was left to fend for himself. Whether it was Magnus who caused it or something else entirely, the compound's generator exploded, and it collapsed around Xavier, leaving him trapped beneath the rubble. He was barely able to call for help, telepathically, before he passed out from the severity of his injury.

Xavier later awoke in a hospital, rendered paraplegic by the experience. He reflected on Magnus's choices while recovering, and when he returned to the United States, it marked the beginning of a whole new purpose in his life. Xavier's school first opened in 2000 with a small group of very special students. Charles found each of them, gave them a place to belong, and encouraged them. They learned to use and control their powers, even as he had done in the past.

Charles spent his fiftieth birthday half wondering where the years had gone and half looking with pride on his masterwork. That first group of students had by now come to call themselves the X-Men and had fought in secret many times both to protect mutants and to protect humans from mutants. In many ways, the first part of his dream had been fulfilled. Change, however, remained ever afoot.

Recent years have brought many changes, particularly as mutants have begun to move into the public eye. The changing political climate opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. With new challenges come new opportunities, and for all the uncertainty the future may hold, it also promises hope.


Power: Telepathy (10)

Range: Unaided: 250 miles with ease, continental with effort, global with great strain; via Cerebro: Continental with ease, global with effort, beyond the Moon with great strain.

Area of Effect: Close contact (easy): 1-10 minds; Small crowd (effort): 20-40 minds; Large crowd (strain): 50-100+ minds; at higher levels of strain, he can only achieve minimal effects unless aided by Cerebro

Drawbacks: Xavier's telepathic sensitivity is such that, despite his masterful defenses, when the Astral Plane around him is itself affected strongly, he feels the affect as well. A powerful upheaval there could render him unconscious or comatose.

Mind Link: Charles can establish mental contact between himself and other sentient minds. These links can be temporary or indefinite, but they require his conscious awareness to maintain them. The number of minds involved affects the strength of the bond, though Charles can maintain contact between several people across the nation without strain. More members or greater distances increase strain, but familiar minds are much easier.

Mind Reading: Charles can look more deeply into the mind of the target, reading thought and memory. The difficulty depends on the target's Willpower and resistance level. This power can be used on one target, giving detailed information, or many, which results in a sort of group profile. He can pick up surface thoughts or emotions from an undefended mind with ease.

Psychic Defense: Charles's mental defenses are an extension of his Willpower, virtually impregnable when he is at his best. This is his protection from other psychics who may be hostile, but it is also the only thing that keeps him from having to "hear" every thought that passes within the radius of his rather extensive mental perceptions.

Psychic Assault: This is a direct assault of Xavier's will onto the mind of another. At low levels of intensity, it might simply cause the target great pain or unconsciousness. At higher levels it will cause actual damage to their psyche, and at the highest levels of intensity it could cause permanent disability, coma, or death.

Psychic Manipulation: From subtle suggestion to overt mental domination, this aspect of telepathy allows Charles to tell others' minds what to perceive and think. He can create telepathic projections or illusions, intricate for a small group or comparatively simple for a large crowd, perhaps a single image or command. The emotions may also be affected, adjusting or implanting feelings in the same manner as images.

Astral Projection: Charles is, with some concentration, able to project his mind into the Astral Plane. His body goes into a sleep-like state of dormancy, and his astral presence becomes free to move independently of his limited mortal form. His astral being ignores physical barriers and the limitations of speed or distance. He is not physically visible in this form, though he may appear to others by projecting his image into their minds.

Power: Clairsentience (5-10)
Range: Unaided: 50 miles; via Cerebro: global, the Moon (strain)

Area of Effect: Within the radius of his range

Drawbacks: While focusing his mind to sense the physical world, Xavier becomes more vulnerable to sudden shocks from the Astral Planet.

With this ability, Xavier senses the physical world around him. He can sense the location and, with effort, identity of nearby minds. With greater focus, he can perceive the physical world at a great distance or read the psychic imprints on nearby objects, reading their history via psychometry.

The most esoteric application of this power is probably Xavier's talent for using it to detect the presence of the X-gene in other living creatures, though without the use of Cerebro, he can only perform that particular feat within line of sight.

His range is greatly extended while using Cerebro, boosting his ability's range rating from 5 to 10.

Technology: Equipment
The X-Men have access to a variety of equipment in their line of work. These items are highly varied, but some are more commonplace.

Uniforms: The X-Men's uniforms are made from unstable molecules and are resistant to moderate levels of temperature, electricity, radiation, or other forms of damage. They also mask the genetic signature of the person wearing them, so that even a Mutant will register on genetic scans as a normal human. Each uniform features a global-range comlink. (Grant the wearer Toughness 4.)

Vehicles: A variety of vehicles serve the X-Men, from simple school vans to the supersonic Blackbird. Most carry state-of-the-art stealth systems with a full range of sensory capabilities, interconnected via comlink, and feature heavy armor with virtually no loss in mobility. (The Blackbird: Speed 5, Toughness 6; Sportscar: Speed 3, Toughness 5; Van: Speed 2, Toughness 6.)

Hoverchair: Designed by Henry McCoy, Xavier's hoverchair was a gift to increase his mobility beyond that of his basic wheelchair. The Hoverchair is capable of highway speeds, and it can generate a force field as strong as diamond (Speed 2, Force Field Toughness 7).


Advantage: Mansion

The mansion is a well-fortified headquarters and fully functional educational facility. The entire area is wired with sensory and defensive devices, though there are intentional blind spots in private rooms, restrooms, and the like. Below the mansion lies the X-Men's base, including a war room, hidden aircraft hangar and motor pool, and full medical and science suite. The lower level holds the Danger Room, which allows the simulation of almost any virtual environment.

Cerebro: The final piece of technology in the X-base is the central computer, Cerebro, which is one of the most advanced systems on the planet. The most important function of Cerebro, though, is that it enhances the effective range and span of psionic powers many times over.

Advantage: Allies
Over the years Charles has made quite a number of friends, such as Moira MacTaggart or others like her around the world. His staunchest allies, of course, are his students and former students, particularly the X-Men, on whom he can always depend.

Advantage: Wealth
Aside from his considerable family fortune, Xavier has made a wide variety of lucrative investments over the years. As such, he makes quite a lot of money every year. While most of this is reinvested or used for expenses, he is still left with quite a lot of personal spending power.

Advantage: Academics
This advantage augments Intellect when used. Charles has completed doctorate-level studies in academics, to the point where he would be qualified to teach at any number of universities. He has a particular love for social science and the humanities, though he is well versed in all academic subjects.

Advantage: Science
This advantage augments Intellect or Perception when used. Xavier has a background in at least the basics of the major sciences with PhDs in genetics, biophysics, and psychology, though his expertise is in the genetics of human mutation. He is also quite skilled at using and designing technology, particularly that which enhances psychic talents.

Advantage: Contacts
Apart from his allies, Xavier has an extensive network of contacts throughout the world, particularly in the fields of science, academia, and human rights. He makes it a point to know many people well, so they are often inclined to offer him help, even if just a small favor, when he needs it.


Flaw: Enemies

Most notably, perhaps, Xavier has an ongoing animosity between himself and his stepbrother, Cain Marko, also known as the Juggernaut. He has made a number of other enemies in his life, many of whom would go well out of their way to do him or those dear to him great harm, if they had the opportunity.

Flaw: Paraplegic
Having suffered a critical spinal injury, Charles is unable to walk or otherwise use his legs. While it seems likely that this could be corrected via technology or medical science, he has been in no rush to try experimental procedures to heal himself.

Flaw: Quest
Xavier is a true visionary. He is willing to fight -- or, perhaps even harder sometimes, not to fight -- for peace and equality. This principle stands above almost all others for him, and he will not rest until the world offers fair and just treatment to all its citizens, regardless of race, creed, or genetic heritage.


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