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Agility: 4 (5) Strength: 3 (5) Toughness: 3 (4)
Perception: 7 (8) Intellect: 2 Willpower: 8
Espionage 7 Katana 3 Leadership 5
Martial Arts 6 Telekinesis 6 Telekinetic Blades 4
Telepathy 6
No Fear of Death Pilot Powerful Sibling
The X-Men Trained Killer Untapped Potential
Adrenaline Junkie Checkered Past Enemies Abound
Own Body Past Love Pawn
Unmastered Control
Name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock Betsy Braddock has led many lives in the space of one; tomboy and pilot, fashion model, and even assumed her twin's mantle as Captain Britain. A series of personal tragedies and the development of her psychic powers has led ultimately to the X-Men, and the loss of her physical form. Now in the body of another, she serves as the lethal telepathic kunoichi, Psylocke.
Position: Hero
Team: X-Men, Xavier Institute
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Rina Takeda
Alts: None
Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time
Music: Violet Butterfly
Quote: "Calm myself. Seek serenity of body and mind. All pain will pass. My physicality is but a vessel I leave behind..."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Elizabeth Braddock and her twin brother were born in small town England, her and her brother were the second born to a wealthy family, the first born, Jamie, was nearly a decade older. Betsy and her siblings led lives of priviledged lives and when it came to their whims no expense was spared. Before her parents had passed away, she had become a charter pilot. At this time her life began to experience hiccups. She and her brother Jamie were captured by agents of an evil villain and held captive until rescued by Captain Britain. Betsy found out Captain Britain was really her twin brother Brian. At this time Betsy began developing Precognitive powers, maybe from the stress of the kidnap or the revelation of her brother's identity. Whatever it was, she died her hair purple and became a fashion model. As if the flood gates had been opened for her powers, shortly after she developed Telepathic capabilities.

Shortly after becoming a model she was asked to join a Top-Secret Psi-Division and there she met Tom Lennox. She fell in love with Tom and he returned that love. The two, both being Telepaths, shared a mindlink and though she constantly found herself in danger she was happy. Until Tom was killed during a villainous plot to take over the agency they both worked for. She was inside his head when he died and the trauma this caused would prove to be slow healing.

She continued to work for the government, even donning the suit of Captain Britain at a time when her brother had seemingly retired. This led to her having her eyes gouged out at the hands of one of his nemesis and would have been the death of her had it not been to her brother responding to her psychic call. She decided she was done and retreated to the mountains of Switzerland to recover from her wounds.

A interdimensional being known as Mojo kidnapped her from the Alps and after brain washing her he fitted her with Cybernetic eyes. These eyes would serve as cameras now that she was the star of a new Mojoverse hit. She was rescued by her twin once again and brought to live at the X-Mansion. She proved her bravery during an attack on the mansion itself and was nominated to be an X-Man. She would turn out to be quite useful in her role, seemingly willing to give her life in the defense of her team.

Psylocke found herself washed up on an island off of mainland China with amnesia and was taken in by a mysterious ninja clan. Her body was switched with that of Kwannon, the leader of this clan's brain dead lover and trained to be an assassin. She adopted the alias, Lady Mandarin and attempted to kill one of her allies from the X-Men as her first mission. Her psi-blade revealed memories of herself and gave her the will she needed to break free of the mental conditioning. She dropped her role as their assassin and returned to the X-Men.


Skill: Espionage (7)

Having at one time served as a the leader of an X-Men Security force to gather intel as a highly specialized spy-hunter.

Gear: Katana (3)
Psylocke carries a katana on her back for those occasions when her psi-blades just won't do. She is reluctant to use her psi-blades when her telepathy is being used due to the adverse effects the two can have on one another.

Skill: Leadership (5)
Psylocke is no stranger to calling the shots, having led an X-Men team, ninja assassins, and assorted mercenaries throughout the years.

Skill: Martial Arts (6)
Psylocke has spent many years honing her combat skills, having knowledge of many different forms of martial arts at her disposal. She has extensive training, if not mastery, in Ninjitsu, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo.

Power: Telekinesis (6)

  • Blasts: Psylocke can create energy blasts strong enough to melt titanium.
  • Enhanced Agility: Psylocke can use her telekinesis to enhance the speed of her attacks in combat.
  • Enhanced Strength: Psylocke can use her telekinesis to enhance her strength, making her strong enough to shatter stone with a bare-handed strike.
  • Levitatin: Using her telekinesis, Psylocke is able to sustain quick, short stints of levitation.
  • Shields: Using her telekinesis, she can construct shields of telekinetic force, to ward herself and others from ballistic and kinetic attacks.
  • Note: Manifesting Telekinesis powers in conjunction with Telepathy significantly weakens her power.

Power: Telekinetic Blades (4)
Telekinetic Blade: She can manifest a katana or twin blades of raw psionic energy capable of cutting through almost any physical matter.

Power: Telepathy (6)

  • Astral Projection: Psylocke can leave her body and enter the Astral plane. She can travel that plane or the physical one in this form.
  • Mental Detection: Psylocke can sense the presence of other minds and discern whether it is human or mutant.
  • Mind Reading: Psylocke can read the minds of anything that is capable of speaking a language. She uses this ability to stay one step ahead of her foes in combat.
  • Psychic Blades: She can focus her telepathic energy into her telekinetic blades to deal psychic damage with the capabilities of stunning or incapacitating on contact.
  • Telepathic Defenses: Psylocke can shield herself and others from psychic intrusions, mask herself from telepathic senses, and even hide herself from heightened senses such as scent, sight, and hearing. She can also create illusionary images as diversions for her foes in combat.
  • Note: Manifesting Telekinesis powers in conjunction with Telepathy significantly weakens her power.


Advantage: No Fear of Death

Psylocke has been killed and somehow she made her back to world of the living. The how and why of this are unknown to her. To be honest, she really doesn't care either.

Advantage: Pilot
Psylocke learned to fly when she was still very young. She has on occasion flown the Blackbird but those moments are rare and that is the way she likes it.

Advantage: Powerful Sibling
Psylocke's twin brother, Brian, is Captain Britain. She has not seen her brother for many years but he always tends to show up when he is needed the most.

Advantage: The X-Men
Psylocke has worked with the X-Men many times before, having gained the trust of more than a few of it's members. She has spent extensive time at Xavier's school training, teaching, and honing her powers.

Advantage: Trained Killer
Psylocke was trained by a ninja clan in China to be an assassin, and is no stranger to killing. She is proficient in the use of blades and many styles of hand to hand combat which can be used with lethal force if necessary.

Advantage: Untapped Potential
Psylocke has been through much in her life and her powers have shifted directions on numerous occasions. For this, she believes that her true potential has even yet to be revealed or recognized.


Flaw: Adrenaline

She is always looking to find the next big rush. She will dive headlong into danger for the chance to come out on top with her heart pounding in her ears and her hands shaking. This lands her in more trouble than is probably worth it more often than not.

Flaw: Checkered Past
In the past, Psylocke has found herself pitted against the X-Men, brainwashed by otherworldly beings, and forced to kill when struck by amnesia. This would leave some to believe that she is not wholly in control.

Flaw: Enemies Abound
Having clashed with many powerful villains, Psylocke has managed to create a long list of enemies. Mojo and Spiral, the Scarlet Witch, the Red Queen, and the Shadow King to name a few notables.

Flaw: Own Body
Having had her body switched with that of another woman, Psylocke sometimes gets disoriented and at times is overwhelmed with the need to get back to her own body.

Flaw: Past Love
Psylocke has been romantically involved with many mutants in the past. One of which, Tom Lennox, was killed while she was psi-linked to him. The trauma this caused her has left her heart weary and whimsical in it's fancy of men. Never truly satisfied with anyone, she seeks to sate her lust more than anything.

Flaw: Pawn
Psylocke has been a pawn for both the forces of good and evil. Though she would like to believe otherwise, she has reserved herself to the idea of doing others' "dirty work."

Flaw: Unmastered Control
Lacking fine motor control of her telekinesis, Psylocke is capable of creating a blast of powerful energy yet lacks the the ability to pick up a penny from the ground.


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