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Rachel Summers is the daughter of X-Men Cyclops and Phoenix from the future of an alternate reality. Her world was a dystopia where mutants lived in concentration camps and she and her fellow X-Men fought against the robotic Sentinels and their mad creators. She escaped into a temporal vortex, intent on going to the past to reroute history but took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and wound up here instead.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Molecular Control, Telekinesis: 8, Telepathy: 8

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 4, Survival: 6, Tracker: 8

Advantages: Future Knowledge, Phoenix's Daughter, X-Teams

Flaws: Doesn't Exist, Ethics, Hound, Memories, Nemesis, Phoenix Host, Tattoos

Languages: English


Power: Molecular Control (N/A)

Rachel's telekinetic talents extend to control over matter at the molecular level. Exploring the more complex uses of this ability has never occurred to her, and she only uses this power to rearrange the molecules of her clothes when she feels like an outfit change.

Power: Telekinesis (8)

Rachel is a powerful telekinetic. In terms of raw power and potential she's a match for her mother, Jean Grey, but she lacks her experience. Rachel is able to use her telekinesis to lift and carry objects, with the added bonus that she can manipulate more items at once than she can with her hands. She is most skilled in using her telekinesis on objects that she can see, but she is also capable of using her telekinesis as a sense of touch to map her surroundings.

Rachel is capable of throwing force bolts, ripping things apart, or crushing them together. She's also capable of picking items up and propelling them through the air as crude missiles that she can steer in flight.

Rachel is capable of erecting telekinetic shields that are strongest when she is only protecting herself, and become weaker as the area she wishes to protect increases.

Power: Telepathy (8)

Rachel is a powerful and skilled telepath. She is able to communicate mind to mind with other telepaths over great distances, and with non-telepaths over shorter distances. She is able to project her consciousness onto the Astral Plane, though her physical body is vulnerable when she does so. She is able to scan for specific minds - this is harder if the mind in question is unfamiliar, or is in a heavily populated area, but it is something that Rachel has a special affinity for. She can alter perceptions and memories, most easily in weak-willed non-telepaths. Her own shields are formidable, and she is able to strike out with bolts of mental force. A small drain on her telepathic reserves is the mental illusion that hides her facial tattoos.

Skill: Combat (4)

Rachel wasn't always able to rely on her mutant powers in the world she came from, and she had no choice but to learn to fight with her fists if she wanted to stay alive. Training has improved her skills in this area, but she's not been above cheating with her mental talents when she can get away with it.

Skill: Survival (6)

Rachel survived post-apocalyptic America. She might not enjoy it, if she has to Rachel can survive in situations where you eat what you can, however barely edible it might be, and you do it when you can, because you don't know where the next meal is coming from.

Skill: Tracker (8)

Rachel was trained, intensively and painfully, to be a superb tracker. She's skilled in tracking without her powers, but she's most formidable with them. Once she's gotten a telepathic read on her quarry she's almost impossible to hide from.


Advantage: Future Knowledge

Rachel's from the future. It's not the future of this world and things did happen differently there, but it's close. Sometimes close enough that she'll see, or hear about events here that matched her timeline, and she'll have an idea what's coming next. She's not always right, sometimes things unfold in unexpected ways, but it can be helpful at times.

Advantage: Phoenix's Daughter

The Phoenix bonded with the Jean Grey of Rachel's home reality, rather than replacing her. Rachel is therefore as much the daughter of the Phoenix as she is the daughter of Jean Grey. She has a link to the Phoenix Force that boosts the power of her mutant telekinetic and telepathic abilities and which grants her certain attributes of the cosmic entity, such as the ability to survive in space, and her distinctive power signature, which takes the form of a fiery raptor when she draws heavily on her powers.

Advantage: X-Teams

As a current member of the X-Men, Rachel can call on the resources of the Xavier Institute. As a result, she's never likely to be without a roof over her head, food to eat or clothes to wear.


Flaw: Doesn't Exist

Legally, Rachel Summers doesn't exist. She was never born. She has no social security number, no passport, no driver's license, nothing. Occasionally she's used fakes, more often she's "convinced" people that she has the necessary documents for whatever she needs to do, but she couldn't easily get a job or live a normal life.

Flaw: Ethics

Unlike her parents in her own timeline, Rachel has no particular qualms about the use of violence, up to and including assassination, if it served the greater good. She also has no particular qualms about casually sifting through the minds of people around her if she's seeking information, although she was once taught to be courteous, it's a habit she fell out of a long time ago. War is war.

Flaw: Hound

Rachel was once captured and corrupted into a Hound, a hunter of her own kind. During her enslavement, she witnessed and perpetrated the murder of a number of mutants, some of whom she knew personally through her connection to the X-Men. It's her dirtiest secret, and one that still haunts her to this day. Worse, it's like being an alcoholic, it's a very seductive temptation to simply revert and allow the hound programming to take control, because it's so very hard to stay as good as her mom and dad are.

Flaw: Memories

Due to the temporal/spatial jaunt, or due to the massive shock she got just as she was escaping, or something, but Rachel's memories of her past are a touch fragmented. She remembers the basic gist of history, her parents, living at Xavier's, but doesn't remember most names and faces. She has a basic sense of who she likes, who she doesn't, but the details are a bit messed up. Also add to this the fact that Rachel's world diverged historically at a point before the current time, so the fact that she remembers that the Cubs won the World Series in 2015 is completely irrelevant. They are just as likely to wind up in the basement here in 2015.

Flaw: Nemesis

Every hero has a nemesis. Rachel's is the houndmaster whose minions captured her and took a perverse delight in enslaving her to his will. Seeing him again, especially if it were to happen during the middle of combat. Also, the houndmaster was /livid/ when she escaped him, and he'll do anything to recapture her and bend her to his will again. So, he's coming for her at some point.

Flaw: Phoenix Host

Rachel is a near-perfect host for the Phoenix Force and heir to all the notoriety that entails. The Phoenix brand that rides her back marks her out as a potential host, and allows those with the necessary technology to identify and track her across vast distances. In addition, the Phoenix can take control of her and speak, or even act, through her.

Flaw: Tattoos

When she was forced to serve as a mutant-hunting Hound, Rachel's face was branded with distinctive claw-mark tattoos to mark her as such. They are a permanent reminder of a particularly unpleasant part of her life and are her personal badge of shame. As a result she almost always keeps them hidden from view by a psionic illusion. This is a small, but permanent drain on her powers that is noticeable to other telepaths.


In the not too distant future, in a world very much like this one, Rachel Summers was born to Scott and Jean Summers. Despite the rising tide of anti-mutant feeling in the world, and the United States in particular, the first years of her life were happy ones, as she was raised by loving parents and a veritable army of would be aunts and uncles.

The innocence of Rachel's childhood came to a crashing end when the Xavier Institute was levelled by the US Army and, of those present on that day, only she was pulled alive from the rubble.

Controlled by drugs that dulled her already formidable mutant powers, she was subjected to intense psycho-conditioning - and physical branding - to turn her into a Hound, a mutant slave whose only purpose was to hunt down - and sometimes kill - fugitive mutants. Sadly, this proved to be something she was all too good at.

Eventually, the weight of her guilt, hate, and self-loathing overcame her conditioning and she savagely attacked her "master", the deranged and murderous Ahab, and was sent to a concentration camp where she met Kate Pryde. Though Rachel was in the depths of despair, Kate was able to give her a purpose, and they managed to escape, intending to take the fight to the Sentinels who now ruled America.

It was during one such near-suicidal attempt to strike back that everything changed again for Rachel. Having mounted an attack on a facility developing a new model of Sentinel, Kate and Rachel found themselves surrounded and out of options. What happened next is unclear even to Rachel, but Kate was somehow able to strike a bargain with the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix, which unbeknownst to Rachel had taken an interest in her. Rachel found herself transported back to a time before she was born, or at least that's what she thought, though it soon became clear she wasn't just in the past, she was on a parallel Earth. One that was similar on the surface, but nightmarishly different in the details.

What's more, in an attempt to soften the horrific memories of her earlier life, the Phoenix had conducted psychic surgery on Rachel - leaving her with the belief that back in her own world, her parents were still alive, and that she'd fought with them against the Sentinels, but leaving her memories as a fractured mixture of half-truths and wishful thinking.

Since arriving in this world she's joined the X-Men and begun to find her place in a world that's not her own. Her fractured memories have been healed with the aid of Jean Grey, and her connection with the Phoenix Force has brought her to the attention of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Her horizons are about to broaden considerably.


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File:Jean Grey.jpg
Jean Grey

Jean's alternate timeline "doppelganger" is Rachel's mother.

File:Scott Summers.jpg
Scott Summers

Scott's alternate timeline "doppelganger" is Rachel's father.

The X-Men

Rachel has developed ties with the X-Men of the world she finds herself in.


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