Antihero Gotham
Ragman1 Ragman2
Agility: 2 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 3 Intellect: 1 Willpower: 4
Ragman Suit N/A Strength Increase 6 Agility Increase 4
Toughness Increase 4 Flight 0 Discorporate N/A
Hope 6 Suit Control 0 Suit Talking N/A
Teleportation 0 Slowed Aging N/A
Lockpicking Military Training Rags & Tatters
Control Golem Souls in the Suit
Suit Flaws
Name: Rory Regan Ragman is an unknown hero, while he has been active for about a year or so, no one has had much information on him. However there have been rumors of a person wearing a suit of rags protecting people for years, especially in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII.
Position: '
Team: N/A
Age: 60
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: As I searched through decades of Dad's junk for anything that could help me, I stumbled on an old box., that's wrong. It makes it sound accidental and I've seen too much to believe this was an accident.
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


The Ragman suit was made by Rabbis years ago, after the first protector they made didn't work, the Golem didn't have a soul of it's own.

Was passed down for a while, and in 1939 was given to Rory's father, Jerzy Reganiewicz, to become the new Ragman.

That Ragman fought in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII, eventually he found himself running away from a fight. (The German soldiers in the suit compelled the suit to run away it wasn't Jerzy's doing.)

Ashamed he moved to Gotham in the USA and changed his name to Gerry Regan, why he want from Jewish to Irish is anyone's guess?

Eventually got married and gave birth to a son, Rory Regan.

Rory grew up the son of a Pawn Broker and watched the neighborhood around him start to crumble as it became worse and worse.

Got drafted by the US army during Vietnam and off he went, came back and started to work in his Dad's pawn shop.

Time went by and well Neighborhood got worse, drug dealers wanted to use Gerry's shop as a front for dealing he said no. They killed him and cut up Rory leaving him for dead.

Rory survived, and found Dad's ragsuit in the junkyard by the shop, the suit bonded with Rory making him the new Ragman.

He fought the drug dealers, got trained in use of the suit by Dad's old Rabbi. Stayed in the neighborhood to be the protector of them and more.


Suit: Ragman Suit (N/A)

The Ragman suit is magical suit that has a few powers to it; the principal amongst these is the ability to steal the souls of the evil. Once their soul is stolen, they become a piatch on the suit, and are then able to help Ragman out when he calls on aid, by helping him out they work their way towards getting their own redemption. The suit is also able to sense evil souls, by doing stuff he can track people down, even those that the law doesn't have enough evidence on. So now on to the good stuff!

Suit: Strength Increase (6)
Pulling from the souls of the suit Rory is able to increase his own strength. The amount varies based on the amount of souls that he pulls from at any given time, but he never goes above 10 tons of force with the suit.

Suit: Agility Increase (4)
Just like the strenght when pulling from the souls of the suit he is able to increase his own agility. The most he is able to get to though is that of an olympic level gymnast.

Suit: Toughness Increase (4)
Once again, the souls in the suit are very helpfull creatures! They increase Rory's own toughness and can make him about as tough as brick.

Suit: Discorporate (N/A)
The Ragman suit is able to get the consistency of a pile of rags at time, and can even become one. When doing so, he can look like a regular person wearing it, but attacks will just pass right through him. He can also make himself look like a pile of rags to avoid any detection, and finally he can look like a bunch of debris caught in the wind.

Suit: Hope (6)
One of the more interesting powers of the suit is that when Ragman is active in a given area for a decent length of time he can inspire hope in the people that live there. He can get them more willing to clean up streets in bad neighborhoods for instance. But the best part of this is if Ragman needs help he can inspire the others in order to come to his aid. Not something he does that often but it's darn cool!

Suit: Suit Control (N/A)
He is able to control the suit to some degree. Mostly he can use the cape to help wrap people up when he needs to. It seems to can extend outwards at times and grab folks it gets a little more volume when doing so. It makes it a little tougher for folks to try and get away from him when they are running.

Suit: Suit Talking (N/A)
Ragman is able to talk to the souls in his suit, by doing so he is able to get any information that they had. If he absorbed a killer and the cops didn't know where the bodies were hidden, well he could tell them.

Suit: Teleportation (N/A)
At times the Ragman Suit has teleported Rory to places where he is needed. It's the entire mystic connection thing you know, he can control it though, it just happens. There is part he can control, he can summon the suit to him when he's not wearing it, it will just show up on him when he does this.

Suit: Slowed Aging (N/A)
Rory has discovered as member of his family line the suit slows his aging. He looks to be in his early 30s, yet Rory served in Vietnam. So is well a lot older than he looks.


Advantage: Lockpicking

Rory had a slight misspent youth, as such he he has learned how to pick easy locks. Of course anything complicated he needs to go to the suit to get knowledge if possible.

Advantage: Military Training
Rory was a soldier in Vietnam, as such he has the skills that a regular army guy has. He was trained to fight, fire weapons and well survive in a jungle environment when its needed.

Advantage: Rags & Tatters
This the the pawn shop that Rory inherited from his father in Gotham City. It's not much but it keeps him feed and sheltered. He owns the entire building including the apartment that is upstairs from the shop.


Flaw: Control

While the souls can control the suit, the suit has a mine of it's own and can also take control of Rory as well. The suit wants to get more souls to add to it's power, and is constantly compelling Ragman to take more. It's a fight for Ragman to not take every evil soul out there into his suit, he tries only to take the ones that can't be saved by normal means.

Flaw: Golem
The suit of Souls that Rory wears was created by the same mystic ritual that created the mythical Golem. Now if someone where to create another golem the magic used to control him as to come from somewhere, and that's Rory's suit. Neither the Golem or the Suit of Souls can survive for long while the other is around, and one will have to destroy the other.

Flaw: Souls in the Suit
Rory's abilities and powers are based on the amount of souls that are in the suit, and if they are willing to help him. Newer souls are less willing to pitch in, compared to others that have been there a while. There are times when the souls may even be completely unwilling to help him, and refuse to lend him any aid at all. Finally Rory doesn't know that with enough motivation the souls in the suit can take control of it for brief times.

Flaw: Suit Flaws
The biggest drawback to the suit is that it can be destroyed by fire, all the souls in the suit would be destroyed, and well Ragman would be no more. It has survived brief contacts with fire by building up it's durability before, but any type of exposure longer than 2 minutes and bad things start to happen. There is also the fact that when Ragman takes in a new soul it can be painful to him. It seems to depend on the evil that the person was involved in, the more evil a person is the more painful it is for him and he gets a little sick after he is done.


Ragman Logs

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