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Raph is the muscle of the Turtles group. He's a big, cranky, hot-headed youth who is prone to compulsive decision making and emotional outbursts. When he's not brooding or being a bit of a jerk. Trained by Master Splinter in the arts of war, he took to it like a duck to water. Though he may be the best fighter of the group, there are good reasons he is not the leader.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attributes

Mutant Turtle: 3, Perception: 4, Strength: 3

Abilities: Equipment

Weaponry: 2

Abilities: Skills

Combat: 6 Japanese

Advantages: Master Splinter Ninja Turtles

Flaws: Angry, Compulsive, Emotional, Jerkface, Leadership Envy, Ruthless, Simple, Standout, Suspicious

Languages: English and Japanese


Attributes: Mutant Turtle (3)

Raphael is a mutant turtle and gains many benefits from it including: increased toughness (his shell actively resists small arms fire) and endurance, the ability to remain submerged under water for extended periods of time, and increased speed when submerged in a body of water.

Attributes: Perception (4)

Due to his ninja training, raw talent, and distrustful nature, Raphael is both keenly aware of his surroundings and exceedingly wary under normal circumstances. This attribute is hindered greatly if he allows his emotional nature to get the better of him though. <This attribute drops to 2 under the effects of anger or during times of extreme emotion.>

Attributes: Strength (3)

When it comes to sheer brute force, none of the other Turtles can quite compete with Raph. This is both due to natural fighting talent and obsessive training. Raphael literally pushes his body to its limits day after day, more often than not in an effort to show up Leonardo. If there's one thing Raphael can never be accused of, it's being lax with his training.

Equipment: Weaponry (2)

Raphael is proficient with a vast array of martial weapons, as well as being trained in the use of unconventional weaponry. His highest proficiency, however, is with the Sai.

Skills: Combat (6)

Of all the Turtles, Raphael is arguably the most obsessed with training. He is at least as good as his brother Leonardo, if not better, and this is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because he rarely has to be disciplined for laziness, it's bad because it is just about the only real expertise he can lay claim to. Of all the Turtles, the word "brute" most aptly describes this one.

Skills: Japanese (0)

Raphael learned to speak the Japanese tongue due to long-term exposure to his Master Splinter and his teachings. It is just about the only skill he's managed to learn besides bashing skulls in. He's not completely fluent, but knows more than enough to communicate effectively or read the paper.


Advantage: Master Splinter

Master Splinter is Raphael's sensei in Ninjutsu as well as his surrogate father. Though he and Raphael don't exactly see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, Raphael is one of his better students and Splinter's teaching are perhaps the only reason Raph isn't just a violent thug. There is great respect there.

Advantage: Ninja Turtles

Raph's brothers, four mutant turtles trained in the art of Ninjutsu by a mutant rat. Yeah, you figure that one out. They're best buds, and a tight knit family. Raphael would do anything for his brothers, even if he has tried to crack their heads a few times before.


Flaw: Angry

As an extension of his emotional nature, Raphael's hot-headedness is second to none. It's gotten him into trouble more times than he could count on his fingers AND his toes. When Raphael is really and truly angry he can fly into something akin to a blood rage... a rage so consuming he could crack one of his own brother's heads open before he'd even thought about it.

Flaw: Compulsive

Raph is predisposed to taking action first and thinking later. He's one of the least likely of the Turtles to think too deeply about a situation before doing something (second perhaps only to Mikey). Especially when said situation is potentially dangerous.

Flaw: Emotional

Raphael is the most prone to extremes of emotion amongst his brothers. Though he plays the tough guy, he's actually fairly sensitive - and this is one of the reasons for his hair-trigger temper and violent rages. It's pretty easy to upset the guy really, and all too easy for him to do things he might later regret when it happens.

Flaw: Jerkface

Raphael is... kind of a jerk. His smart mouth, sarcastic disposition, and tendency to hurt others (emotionally or physically) with the things he does or says can even get on his brothers' bad sides at times. Raphael's bad attitude more often than not is reason numero uno people want to kick his ass.

Flaw: Leadership Envy

Raphael holds great resentment toward his brother Leonardo for being chosen to be the leader of their group. And because of this, Raphael is usually the first to defy him or question his leadership. He does love his brother, but he envies him too. Likewise, Raphael does not like to be reminded that he plays second fiddle (or third, or fourth) nor reminded of his deficiency in the tactical department.

Flaw: Ruthless

Of the four Turtles, Raphael is the single most likely to kill someone in a fight. Not because he's /that/ much better than the others, but because he can be almost as ruthless as the Shredder. Nine times out of ten, given the choice between killing or sparing a major trouble maker, Raph would prefer to put his enemies out of their misery. Especially when he's angry.

Flaw: Simple

Though he's hardly stupid, and in fact can be quite bright, Raphael's tendency to think with his muscles instead of his brain is a pretty common failing. When a fight comes up, Raphael is usually the first to attack and the last to strategize. This is why he is /not/ the leader - much to his chagrin.

Flaw: Standout

Being a big, green, mutated turtle tends to be kind of unmissable in an almost any setting. Never mind that Raphael is probably the most physically imposing of his brothers due to his tendency to work out. It doesn't help matters that just about the only thing he has that works for reasonably conceiling himself is a trenchcoat, which just looks suspicious.

Flaw: Suspicious

Raphael's appearance (+flaw standout) coupled with his tendency to snarl, brood, and snap angrily at people (and even threaten violence) can sometimes draw unwanted suspicion in his direction. Especially when he's wearing a trenchcoat in broad daylight, that's all kinds of suspicious. If ordinary people see him, they tend to run... and if the cops see him they tend to want to arrest him more often than not.



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