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Red Hood
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Agility: 4 Strength: 3 Toughness: 3
Perception: 6 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5
Acrobatics 7 Arsenal 4 Assassin 8
Demolitions 7 Escape Artist 6 Gadgets 4
Helmet 5 Marksman 7 Martial Arts 8
Multilingual 3 Physical Prowess 6 Polymath 5
Sabotage 6 Stealth 7 Strategy 5
Suit 4 Surveillance 6 Swordsman 6
Thief 6 Vehicles 4 Vehicle Specialist 7
Weapons 4
All Caste Always Prepared Attitude
Bat Family Connections Criminal Empire
Deception Gotham Learning Curve
Mercenary Lifestyle Reputations Safe Houses
Situation Control Talia al Ghul
Abnormal Alfred Batman
Dark Side Debt Enemies
Haunted Impulsive Joker
Killer Lazarus Pit Rage
Redemption Talia al Ghul Wanted
Name: Jason Todd Former Robin turned resurrected psychopath, Jason Todd has been reborn once more as a vigilante mercenary with a serious attitude problem. Underneath the mantle of the Red Hood, Jason serves his own purposes, while keeping a distant relationship with his Bat Family.
Position: Justice. Resurrected.
Team: The Bat-Family
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5, North America)
Music: Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park
Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
Quote: "F#&@ Batman."
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: -


I never had anybody. Nobody ever cared. I was on the streets. Alone. Doing whatever I had to do to survive. So when I saw the Batmobile on my turf, just sitting there like some golden apple screaming to be plucked from the Garden of Darkness that is Gotham City... I went for it. I was two tires in before I felt him. I felt him before I saw him. There he was, in all of his shadowed glory, the Dark Knight. Gotham City's protector.

The Batman.

I didn't know what to do. I was caught red handed, tire iron and everything. The only thing I could think to do was run. I knew he was on me but I couldn't stop myself. I was holed up in an apartment that wasn't mine and that's where he caught me. I was so stupid. Why get myself trapped in a room when I had an entire city to use to hide? You don't exactly use your brain when you're dealing with Batman.

Honestly, I thought he was gonna' kick my ass all up and down Crime Alley. But he didn't. Instead, he reached out to me. Next thing I know, I'm agreeing to go to school. What the hell? How was I supposed to make it in school? I've been on my own so long-- look. You don't say "No." to Batman. You just don't, okay?

So I'm sitting in class and I'm realizing that this ain't no ordinary school. This is some Oliver Twist stuff. Ma Gunn had herself a little band of thieves. So I did what anybody in my shoes would do: I tattled. So then Batman's got me helping him bring Ma Gunn down from the inside. I'm like his inside man, y'know? We handle our business and it's like heaven for me. I just helped the Batman. What could possibly be better than that?


He made me Robin.

So while I'm training and learning the ropes on how to kick ass and take names, I'm also getting tutored like crazy and I'm learning stuff. But it's nothing like what I learned on my own. I was a street kid, through and through. All I knew was how to survive. And sometimes surviving meant the other guy didn't. Batman didn't exactly agree with that but whatever. I was still Robin and that was that.

Life as Robin was tough. Seriously. If I wasn't been compared to Dick, I was getting treated like a child. Or I was doing something wrong. Or I was not living up to my potential. I was more violent. I was more impulsive. I was ruining operations. No. I was not. I was getting the job done and I was doing it the way Batman should've been doing it. He was wrong. Not me.

So what if I broke protocol? So what if a few dozen muggers would never walk again? So what if I pushed lowlife scum like Felipe Garzonas off a building? So what?! He's no longer a problem! None of them are! And Gotham's better off for it.

Isn't it?

Life sucks, y'know that? I pissed off Batman enough that he kinda' like suspended me from being Robin. Whatever. Not like I wanted to be his sidekick anyway. We had nothing in common and it was getting in the way of me doing what he trained me to do. Hypocritical ass. Twenty to one he never had anything bad to say to Dick.

Anyway, I got a lead on my biological parents back in my old stomping grounds and I'm on the case. Takes me a while, but I finally find my mother. Turns out she's a total bitch. Oh, wait, let me rephrase that. A total bitch that's working with the Joker. She just hands me right over to him like I'm not her own flesh and blood!

This is the part where the Joker literally beats me senseless. I'll skip the bloody details, but he's a maniac with a crowbar. You figure out the rest. He bolts and I'm thinking this can't be good. The Joker's crazy as hell but he wouldn't just leave in the middle of beating down the Boy Wonder, right? Of course not. The whole place is wired to blow. And there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

I'm Dead.

Dead. Right. That used to actually mean something. Like, when people die, it kinda' meant that was it. There was nothing really after that. But as I'm standing here right now, telling you this story, you can see that for some people death doesn't stick. Apparently, I was one of those people.

Don't ask me how it happened cuz I don't even know. Didn't know then and don't know now. I didn't care then and guess what? Don't care now. All I know is I woke up, in my coffin, breathing. All I can think about is Batman. Not my mom. Not the Joker. Batman. The man that plucked me off the streets and taught me everything I knew. The man that swore to protect me just like I swore to fight alongside him.

The man that was supposed to be there. He was supposed to save my life.

So I gotta' do this by myself. I'm six feet deep, alive, in a fairly expensive coffin and I gotta' claw my way out. I'm completely out of it by the time I get out of there. Catatonic Mobility is what I like to call it. I'm moving. I'm grooving. But nobody's home. And boom. I'm out like a light.

There's a whole year where I'm fuzzy on the details on account of being in a coma, so I've been told, and the next thing I know is I'm under the watchful eye of Talia al Ghul.

Lucky me.

Apparently, according to Talia, for years I was just moving around. I didn't speak. I wasn't communicating or doing any kind of free-thinking at all. Nobody knew what the hell was wrong with me. I'm figuring since I was murdered, y'know, maybe I was entitled to a little mental R&R. Whatever. I think she just wanted an excuse to play with her father's Lazarus Pit and I was the closest Ken doll.

Don't ask me to explain what I felt during my Lazarusing because the hell if I know. I woke up again, for the first time really, since being killed and life was in perspective again. There I was. Alive. Breathing. Emotions flooding back into my soul. And there was something still wrong. I could feel it. Something wasn't right. I wasn't happy. I wasn't content.

The Joker still lived.

How the hell could Batman just do that to me? It was like I didn't even matter. Like he didn't even care that I was killed by HIS psycho nemesis! He did this to me. He made me Robin. He got me killed. And he didn't even have the decency to kill the bastard that did me in. Oh, but somehow he found the time to replace me. Bet that didn't take long.


I'll admit, looking back now, I had a bit of an attitude. I had a chip on my shoulder the size of Gorilla Grodd. And maybe I was overreacting but I died. Do you understand that? I died and he didn't do anything about it. And he was gonna' have to pay for that. I didn't know if I was gonna' kill him or what. All I knew was that if I was going to do it, do something, I was going to have to be the best to beat the best.

I trained. I trained hard. I jumped full force into the deep pockets of Talia al Ghul and used her money and connections to get personal training in every field of every thing I could think of. I learned guns. I learned martial arts. I learned poisons. I learned bombs. I was pretty much Spongebob Angrypants. Nobody was going to stop me from avenging my own death on the two people that were responsible for it in the first place: Batman & Joker.

It had to be done right, though. I had to do it with a little bit of style and a whole lot of mind&#^@. So I had to ask myself a question that I hadn't asked myself in years. Even before I was dead.

What would Batman do?

Fear. Fear motivates men. Fear gets things done. Batman exists because he was afraid of bats. I had just died and come back to life. Like I was really scared of anything. I'm lying. I was terrified of not making it again. I got a second chance and if I screwed up... that'd be it. I was afraid that maybe, just maybe, the Joker could do it all over again.

I took that fear and I used it. I controlled it. I turned that fear into anger and hatred and I gave myself fully to the Dark Side. Jason Todd /was/ dead. I was someone else now. I was the Red Hood.

So, as you can probably guess, I'm completely out of my mind by this point. I head back to Gotham and I'm just doing stuff to #*&# with Batman. I'm just playing with him. But I'm also studying and learning. Wanting to see how and if he's changed and, of course, he's still Batman. Better, but still Batman. Eventually, I get what I think I want and that's me, him and the Joker all in the same place. I think I've got this whole thing wired, right? It's a sure thing. I'm gonna' kill the Joker unless Batman kills me first. All he's getting is a three count. Now, remember that I'm crazy at this point, because killing me will just, y'know, make me dead again and that's not exactly sane people talk.

Again, though, he manages to weasel out of his destiny. He does it to me again. Damn Batarangs and perfect aim and...


I left again. Apparently, I wasn't ready. Joker got away and I was off licking my wounds. I hightailed it overseas where I checked myself into a monestary to see if I could maybe find some peace. I knew there was something wrong with me. I didn't mean to have a death wish. I just... I couldn't control my anger. My rage.

I still can't.

But that's where the All Caste comes in. I started training with these warrior monks and just kinda' found a balance between my rage and my emotional needs. I was by no means cured but I found myself able to actually function.

Now, don't get me wrong. Don't think just because I have a handle on my attitude that everything is all puppies and ice skating. I'm still pissed. I'm still angry as hell. And I still think Batman owes me. And I still want the Joker's head.

But I can wait. There's no rush anymore. There's no reason I can't dispense a little outlawed justice while I'm waiting for the right moment to get the closure that I need to put all of this crazy madness behind me.

Besides, what would the world be like without the Red Hood?


Alright. Who's up for tacos?


Skill: Acrobatics (7)

As Robin, Jason Todd was trained heavily in the art of acrobatics, allowing him to be somewhat on par with his predecessor. However, he lacked the natural grace and agility to reach beyond a certain level. Now, as the Red Hood, he continues to push his body to the limits and continues to train himself to be a much more capable acrobat.

Jason's skills as an acrobat are higher in urban environments than other locales. This is not to say that he is not a capable acrobat outside of urban environments, but that is just a better place for his ability to be used to the best of his ability.

Gear: Arsenal (4)
Jason Todd is almost always armed to the teeth. He normally carries a select number of throwing knives or "Bat" shaped razor discs, as well as multiple pistols and low-grade explosives.

Jason also will carry more traditional weaponry such as swords or staves and other martial arts equipment that can be used to do harm, as the situation calls for it.

One of Jason's signature weapons is a Kris styled dagger that he uses when engaged in close combat.

Skill: Assassin (8)
Jason's been trained by some of the best assassins in the world to become something of a expert killing machine himself. He has learned a variety of ways to kill a person, as well as how to do it with his bare hands or with weaponry. He has an expertise knowledge and training enough to be one of the world's greatest assassins, if that's a route he chooses to take.

Skill: Demolitions (7)
Standard training as Robin gave Jason an intermediate knowledge of demolitions and explosives. As the Red Hood, though, Jason has taken that knowledge to new heights and applications, using explosives to his advantage in a number of styles and ways. His expertise in this area allows him to deal with demolitions of all types, though he lacks the knowledge to deal with Nuclear devices.

Skill: Escape Artist (6)
The combined training from his time as Robin and his new life as the Red Hood has given Jason an incredible sense of escapism. He's capable of, with the right amount of time and resources (limited but useful), finding his way out of situations that could prove to be hazardous to his life. Whether they be death traps or collapsing buildings or elevators or something more sinister, if there's a way out, there's a chance that Jason can find and exploit it.

Gear: Gadgets (4)
Considering that the Red Hood has access to some pretty high end technology, there's no doubt that he's always armed with some gadgetry to assist him in his endeavors.

Batarangs: Redesigned for his own purposes and style, sporting a combination of red/silver and a thinner, more sleek Bat shape, are any number of Batarangs. In addition to the standard combat Batarangs, there's a numberr of different types available: Electro-Shock, EMP, Razor Wing, Explosive, Sonic, Smoke

Pellets: Specially designed impact pellets that are capable of creating different reactions depending on the pellet being used. As with many things in Jason's gadget pockets, there are differet types available: Smoke/Mist, Knockout Gas, Regurgitation, Tear Gas, Flashbang.

Outlaw Tech: Personally designed for his own sense of justice and style, the Red Hood also comes standard with his own impressive array of gadgetry that allows him to play Detective, Clean Up Crime Scenes, Surveillance, Sabotage and much more. Much like others of his ilk, these things are situational and can be as broad or specific as needed.

Gear: Helmet (5)
The signature piece of the Red Hood costume is the helmet that Jason wears. Sleek and made from a metal polymer, the helmet is designed for maximum protection of the cranium. Tricked out with some high end technology that includes communications reception and transmission, full range optical spectrum lenses of the Starlite brand, GPS tracking and a host of other detective oriented techno-wizardy.

The helmet is designed to be more form fitting to Jason's skull and seals to the collar of his armor to protect him from hostile gases and other such hinderances.

Skill: Marksman (7)
From a young age, Jason had always had an accurate eye. This was honed and focused with his training and time as Robin. Since then, Jason has taken his marksmanship to levels beyond that, due to his training with master assassins and a variety of world class level marksmen based on his travels around the globe to become an impressive killing machine. Jason Todd has raised his marksmanship to incredible heights, allowing him to shoot and throw things with amazing accuracy.

Skills: Martial Arts (8)
During his time as Robin, Jason was trained extensively by the Batman himself. After his resurrection, Jason traveled the world and studied beneath the masters in every martial art he could think of and he has mastered them all. His martial arts ability puts him on par with Batman, just by the sheer number of martial arts he's mastered as well as his application of these practices.

Jason's fighting style focuses on brutality, strength and speed. He effortlessly combines different styles to create his own brand of combat prowess. Some of his more often used styles include: Akido, Capoeira, Judo, Savate, Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do.}

Skill: Multilingual (3)
Jason Todd is fluent in several languages, due to his training beneath Batman and also his own years of training. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin are all well in Jason's range. Russian is his weakest language.

Skill: Physical Prowess (6)
Jason Todd has always been and continues to be at Peak Human capacity as far as his physicality is concerned. His exercise and training regimen is so far beyond what is considered to be normal that he is capable of putting Olympiads to shame. His body is a finely tuned and well oiled machine that can be pushed to the limits of humanity for up to 3 days, due to his training and sheer force of will.

Skill: Polymath (5)
What began as training for his stint as Robin, Jason's polymathic knowledge was taught to him by Batman and various expert tutors in a vast array of subjects. Since his transformation into the Red Hood, he has continued his constant studies and even added some more specific subjects to his collective knowledge.

He has a deep understanding and working knowledge in Science, Math, Medicine, Geography, Criminology, World History, English. He is also well versed in knowledge of Poisons and Antitoxins.

Skill: Sabotage (6)
Training as the Red Hood has given Jason a strong foundation in sabotage. He is very adept at creating traps of varying degrees from simple detainment to the possibility of being fatal if not handled correctly. He is also very well practiced in the modification and tampering of equipment, which often ends up with explosive results.

Skill: Stealth (7)
From his training with Batman as Robin, Jason Todd has been taught the ways of the stealth. His brightly colored costume at that time was harder to hide, but he still managed to be a stealthy vigilante capable of using the shadows and his environment to his advantage. Since then, Jason has become the Red Hood and his assassin training has led him to become a highly skilled expert in this field. He has mastered the art of hiding in the shadows, remaining unseen and even coupled this with hiding in plain sight.

Skill: Strategy (5)
Basic training underneath the Batman had given Jason a well rounded foundation in strategy and tactics. However, his rebirth into the Red Hood has been coupled with more training within this realm, including military tactics and leadership training. Thus making Jason Todd a well trained professional when it comes to strategic planning and execution.

Gear: Suit (4)
Jason Todd's body armor is a Kevlar-Nomex hybrid weave that allows for optimum movement capability while still offering protection against ballistics and other street level weaponry. The design is simplified and consists of a dark gray to black color, while sporting a stylized red bat design across the chest. The armor itself is designed specifally for Jason Todd, tailored to fit him exactly. So much so that there is a technical science to putting on this armor, that if it is not put on in the right sequence, it will self-destruct with the strength of a grenade; Failsafe.

The classic "utility belt" has been modified to actually be the suit itself. The gauntlets and boots contain eight compartments each, which allows for storage of weaponry and gadgets. Built in holsters are located all around the suit, allowing for firearms of different shapes and sizes. In addition to the storage capacity, the suit itself has built in gadgetry such as Launchable Tracers, Glider Wings and Grappling Hooks with Reticle Aiming capability.

The suit is insulated against extreme heat or cold temperatures, while also managing to be comfortable and stylish.

Skill: Surveillance (6)
As Robin, Jason Todd was taught the meaning and method behind keeping a close eye on suspect. However, his rash and childish behavior often didn't gel with the Batman's style. However, since becoming the Red Hood, Jason has learned the error of his ways and has blossomed into an experienced professional when it comes to surveying. Jason can spend hours upon hours watching and scouting those he needs to, without ever being seen or heard. All in the name of his outlawed sense of justice.

Skill: Swordsman (6)
Jason's post-resurrection training focused heavily on bladed weaponry to the point that Jason has become a highly skilled expert in this area. Anything with a blade is very deadly in his hands, as he's capable of using swords and daggers with great ease and comfortability.

Skill: Thief (6)
Before even becoming Robin, Jason Todd was a teen criminal that managed to actuall steal the tires off the Batmobile. That alone proves that he has solid foundation in being a thief. Since his turn towards Red Hood and subsequent walk on the dark side, Jason has developed his thievery talent into a skilled art form. He's capable of handling sleight of hand and pickpocketing with no problem, as well as breaking & entering and the disarming of security systems with practiced ease.

Gear: Vehicles (4)
Jason uses many different means of transport, though there are some signature ones that he may find himself using on a regular basis. All of them have been appropriately tricked out for maximum style and possess the latest in vehicular technology and mounted armaments.

Jaybird: Jason's personal motorcycle that is an upgraded copy of one of Batman's unused Bat-Cycle designs. Jason has quite a few of these Jaybirds, because he tends to wreck them. A lot.

Sexy Mother Trucker: A souped up (stolen) armored truck that proves to be an armory on wheels, as it houses quite a bit of the Red Hood's equipment, guns, explosives and whatever else he may need in his travels.

Skill: Vehicle Specialist (7)
From a young Robin's age, Jason was a capable and well-rounded operator of vehicles ranging from standard cars and motorcycles to more more complicated Bat-Creations. His new life as the Red Hood has allowed him to shift that expertise into a many varied field of vehicular driving and piloting, which includes boats, helicopters, jet skis and others. Jason is capable of operating these in a standard or combat fashion.

Skill: Weapons (4)
Jason never really had a chance to focus his training on one particular weapon, during his time as Robin. Since his rebirth, though, Jason has taken it upon himself to become well trained in weapons across the spectrum. From ranged weaponry to melee and martial arts themed weapons, Jason has a working expertise in the use of weapons of all kinds. He is even capable of using mundane objects as weapons.


Advantage: All Caste

An ancient group of warrior monks that assisted Jason with his training post his resurrection. He was taught to control his anger and rage (somewhat) with meditation and clear thinking, as well as trained in a great number of combative acts. This only helped to make him into the fierce fighter that he is today.

Advantage: Always Prepared
Jason Todd has a habit of always being prepared for a situation. Perhaps it has something to do with his training beneath the Batman and later his training to be a masterful assassin, but Jason always packs for an occasion or seems to simply have the tools necessary to complete a mission. Even when it looks like he doesn't.

Advantage: Attitude
Jason's attitude is, more or less, F*** Off. Which allows him to stay cold and detached from the world around him. Caring about things and people is something that can get in the way of progress or the mission or whatever he's trying to do. Genuinely not giving a crap is a good way to not have to worry about things being used against him or anything like that.

Advantage: Bat Family
Jason has a very strained relationship with the Bat Family, considering that more often than not he has been trying to kill them. Assistance between himself and members of the family is normally handled on a case by case basis. Jason still doesn't feel like they fully accept him and thus treats them as nothing more than associates, regardless of what he feels on the inside.

Notable Exceptions: Alfred Pennyworth. Batman.

Advantage: Connections
Red Hood is a well connected individual that can get his hands on things he needs, whether it be information or weapons or vehicles or anything else. His connections range from the legal to the illegal to the superhero or supervillain community.

Advantage: Criminal Empire
During his first incarnation as the Red Hood, Jason amassed a small criminal empire which he still uses to fund his more anti-heroic and mercenary lifestyle at this moment. He still has some pull in the city of Gotham, as the Red Hood and will not hesitate to use that to his advantage should a situation call for his presence as such.

Advantage: Deception
Jason Todd is very well trained in the art of deception and subterfuge. HHe has perfected his art of lying so well that he doesn't actually have a tell.

Exception: Batman knows Jason's tell.

Advantage: Gotham
Jason Todd is a Gothamite through and through. He knows the city like he knows how to breathe. Whenever Jason is in Gotham, he's in familiar territory and that's like giving him the home field advantage.

Advantage: Learning Curve
Jason Todd has always had a knack for picking things up at a higher velocity than normal. Things that take others lots of time to learn, may only take Todd weeks or months to skill up to comparable levels. This means he's mastering arts at a much faster and higher rate of turnover. He's like a sponge; absorbing and containing knowledge until it's time to let it go.

Advantage: Mercenary Lifestyle
Jason Todd, as the Red Hood, is now a full on mercenary type. He does pretty much anything that fits his own twisted criteria of right and wrong, for a price. Unlike most merc types, though, Jason isn't in it for the money. He's got money. He can get money. He's more into it because he wants to dispense some of his own special brand of justice. He does, however, prescribe to the nomadic lifestyle of a mercenary and will work with whomever he chooses and however he chooses, regardless of the side of the law they're on.

Advantage: Reputations
Jason Todd has multiple reputations which can come in handy depending on someone that he may or may not be dealing with. Some people think he's a psychotic lunatic. Some people think he's just a gun for hire. Others think he's a lost soul trying to find redemption. And some people still think he's dead. Whatever the case may be, these reputations give Jason a bevy of "personalities" to choose from when he's dealing with people of all types. Reputations lead to Legendary status and sometimes can be the best weapon you have.

Advantage: Safe Houses
Jason Todd has a large collection of safe houses where he keeps weapons, money, clothes, medical kits, vehicles and whatever else he may need in his travels. This allows him to travel light and inconspicuous, while still being ready for action when the need for gearing up is upon him. The majority of his safe houses are in Gotham City, but there are many scattered around the United States and a handful remain on a global scale.

Advantage: Situation Control
Jason Todd, like much of the Bat Clan, has this uncanny ability to assess and take control of a situation just by inserting themselves into it. Jason tends to be a bit more deceptive when it comes to this, though, not hesitating to stack the deck in his favor and do things to give himself the upper hand in most situations that he encounters.

Advantage: Talia al Ghul
Jason Todd owes Talia al Ghul his life. She helped him regain his life, while setting him on a new path which he's still trying to get a grip on. She means quite a bit to Jason and continues to be an investor in his life and future. Jason can almost always go to her for assistance.


Flaw: Abnormal

Since his resurrection, Jason Todd has not been the same. He's no longer "normal" and definitely not his old self. He's not his new self either. In all actuality, he's more trying to find himself than anything else. This makes it hard for him to interact with people on a normal social level and tends to be more comfortable shooting or fighting as the Red Hood than being Jason Todd.

Flaw: Alfred
Jason Tood will do anything for Alfred. It's Alfred.

Flaw: Batman
Jason is weak against Batman in the way that he wants to be Batman so bad that it actually hurts. He's confused, though, because he also just wants to be loved by Batman so much that it hurts. He feels all sorts of mixed emotions when it comes to the Batman and therefore can become unpredictable when around him.

By Extension: The rest of the Bat Family all mean different things to Jason and he has different relationships with each and every one of them.

Flaw: Dark Side
Jason has a Dark Side that is always just on the other side of what passes for a stable mentality. Not even Jason knows when he's going to flip like a switch and return to the psycho that he was for so long. This scares him, not that he would ever admit it.

Flaw: Debt
Jason owes a lot of things to a lot of people. He owes Batman, Talia al Ghul, the League of Assassins, the All Caste. the list just goes on and on. People always seem to want to collect debts at the most inopportune times.

Flaw: Enemies
Jason Todd has enemies on both ends of the spectrum. Law enforcement agencies around the globe want him caught and brought to justice. There are heroes and villains that both want him to pay for his crimes or his heroics. Even members of his own Bat Family want to hurt him sometimes. Jason Todd doesn't make friends, he makes enemies.

Flaw: Haunted
Jason Todd, despite all appearances to the contrary, is a very haunted individual. He doesn't sleep much, can't fathom how to find a light in the darkness of his soul and is plagued by memories of his former life, his death and the lives he's led since his resurrection. He just may be clinically insane, considering the nature of his past, as there are some ghosts you just can't get away from.

Flaw: Impulsive
Jason doesn't tend to really look before he leaps. He's kind of a reaction guy. He will end up throwing away months of hard work and planning if the right button is pressed to tick him off or throw him off his game.

Flaw: Joker
Even though Jason's managed to have his revenge in some form or fashion, there is still this deep and emotional seed of vengeance that exists within Jason when it comes to the Joker. This comes at him from a place of deep unhindered vengeance and fear.

Flaw: Killer
Jason, point blank, is a killer. Once you've killed someone, something changes within you and it changes you. This same thing happened to Jason. He has become a person that has no problem taking a life if that life deserves to be taken. His past, though, dictates that he could switch back to a coldblooded killer at any given point in his life.

Flaw: Lazarus Pit
Jason may or may not have been affected mentality by the Lazarus Pit. Only time will tell...

Flaw: Rage
Jason is filled with more rage and anger than anything. His twisted sense of humor and his violent fighting style are both examples of how he is fueled by rage. This can, and often, takes over him and thus makes him into a ragemonster that needs to be put down. Though, he's working on trying to control this.

Flaw: Redemption
Jason is in a constant state of trying to find redemption for his past sins. All of them. He's on a mission to do whatever it takes to be able to be seen as a person, ally, son... someone worth something. The sad thing is that Jason doesn't understand he can never put things back to the way they were.

Flaw: Talia al Ghul
Jason Todd owes quite a bit to Talia al Ghul. She was there for him when no one else was. She set him on the path of training that helped him to become the man he's trying to be today. It would not take much to have Jason back at Talia's side for some reason or other. She is one of the ways to get to him.

Flaw: Wanted
Throughout the vigilante circles and local networks, the Red Hood is a Wanted Criminal within the city limits of Gotham City. Even if he's in the city to do something good, he runs the risk of being taken in for his crimes. And he knows Arkham Asylum all too well.


Red Hood Logs

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