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Quote-open If today proved anything... If we survived this to fight another day... Anything is possible. Quote-close

A visionary theoretician and an inspired machine smith, he has made breakthroughs in such varied fields as space travel, time travel, extra-dimensional travel, biochemistry, robotics, computers, synthetic polymers, communications, mutations, transportation, holography, energy generation, and spectral analysis, among others. Though he does recognize Doctor Pym is a superior biochemist, Stark is superior to his mechanics, and Spider-Man has the intellect to think of a problem from the biology side of it. In these day and times he wants to push the envelope and continue to work on new inventions and ultimately have a grand meeting of all the intellectual minds.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Malleability: 7

Abilities: Skill

Academics: 9, Driving: 3, Languages, Martial Combatant: 4, Piloting: 4, Technology: 9


Flaws: Enemies, Inventions, Obsession, Pedantic, Public Identity

Languages: Arabic, Aramaic, Atlantean, Cantonese, Danish, Egyptian, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kree, Kryptonian, Latin, Mandarin, Martian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Shi'ar, Skrull, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Tibetan, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Wakandan, Welsh, and Yiddish


Power: Malleability (7)

Limits: However there is a maximum length he can stretch before his body segments become painful. The range is about 1,500 feet. With the greater distance he stretches or the more he extends his size of the object he becomes, the weaker his overall strength becomes.

His most used ability is when he wants to extend his limbs, torso, or even his neck to great distances. While another way Reed likes to use his abilities is to change his shape by extending his body into different directions, creating a canopy, parachute, a hand glider or even a sheath. He's even gone as far as to turn himself into a trampoline or other cushion-like objects, allowing him to safely catch falling people or objects.

Reed's skin is virtually impervious to laceration or punctures unless he willfully relaxes his control over small areas to allow himself to be pricked by a needle. In that case, scalpels and ordinary needles can penetrate his skin. Where he's able to absorb the impact of most types of ballistic projectiles by contorting his body at the point of impact. Though this state of malleability is instantaneous and more a reflex. For instance: if Reed was in his normal form and taken by surprise by machine gun fire, his body would absorb the bullets impact through radical deformation of his body.

Reed Richards possesses the ability to convert the mass of his body into a highly malleable state at will. Meaning he can alter his form in a matter of seconds, often much less, depending on the complexity of the shape, then revert back to his normal shape within a similar time. Due to this great malleability and elasticity of his molecular structure, Reed is able to stretch, deform, expand, or compress his entire body or specific parts of his body into any shape he can imagine for a variety of uses.

Skill: Technology (9)

Reed has a keen understanding of technology. And with that knowledge comes the ability to do just about anything. He is able to repair most types with little to no knowledge of the device, upgrading said device beyond its normal specs, as well as creating a new devices in the hopes they could help humankind.

Skill: Academics (9)

Reed holds a working knowledge and mastery of multiple subjects. Electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering, electronics, chemistry, all levels of physics, and human and alien biology. He's a visionary, a theoretician and inspired machine smith. He made breakthroughs in various fields such as space travel, extra-dimensional travel, biochemistry, robotics, computers, synthetic polymers, communications, mutations, transportation, holography, energy generation, and spectral analysis. He's one of the few people on Earth to be an expert on other dimensions and the methods to travel to and through them.

Skill: Driving (3)

Reed isn't unfamiliar with the concept of driving and operating land based vehicles. He's able to handle himself very well when working with a car, or even a truck. Nothing overly fancy, being just above average but it still serves him well and you never know when you will find yourself in a car chase.

Skill: Languages (*)

Reed is quite competent when it comes to languages of the world. Hr find it easier to communicatew with other scientists around the world in their own words rather then English, which is not the universal language of the planet earth.

Skill: Martial Combatant (4)

Reed is very capable hand-to-hand fighter. He typically uses a mix of bludgeoning attacks and grappling style of combat, that allows him to make full use of his ability to change his shape and size.

Skill: Piloting (4)

You won't see Reed in the cockpit of a fighter jet any time soon, seeing that he owns a flying 'car'. Reed is able to handle himself, however he isn't well trained for a air-to-air combat situations.



Flaw: Enemies

As the member of a world famous superhero team with a tack record of stopping many enemies of mankind almost on a daily basis. Not to mention having very public identities, it's any wonder Reed and his friends are always being attacked. If not by a power hungry dictator from a small European country or an enormous being bent on devouring the earth. Any way you look at it Reed and the others on the Fantastic Four will always have some crazy out to make his ma on the world by destroying them.

Flaw: Inventions

Though built for the greater good. Some of the inventions Reed has constructed over the years are a little more dangerous than others. Though the actual effects or side effects are known only to Reed. They are still extremely dangerous and if any of these items were to fall into the wrong hands the outcome could be quite disastrous.

Flaw: Obsession

Once Reed sets his mind to a task there's no way of stopping him. Especially if it's a project or projects he's just started. He'll ignore everything that's going on around him just to finish what he's doing. And this can cause problems in more ways than one. He'll put off important responsibilities until he's poked, prodded or forcefully dragged away from what he's doing. And if he's not watched he'll sneak away and continues with what he was doing before he was interrupted.

Flaw: Pedantic

There is an old saying 'the devil is in the detail'. In Reed's case that's exactly the problemr. Especially when Reed starts to create a device or begins examining an object or person. He wants to get every detail, every millimeter and every molecule scanned and tagged exactly right. And this eye for particulates even comes out when he speaks. And even though it takes a few moments till someone tells him to stop, Reed will describe what's going on or what he's doing by explaining the subject in question at the time.

Flaw: Public Identity

Some say fame is great, but to every upside there is a down. And much like the other members of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards is publicly known as Mister Fantastic leader of the Fantastic Four. And this can be quite problematic at times. It's not uncommon for him to be swarmed by fans and onlookers when he goes out into public to shop, see a movie, have dinner or do any other activity most people do on a daily basis.


Reed was born to Nathaniel and Evelyn Richards in Central City, California. His father was a genius which passed to Reed having similiar intellect and interests. At age seven, Reed's life was shattered when his mother died. Now a single father, Nathaniel shows Reed to avoid the hurt caused by the loss by delving deep into his studies. Reed showed an uncanny aptitude in mathematics, physics, and mechanics and was quickly considered a 'child prodigy'. Nathaniel encouraged Reed in his endeavors and experiments, but due to different interests they start to spend very little time together.

At the age of fourteen he was enrolled in college and went to multiple ones by the time he was eighteen earning four separate degrees. His education included stints at four different colleges including the California Institute of Technology, Harvard, Columbia and Empire State University. It would be at Empire State where Reed's world would be changed for the good and the bad.

At Empire State, Reed soon found himself assigned to a room with resident football star Benjamin J. Grimm, it wasn't long before the two became good friends. Around this time Reed designing a reusable spacecraft. Ben jokingly volunteered to pilot the craft if Reed ever built it. At Columbia University he rented a room in a boarding house where he met Victor Von Doom. Moving on to Harvard, Reed earned Ph.D.s in Physics and Electrical Engineering.

In his mid twenties Reed used his inheritance, government funds to finance his research and development of the craft to take him into space. A young women he met years prior helped fund when finances were low, and his friend Ben was scheduled to fly the craft. The government though threatened to cancel the project so Reed, Ben, Sue, and her brother Johnny sneak onto the ship and launch. Reed felt it would be safe even though testing wasn't complete.

Things were going perfectly for the maiden flight. However as brilliant as Reed was, he failed to calculate for all possibilities that could lead to a catastrophic failure. But the one thing Reed didn't fit into his calculations was the chance of a freak cosmic storm passing close to the Earth. By the time they discovered the storm it was too late for the foursome to do anything. The ship was engulfed by the exotic radiation from deep space. The cockpit, though shielded was filled with the cosmic energies. It's still unknown how they got back but the four barely made it back to earth alive. When they came too they were more than happy to be alive, but they soon discovered that their bodies were radically changed by the radiation. Amazingly the shields on the ship were able to protect them from a lethal dose, but that didn't matter. Each of them were changed. In Reed's case his body became incredibly malleable and capable of stretching great distances and changing shapes.

Reed started to investigate as to what happened. But before he could find a cure for their condition, it was made public when they used their new found powers to help save the city from a major threat. Almost overnight the quintet became instant celebrities and were called the Fantastic Four. With Reed earning the name Mister Fantastic.

Over the next few years the four, with Reed in the lead, found themselves combating various menaces that threatened the city and even the world. They would even find themselves lending their help to some of the most prominent teams in the superheroic community.


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