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Rene Cyx Krinn
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Recently arrived from the future, but with no clear way to return, he will be out of place and very curious of life in general. He's had two years training in the Legion Academy, but that doesn't exist here on modern Earth. This means he isn't a Legionnaire, and he does not have a flight ring. Entry to Legion will have to be rped out.

The picture here clearly doesn't show it, but Rene is Coluan, meaning he's green skin. Obvious for being an alien.


Abilities: Power

Eidetic Memory: 5, Electric Generation: 2, Emp: 5, Heat Generation: 3, Intelligence: 9, Light Generation: 2, Magnetic Flight: 6, Magnetic Senses: 8, Magnetic Shield: 6, Magnetokinesis: 6, Physiology: 6

Abilities: Skill

Academic: 4, Anthropology: 7, Athletics: 4, Combat: 3, Leadership: 4, Technology: 6

Advantages: Polyglot Rokk Krinn

Flaws: Attunement, Emotional Contrasts, Responsible, Selfless, Sly

Languages: Coluan, Daxamite, Durlan, English, Interlac, Khundish, Kryptonian, and Spanish


Power: Eidetic Memory (5)

This is an aspect of his 10th level intellect, and means that he doesn't forget things. What he sees and hears he will remember. (This memory can be altered if one has the means however.)

Power: Electric Generation (2)

This is where the electromagnetism comes in. He can generate small boughts of electricity. Enough to jump a car battery and that kind of thing. This does not grant him control of said electricity. Rene would be able to use himself as a rough conduit for that energy, but that's the best he could manage, and it would be dangerous. This doesn't grant immunity.

Power: Emp (5)

Electro Magnetic Pulse This effect disrupts electronics within the area of said pulse, if they are unshielded, or poorly so. Depending on range the pulse can destroy electronics, when ground zero, or merely shut them down a brief time. His range at this isn't large, for all he can focus an attack well. Precision is what Rene concentrates on, so he can hit specific targets without putting others at risk.

Power: Heat Generation (3)

Rene can generate minor heat, enough to boil water. Can certainly burn himself with it too, since this doesn't grant immunity.

Power: Intelligence (9)

Rene was designed to be a 10th level intellect, and all that implies. He is no Brainiac 5, and he has no gift for invention, but he is one of the smartest people out there. Telepaths are going to have a difficult time with him, but he is by no means immune to such things. In fact his father has a weakness to being controlled. The intellect helps balance that, but it lurks in Rene as well.

Power: Light Generation (2)

Rene can generate soft light. He is his own flash light, but this isn't strong enough to be a weapon. Unless a flash might distract someone briefly.

Power: Magnetic Senses (8)

Another aspect he's focused on. His senses in this manner are acute, and his mind sharp enough to grasp what he can feel. He can sense tiny variations in fields, see resonance images, and even read a person's aura to know in general what mood they are in. (This doesn't grant control of said aura in any way.)

Power: Magnetic Shield (6)

Rene can create a field a short distance around himself, just a few feet, that will repel both metals and electricity. It even grants an immunity to telepathy when active.

Power: Magnetokinesis (6)

Being half Braalian, Rene was born with the ability to control magnetism. This is the manipulating of metals. Due to his being a half breed his ability isn't what his father's is, but his sheer intellect has allowed him a much finer control than most Braalians are capable of. His strengths lay not in great masses getting tossed around, but the delicate things he can shape. He'll never toss around battle ships, but he could rewire a machine without shorting it out. Rene has also reached a point he's delving into electromagnetism (This spectrum covers magnetism, light, heat, radiation, and electricity), of which magnetism is only a part. Still very new at this, he can do little with it at this time.

Power: Physiology (6)

Rene is technically genetically engineered. Not to be a super powered being, but Coluans are all genetically engendered to ensure they have no diseases or sicknesses. Coluan's also have an average life span of six hundred years. He won't be an adult by their standards until he is over a hundred. Rene won't get colds or the flu, and can't be affected by natural diseases.

Skill: Academic (4)

This is mostly in the area of history, but Rene dabbles in other esoteric knowledges as well. He knows a little bit about a lot of things, but only in history does he really show his stuff.

Skill: Anthropology (7)

This is the study of people, and Rene's prime focus of study as a child on Colu. His mother felt her own people had lost this gift, and was hoping to reintroduce it. Rene knows a great deal about how the mind works, and has detailed information of many cultures. (Which don't directly apply to the past, but that's not really a drawback.)

Skill: Athletics (4)

Encouraged by his father, Rene keeps physically fit by means of playing Magnoball and in general training to be a Legionnaire. He's even pretty good at it.

Skill: Combat (3)

Not something Rene enjoys doing and this shows, but he has had a couple years of academy training with the goal of being a Legionnaire. This includes group tactics and support.

Skill: Leadership (4)

Bred for this, Rene has his father's gift for leadership, and all that this entails. While he's lacking true experience at this time, he will one day excel should he have the chance. This includes some diplomacy, tactics, and empathy. A general grasp at how to motivate people towards a common goal.

Skill: Technology (6)

Smart enough to be able to work and even repair (With the correct tools and materials) most technology he encounters, Rene has a solid knowledge basis in this. Especially having been raised on Colu. This doesn't include invention, but he could replicate things with the proper instruction and means.

Power: Magnetic Flight (6)

Most Braalians can't fly, making this something of a source of pride for the young man. Even on worlds without magnetic fields (And there are those), and in space, he can use control of metals to propel himself good distances. Within worlds that have magnetic fields he can achieve great speed.


Advantage: Polyglot

Rene's intellect allows him to pick up languages with ease, so he knows a great many of them. Most of these languages are from the future, but he knows English very well thanks to his father. In time he will also pick up some other major Earth languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese..

Advantage: Rokk Krinn

Rene's father. While Rokk won't give the boy everything he might want, it can be expected he will give Rene everything he needs. A good dad is awesome like that.


Flaw: Attunement

Each world has its own magnetic field, and in fact not all worlds have one. Rene's developed his ability to a point where he must attune (Braalians call this polarizing.) to a world before having full access to his powers. This is a small drawback to be sure, but it will take several days to attune, and then he'd have to attune once more upon returning home. So, space travel, and world hopping, will lower his magnetic abilities until he can adapt. Not attuning can lead to chemical imbalance and extreme discomfort as well. Even psychosis.

Flaw: Emotional Contrasts

Rene is a child of two worlds, Colu and Braal, and was raised between them. It's left him at odds with aspects of himself. Coluans are generally a serious, very reserved people who focus on sciences and technologies. The Braalians are far more human in nature, considering they are descended from such. His father's side of the family are solid, loving people, who encouraged his enjoyment of things. Now in his teens he just isn't sure who he should be.

Flaw: Responsible

A little too much so. He learned on Colu that the whole matters more than the individual, and he watched his best role model, his father, sacrifice time and time again for people he didn't even know. Rene has a very firm sense of responsibility implanted. It hinders things like fun and even some aspects of living.

Flaw: Selfless

It's second nature to the young man. If there's a need he'll give of himself for it. Most times this is his time and effort, but it could very well be his life one day. Throwing himself into danger to help another will happen without much thought to his own safety.

Flaw: Sly

Rene hasn't quite worked up to manipulative yet. His father can be, but Rene lacks experience at it. Still, in time Rene is going to be unable to resist doing such things. For all it will be done with a good intention, as he's a good heart, they do say the road to hell is paved with such things.


A Coluan by the name of Aar Cyx was fascinated with Rokk Krinn. Not for any kind of love, but for his gift with people. It was a trait she felt her own people had lost. So she convinced him to donate his DNA for her research. In time she created Rene, a Braalian/Coluan hybrid, but she died before she could see her work come to life. Her sister Alita, took over the project, and raised Rene. Training him from very early on in theoretical xenocultural socio-anthropology. The boy spent the majority of his time on Colu, a cold, sterile world, but was allowed to visit not only his father, but his Braalian grandparents as well.

Being the son of Cosmic Boy does have drawbacks however. Rene has been kidnapped a couple of times, and all that kind of thing. No major injuries occurred though, and each time he was returned safely to his Aunt on Colu.

When he hit fourteen, the age of majority for many United Planets worlds, he said good-bye to Colu and moved to Earth to be with his father and step mother. The change was drastic of course, but he also loved it. His half sisters were finally of an age to be fun, and he threw himself into this new life with all his heart.

Which of course included wanting to join Legion. He passed up many great opportunities to enroll in the Legion Academy. His father also put it off until Rene was fifteen. Giving him time to adapt to Earth. He spent two years in the academy, working on the skills necessary to becoming a Legionnaire, and mostly in discovering he could be a teen-ager. For one of his best friends growing up had also joined, and they managed to get into their share of trouble.

But before he could finish his academy training, Rene was tossed back through time to the modern era. This wouldn't be the first time it had happened to Legion, and wouldn't be the last. The attack came without warning, and the shift before he could even react.


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Rokk Krinn

Rokk is Rene's father.


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