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Robert Bearclaw is a Native American mutant of Iroquois descent who grew up under the tutelage of a shaman named Oedha. A man who awakened and guided him on his destined path as the Ghost Warrior. Robert is later captured and cybernetically reconstructed by the evil megacorporation Cyberdata as one of their deadly S.H.O.C. troopers. Time has passed and he is now free.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Healing Factor: 7, Metamorphic Body: 2-8, Spirit Magic: 3/6

Abilities: Skill

Hunter: 7/9, Iron Will: 5, Motorcyclist: 5, Shaman: 6, Warrior: 7/8

Abilities: Tech

Cybernetic Implants Synthetic Claws: 8

Advantages: Oedha

Flaws: Cyberdata, Physical Rejection, Prophecy, Unusual Appearance

Languages: Algonquin, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Cheyenne, English, Lakota, Navajo, and Spanish


Power: Healing Factor (7)

Connected to Ripclaw's metamorphic body is an amazing regenerative power. This healing factor grants Ripclaw the ability to heal from insane amounts of physical damage. He is damn near immune to toxins and diseases unless of supernatural or abdnormal origins, and wounds depending on their degree of severity heal up in seconds, minutes to hours, his hair grows faster than usual and his lifespan may also be greatly affected. it is thanks to this incredible power that Ripclaw still lives, many times over he has been grievously injured and still managed to stagger to his feet again only moments later.

Power: Metamorphic Body (2-8)

After his awakening from the Ritual of the Sun Robert's body had transformed and he became the Ghost Warrior. A title bestowed upon him by his mentor and one he claimed has a great destiny involving our world and that of the spirits This transformation effectively altered Robert Bearclaw permanently; his mutant powers and the will of the otherworldly had turned him in to a creature no longer humn. He was now gifted with the strength of a bear, the swiftness of a predator cat, the senses of a wolf, the eyesight of an eagle and so on. To top it off Cyberdata's further tampering with his body by cybernetic means augmented these traits to their peak ability; as such as such Ripclaw's strength rating sits at a (4), agility and prowess (6), his running speed can reach up to (2) in short bursts, his endurance and resilience (6) and his senses of smell, heairng, eyesight all cap out at an (8).

Due to his unique nature Ripclaw has an innate sixth sense and spiritual awareness that extends beyond the physical realm. His sensory abilities are in the league of supernatural and allow him such things as perceiving auras, sensing abnormal phenomenon and spirits or spiritual energy.

Power: Spirit Magic (3/6)

Ripclaw is a trained and mentored student of the occult especially where it concerns Native American shamanism and the spirit plane/or dreamworld. He can commune, compel and bind spirits as well as enter their world. As the Ghost Warrior he can tap in to a surplus of spiritual energy and power that allows him to perform feats of magic through ritual or when in the spirit plane itself manipulate the enviroment or become a large mystical like being. He can also astral project himself, "bless" objects, create magical weaponry (temporary and based off of his own spiritual essence), establish limited telepathy via magical means and heal the ill or wounded. In the mundane/material world his magical potency sits at a rough (3) while in the spirit realm or pretaining to strictly Native American or spiritual magic his abilities lie at a (6).

Skill: Hunter (7/9)

Robert Bearclaw is a experienced, trained, talented and expert Native American hunter. Without the use of his mutant powers or spiritual attunement he can still hunt a man across the world and back again while covering his own tracks and remaining perfectly unseen. People don't see him unless he wants them to. This applies to knowledge, tracking, survival and stealth. In Urban settings Ripclaw is a (7) in the Wilderness this is a (9).

Skill: Iron Will (5)

Discipline, personal code, past experience and being in constant pain has given Robert an amazingly high threshold and resilience to outside influence. The unusual conditioning of being in constant agony, exposure to powerful telepaths, technological brainwashing, shaman training and martial discipline has granted Ripclaw a very formidable psyche.

Skill: Motorcyclist (5)

Robert can maintain, modify and repair most motorcycles and to some extent other two, three and four-wheeled vehicles. On a motorcycle he can perform stunts, manuever effectively in hostile environments and pilot skillfully in combat situations. The man is an enthusiast and loves to ride.

Skill: Shaman (6)

Robert Bearclaw is the pupil of Oehda and an expert in all things Native American including mythos, history and the occult; especially when relating to Great Plains indians and tribes of Iroquois, Cheyenne, Najavo, Lakota or Apache (Each a group he spent some time with). Ripclaw's knowledge is extensive and he can pick out famous places, names and people as well as stories without needing to rely on memory. He is very prideful in his heritage and can speak several Native American dialects all pretaining to tribes stretched across the United States, Canada, Alaska and some in South America. Knowing the language also opens him up to their cultures and medicine plus how to employ, recognize and interpret. His training underneath the legendary Oehda also extends to the supernatural realms, he is well-versed in the otherworld, it's denizens and what to expect whether it is fighting, healing, communing or protection that is required. Over the past several years Bearclaw has become a bit of a renowned expert in these fields himself.

Skill: Warrior (7/8)

Ripclaw is a skilled Martial Artist in various forms. He mastered Shotokan Karate at a young age and from there began studying Chulukua-Ryu, Falammichi and the other 15 Native American styles of hand to hand combat. He is also well versed in Jiu Jitsu, Fu Jow Pai (Tiger Claw), Aikido and various other associated forms. Ever the student he is always learning and administering newly acquired techniques in actual combat.

With his claws and teeth a more primal to instinctual aspect of Ripclaw is applied and his combat rating becomes an (8). This is only applicable when absolute ferocity is viable; such as life and death scenarios or when fighting non-living opponents.

Tech: Cybernetic Implants (*)

Ripclaw is augmented by a multitude of cybernetic implants. These components press his body's abilities to their peak limits without them he would not be able to control the bio-tech claws that are permanently fused to him. As such he is a partially reconstructed cyborg who requires more than your typical 'surgical' know-how to operate upon and maintain. He also comes equipped with a datajack should he ever need it.

Tech: Synthetic Claws (8)

Ripclaw's most noticable mutant ability was being able to transform his fingers and teeth in to bear-like claws and sharpened canines due to his metamorphic powers and his totemic like connection to the bear spirit. After becoming enveloped in the mechanisms of Cyberdata this power was altered by their "God-Tech" replacing his power to manifest claws he now has maleable metallic blades instead of fingers. This cybernetically attached weaponry is abnormally strong and sharp; created of composite "memory" metals not entirely originating from our Earth. Though not on par with in density or sharpness as Adamantium the grafted alloy is affected by Ripclaw's metamorphic and regenerative powers.


Advantage: Oedha

Oedha is a spirital guru, medicine man and shaman of the Iroquois. He is Bearclaw's mentor and the one who indoctrined him through the ritual of the Ghost Warrior. It is thanks to this man and his teachings that Ripclaw was able to shake the SHOC brainwashing. They have a father-son/apprentice-master relationship that helps keeps Robert grounded and focused.


Flaw: Cyberdata

The evil megacorporation of Cyberdata once brainwashed and remade Robert Bearclaw as one of their own SHOC troopers. He was tied to one of their more violent and capable teams. During this time Ripclaw was little more than a killing machine who commited more attrocities than he can name. This haunts him mentally, emotionally and physically as once Cyberdata sees you as part of their property that never goes away. Ripclaw will always be hunted and plagued by the menace known as Cyberdata and it's influences.

Flaw: Physical Rejection

Ripclaw's Cyberdata "upgrades" came with a heavy price. His natural metamorphic nature doesn't coincide well with the bio-tech changes his body has been subjected to and as a result Ripclaw is in constant pain. Several points in his lifetime since undergoing reconstruction he has been stricken with levels of agony that have rendered him practically inert and unable to function. Cases like these demand special attention and unfortunately thanks to the alien nature of Cyberdata's technology this sort of thing cannot simply just be 'shut off'.

Flaw: Prophecy

Ripclaw is /the/ Ghost Warrior a prophesized champion of the Native American people and a medium for our world and that of the spirit. As a spiritual medium he is meant to be a sort of protector and liason. It is quite easy for Ripclaw the get wrapped up in things beyond his control and scope. Creatures of supernatural power and significance can easily recognize him for what he is and great amounts of responsibility lie upon his shoulders in regards to his own people. He isn't a man destined for one tribe but many and not all of them human.

Flaw: Unusual Appearance

Robert Bearclaw since a young age has had chalk white skin. This was a mark of his mutant heritage and something he can never mask. After undergoing the ritual of the Ghost Warrior his body morphed and ritualistic tattoo markings were placed upon his already pale white skin and dark brown eyes turned to a deep hellish red. Thanks to these obvious abnormal physical characteristics Ripclaw can not just walk around and exist day to day like a normal human being. He will forever be branded an outsider.


Robert Berresford was born with pale white skin to a poor family stricken with alcoholism and toxic complacency. He was denied knowledge of his real heritage, culture and upbringing until a violent event caused him to reveal his mutant origins.

Running away from home Robert traveled from reservation to reservation around the United States and Canada on a journey of self-discovery. It is during this time he would meet his mentor Oedha, an Iroqious shaman who would enlighten Robert to his family's real story and name. That of Bearclaw not Berresford. From there began the adventure of a pupil and the awakening of Robert Bearclaw the Ghost Warrior. This was not only a physical transformation but a spiritual one. Robert Bearclaw now had a purpose.

After another violent encounter with ignorance Robert Bearclaw found himself in trouble and soon awakening to another transformation at the hands of Cyberdata. They'd removed his hands and fitted him with one of Dr.Corbin's brainboxs. Robert Bearclaw was now Ripclaw, a deadly cyborg SHOC trooper specializing infiltration, tracking, assassination and combat. Darkness envelopes Ripclaw's existence and he becomes little more than a killing machine.

In time Ripclaw is able to climb free of the Abyss surrounding his psyche, to free himself of Cyberdata's brainwashing and reclaim his own identity again. With a new sense of self Ripclaw escapes Cyberdata and ventures back in to the world on his continued path of self-discovery, enlightenment, love, strife, death and tragedy.


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