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Agility: 3 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 7 Intellect: 6 Willpower: 5
Arsenal 4 Heavy Arsenal 6 Combat Skills 7
Glider Cloak 1 Armored Costume 4 Vehicles 2-5
Acrobat Allies and Contacts Detective
Stealth Hacker Wealth
Enemies Secret Identity The Mission
Name: Timothy Jackson Drake Having used his wits to find out the secret identity of Batman, Tim Drake jumped at the chance to assist the hero in any way imaginable. The loss of Jason Todd gave him that chance. After the grueling task of convincing Batman, Tim was allowed to take up the mantle of Robin.
Position: The Teen Wonder
Team: The Bat-Family
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: Graham Phillips
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
Music: Radiohead, "Street Spirit"
Quote: "Never face the darkness alone."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Tim was born to wealthy parents in Gotham City. His childhood was unusual, if happy. Born to wealthy parents, Tim grew up with all the toys he could ever want, and for Tim that meant computers. Over the years, he became quite an accomplished hacker. His other great hobby was a keen fascination with the exploits of the Batman. When Tim first heard of Batman, it was as an urban legend. But as he carefully observed news reports and such, he began to piece together information on the Bat and eventually on his sidekick, Robin, as well.%r%r%tThe boy's crowning moment of fanboy glory came when he deduced that Robin was Dick Grayson, since he had seen the Flying Graysons perform as a child, and in a rare bit of news footage, Robin was seen performing a stunt that only Dick Grayson could possibly execute. Once Batman's sidekick was unmasked in Tim's mind, it was easy to surmise that Bruce Wayne, Grayson's guardian, was the Batman. Tim might never have acted on this knowledge, had his family not been broken by a criminal attack.

Jack Drake, Tim's father, was a wealthy and influential businessman. When Tim was thirteen, a criminal group targeted Jack and his wife, Janet, for a kidnapping and ransom plot, taking them away to South America. Tim did the only thing he could think of: he went to Bruce Wayne for help. Confronted with a boy who had discovered his secret, Wayne agreed to find Tim's parents if Tim swore to keep silent about his and Dick's identities. Tim of course agreed, having never intended to tell anyone anyway.%r%r%tSadly, even as Tim was asking for Bruce's help, things had gone awry with the kidnappers and their victims. Jack's company refused to pay the money, and Janet was accidentally killed by a hot-headed terrorist. Thanks to Batman's intervention, Jack survived, but he was badly injured in the confrontation and left comatose. His wealth was more than enough to keep the bills paid and Tim taken care of, even arranging for him to live by himself under occasional supervision from his father's lawyer and a promise from neighbor Bruce Wayne that the boy would be looked after.

Though Tim never blamed Batman for what happened to his parents, he found himself settling into a deep depression. He was shaken from this state when Jason Todd was %(to all appearances%) killed in the line of duty as Robin. Tim watched the news as Batman went down a darker and darker path, and he finally sought out Dick Grayson to urge him to return to his role as Robin. Dick had come into his own as Nightwing by now and was not interested in returning to the role of junior partner, but Dick saw potential in Tim and conspired with Alfred to make Tim the new Robin. Nightwing began Tim's training himself, preparing him to impress Bruce enough to become Robin.%r%r%tBruce was against the idea at first, of course. He might never have been given a chance had it not been for Alfred. The faithful butler saw something in Timothy Drake, and whatever Alfred said to convince Bruce is known only to them, but soon enough Tim found himself going through a training regimen that would made boot camp look like a nice vacation. He lost all track of time, barely managing to keep up in school and spending every spare minute in training, and months passed. Finally, one fateful night, Bruce presented Tim with the newly recreated Robin costume and let him wear the mask for the first time. Robin was born again.

Even after Tim was accepted into the role of Robin, he was put through endless training. Under the auspices of a "study abroad" program, Bruce sent him to Paris for several months to train with Rahul Lama, master martial artist. This took a surprise turn, however, when Tim accidentally gained the attention of the infamous Lady Shiva. Shiva was impressed with Tim's budding skills, and she offered to train him personally. She was unimpressed by his choice of the non-lethal bo staff, but Shiva kept her word and furthered Tim's training.%r%r%tBy the time Robin returned to Gotham, he was ready for the role. Jack Drake remained in a coma. Since that time, Tim has devoted himself to making the role of Robin his own, all while balancing the life of his public identity and the trials of growing up without one's parents.


Gear: Armored Costume (4)

The suit itself is made from an advanced, flexible armor called Nomex, fireproof and heat resistant. The gauntlets and boots feature textured palms and soles for extra gripping, and the palms have reinforced grooves for sliding down a swingline.

Robin's mask connects to miniature communications system, linking him to his vehicles, the Batcave, and several other individual communication frequencies (police scanners, radio, etc.); it houses a directional microphone with high-gain antenna (100m range) and micro-speakers tucked just behind his ears.

The mask also features Starlight night-vision lenses, a field of view display protector in case of sudden flashes, computer HUD and voice control, and infrared lenses. Robin also carries a full cowl and facemask, which can be pulled over his head to give him a completely sealed system.

Gear: Arsenal (4)
Range: Thrown

Area of Effect: 1-3 targets or 2m radius AoE

Limitations: Gear Toughness 6. Disarmable.

Robin's basic arsenal includes: Batarangs (Blunt impact x15, Razor edge x15, Shuriken x20, Remote-control x5), Mini-bolas (x5), Caltrops, Telescoping staff (Toughness 8), Pellets (explosive, freezing, smoke, tear gas, knockout gas, regurgitant), Slingshot (fires pellets at range).

Utility belt contains: Digital microcamera w/500m zoom, First aid kit, Handcuffs, Laser torch, Mini-computer w/holo-display, Rebreather/gas-mask, Grapnel Gun/jumplines (200m range, Strength 5, Toughness 8), Mini crime lab

Tracers: These are small adhesive discs which operate on a GPS tracking frequency monitored by the Batcomputer. They can be monitored within inches of accuracy unless disabled or shielded from the GPS network.

Universal Tool: Concealed within a compact hammer, this tool kit contains wire cutters/strippers; a diamond-tipped drill; electronic lockpicks and computer port adapters; and screwdrivers, wrench tips, and similar small tools.

Skill: Combat Skills (7)
Tim was trained to expert levels in martial arts by Batman. His style is a hybrid of many others, including Kung Fu, Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Escrima, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wing Chun, Hapkido, Karate, Savate, Kendo, Ninjitsu, Tai Chi, and Biangan.

This ability is primarily used in place of Agility. Strength, Arsenal, or Heavy Arsenal generally handle damage and similar effects.

Gear: Glider Cloak (1)
Range: Glide range is one mile under normal conditions.

The cloak is made of a special "memory" fabric, hardening into its batwing "glider" shape with the touch of a control, and the tips are weighted with lead for use in combat (combat effectiveness is handled separately by his Combat Skills and Arsenal abilities).

Gear: Heavy Arsenal (6)
Range: Thrown

Area of Effect: 1-5 targets or 5m radius AoE

Limitations: Gear Toughness 6. Disarmable.

Robin's heavy arsenal includes: Batarangs (Electro-shock x5, explosive x5), Batclaw (Grapnel gun used as weapon), and Aerosol sprays (IR paint markers, foaming demolition gel, sealant gel, Ver-Sed knockout/amnesiac).

Gear: Vehicles (2-5)
Robin has potetial access to any of Batman's vehicles, but these were designed specifically for his own use. Like Batman's vehicles, these have state-of-the-art combat systems with a full range of sensory capabilities, comlinks to the Batcave mainframe, stealth mode to allow them to move in effective silence, and heavy armor with virtually no loss in maneuverability. Each carries an arsenal of weapons, generally equipped with more creative, less deadly gadgets like oil slicks and smoke screens.

The Redbird: The Redbird is quite a lot like the Batmobile, though designed to be able to shift appearance to resemble a mundane vehicle so it can double as a car for Tim Drake and a disguised mobile headquarters for Robin. Agility (Driving) 5, Speed 2, Toughness 6, Strength 5, Arsenal 4

The Redwing: The Redwing is a sleek, custom aircraft that can switch between "active" and "stealth" modes, its outer skin changing from red and eye-catching to resembling a fairly commonplace private jet. Agility (Piloting) 5, Speed 5, Toughness 6, Strength 6, Arsenal 5

Robin's Batcycle: This Batcycle, nicknamed the "Redcycle," is simply a modified street bike with a 786 cc liquid-cooled V-4 engine. Unlike Batman's, Robin's version is painted a deep red and sports the "R" logo. Agility (Riding) 6, Speed 2, Toughness 5, Strength 4, Arsenal 3


Advantage: Acrobat

Augments Agility when used. Tim has been trained extensively in acrobatics, gymnastics, and parkour. Vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping come very naturally to him, especially in an urban environment. He has also worked extensively with gliders and swinglines.

Advantage: Allies and Contacts
Resource. Robin (or Tim, in some cases) has a number of useful associates, contacts, and allies upon whom he can rely. These include various police contacts, Internet resources, and others. Most notably, this includes Batman and his allies, such as Alfred Pennyworth and Dick Grayson, Tim's predecessor as Robin.

Advantage: Detective
Augments Perception or Intellect when used. Naturally perceptive and intelligent, Tim has been trained by Batman, the world's greatest detective. From classic deduction to modern CSI techniques, there are few details that Tim will miss.

Advantage: Hacker
Augments Intellect when used. Tim has been using computers for most of his life. He can easily build or repair most computer systems, and he is a talented programmer, but his specialty is breaking into databases without being caught.

Advantage: Stealth
Augments Agility when used. Stealthy movement, such as sneaking and sleight of hand, are part of standard training from Batman. Tim is quite accomplished at going unnoticed and leaving very little, if any, evidence of his presence behind.

Advantage: Wealth
Resource. Tim Drake officially has access to $50,000 per year out of a managed trust fund set up from his father's estate. When he is of legal age, Tim will inherit the entire estate, worth billions of dollars.


Flaw: Enemies

Targeted by dangerous criminals. Robin has enemies, both Batman's and his own. Many very dangerous people would love to get their hands on the so-called "Boy Wonder" and kill him, use him as a hostage, or plan some other rather unpleasant fate for him.

Flaw: Secret Identity
Must balance two lives. Robin keeps his civilian ID of Tim Drake a secret, not only as per Batman's rules but because he realizes that the knowledge of who he really is could lead to someone potentially unraveling the web of secrets that protect the identities of Batman and his associates.

Flaw: The Mission
Role as Robin demands personal sacrifices. Apart from fighting crime, a mission to which Tim is very dedicated, part of Robin's "job" is providing a balance to Batman's darkness. Tim's also got to balance it out with keeping up his public identity, Batman's strict training regimen, and keeping top grades in school.


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