Robin Locksley
Robyn Hood
Adapted FC (Zenescope)

Robyn Locksley is nationwide known as 'Bloody Robyn Hood' and 'the Arrow Killer' for her revenge spree with 5 dead and 2 maimed victims. News never have had interest in why she did it, but just portrayed her to be on the top ten of the enemy of the nation.


Abilities: Combat

Archery: 7, Close Combat: 4-6, Throwing: 5

Abilities: Profession

Driving: 3, Fletching: 4, Leadership: 2, Riding: 4, Sportswoman: 5, Survival: 5, Thievery: 5

Abilities: Gear

Arrows: 1-2 Bonding Crystals

Advantages: Eye of the Bow

Flaws: Demon Blood, Jinxed, One Eyed, Wanted

Languages: English


Combat: Archery (7)

Some people train from birth to gain their skills, others are natural talents. While Robyn did not train archery much more than other sports for most of her time, she has a natural talent for archery and had to rely on herself alone in Myth, forcing her to learn very quickly and perfect her aim. Even with only her right eye she is a master markswoman.

Combat: Close Combat (4-6)

Hand to hand, Staff and sword alike - having to survive in a brutal medieval world forces people to learn the use of weapons. When wielding one handed and light blunt or edged weapons like saps and knifes as well as hand to hand she has a skill of 6. In case of swords, rapiers and other less easy to use weapons she has a 4. Weapons like axes and staffs that range between are wielded with 5.

Combat: Throwing (5)

Even if she is a markswoman mostly, she has learned to toss arrows or other objects in a very deadly manner and aim on vitals.

Gear: Arrows (1-2)

Bows: To launch arrows you need a bow, unless you throw. Robyn has a small collection: a compound bow, a collapsible compound bow and a few longbows.

She has some quivers with bodkin point and broad head arrows as well as the odd trick arrow she can construct herself. Also she has a single reusable grappling line arrow, which she can't replace on her own.

Gear: Bonding Crystals

To fuel Robyn's bond with a bow she needs crystals. Currently she has one in her possession which hails from Myst.

Profession: Driving (3)

Anyone on the roads can drive and Robyn is not an exception. She is not too much better than anyone else, but that's ok if you get from A to B.

Profession: Fletching (4)

She can make her own standard arrows on her own, even with little to no equipment besides the parts used. While most often making bodkin point, blunt and broad heads, some few arrows she can produce are trick arrows: whistling signal projectiles, ones carrying flaming compounds and arrows carrying a small object (about one ounce) mark her limit.

Profession: Leadership (2)

While she never actualy trained it, she has shown she can push people from hidden anger to open revolt and being able to pull attention to herself as a focal point of agression. While her speeches arelikely being fuled by hate, anger or cynism, it is nontheless inspiring to those that can believe in the goals she proclaims - but she is much more effectice in rallying people when she can mix her talk with actions.

Profession: Riding (4)

Robyn might never have had an own horse in her teens and never even rode until she ended up in Myst, but she has learned fairly quickly how to stay in the saddle in most normal conditions and care for horses.

Profession: Sportswoman (5)

Robyn always has been good in sports, especially in disciplines needing physical fitness and agility. If she needs to run a few miles or evade an arrow by turning a wheel, she has a good chance when it comes down to athletic, acrobatic and gymnastic skill.

Profession: Survival (5)

She can survive with only little tools and on her own in a world which calls a crossbow a magnificent new invention.

Profession: Thievery (5)

She started to steal money of scumbags and swipe pockets as early as 10 and she still retains these skills up to nowadays.


Advantage: Eye of the Bow

Even though she has lost her left eye, she has found out, that her half demonic heritage allows her to bond with bows and use them as an aiming replacement for her lost sight. To bond with a bow she needs a crystal able to store some magic and the bow she wants to bond with. The bond is created almost instantly, but prying the crystal free again destroys the bow.


Flaw: Demon Blood

Robyn's real parents are a demon and a cultist, making her a half blood. While the demonic heritage gives her the ability to interact with some magic items, she also suffers from a few drawbacks because of this, especially when interacting with magic: Any spell or object designed to work on humans or demons works on or against her, even if it would not work against the other half of her. Atop of that, the destroyed eye looks like an obvious mutant ability. Examples: This means an exorcism would throw her to Hell in whole, a demon detector will trigger on her and a demons ability to make humans insane works on her just fine.

Flaw: Jinxed

Robyn is kind of cursed to draw bad luck. She can't direct it like a weapon and seems to want to torment her - it targets allies and friends of Robyn, but if none ie around it can strike on civillians and even Robyn herself. Often it results in harm for those people or other people reacting violently towards Robyn. This is a dark (and sometimes cruel) plot-hook, not a weapon! Feel free to use it maybe once or twice in a scene to draw attention to a situation close to Robyn or negative attention on her, but please don't overdo it - one I-bar falling on someone is bad luck, any I-bar in NY is overkill.

Flaw: One Eyed

Robyn's left eye has been cut out with a shard of glass, rendering it blind. While she covers it up with a blindfold most times, the orb underneath is not plain white but glowing golden. Unless she uses a bow she has bond to, she has no depth perception and her field of vision lacks the most left part.

Flaw: Wanted

Robyn is not only in conflict with the law; she is wanted for prison-break, mutilation, arson and murder in several cases. The news has stamped her as a serial killer, ruthless murderer and claim she tortures her victims. Cops might recognize her and the bounty on her head is not too small either, drawing bounty hunters to her trail.


It is not exactly rare to have super powered parents, and not to know about them, even then, you don't expect them to be a cultist and a demon. Robyn certainly has no clue about it, for all she knows she has been born somewhere in a poor NY suburb where she was abandoned just mere hours after her birth. Left on the doorstep of a couple - the Locksley's - they took her for their child. As they were poor all the time and her adoptive father extremely greedy, she started to steal (and hurt) gangsters and other scum in the area she lived at to get medicine for her very ill adoptive mother. Her adoptive father had never been too nice to her and outright went abusive, kicking them both out when she was 10. When she was 15 her adoptive mother passed away, Robyn entered the system of foster care, getting passed from foster home to foster home (9 in 2 years) before she ended in high school. Trying best in sports she caught attention of the school's star quarterback Chris, who also was son of a millionaire. However he was also a Jerk who tried to put her picture on his scoreboard. Instead she beat him up and stole his car - unfortunately he used the police contacts of his father to track her down and crash the car into the side of the highway with his friend. She tried her best to protect herself but in the end they overwhelmed her. She tried her best not to cry, but as Chris cut out her left eye she had to. The following trial was a farce: Robyn ended in jail for stealing the car and reckless driving, while her assaulters went free without even a charge started against them. From here things went downhill fast: her half demonic heritage allowed her to pass through a portal to a strange, medieval realm called Myst, where she almost immediately was started to get hunt down. Trying to survive in the woods, she acquired a deadly precision in archery and learned the arts of survival in addition to what she already knew about kicking ass. Over the next year or two she became a legend in her struggle to bring down one of the rulers in a rebellion, so she could get a hold on the only known portal back to earth. When she finally found it, she had acquired a bow which allowed her to see like she was aiming with both eyes. Trying to get revenge she killed Chris' two friends, his father, mutilated Chris and set him and the house ablaze. Harming two cops and killing the Sherriff for having ordered the cover-up of her attackers deeds, she went on the run.

Being on the run, she had tried to abandon the bloody life she had been tossed into, but even as she managed to hide on a farm in the middle west for some time, but a bounty hunter eventually tracked her down. She was able to escape for some time but ended in a high security jail for the murder and arson as well as the prisonbreak.

She stayed there until someone of the FBI offered her a to wipe her register clean for joining a black ops team against a demonic foe for some mission. Even as her mission was a success, the responsible agent died in it, leaving her with no other option but to go on the run again, and her crime report still hanging over her like a sword of Damocles. The situation is not made better by the fact, that she gets the blame for the dead agent...


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    File:Barbara Gordon.jpg
    Barbara Gordon

    Daughter of the Comissioner, fights with sticks AND does not like me. Great. And a friend of Dinah...

    File:Barbara Gordon.jpg

    Competent girl, but it's a pitty she never gets out.

    File:Dinah Lance.jpg
    Dinah Lance / Black Canary

    Considdering the deal she offered me - Jail or go under her wing - she is kind of a good friend. No, maybe my best friend out here.

    File:Oliver Queen.jpg
    Green Arrow

    Chauvinist guy, but he's an impressive archer. Good thing: he let me off the hook. Bad thing: he saw me.

    File:Oliver Queen.jpg
    Oliver Queen

    Who the hell is this idiot? He knows my face, my fucking NAME and has seen me - atop of that he is CEO of Queen Industries!

    File:Bruce Wayne.jpg

    Hardboiled ass. Why again he sees me as too ruthless when he breaks peoples bones?

    File:Dick Grayson.jpg

    Guy too much into his gadgets...


    Robyn Locksley's Wanted List
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