Magnetic Personality
Rokk Krinn


Rokk Krinn, as Cosmic Boy, was one of the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Now an adult and stuck in the 21st century, his job is keeping the time-lost Legionnaires from disparate futures into a unified force for good in the modern world.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Emp: 8, Magnetic Flight: 7, Magnetic Shield: 10, Magnetic Sight: 7, Magnetokinesis: 10, Physiology: 4

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 6, Combat: 5, Leadership: 8

Abilities: Gear

Flight Ring, Omnicom, Telepathic Earplugs, Transuit

Advantages: Amateur Historian Polyglot

Flaws: Easily Possessed, Gambling, High Standards, Magnetic Temper, Manipulative, Responsibility, The Greater Good, Too Selfless

Languages: Interlac, English, Coluan, Daxamite, Durlan, Khundish, Kryptonian, and Latin


Power: Emp (8)

Cos has the ability to produce a short-range electromagnetic pulse that's capable of frying magnetic storage devices, disabling any inadequately or un- shielded electronic equipment, disrupting radio communications, and kicking the living crap out of the electrical grid over an area roughly the size of, say, the Happy Harbor Nuclear Research Facility. With severe strain or a lot of help from a lightning generator (like Garth or Ayla), he could probably black out a city the size of twentieth-century New York or Metropolis (without suburbs).

Power: Magnetic Flight (7)

Most Braalians don't have enough oomph to their powers to fly themselves around without help -- but in magno-ball, the players are airborne, and there is no anti-grav field. Flight, levitation of other people, levitation with other people -- carrying them while he's flying -- Cos can play his own personal magnetic field against that of any planet he happens to be on at the time to be able to fly himself and take a bunch of other people with him. It's not particularly difficult. He could keep that sort of thing up all day! And has.

Power: Magnetic Shield (10)

Cos can throw up a magnetic shield. Its simplest form is putting it up around himself, but he can extend it to include an area of about ten feet diameter around him. Basically, it's just a huge magnetic repellant. Not only does it protect him and whatever else is inside it from solid ferromagnetic projectiles and debris and whatever, but it also protects from electrical attacks and telepathy.

Power: Magnetic Sight (7)

With magnetic resonance imaging, Cos can view the locations and sizes of objects with metallic content, based on the effects they have on magnetic fields in their vicinity. He can use this as very limited radar: he can get a sense, without input from any other senses, of the general layout of his surroundings based on any ferromagnetic materia and any extant magnetic fields (including those of people). This power also makes it possible for him to unerringly find magnetic north.

Power: Magnetokinesis (10)

Heat and Distance: These two factors lower the dice incrementally.

A native of the planet Braal, Rokk Krinn was born with his people's inherent control over magnetism. There're a number of Braalians with a great deal of ability and/or talent, but Cos stands out from even the top percentile: putting it bluntly, his raw powerlevel is disgusting. Disgusting like moving multiple low-iron-content asteroid-size planetoids at the same time. Look, he raised the freakin' Titanic without either breaking a sweat or breaking the ship to bits. See - his finesse ain't that bad, either. When he was eleven, he was scouted as a potential magnoball WINNAH! because of that power and finesse. /Eleven/. Pro sports. At that age, Cos could effortlessly lift a person by the trace iron in their blood (while exhausted and malnourished, to boot) - and not hurt them, and keep it up, and get distracted, and still be cool. As long as there's magnetic material somewhere in something, he has potential control over it. He's been shown extracting the metal from a piece of ore, as well - extracting it and shaping it in midair. The two main kick-in-the-teeth strictures on this phenomenal power are heat and distance: the hotter the atmosphere or the material he's sprocking around with, or the farther away it is, the harder it is for him to use his power effectively. If something - say, a fleet of iron-clad escape pods with people in 'em - is kinda far away (as it'd have to be, to avoid crashing into the spaceship Cos would be in), and he's gotta keep up the power use for a while, he needs to use a power booster (which the Legion has built into its cruisers) and even then it's a strain. But if he's right up close and personal, he can move an /awful/ lot of metal around.

Power: Physiology (4)

Braalians are considered adults at the age of fourteen, are fertile into their sixties, and are generally expected to live to about three hundred UP Standard years. They also have especially hardy immune systems. It's very difficult for a native to succumb to common virii, or to remain ill if one should infect; injuries that would take a Terran months to heal from take a Braalian mere weeks.

Skill: Athletics (6)

Even though he's more than a few years out of practice, it's not for nothing that Rokk was named Cosmic Champion twice before the age of sixteen. He is bluntly the best player that the sport of magnoball has ever had. Even now, almost twenty years after he quit playing pro, he's ripped and coordinated like woah.

Skill: Combat (5)

Team Aided: 7

Having had Legion training daily for years and years, and kept up with it even on reserve status, Cos can still fight his way out of intimidating odds, hand to hand. With teammates to back him up, as a Legionnaire and especially as a tactician, it's like he has more arms with cooler powers and his fighting ability hikes up to seven.

Skill: Leadership (8)

Speed Chess: 10

Diplomacy: 7

Intrigue: 7

Longterm Strategy: 9

Field Tactics: 9

Pep Talks: 11

Possessed of natural leadership abilities, Cos is a master hand at diplomacy, encouragement, strategy, tactics, empathy, psychology, brown-nosing the brass, and sticking up for his team in the face of extreme criticism. The 'magnificent bastard' set of leadership abilities are there too: Rokk is good at cloak and dagger, bait and switch, political intrigue, disguise, entrapment, following or faking paper trails, sabotage, infiltration, seat-of-the-pants improv, and mid-game strategy shifts with no notice. He's able to give people encouragement -- encouragement that actually works, and sticks -- because he means it. People feel comfortable with following him and listening to him, not just because he sounds like he knows what he's doing, or because he looks like he's in charge, but because he actually does know what he's doing, and the authority he exudes is natural, not presumed. It also doesn't hurt that part of that knowing what he's doing involves both tactics and strategy -- knowing who should be doing what, when, and where, either within field teams or in deciding who should be paired up with whom to go on what mission, and coming up with longer-term plans to deal with various threats and/or projects.


Advantage: Amateur Historian

He's said it a number of ways: 'I'm a bit of a history nut.' What it basically boils down to is that Cos remains thoroughly moved and inspired by the heroics of the last great age of heroes. Long before the Legion was founded, Cosmic Boy was fascinated by the legends of Superman and Valor and other twen-cen figures of mercy and justice; the idealism, drive, and self-sacrifice of these people not only gave hope to a woefully responsible little kid on an economically depressed planet, but they also did end up providing the examples that RJ Brande used in pitching the ideas of the Legion of Superheroes to the three young people that saved his life. Because of his fascination with the surviving legends of that era on Earth, Cos began at an early age to do a comparatively vast amount of research into the society and events that spawned them. As the years have passed, the initial obsession he had for what was going on a thousand years ago expanded to include as much of Earth's history as he could reasonably get his hands on. This only makes sense, considering that Braal was initially colonized by a group of genetically altered Terrans who were placed there by Valor in order to provide another link in Earth's safety network.

Advantage: Polyglot

As per Section 5.4 of the Legion Constitution: "Members shall participate in ongoing educational and training activities as required by the standing Committee on Membership. Such activities shall include language education..." In addition to the languages he speaks fluently, Rokk has working knowledge of Sklarian, Linsnerian, Elian, Franglais, Middle Braalian, and Old High Interlac. He actually takes the study of languages pretty seriously, because not only are they really handy when you're a history aficionado, but when you frequently find yourself in the position of ad hoc ambassador or mediator, nothing works quite so well as addressing a dignitary in their own language without the aid of a telepathic earplug.


Flaw: Easily Possessed

It's very unfortunate, considering the amount that people count on him, and the amount of information he has in his head, but Cos has this terrible habit of getting possessed. Or puppeted. I mean, telepaths do it, super-evil AIs do it, Kryptonian ghosts do it, Milkman Dan does it -- okay, Milkman Dan doesn't do it, but you get the picture. He has a history of his body being taken over and used by intelligences that ain't his.

Flaw: Gambling

For someone who has the reputation of being such a clean-cut, straight-edge Boy Scout, Cos has a flaw that would be fairly damaging if the news ever got hold of it. He has a habit of betting his /entire paycheck/ on Braalian Meteors games. Without fail. This could technically be considered a breach of the Legion Constitution, section 5.5 ("Members shall receive no salaries and/or rewards or compensation from any person or organization other than the Legion of Super-Heroes"), except for the fact that Cos loses just about as much as he gains, an unnamed number of fellow Legionnaires participate, and if he wins money from his teammates, hey, that's from the Legion, right? Besides, it's all in good fun.

Flaw: High Standards

Cosmic Boy has impossibly high standards set for himself and his teammates -- don't falter, don't bend, don't go back on your word, don't compromise your morals, don't compromise the greater good, don't fail. Need your team, but don't need your teammates' personal support. Don't even think about being selfish. Never put yourself first. Yes, he holds himself to these standards. No, it's not fair that he holds other people to them, too, and stops putting his full trust in people if they fail to live up to them -- but at least he's not a hypocrite?

Flaw: Magnetic Temper

Under great physical or emotional stress, Cosmic Boy's natural command of magnetism has a tendency to backfire somewhat: his urge to push people and situations away when in pain manifests as inadvertent magnetic repulsion of nearby ferrous matter. This only shows up under steady, continuous strain: a yelling match or a sudden intrusive wound won't bring it about (these would only provoke an intentional display of power.)

Flaw: Manipulative

Ohhh, the sly and clever manipulation of people in order to get them to do what you need, even if they'd do it just for the asking. Cos is a maestro. Now, sometimes this level of deceit, this overwhelmingly complicated nest of cloak and dagger, is necessary. His studied alienation of the Legion prior to the Chu operation and seeming loyalty to the dastardly President, they were a major part of why the sting was able to be carried out successfully. If she had suspected he was playing her for a fool, he'd've been neatly taken out of the picture. Similarly, if he hadn't shown Garth a gesture of goodwill in attempting to reinstate him, Garth would never have answered his call to put together a rescue squad. If he hadn't lied to Dyrk and counted on his former teammate to follow the rules until he was given a taste of hope, and then /given/ him that hope, he'd never have been able to acquire feasible interstellar transit for the Legion Subterfuge Squad. Still and all, it shows emphatically the level of distrust he has for his friends and teammates, and it's hurt them more than once -- and more importantly, it's sprocked with their trust in him. The Legion can never tell when he's playing a multilevelled game of intrigue; he could be acting like a nasshead or a freak for a really good reason, or something could actually be wrong, and they wouldn't be able to tell. Conversely, he could be being the nicest guy ever, and /that/ could be a lie, too.

Flaw: Responsibility

No matter how bad things are, no matter how sprocked-over he or the Legion has gotten, Cos will always default to feeling responsible for resolving whatever the situation is and getting out with everyone alive. This is not only a heavy weight on his young shoulders, but a completely unreasonable one. He fails to acknowledge, ever, that he's just one guy -- and a guy barely out of his teens, at that. He is Cosmic Boy, and the dream of equality and tolerance and peace that the Legion represents, as well as the Legionnaires that comprise this galactic symbol of unity, are his responsibility to uphold and protect. He's the one who made sure that the Legion's no-killing policy was not only included in the Constitution, but prominent and vehemently stressed. He's the one whose presence gives Legionnaires in killing rages a guilt complex, because he makes sure he leads by example. Do what you like to him, and he'll still refuse to take a life or compromise his beliefs and standards. He really is the ultimate future-era boy scout, and holy Valor it's tough to be that when the whole of reality argues differently.

Flaw: The Greater Good

This is an even greater flaw than simple honour or a strict moral code. Cosmic Boy's main allegiance is to the greater good: not the good of the one, or the many, or a favoured few, or himself -- or even the Legion. If Cos has to screw over a fellow Legionnaire or a friend in order to get a crooked president out of office or to restore peace to the galaxy, oh he will. He'll make it right later, but the initial action will remain. It's not /quite/ 'the ends justify the means' since there are rather a lot of means he won't resort to, but it's close.

Flaw: Too Selfless

Selfless as in 'puts others ahead of himself'. This is considered a heroic trait, but it's also not the best thing in the world for things like survival. He's not a /martyr/; he doesn't do any of this for glory or pity or points. He just readily and steadily values the survival of his teammates as integral to the operation of the team, and his /job/ as making sure that they /do/ survive -- just not necessarily himself.


  • Raised poor on the rough planet of Braal, was unusually gifted with his planet's racial ability of magnetokinesis.
  • Earned a living playing pro magnoball from the age of 11-16, and due to raw power, finesse, and an early-onset case of Tactial Geniusitis, won the intergalactic Cosmic Championship twice.
  • At 16, with Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen, saved life of RJ Brande; they then founded the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Leader for the first two years, created structure and organization of the team, served as a member and interim/emergency leader for twelve years, in which many ridiculous and awesome and terrible things happened, all across space and time and all involving like a million spandex-wearing flying outer space teenagers (well, while they were teenaged, anyway).
  • Eventually caved to the tireless and patient waiting of Jenni Ognats, XS, teammate and Allen family legate, when she snapped and said 'WELL ARE YOU INTERESTED OR NOT, JERKFACE?' and after a few years of paperwork dates with the speedster, married her.
  • Spent a few years as a househusband to raise their kids while his wife, the Flash, took on the role of Deputy Leader to Magno, who had since regained his powers and come into his own (again).
  • Evil Anglerfish-mouthed geneticist aliens (historically and recurringly a problem for Earth) tried a slow invasion in the meanwhile and succeeded, and everything started blowing up all over the place. And then time started blowing up. And then all the planets were at war.
  • Moved the family offplanet and dumped the kids on his parents, set his status from Reserve to Active Legionnaire, and came to help evacuate Earth, since it was starting to crumble from the monstertunnels riddling its belly. It blew up with him in it. Luckily he could tell it was blowing up and ran to break into the Time Institute and steal Brainy's old time platform and go a couple hours and a couple parsecs over so he could rejoin the rest, and then...
  • THE TIME TRAPPER INTERVENED! He wanted to give up his job like last time around and shove it off on Rokk. He revealed he WAS Rokk! Rokk was like eff you, let's play poker then. And then Jenni timetravelled to rescue him but wound up reading the entire Infinite Library on the way, so when she got there, she took the job instead.
  • Meanwhile time was disappearing from the future backwards, again, so the rest of the Legion figured out how to evacuate /the entire universe/ throughout Hypertime, and did so, while Jenni and the Time Trapper were arguing. Once Jenni was the Trapper and they arrived back in their home week, they found a message spelled out using the wreckage of Earth: 'We left. Pick a door and get out of the universe before time eats you. --Dyrk'
  • Jenni shoved Cos through a Hypertime door while yelling 'I'll come get you when I've fixed it!'
  • Considering his wife is now the Time Trapper, Rokk awaits that day with a spine-tingling combination of terror and gladness. In the meantime, there's *always* a Legion.


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Rene is Rokk's half-Coluan son.



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