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Agility: 4(5) Strength: 4(5) Toughness: 4
Perception: 8 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5
Feral Rage (5) Guns? 3 Hand to Hand 6
Healing Factor 5 Heightened Senses 8 Pounce ?
Predator 8 Stalwart 7 Tooth & Nail 8
Adamantium Lacing Contacts Dirty Mind
Gear Untapped Strength
Arrogant Beastlike Appearance Competitive
Enemies Feral Rage Logan
Name: Victor Creed A violent mutant out for anything he can catch, kill, and eat or just the pain he can inflict. Known for his feral nature and personal ability to get the job done if the reward is to his liking. He's an animal, not a pet.
Position: Freelance Killer
Team: N/A
Age: 148
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: EST
Music: "Rooster" Alice in Chains
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


When you kill a member of your blood you are truly a murderer. Victor Creed first accomplished this early in life over, of all things, a piece of pie. Afterwards he was tortured by his father and chained in the basement like an animal. After gnawing off his hand to escape Victor killed his father in revenge and left the homestead.

Many years later he was recruited by the CIA and placed into team X along with a certain clawed mutant Logan that he would keep running into. Logan and Victor had already met before working on the same team. It was believed that Victor killed Logan's first love. After time served doing dirty work and seeing or participating in many unfortunate events, he would take on the name of Sabretooth and become a professional killer for hire. His presence would be noted by many dastardly types.

The Weapon X project recruited him twice. The first time he was recruited the only definite thing that occurred was the mental tampering that helped to twist his mind even more than it already was. The second time the project forced him to return and supposedly enhanced his strength and healing factor before giving his bones the adamantium lacing they now contain.

He would escape the Weapon X project and revert back to his old ways as a hired assassin. Over the years he also joined a few criminal organizations. The fact that mostly all sought to use him for their own ends never sat well with him and neither did the poor leadership of others. The recurring constants in his life are the clawed mutant Logan and the killer in his soul.

Every year on Logan's birthday, Sabretooth can be found hunting him down to start the next round in their ongoing battle for supremacy. Today, he is an unsettled individual who moves from job to job keeping the world at a distance. He currently has no ties other than the damage he has caused but the rumor is that he is looking for steady employment.


Power: Feral Rage ((5))

If Sabretooth goes into a rage he gets stronger, quicker, and even more violent. His rage enhances his strength and agility beyond their normal levels

Skill: Guns? (3)

Sabretooth has used guns in the past for various reasons. He has used a rifle to hunt with but he would rather break the deer's neck with a pounce and a bite.

Skill: Hand to Hand (6)

Sabretooth is a melee type of fighter. He prefers to move in close where his claws and teeth can be effective. He has recieved training in the past on how to fight and has improved upon this by using it frequently.

Power: Healing Factor (5)

Sabretooth can heal wounds from gunshots, burns, or cuts in a few minutes. Broken bones too heal very fast, a severed limb may take a little time.

Power: Heightened Senses (8)

Sabretooth's senses operate at intense levels. His Sight, Hearing, Smell, and Taste are better than certain animals. He can see in the dark. He can hear the faintest of sounds. His sense of smell is well developed and he uses it to track his prey with lethal efficiency. Gross perhaps, but he could tell who dropped the deuce in the woods and then track them down hours after they've left the evidence and a storm rolled through the area.

Attack: Pounce (?)

Sabretooth can coil his muscles and be ready to leap at his prey much like a mountain lion taking down a full grown deer. This attack is difficult to detect as it is usually preceded by stalking and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Skill: Predator (8)

Sabretooth is an a expert at finding and taking down his prey. Add to this skill his heightened senses and he proves to be someone that can follow a trail even if the trail was masked and a few days old. When stalking Sabretooth is as stealthy as a lion and can approach to striking distance with the greatest of ease.

Power: Stalwart (7)

Not only does Sabretooth possess super human endurance; we've heard the addage "up hill, both ways, in the snow, with a backpack" and Sabretooth soldiers on much in the same way, he will pursue, run down, and catch them when they are tired and sometimes before they make it to being tired; but also due to his healing factor, Sabretooth is immune to disease, poisons and toxins, and most drugs. Alcohol has no effect on his system. The dosage of a drug would have to be extreme to produce the desired result.

Power: Tooth & Nail (8)

Sabretooth has claws where his fingernails and toenails should be. His teeth are sharp and his canines are elongated. Both are laced with adamantium making them extra dangerous and able to rend metallic surfaces and objects to shreds.


Advantage: Adamantium Lacing

Sabretooth's bones have been laced with adamantium in much the same way as Wolverine. The difference is his limbs may still be severed at the joints even though his bones may not be broken.

Advantage: Contacts

Over the years Sabretooth has met and worked with various types. The people he can reach out to for possible job leads are worth noting. He has worked for the CIA, he has been a subject for the Weapon X program, he has worked with the Brotherhood of Mutants, at one point he was even a candidate for the Charles Xavier School of Higher Learning but was let go for his violent tendencies. Today he is a lone wolf, though he may work with others if the situation calls for it.

Advantage: Dirty Mind

No psychic wants to go delving into the depths of Sabretooth's brain. If they do there is no telling what they will see. It is not a pretty place, it's been crosswired by government interference which only adds to the cesspool that are his natural thoughts. In short, eww.

Advantage: Gear

He has hidden caches of weapons and equipment stored away in various places that he can grab from, depending on his needs for the current job and his current location. This includes but is not limited to guns, extra clothing, and survival gear.

Advantage: Untapped Strength

The highest levels of Sabretooth's strength have never been quantified. If pushed, results may be extremely dangerous for all parties involved.


Flaw: Arrogant

Sabretooth's predatory nature makes him believe he is higher in the food chain than others. He is overconfident and extremely proud of himself.

Flaw: Beastlike Appearance

Sabretooth cannot hide his true self without some difficulty. He is a large individual. His hair is mane like in quality and his eyebrows can make the Juiceman blush. His smile would leave anyone questioning what they saw.

Flaw: Competitive

While healthy competition is a good thing, Sabretooth takes this to a different level. He wants to prove that he is the alpha predator in everything he does. He hates to lose.

Flaw: Enemies

Sabretooth has a plethora of enemies that owe him for past grieveances. Seriously, lots and lots of folks want this mutant put down for good, such as his son Graydon Creed. He is targeted for payback and the list continues to grow. Don't try to name them all, the next in line... could be you.

Flaw: Feral Rage

Sure he goes off the deep end at times, any good killer does. When he does give in to the rage he's going on instinct and not thinking the plan through. This can be used against him though he cannot be held responsible for damages to someone elses property or apendages for attempting.

Flaw: Logan

An associate, from a secret government project, turned nemesis for many years. They have been trying to kill one another for a very long time. Given their common age defying regenerative power this feud may last for quite a while. Every year on Logan's birthday Sabretooth can be found tracking Logan down for the purpose of starting the next round in the ongoing battle for supremacy. Sabretooth follows his feral instincts where Logan tries to better himself from them. Call these birthday visits checkups or the yearly physical minus the turn your head and cough.


Sabretooth Logs

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