Sahira Dash
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Hailing from the sublime city of Columbus, Ohio, Sahira Dash is a transfer student from University of Ohio to Empire State University. It is her hope to study fashion design and become a famous designer. She is the former Dormmate of Heather Brown, aka Spinnerette.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Powers

Power Copy

Abilities: Gear

Costume: 5

Abilities: Skills

Biology: 4, Fashion Design: 4, Manupulation: 5

Abilities: Stats

Charisma: 4, Intellect: 3, Perception: 3, Willpower: 6

Advantages: Car, College, Mr. Webby, Spinnerette

Flaws: 30 Minutes, Recovering Alcoholic, Hard Truths, Physical Mimic, Feed Me, Iron Will, Speed Force

Languages: English


Powers: Power Copy

Sahira has the ability to mimic the powers of nearly any powered individual. This is done through the act of embracing them or something containing their DNA. Only one person's powerset can be active at a time and it is limited to 30 minutes. This does not affect the other person in any way. She also takes on some physical attributes of said person.

Gear: Costume (5)

This costume is a fabric blend of both Unstable Molecules and Spider silk which was made by Sahira herself. In doing so part of her DNA has been infused into the costume so it can change with her as needed when she copies powers. Aside from this it is identical to the X-men uniforms in make with only a slightly higher ability to withstand punishment.

Skills: Biology (4)

Due to her mother hating the idea of her becoming a fashion designer, Sahira started College studying Biology. She is definitely intelligent in this area and is very much able to understand genetics and a body is made up.

Skills: Fashion Design (4)

Not Quite an amateur but not a professional, Sahira is fully capable of designing and creating clothing such as outfits and super hero costumes. She has a basic understanding of textiles and is one of the few people who can work with spider silk.

Skills: Manupulation (5)

Often by means of seduction or using her own feminine wiles, Sahira is not above using her looks to get what she wants. This is mostly used to help her friends and occasionally to score a date.

Stats: Charisma (4)

Sahira is both attractive and able to convince others to do things for her. She can inspire others to listen to her and do what she suggests.

Stats: Intellect (3)

Sahira is rather intelligent and is gifted when it comes to designing things.

Stats: Perception (3)

Sahira is quite quick on the trigger perceiving danger, especially to others, within moments.

Stats: Willpower (6)

Sahira has grown a lot in the past few months. She's started to overcome her fears and has discovered a deep seated drive to do what is right. If it means saving lives she will never give up. She will push past pain, fear, and anything else that gets in her way to do what is right.


Advantage: Car

Sahira owns a 2011 honda civic. This was a replacement after she managed to toss her roommate out the window and sent her crashing into her old car totaling it.

Advantage: College

She is a student originally at Ohio State University and now Empire state university.

Advantage: Mr. Webby

A plushie that formerly belonged to her roommate, Heather Brown... Mr. Webby holds some of the spider DNA of Spinnerette. This allows her to use it and copy Spinny's powers. Great for house work!

Advantage: Spinnerette

Sahira is one of a few people who know the true identity of Spinnerette. She also is the one who made her costume, saved her butt on a few occasions, and shared a dorm with her for a few years. It does pay to have a Super Hero Best friend!


Flaw: 30 Minutes

Any powers she copies will vanish in about 30 minutes. This could be pushed to 45 but it would cause physical pain and possibly unforeseen consequences such as other traits being brought froward from the copied DNA.

Flaw: Recovering Alcoholic

Sahira is still a partier but due to training and having and the like, She has decided to kick the habit. This is a very good thing but she is of course prone to relapse. One drink is enough to send her down the slippery slope right back to being a full on Alcoholic.

Flaw: Hard Truths

Sahira is an honest girl. She will tell you the truth and not sugar coat it. She doesn't lie but she doesn't soften the blow either. This can lead to some precarious situations.

Flaw: Physical Mimic

When Sahira takes on the the powers of another person she also takes on some of their physical traits. This could make life much more difficult especially when the person she is copying is bigger then she is. She can possibly shred clothing from obtaining someone's physical traits along with their powers.

Flaw: Iron Will

Too much of a good thing can definitely be a problem. When that problem is an exceptionally strong will, it can lead to lots of physical injury and plenty of issues that go with it. This has lead in the past to her catching knives with her chest, and having her leg broken in the danger room.

Flaw: Feed Me

Sahira has to eat a lot of food. Her body is accelerated so she needs a much higher intake of calories just to survive. Like any person if she doesn't eat enough she will start starving and can wind up in a very bad place. She just needs to eat a whole lot more to get there.

Flaw: Speed Force

Sahira has developed a closer connection to the speed force than most normal humans. While altering her speed and dexterity, she also has some of the more negative issues associated with it. If there is a chance for Temporal Displacement, it's going to happen to her. She is also more apparent to enemies who have strong bonds to the Speed Force. She also has a higher metabolism than normal due to this causing her to need to eat a bit more than normal.


Born in Columbus, Ohio, Sahira Dash is an Indian-American and quite intelligent at that. Her early life was rather quiet, She went to school, and found a passion for fashion design. When she told her parents about this, it upset her mother. She did not like the prospects of her daughter going down such a deadend path so she discouraged it. This lead Sahira toward science. Biology is where she shined when it came to that. She would eventually land a scholarship for the university of Ohio. Her first few years were rather uneventful. Than all of that changed. She got a new Dormmate named Heather Brown. This was completely normal until one day she came home with 6 arms! Everything went haywire after that. Sahira pushed the issue of her getting checked out. After some convincing she did get her to a doctor. Heather, who immediately wanted to be a super hero, asked her to sew a costume for her. Sahira was against this but she did give in. She also created the way for Heather to maintain a normal life without being Spinnerette. A fat suit. Sahira continued helping Heather and making outfits and such. She soon was given a new material to work with. Spider Silk. Made by Heather. She is the only one she knows of to actually weave and work with this material which she has come to love. Things were plenty weird by this point. One night, after some heavy drinking, Sahira went to bed and snuggled with Heather. When she woke up, She too had 6 arms and all of the other powers that Spinnerette has! She discovered that the prolonged exposure to Heather's mutated DNA had caused HER to mutate as well. Rather then her being a spider girl, she found that she could mimic any super dna she came in contact with for about 30 minutes. At first this really upset her... It did so to the point that her and Spinny got into a fight which resulted in the destruction of her car. As time moved on, she became more used to her abilities, using them in the quiet of her dorm to clean up much faster. 6 arms definitely are faster for cleaning then 2. She would use Heather's plushie Mr. Webby to get DNA off of for her to power up with. This also lead to a mishap of her gaining the physical attributes of a much larger super and she sorta shredded her clothes. Eventually, Heather would leave Ohio. Sahira found herself wanting to chase her real dream and not follow her mother's desire for her. This lead her to transfer to the fashion capital of the USA... NYC!


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