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Self-Esteem, Tempermental, Wetwork
Self-Esteem, Temperamental, Wetwork
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<!-- End character history -->
<!-- End character history -->

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Protrayed by Yumiko Shaku
Salu Digby
Shrinking Violet
Imskian (Human)

Shrinking Violet

Prickly member of the Legion Espionage Squad, martial artist, marksman, and size changer, Salu Digby gets the job done, be it sneaking into a Council meeting or keeping tabs on a supervillain.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Shrinking: 10

Abilities: Skill

Espionage: 6, Marksmanship: 4, Martial Arts: 6


Flaws: Self-Esteem, Temperamental, Wetwork

Languages: English and Interlac


Power: Shrinking (10)

Like all Imskians, Salu has the ability to shrink herself to subatomic sizes.

Skill: Espionage (6)

Salu's quite good at getting into places, and she's developed skills to take advantage of that. She's good at spotting and circumventing security systems, getting into computer systems, hunting down pieces of data and conducting surveilance.

Skill: Marksmanship (4)

Sometimes a problem can't be solved with a fist or a foot, and for those times, Salu has a pair of pistols. Some say she's far too eager to use them.

Skill: Martial Arts (6)

Salu has undergone extensive and rigorous martial arts training, honing her skills to become one of the top fighters in the Legion. She's particularly fond of using her expansion to full-size to increase the force of her blows.



Flaw: Self-Esteem

Despite her legitimate accomplishments, Salu has some real self-esteem issues, tending to overinterpret comments as slights, particularly when regarding her physical size or her metaphorical stature within the Legion.

Flaw: Tempermental

Salu maintains a tempermental, on-the-edge persona, but it's not entirely an act. Her tendency to overreact and difficulty handling failure make her difficult to work with.

Flaw: Wetwork

As a founding member of the Legion Espionage Squad, Salu's engaged in a range of distinctly non-heroic behavior. That information getting out could be very problematic


  • Both driven and shy, Salu was driven to join the Legion as a test of her skills, beating out two other Imskian candidates and solving the muder of one by the other in the process.
  • While on a mission, kidnapped in a revenge scheme by Micro Lad and kept in stasis for months. Finally rescued by Legionnaires, Salu resolved to be stronger and tougher than all comers.
  • Became a slightly mythical member of the Legion, tending to disappear for long intervals on espionage missions, using her shrinking abilities to get into places others couldn't go.
  • Engaged in a series of problematic relationships with fellow Legionnaires Dirk, Ord and Ayla, all strained over Salu's temper and unashamed participation in the Espionage Squad's wetter of works.
  • Sent to monitor a Time Institute research project, Salu become Unstuck...IN....TIME!


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Legion of Super-Heroes

The Legion of Super-Heroes are time-lost heroic refugees from disparate futures which have one thing in common: there's a Legion there, dedicated to preserving the peaceful lives of sapient beings throughout the universe. They are sometimes referred to as "Those super teenagers from future outer space."


Salu Digby's Wanted List
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