Sasha Alkaev
Lich (Immortal)
Original Character


Quote-open "It shall be thy pleasure to serve me eternally in undeath." Quote-close

Sasha Alkaev is a megalomaniac who is unfortunately gifted with a great affinity for the mystical. After decades of accruing magical secrets she finally succeeded in her goal of obtaining immortality -- through undeath. Now that she is immortal, she places herself above mortals entirely. She feels she is not bound by the laws of humans or any other mortal life, and is thus free to do as she pleases. Only fellow immortals are given a modicum of respect, and even they are not spared her wrath if they interfere with her goal of establishing an empire of the dead, with her as its leader -- Empress Necro.

Necro Themes:
Ghostly Theatre from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Angrathar's Shadow from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Gertrude Themes:
Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Warlord Grigori Themes:
Funeral March by Chopin

Rasputin (Just Dance Version) by Boney M.

Marcus Cranston Theme:
Into The Storm by Blind Guardian

Anya Alkaev Themes:
This Is Halloween (Music Box Version) from The Nightmare Before Christmas


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Intellect: 7

Abilities: Power

Flesh Disguise, Flight: 3, Legendary Spells: 10, Magic: 8, Mind Shield: 9, Mystic Sense: 8, Undead, Undead Legions

Abilities: Skill

Languages: 6

Advantages: Anya Alkaev, Dark Divinities, Gertrude, Marcus Cranston, Palace of Bone, Resources, Warlord Grigori

Flaws: Bane, Dramatics, Enemy of All Life, Lich, Limited Energy, Megalomania, Mortal Remains, Sunlight, Undead Gods

Languages: Russian


Attribute: Intellect (7)

Already very intelligent even before becoming undead, Necro's transformation into her current state has expanded her understanding of the universe, instilling her with knowledge and comprehension she could not even scratch the surface of as a mere mortal. Concepts wholly alien to human minds are easy for Necro to analyze and expand upon.

Power: Flesh Disguise

Limitation: Being struck by a weapon or spell specifically designed to combat the undead instantly destroys the disguise and exposes Necro's true form. If she is expelled in this manner, she can not disguise herself by ANY means -- including illusion magic or mundane disguises -- for an entire month from the psychological and mystical shock.

Flawed Method: Though Necro prefers to use this method of disguising herself it is far less efficient than just casting a spell. Though she might argue that the lack of energy expenditure to maintain it is a benefit, its only true advantage over a shapeshifting spell is that with enough sacrifices it appears to be a real, living body, which can potentially fool those who sense spirits or can recognize the undead. Otherwise the murders just draw needless attention, and since Necro doesn't like staying hidden to begin with, she usually winds up exposing her true identity quickly.

Necro can, through making use of one or more human sacrifices, construct a fleshly body to serve as a disguise and to grant her protection against sunlight. This body can have any human appearance, but she strongly prefers to make use of a body that resembles her mortal form before she started removing body parts in favor of arcane mechanisms. Regardless of the appearance of her body, she does not gain any new capabilities. Further, she can not take wear a disguise that is smaller or larger than herself. The more people sacrificed to create the disguise, the more "realistic" it is, up to and including actually having internal organs, blood, and so on. For only a single sacrifice, she merely gets skin, hair, eyes, and similar superficial indicators of being human. If the skin is torn or damaged, it tears like paper, and there is nothing inside except her skeleton.

Power: Flight (3)

Speed: Natural levitation is only 10 MPH (Speed 0). With magic, Necro can fly as fast as 500 MPH (Speed 3).

Necro is constantly, effortlessly levitating or flying through the air. This requires no concentration or energy expenditure on her part. She has no altitude limit, but this levitation is rather slow when using this innate ability alone. She can go faster by using magic, however.

Power: Legendary Spells (10)

Limitations: Legendary Spells, much like the "Dark Divinities" Advantage, require prior approval from Staff as part of a plot and can not be used without such permission. If it is going to impact a specific other character, then that character will need to have already consented to and been involved in the plot planning process beforehand. On an IC-basis, Legendary Spells take a significant amount of time to prepare, making just choosing to cast one without prior arrangement, particularly in the middle of battle or another critical situation, an utter impossibility. Being interrupted while casting the prepared spell causes the full expenditure of energy regardless. Even if the effect is countered or dispelled fairly quickly after the spell is cast, Necro can do nothing about it. The spell does what it does and then control outside of cancellation or whatever might be intrinsic to the spell (such as commanding a minion) is no longer hers. She can no more stop or reverse someone breaking the spell than she can stop or reverse a successful dodging of an attack.

Necro has gained the capacity to cast a single "Legendary Strength" spell, which exhausts all but 1 low-strength spell, and can not be cast if any other spells have already been expended. A Legendary Strength spell is something that can achieve a long-lasting or far-reaching effect, within the bounds of Necro's magical knowledge and specialties. Examples might include opening a "permanent" portal (which can still be closed by others with the right tools, knowledge, or magic of their own) to another dimension or plane; drawing a large number of skeletons or corpses from the Death Realms so that they may then be reanimated later on; binding or restricting the powers of even a mighty eldritch being if he, she, or it is not properly guarded (they may be able to find a way to break the seal regardless) or placing a curse on another being to take away any special abilities until the curse is lifted; creating a new form of powerful undead minion on-the-fly without prior preparation. Things that are not "game-breaking", but serve as the main focus/danger in a plot.

Power: Magic (8)

Limitations: Gestures and physical movements are still required whether the magic is from her own body or from the environment, as she is physically SHAPING the energy. The more powerful or far-reaching the magical effect, the longer it takes to cast and the more energy is required. Some effects, such as those that can ordinarily only be completed via a ritual (releasing a magic seal, summoning a powerful monster, opening a dimensional portal, etc.), may simply take too much time and be beyond the energy storage Necro possesses to feasibly achieve alone. Causing fire to rain from the sky is a high-level spell. Causing a significant part of a city to be replaced with a twisted demonic version of itself is a ritual and can be interrupted. Any spell that is taking multiple round to cast can also be interrupted.

Spell Knowledge: Necro still retains her knowledge of conventional spell working, and tends to base her shaping off of these FAMILIAR spell effects before attempting exotic or new ones. When she is drawing energy from the environment, she can ONLY perform these spell effects rather than weird or unusual ones. To cast ritual magic she would need to teach it to others and have them sacrifice their magic energy to perform the ritual, as she lacks the personal reserves to do so alone.

Spell Examples: Examples of spells and spell effects that are typical for Necro: Spells to enhance or augment Necro herself OR one other person (mystical strength/speed/"invulnerability", etc. up to a maximum of 8 in the relevant Attribute. Only one attribute at a time, only one person at a time.), transportation magic (teleportation, portals for transporting multiple people at once, flight, mystical swimming ability, etc.), sensory magic (detect the invisible, sense magical energy, divine the location of nearby corpses, scrying of distant places or people, etc.), illusion magic (creating simple or complex multi-sense illusions, invisibility, shapeshifting for the purposes of disguise), offensive magic (fireballs, arcane energy bolts, ice shards, death energy attacks that drain life or corrode inanimate objects. Arsenal 0 to Arsenal 8), the reanimation of the dead (zombies, ghosts, mummies, revenants, wraiths, etc.), and the knowledge of crafting magical devices with the proper materials.

Originally trained in the casting of spells learned through scholarly means, Necro gradually replaced parts of her mortal form with enchanted tools, or absorbed dark powers, or similar to expand her capacity for holding great magic. Now that she has left her mortal body behind, and has become a sorcerous undead of enormous power, she relies more on a combination of "shaping magic" and drawing energy from the environment due to no longer having a vast reservoir of magic energy stored in her body. She can shape magic energy into a given magical effect based on her desires and needs, provided enough magic energy is available both in her undead body (which does not replenish itself under ordinary circumstances) and her environment. In terms of potency, these shaped magics are no different from a spell with a similar or identical effect. However, she can only cast 16 or so low-strength or simple spells before she is out of energy, perhaps half as many (8) medium-strength spells, and half THAT many (4) high-strength spells. Once she is out of magic energy she must obtain it from an outside source, such as stealing it from another spellcaster, or a mystical battery. This turns what would be a pretty basic spell like a fireball into a multi-round ordeal to gather energy from the environment -- taking longer and longer with each additional spell, as she is forced to draw more energy from beyond her immediate vicinity. At some point the effort required would outweigh the reward, not to mention leaving her very vulnerable during the energy gathering process.

Power: Mind Shield (9)

Undead Divinities: Because it is the Gods of Undeath that make Necro's mind so inhospitable, if their influence were removed or blocked by whatever means, her will would become weaker (Willpower 8) and there would be less threat to those who entered or assaulted her psyche.

Necro's will has been hardened and reinforced repeatedly by her exposure to forces and phenomena beyond human comprehension. Her contact with the Death Realm in particular has filled her head with nightmarish images and the insanity of undead gods, making attempts by telepaths to get into her head very difficult. Those who succeed, either by magic or psychic ability, in infiltrating Necro's mind will be deluged with horrifying impressions of timeless elder beings that wish to drag all universes into the depths of despair and lifelessness. Not many are equipped with the mental fortitude to endure these things, and are "kicked out" or forced to break contact under the best of circumstances. At worst they might be unable to break free or go insane.

Power: Mystic Sense (8)

Limitations: Just sensing there is mystical activity does not innately tell Necro what that activity is, who is responsible, the purpose/cause, or where specifically to find it. She would need to send minions to search on her behalf or use her magic to look into the matter to get more details. This means that those responsible might already be long gone before she is able to take action. However, an extended-duration mystical battle, with multiple or continuous magical expenditures would allow Necro to track it right to the source.

Perception: The magical senses are at an equivalent of Perception 8. The magical replacements for the normal senses that Necro no longer possesses (hearing, sight, touch, etc.) are only at Perception 3.

Necro's unnatural body has mystical replacements for most of the senses she had as a mortal. She can see without eyes, feel without nerves, hear without ears, and so on. She can even feel the environment around her via a limited "3-D spatial sense", enabling her to keep track of where things are in relation to her, and so on. She can also sense magic energy, when a spell is being cast within her sensing range, when there is an immediate intent to attack or cause harm to her within a limited radius, sense bloodlust in others (usually a marker of evil or viciousness she can make use of), and detect spatial/temporal anomalies (such as portals, pocket dimensions, teleportation, etc.). The range for almost all of these senses is 1 mile (Distance 2), but for things like sensing magic energy, the casting of a powerful spell, or an especially powerful magic user who is not attempting to mask his or her magic, the range can be greater depending on the individual or spell in question.

Power: Undead

Necro is undead -- a supernatural being without any life to speak of. Her "natural" form is a partially-spectral skeleton. Blood loss, infectious disease, suffocation, starvation, dehydration, and similar are all meaningless to her. She has no internal organs normally, and when she "acquires" them as part of a disguise damage or loss of such organs has no impact on Necro's own survivability or similar. She does not need to sleep, she does not succumb to cold or heat, and she can see/sense perfectly in total darkness. Overall, most things that would be inconvenient or lethal to the living amount to nothing for Necro. She is even immune to the ill-effects of extreme depth-pressure and exposure to the void of space.

Power: Undead Legions

Necro is able to conjure, summon, or create various undead monsters to serve her. Zombies, mummies, ghosts, animated skeletons, and similar can be called up, crafted, or otherwise bound to Necro's service. They are generally not very powerful, but they are numerous. She mostly keeps her forces dormant and hidden because she doesn't want to start her war against the living until she has greater numbers. Agitating a bunch of do-gooders into action would disrupt her sense of dramatic timing, even if she doesn't believe they could actually stop her. These minions number about 35,000 presently, but the bulk (about 20,000) are in Necro's fortress, and not where they could easily attack or cause trouble. The rest are scattered throughout graveyards and other burial grounds throughout dozens of nations in small groups so that they can serve as spies, ambushers, or similar.

Skill: Languages (6)

Necro is fluent in a number of languages, many of them picked up explicitly so that she could read or understand arcane texts or similar when she was mortal. She has continued to add to and refine her knowledge of various languages over the centuries, but she mainly focuses on those related to sorcery, such as Latin and Aramaic. Her native tongue is Russian.


Advantage: Anya Alkaev

Anya Alkaev is Necro's own daughter from when she was still alive. Anya studied magic for searching, finding, and identifying -- scrying, divination, and sensory magic, essentially. She helped her mother find the artifacts, spells, and allies who could help her achieve her dream of immortality. Once Sasha became undead and renamed herself Necro, Anya accepted the dark 'gift' of undeath joyfully. Necro found Anya indispensable and did not want to risk her daughter's safety by having her follow her around. Anya was thus seperated from her body and reduced to an undead severed head in a mystically shielded and strengthened crystal ball. Anya herself has no ability to attack or defend, and can not even speak out loud. She has Intellect 6, Willpower 7, Magic 5 (divination, scrying, detection, and magical communication), and her crystal ball has Toughness 7. She can not move on her own, though her crystal ball can be enchanted by Necro to float alongside her or teleporte to other places with magic items, and so forth. This is not under Anya's control, however.

Advantage: Dark Divinities

Dead gods bound beyond the walls of conventional reality offer Necro their support. They whisper advice and secrets to her when they feel it necessary, and may be asked for aid or simply choose to step in on their own. However, their powers are rather restricted presently, and they can not cast spells or physically involve themselves. Their only interaction with the realm of the living is through minions like Necro herself. They may have knowledge that predates the universe itself, but they only tell Necro just enough and no more. They do not want her to become TOO powerful after all. (This Advan is meant to serve as a tool for running plots, with some small piece of information given to Necro, and then her following that guidance. Outside of an approved plot with Staff permission, this Advantage can not be used at will.)

Advantage: Gertrude

One of the cabal of mages who took part in the ritual that granted Necro her powers, Gertrude was "gifted" with a rotting, leprous undead body and a laboratory to concoct dark potions, enchant magical items, and devise dark weapons to equip Necro's legions with. Her main strength is in her knowledge of magic and her obssessive pursuit of forbidden knowledge. She has accrued a wide variety of artifacts, tomes, scrolls, rare reagents, and similar, but she doesn't necessarily know how to use all of them or have a plan for all of them. Some of them may even be too dangerous to employ even for a deathless monster. Gertrude is thus responsible for many plans and plots to steal, buy, or otherwise obtain magic and knowledge -- regardless of its rightful owner. Her powers are Magic 5, Rot Body (can liquify or solidify into a gelatinous mass of rotten flesh. Toughness 5 against blunt attacks due to absorbing the impact), Necrotic Touch (Magic touch that pains and potentially rots the flesh. Arsenal 3). Has various undead mages from the original cabal of lesser ability who serve as assistants (Magic 2 or Magic 3).

Advantage: Marcus Cranston

Marcus Cranston is a sorcerer who sought to steal Necro's powers for his own through his own necromancy. Following being tortured into agreeing to serve Necro loyally for eternity, he was killed and brought back as an undead monster. His head, face, and throat are perfectly intact and handsome. Below that is a metal-plated collection of extended spinal cords with insect-like legs made from articulated rib bones. He is actively working to recruit or control other undead around the world, seeking out allies who are interested in an Empire of the Undead, or who might be used as pawns. Marcus is a skillful manipulator, and generally tries diplomacy, negotiations, and subtlety over force or threats thereof. However, when it comes down to battle, his combination of death magic and a flexible, inhuman body can make him quite fearsome. Marcus is the one most likely to be attempting to eliminate potentional threats (whether they be mundane, super-powered, or magical) and thus cause issues for heroes (or villains who won't work for Necro). He is not one-hundred percent loyal to the one who made him what he is, and may have his own objectives. Marcus's abilities include Magic 5, Flexible Body (Can mystically extend his centipede-like skeletal body for hundreds of feet, wrap around people and things, etc.), Strength 3, Intellect 4, Segmented Form (Can split off individual bones and animate them to attack, to go elsewhere, or return to him and reassemble if he is smashed apart, etc.).

Advantage: Palace of Bone

Necro has an expansive mystical fortress -- though still incomplete -- that is guarded by a wide variety of spells, monstrous undead, and so on. It is cloaked against magical detection, and currently buried deep beneath the ocean floor, in an uninteresting and remote location near the South Pole. When it is completed, it will be capable of flight, teleportation, and even "walking" on gigantic, boney, spider-like legs. Right now it is entirely immobile. It has Toughness 8, Magic Weaponry (Arsenal 3 to Arsenal 8, depending on weapon), Magic Resistance (Equivalent to Willpower 8 for the purposes of resisting magical searches, senses, etc.).

Advantage: Resources

Necro has access to a LOT of resources, ranging from material wealth to magical items and ancient tomes. She doesn't throw these resources around willy-nilly, but she does have them.

Advantage: Warlord Grigori

A military leader who swore loyalty to Necro to avoid death when he was mortally wounded on the battlefield, Warlord Grigori. He has been made an undead and faithfully serves as her lead tactician and strategist in the planning of the conquest of the Empire of the Dead. His former soldiers, who won the battle with the aid of his supernatural powers, have been given to the Warlord as "enhanced zombies" known as Revenants. They are particularly physically strong, with enchanted armor and weapons. The Warlord himself has Toughness 4, Strength 4, Regeneration (Healing 5), and a magic sword (Arsenal 4).


Flaw: Bane

Weapons, spells, and beings specifically meant to combat the undead have full effectiveness against Necro regardless of what form she is in or what magic she is using. Mystic Invulnerability is useless against an Undead-Slaying Sword. If a weapon, spell, tool, or entity is specifically capable of fighting LICHES (or similar beings) as opposed to undead in general, all of their abilities and attacks are TWICE as effective and take twice as long to recover from even with magical aid.

Flaw: Dramatics

Necro is the sort of monster that has a flair for the dramatic. She has to have everything exactly right, and only strike or act when it will produce the biggest scene, the most awe and terror. Many opportunities are missed because she wasn't willing to strike, or she left someone alive to "bear witness to her magnificence", or similar.

Flaw: Enemy of All Life

Just about any mortal has ample cause to be Necro's enemy, and she doesn't particularly attempt to avoid making people aware of such. She doesn't care if she riles the entire world against her, because she believes she will triumph over them and they can not do anything significant. This means there is usually lots and lots and lots of people ready and willing to prevent her plans from working, and there are likely entire clans and organizations of undead hunters devoted to eliminating Necro from the universe.

Flaw: Lich

Necro's skeletal body is a magical construct that encases her warped spirit and psyche. She can rebuild the construct as long as her mortal remains exist, but damage to the spirit within is extremely dangerous and may simply destroy her regardless of if her remains are intact or not. Her Lich body can be smashed, cut in half, vaporized, or similar. It does not restore itself or "heal" on its own. It must be fixed with magic (using up available spells), or foul means (soaking in a large volume of fresh blood, consuming spirits that are NOT her own ghost-servants, a ritual sacrifice of several dozen people, etc.). If her Lich body is destroyed without destroying the spirit that dwells within it, the spirit is sent back to the Palace of Bone in a weakened state and must take quite awhile to rebuild her Lich body.

Flaw: Limited Energy

Necro can only hold a certain amount of magic energy in her Lich body and this does not replenish "naturally" due to not being a living creature. If she is in a place of power and can siphon energy from it uninterrupted she can restore her energy reserves. Draining it from other magic users, or making use of blood sacrifice are two other options. But all of these take time both to perform and to prepare, and are vulnerable to disruption by outside forces. If she uses up her available mana/magic she has to resort to spending multiple rounds gathering energy from the environment. +1 round every time this is done, and allowing only one spell at the end of the round(s). Every 2 low-level spells (a ball of light, a simple illusion, throwing a small object inaccurately with mystical telekinesis, scanning for the presence of other wizards in the immediate area, animating a basic zombie) is equivalent to 1 medium-level spell (fireball, invisibility, teleportation, raising multiple basic zombies or a couple enhanced undead), and every 2 medium-level spells is equal to 1 high-level spell (a powerful offensive magic spell, granting mystical durability to herself, rapidly teleporting around the area, creating a magical barrier to keep enemies out of an area, raising a horde of basic undead, a decent-sized group of enhanced undead, or one powerful undead) in terms of energy cost. They can be used in any combination provided they do not exceed the limitation of 3 high-level spells' worth of energy. Once they are all used up, she is fairly helpless without allies immediately available to buy time for her, and she is likely to retreat in a rage if she is forced to use up all her energy rather than stick around and fight.

Flaw: Megalomania

Necro is convinced she is destined to carve out an empire composed entirely of the undead, and that she will be its empress. She constantly seeks power and influence, feels herself to be above all mortal life, and to be worthy of the loyalty and adulation of other undead, and the respect and fear of the gods! She does not recognize any law, rule, or restriction, and is insulted by the insinuation that she is expected to obey such "trivial things". Aside from the obvious problems with all these things, it also means she consistently underestimates mortals, does not take into account their feelings or the side-effects of her ruining their lives, and cannot imagine losing or being defeated by any of them.

Flaw: Mortal Remains

Necro's mortal remains are preserved and entombed in her fortress. If they are ever destroyed, Necro's undead body will also be destroyed. She knows when her remains are being tampered with, and suffers excrutiating pain from any damage inflicted to them. Threatening her human body is an excellent way to make her drop absolutely everything in order to go deal with the culprits.

Flaw: Sunlight

Sunlight pains Necro if she is exposed to it in her true form (-1 Condition per round), and weakens her magic (becomes Magic 5). It also halves the maximum number of spells she can cast (6 low, 3 medium, 1 high) before being out of energy. Even if she leaves the sunlight after being exposed to it, this halving remains in effect until she has had time to get somewhere safe and spend an appropriate period recovering and restoring her magic (see the "Limited Energy" Flaw). She tries not to make a habit of being exposed to it, obviously. Not only does she suffer actual physical harm, but with her magic weakened she is less likely to be able to defend herself, and she can not effectively command her undead minions (they mill around confused or follow only basic behaviors such as trying to eat or chase people even if that's not desirable, may not understand or follow orders immediately, may have their own abilities reduced or be blinded, etc.). Her Lieutenants all have a similar vulnerability to direct sunlight, reducing their abilities by half as well. Only Warlord Grigori returns to normal abilities once he is back in the darkness and he also takes time to recover from the damage incurred. Necro's only real means of bypassing this is her "Flesh Disguise" magic. As long as she wears living flesh, sunlight has no impact on her. But if that disguise is damaged or "killed" (especially if it is only a superficial cover), she immediately suffers the full impact of sunlight exposure.

Flaw: Undead Gods

The Gods of Undeath are mysterious and terrible beings who encourage Necro's pursuit of an undead empire. She originally merely sought immortality, but the means to that end brought her into contact with these malignant deities, and they have been feeding her new thoughts and dark motivations for many years now. It is highly likely that they view Necro merely as a means to an end, and have truly awful plans for all living things, but Necro is too far gone to question them. If she ever attempted to rebel against their desires, it is highly likely that Necro would suffer unimaginable torment as punishment and potentially even have her undeath and powers taken away from her -- destroying her in the process.


Sasha Alkaev was a rich aristocrat with an affinity for the magical. Desiring to enforce her will upon and be recognized by more people than seemed viable within a single life time, she sought a way to become immortal through sorcery. After a cult formed to worship her succeeded in conducting a ritual that made Sasha into a sort of "lich", by channeling various dark magics, Sasha snapped. She became even more crazy and egocentric than she already was, and rewarded her cult by ordering their ritual suicide so that she could reanimate them as her very first undead minions. She has spent centuries accumulating resources, magical tools, acquiring powerful undead "lieutenants", and plotting how she will dramatically conquer the world and force all to show they realize how clearly superior she is. At some point over the centuries, her reaching for more power caused her to come into contract with horrific undead gods from some prior (or potentially future or alternate) universe. They have warped Sasha (now calling herself Necro) even further with their soul-scouring whispers, trying to darken the universe by using her as their pawn. Necro doesn't even realize how far she has deviated from her original goal or that the voices in her head aren't her own thoughts.

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File:Magic and Mysticism.jpg
Magic and Mysticism

Necro is a member of Magic and Mysticism -- though she rarely makes use of this membership, preferring to keep other magic users from having too much knowledge of what she's up to. Most of them just know her to be some sort of immortal mage. She uses her Flesh Disguise whenever she is interacting with other MAG members, so she has a consistent living-flesh appearance that does not match her more typical lich form.

File:Bianca Tonetti.jpg
Bianca Tonetti

Necro approached Bianca Tonetti, aka "Lord Oscurita", to offer her the chance to be a prominent member of her Empire of the Undead. Bianca turned the offer down but left herself open to "business dealings". While Necro will tolerate this for now, the vampire is not exactly in the lich's good graces.

File:Justin Hammer.jpg
Justin Hammer

While Necro knows little of Justin on a personal basis, her military advisor, Warlord Grigori, has made a significant financial contribution to the weapons-developer in order to attempt to persuade him to give priority to selling military weapons tech to the towering Russian. Necro does not particularly care for modern technology, but she makes use of any tool she can. She just leaves scientific stuff in the Warlord's hands.

File:Amaya Amethyst.jpg
Amaya Amethyst

Though Necro isn't aware of it yet, a fragment of her personality and mind she intentionally left behind in the Uncanny Valley met with Amaya and befriended her. So, though she doesn't know it, they have already met. The actual face-to-face encounter between the being that Sasha Alkaev became and Princess Amethyst will likely be quite dramatic when it happens.


Sasha Alkaev's Wanted List
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