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Scarlet Witch
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Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5
Hex Bolts 7 Hex Spheres 7 Reality Manipulation 7
Agatha Harkness Family Gypsy Heritage
Mystic Potential The Brotherhood Well Traveled
Your Luck Just Ran Out
Backlash Chaos Bleed Concentration
Exhaustion Family Hunted
Mutant Uncontrollable Power Walking Retcon
Name: Wanda Maximoff
Position: Mutant Mistress of Magic & Mayhem
Team: Brotherhood of Mutants
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Eva Green
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Pacific
Music: 'Witchy Woman'-The Eagles
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Wanda Maximoff and her twin brother Pietro were born at the base of Wundagore Mountain in the isolated European nation of Transval. Wundagore had long been considered a source of evil by the local peasants, with good reason; ages ago, the Elder God Cthon, first practitioner of black magic on Earth, was imprisoned under the mountain by a cabal of sorcerers. Wanda and Pietro were both born with inherent, mutant powers. While Pietro had the power of super-speed, Wanda's potential to harness and control energy presented an opportunity for Cthon. Reaching out through his prison, Cthon altered the infant's power, granting her the power to alter probability and reality itself by channeling magical chaos energy. With their mother dying shortly after their birth, the twins were taken by a mysterious figure to a nearby Gypsy camp. There, Django and Marya Maximoff adopted the children and raised them as their own.

Wanda and Pietro were raised in the world of the Gypsies, learning the traditions and skills of the traveling Romani as their clan wandered Europe. It was a simple life, but the siblings were content. Then, while the clan was camped at a small village in Transval, Wanda's powers manifested. She fainted as her power of reality manipulation flared into existence, causing several buildings next to Wanda to spontaneously catch fire. The superstitious villagers captured Wanda and Pietro, preparing to burn them at the stake for witchcraft. It was only the manifestation of Pietro's own power that allowed the twins to escape. Once safely away from the village, Wanda and Pietro were approached by a strange man din a purple costume that floated above the ground. He introduced himself as Magneto, a mutant like the two of them. Magneto explained to them the nature of mutants, how they were the next step in human development; and how normal humans hated and feared mutants, trying to hunt and enslave them. The twins were then told about a group called The Brotherhood, a group of mutants fighting to ensure the freedom an liberation of mutants from human oppression.

Wanda wasn't sure about everything Magneto told them, but Petero embraced his anger and rage, declaring that they should seek out this Brotherhood and join. As Gypsies, Wanda and Pietro had suffered from prejudice first hand from 'civilized' people. If humans treated other humans so poorly, Pietro argued, how much worse would mutants be treated. Reluctantly, Wanda agreed and the twins went to a location described to them by Magneto. There, they found a base used by The Brotherhood. After being questioned and telepathically scanned, Wanda and Pietro were inducted into the group.

Over the next several years, Wanda and Pietro worked with The Brotherhood, training in their powers and performing acts of sabotage against organizations developing plans and initiatives to control and enslave mutants. Databases tracking known and suspected mutants were destroyed, research into detecting mutants and suppressing mutant powers was sabotaged. Across the globe, Wanda and her brother were sent on missions to further The Brotherhood's aims. They rose up the ranks as the Brotherhood grew, eventually becoming field commanders leading missions. Throughout the ten years since they joined the Brotherhood, neither Wanda nor Pietro ever interacted with The Brotherhood's leader, only receiving missions via blind drops or emails. Wanda was concerned about taking blind orders, but Pietro reassured her that such tactics were necessary to keep the leader safe. The nature of the missions Wanda was sent on also began to concern her; The Brotherhood had shifted from covert sabotage into open attacks on facilities 'oppressing' mutants. Wanda also heard that some teams were sent out to strike at civilian targets to raise fear in the human population. Wanda saw how these tactics were making things worse instead of better for mutants. But with Pietro still convinced of the righteousness of The Brotherhood's cause, Wanda doesn't see anyone she can turn to to voice her growing concerns that maybe they aren't fighting on the right side after all.


Power: Hex Bolts (7)

Wanda can channel her Reality Manipulation into what she calls Hex Botls. These are bursts of mystical chaos energy that affect only single targets, usually. Sometimes, however, hitting a single target with a Hex Bolt can cause effects that affect multiple opponents. Wanda has to concentrate and gesture at the target, to the target must somehow be visible to her. Hex Bolts rely on visual contact with the target, rather than physical agility, and cannot be dodged by the target. Effects are random, but manifest as 'Bad Luck' for the target and their allies. Examples of effects can include:

- Someone with wallcrawling slipping off the wall or having the wall collapse.

- A telepath getting a distracting migraine that disrupts their concentration.

- Sunlight reflecting into someone's eyes to throw off their aim.

- The target's gun misfiring or jamming.

- A computer, piece of machinery, or utility malfunctioning, exploding, or otherwise falling apart.

  • Range: Line of Sight

Power: Hex Spheres (7)
Wanda can also use her Reality Manipulation power to create spheres of magical chaos energy. These spheres are more defensive in nature and can affect physical attacks. Incoming attacks are deflected away, sometimes causing additional bad luck to opponents, like hitting another of Wanda's foes. Melee attacks are also, similarly affected; the attacker can trip or stumble, causing them to miss completely. These spheres follow all the rules under the 'Uncontrollable Power' Flaw.

Power: Reality Manipulation (7)
Wanda's mutant power is the channeling of chaotic magic energy to alter probabilities and reality itself. Regardless of how impossible the effect of her Reality Manipulation power, like causing the appearance of a flaw in an unbreakable material like adamantium that will allow the material to be broken, Wanda's power will make it happen. The effect Wanda's power has can vary greatly and isn't something she can determine beforehand. However, there are a few rules that apply to her power.

- No effect will directly cause damage to characters. They may cause dangerous situation or re-direct the powers of others to cause damage, but they do not inherently cause damage themselves.

- If her power creates a physical flaw in an object, then reality reconfigures itself so that the flaw has always existed since the object's creation. For example, a Hex Bolt strikes a piece of adamantium and creates a flaw that allows the adamantium to be broken; reality changes so that the flaw has always existed. Any pictures of analysis of the adamantium done before the Hex Bolt will be changed to show that the flaw was there all along.

- All power effects are unpredicatble and Wanda cannot choose specific effects for her probability manipulation to create. See the 'Uncontrollable Power' Flaw.

- The effects of Wanda's Reality Manipulation usually take the form of 'bad luck' events for opponents that cause setbacks, distractions, or other hindering effects on her opponents.-Wanda can only consciously use her Reality Manipulation power by focusing it through bolts or spheres. See the Hex Bolt and Hex Sphere abilities.

- Wanda's power ignore all conventional laws of physics, able to create both energy and matter instantly in order to achieve the effect. For example: if Wanda's full power is being tapped and she needs an army to appear, an army instantly appears, fully armed, out of thin air. Similarly, if a Hex Bolt is cast at a gas line, a spark of electricity will pop into existence to ignite it, if that's the effect that is to occur.


Advantage: Agatha Harkness

While the two have yet to meet, the witch of New Salem has seen glimpses of her connection to Wanda, as well as the mystic potential Wanda possesses. For now, Agatha feels Wanda is not ready to become her student yet, but the time is swiftly approaching; perhaps once Wanda loses these absurd notions of 'genetic superiority' that Magneto has poisoned her mind with. Until then, Agatha is content to watch from afar, using her cat familiar, Ebony, to keep tabs on Wanda.

Advantage: Family
The one constant, reliable person in Wanda's life is her twin brother Pietro. Both twins care deeply about the safety of each other, with the quickest way to earn Pietro's rage being causing harm to Wanda. Wanda tries to be the voice of reason for her brother, curbing his temper and rash impulses. Both would risk their safety for the other.

Although he has not revealed himself as such to Wanda and Pietro, Magneto is their father. He has watched his children grow from afar and has tried to protect them. After their powers manifested, Magneto appeared and brought them into the Brotherhood, trying to groom them into becoming his true heirs. Magneto cares for Wanda in his own way, and while he would not hold back in a fight against her, should she defy him, he would come to her aid if humans threaten her.

Advantage: Mystic Potential
At her birth, the eldrich entity Cthon, trapped under Wundagore Mountain, altered Wanda's mutant power, from controlling general physical energy into harnessing and releasing chaotic magical energy. This has given Wanda an innate connection to the paths of magic. She has the potential to become a powerful sorceress, if properly trained. While learning magic, spells that use energy effects, chaos, or call upon Cthon for power, will come easily to her. Spells of the mind, vision, or the manipulation of physical matter are harder for her to master.

Advantage: Romani Heritage
Wanda and Pietro were raised as members of a Romani clan, and spent most of their lives wandering Transia and Eastern Europe with their adoptive parents. Wanda speaks fluent Romani in addition to English with an accent. She is also skilled in camping and living outdoors on the move. She can cook, sew, and gather basic wilderness supplies such as herbs and wood for a fire. She has been trained in the various dances used in Romani entertainment. Her adopted mother also taught Wanda the arts of palmistry, crystal ball reading, tarot reading, and other 'fortune telling' methods (note that these are entertainment for outsiders, not true divination, although eventually Wanda may use them to harness her magical potential in the areas of divination). She is experiences with all the traditions, cultures, folklore, and ettequite used by the Romani people.

Advantage: The Brotherhood
Wanda and her brother are high ranking members of a mutant organization called The Brotherhood, dedicated to establishing mutant supremacy over humanity. The leader of The Brotherhood is a shadowy individual who issues orders to his lieutenants via dropboxes and text messages. The Brotherhood is a sizable group, with Wanda and Pietro each commanding small 'units' of 4 or 5 mutants. The purpose of the group is slowly changing from disrupting human initiatives to track, enslave, or control mutants, into escalating attacks against human civilians to sow terror. While The Brotherhood doesn't have much in the way of money or resources, they have plenty of manpower and some basic computer and communication equipment.

Advantage: Well Traveled
Wanda spent most of her childhood travelling with her Gypsy clan. These travels took her through most of Europe, and Wanda has picked up a few things along the way. She has a basic knowledge of the geography and roads of Europe. She also can speak a smattering of Romanian, German, French, and Russian. She's not fluent in those languages, but has basic conversational skills.

Advantage: Your Luck Ran Out
Having her powers altered by Cthon has given Wanda's probability manipulation powers a certain advantage over people with other,similar powers. In the case of using her Probability Manipulatio powers against another meta with Probability Manipulation powers (such as Longshot or Domino), Wanda's effect will trump the other meta's. However, Probability Manipulation from opponents who are chaos entities in their own right (Clarion the Witch Boy, Lords of Chaos), will trump Wanda's abilities.


Flaw: Backlash

As Wanda becomes more tired, her control over her Hexes becomes less and less precice. When in an ehuasted state for when casting her Hexes for an extended period of time, 20 minutes or longer, there is a chance her Hexes can misfire, inflicting the bad luck effects on Wanda and her allies.

Flaw: Chaos Blood
Sometimes, Wanda bleeds off small amounts of chaos energy that causes strange effects to happen. These effects usually manifest as 'traditional' indicators of the presence of a witch, such as cream suddnely curdling, flames burning blue, the moon turning blood red on a clear night, or a slight smell of brimstone.

Flaw: Concentration
While a Hex Bolt requires only a gesture and a minute amount of concentration for Wanda to release, a Hex Sphere requires more intense concentration to maintain. Creating a Hex Sphere cannot be a 'reaction' type of action, and while Wanda maintains the Sphere, she cannot use other powers or move. Any break in her concentration disrupts the Sphere. Also, maintaining the Sphere is rather exhausting, and Wanda cannot maintain it for more than 3 rounds without letting it drop. While maintaining a Sphere, Wanda can converse, albeit slowly.

Flaw: Exhaustion
Wanda's ability to cast Hexes is tied into her emotional and phsyical state. While she can cast several Hexes normally when emotionally and physically rested, injuries and fatigue can take their toll on her, causing her Hex casting to be slowed or require more concentration than normal. The longer a combat drags on, the slower Wanda will cast her hexes.

Flaw: Family
Family has an extreme importance to the Romani people, and so it is extremely important to Wanda. Just as her family will come to her aid, Wanda will come to their aid, if possible. Her devotion to her family can sometimes cause her to do questionable things, such as join the Brotherhood at Pietro's insistance. Despite her devotion, she won't allow her moral code be compromised by aiding her family.

Another aspect to the importance of family in Wanda's life is her desire to have her own family and children. She's a romantic at heart and longs for a simple life filled with the laughter of her children. This desire can potentially have interesting, subconcious side effects in her life, considering her powers.

Flaw: Hunted
While the Brotherhood is not publicly well know, many law enforcement organizations and SHIELD are aware of it's existence and activities. The Brotherhood is considered to be a terrorist organization. While Wanda Maximoff's identity is still a secret, the Scarlet Witch is a known member and leadership figure within the Brotherhood. This will more than likely cause problems with any attempt Wanda has of going 'legit'.

Flaw: Mutant
Wanda is a mutant and is detectable by specialized scanners. She is also affected by any item or power that manipulates, controls, or eliminates mutant powers.

Flaw: Uncontrollable Power
Wanda's altered mutant power of reality manipulation is ultimately uncontrollable by her. She can direct it towards specific opponents via Hex Bolts and Hex Spheres, she cannot determine the precise effects. In any combat scene Wanda participates in, it is the person running the scene that determines the effects of her mutant power. If it's Wanda running the scene, it is up to the target to determine what happens. All Hex effects are not *directly* damaging, although they can trigger setbacks and effects (rockslide, collapsing scaffolding, reflected power) that *can* damage opponents (not necessarily the one that the Hex was directed at).

Flaw: Walking Retcon
Wanda's power at altering probibility and reality itself will grow stronger over time and can have some bizzare side effects. Considering that her powers can alter an object's existence temporaly, there is the possiblity that massive use of her powers in the future could have side effects in her present. Such effects are soley at the discretion of GM's and cannot be determined or chosen by Wanda. Essentially, it allows for seemingly improbable events connected to Wanda to occur; like her being 26 yet (possibly) having teengaed boys be the re-incarnation of sons she hasn't even had yet.


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