Hero Westchester
ShadowcatRef KittyPB
Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 3 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 4
Combat 5 Dancing 6 First Aid 4
Phase Shifting 7 Technology 6 Training 5
Allies & Contacts Multilingual Piloting
X-Men X-Suit Xavier Institute
Enemies Family Impressionable
Loyal Youth
Name: Katherine "Kitty" Pryde Kitty is still a student at Xavier's Institute, but is already a member of the X-Men team. That being said, she's young and therefore training in a great many of her abilities.
Position: Student/X-Men
Team: X-Men, Xavier Institute
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Anna Kendrick
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8, North America)
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Katherine Ann "Kitty" Pryde was born to a loving family in Deerfield, Illinois. Recruited to the Xavier School shortly after her powers developed when she was thirteen years old, she quickly took to the more outgoing personalities of the teachers. A friendly sort, she is inquisitive and curious, particularly where it deals with technology, and was further recruited to the X-Men shortly after her Junior year at the Institute.

A tutor and confidant to the younger students at the school, Kitty takes her position very seriously, though she is not above childish pranks. Some say she's a bit old to her actual age, which is one of the defining qualities that make her a fit for the team itself. Loyal to her friends, family, and Xavier's cause, Kitty is proud of who and what she is and only hides the fact when it is absolutely and fundamentally necessary.


Skill: Combat (5)

Trained as an X-men by some of the better combative individuals amongst their ranks, Kitty is compotent in martial techniques of both offense and self defense. Though her speciality is the combative usage of her abilities, which she effectively named 'Phase fu'.

Skill: Dancing (6)
A naturally gifted dancer, further trained in ballet by a world class professional curtesy of her parents.

Skill: First Aid (4)
Limited understanding of emergency medical treatment on the field is standard for most X-Men. Being able to quickly help a wounded teammate, most of whom are close friends, is high priority as well. She wouldn't do as an EMT, but if the chips are down, she knows her way around a first aid kit.

Power: Phase Shifting (7)
Kitty can alter her body to the molecular level, shifting them in a manner that 'phases' her through solid substances. At first it was only through clear materials, such as glass (which was more psychological than because of the complexity), but with training she can move through anything. So long as she can hold her breath through its entirety.

Several obvious factors make this rather difficult or dangerous. The potential to get "stuck" inside a brick wall is obvious, but she doesn't know the thickness of the material she's phasing through until she comes out the other side. This can make gauging how long between breaths she actually has.

So long as she is not within a solid object, however, she can hold this nearly indefinitely, though it's extremely taxing. Instead, she's trained herself to react to external stimuli (such as gunshots or the sounds of combat) to trigger the molecular change, which makes it a useful component in combat situations.

Curiously, her phasing through electronic equipment has a tendency to act like a low level EMP burst. This renders the electronics temporarily ineffective and can also do much the same with the human brain, which is itself a rather complex electric network. For this reason, she tries to avoid head contact while phase shifting. Especially since she never really knows when the effect will 'go off' on people.

  • Area of Effect: Herself and Anything She Can Touch.
  • Limitations: Must hold breath in solid surfaces.

Skill: Technology (6)
Kitty has a strong grasp on technology and, especially, computers. From a young age she's been facinated by their effect on civilization. Like her own mutant abilities, technology represented an ever changing dynamic of the world.. though one she was, at least early in her life, in far more control of.

Skill: Training (5)
Kitty, like all of the X-men, has access to the Danger Room beneath the Xavier mansion. This gives her a proverbial endless source of training situations with which to finally tune her body to various situations. Be that survival techniques in the jungles of South America or movement in urban combat situations.


Advantage: Allies & Contacts

Given her position within the X-Men, Kitty has a number of contacts associated with their particular brand of heroing. A few over her own, mostly other students who have graduated and moved on to different things, as well as family and friends from her life 'before' joining the institute.

Advantage: Multilingual
Kitty is fluent in several languages, including English, Russian, and Japanese as well as passible understanding of Hebrew.

Advantage: Piloting
While she might not be, technically, old enough to acquire a pilot's license, Kitty has received training in the piloting of the X-Jet. Though she's not officially one of the primary pilots, she has been taught how incase the need ever arises.

Advantage: X-Men
Kitty is one of the youngest current members of the X-Men, having been invited to join the team during her junior year at the institute. This opened a great many options to her, which includes the use of the hidden facilities beneath the Institute, as well as advanced training in her mutant abilities in a more combat oriented setting.

Advantage: X-Suit
These suits, issued to the X-Men team, are made of an unstable molecule weave that effectively cloaks the wearer from genetic scans, while also providing a small amount of protection from physical trauma and limited anonymity in the field.

Advantage: Xavier Institute
Kitty is a senior at the Xavier Institute, a private school in Westchester County for gifted students (training and protecting mutants). As a senior, she's looked to by the younger students for guidance, tutoring, and general assistance where speaking to an 'adult' might not be welcomed or wanted. Her area of focus is technology, in which she's a star pupil and teacher assistant in both technology and mathematics classes.


Flaw: Enemies

As a member of the X-Men, and a mutant in general, Kitty is host to all the enemies that have presented themselves as adversaries against both of these particular groups. All of the rogues who wish to see the X-Men doomed for their interference and the government that would quietly like to shuffle the 'mutant problem' away.

Flaw: Family
Kitty's family are still very much alive. So far they've not been in any danger because of her position with the X-Men or identity as a mutant, but all it takes is a spark to change that rather quickly.

Flaw: Impressionable
Kitty is still very young and still thinks very much like a teenager. While she has been forced to grow up and been set with responsibilities well beyond her age, this doesn't necessarily change her general attitude towards the world. She's impressionable and, while not naive, is definitely easy to encourage by those older and more experienced than her; most of whom she still looks up to. Equally, she has a rather quieted rebellious streak, as do all individuals her age. This rarely shows itself, but can, and has, been a problem before.

Flaw: Loyal
This might not seem like a flaw at first glance, but it certainly has its unique disadvantages. There's almost nothing she will not do for a friend, regardless of personal or emotional danger.

Flaw: Youth
Kitty is still underage and cannot produce legal documentation to allow her into any facility or establishment with an age restriction. This hasn't presented itself as a problem to her work with the X-Men, but the potential still exists that it might. It definitely limits the dangers most of the team is willing to allow her to be involved in, if given the option.


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