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Shen Li-Min is from a Buddhist temple in Tibet, China. She is a winged woman that is said to have been born from the Egg of Dhammpada, and prophesied that she will break about a new age of love and peace; a savior for the world desperately in need.

Swift has the standing of a heroine, the compassion of a saint, and the temper of a winged huntress clawing out the evil in the world.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Dexterity: 6, Enhanced Sight: 3, Enhanced Strength: 3, Enhanced Toughness: 4, Flight: 7, Iron Will: 6, Sense Air Currents: 6, Talons: 3

Abilities: Skill

Aviation: 4, Baobom: 5, Buddhism: 5, Tracking: 3

Advantages: Buddhist Temple

Flaws: Fate, Isolated Upbringing, Mystical Aura, Obviously Other

Languages: Cantonese, English, Hindi, Mandarin, and Tibetan


Power: Enhanced Dexterity (6)

Something about the genetic or physical makeup of Shen permits her to be very dexterous and quick with her reflexes. She can do delicate tasks with ease, move in whip-lash movements without injuring herself, and twist in mid-flight with the wind to make Ariel acrobatics that are unreal.

Power: Enhanced Sight (3)

With hawk-like eyes, Shen can read the date on a quarter from two miles away. This means she can actually see much further, though not with as much detail. By the time her vision hits five miles, the details are blurry.

Power: Enhanced Strength (3)

Though Shen's body is made for flight, due to her unusual nature she actually has an enhanced strength, to even super strength for someone of her weight and size. Normally she can lift half a ton, but she can push beyond that when she must.

Power: Enhanced Toughness (4)

Perhaps due to the suspected mystical nature of Shen's hatching, at puberty she actually developed superhuman endurance. It is difficult to break her skin and crack her bones, more than any normal human should be, let alone one with wings. Knives will not break on her, but they must be wielded by a professional to slice her skin and small arms fire may break her skin and cause some damage, but they are rarely an actual threat.

Power: Flight (7)

Not only does Shen have the ability to flight, but she can fly at hypersonic speeds while at it. With the power of a speedster while in flight, letting loose will be a highlight of her life. As a result, her enhanced durability definitely comes into use. As a result, though she was wings, she does way more than just flapping in her use of flight, though do not ask her how, she does not know.

Power: Iron Will (6)

Shen is made of stern stuff, and has the inner strength to not only become a heroine, but to potentially have the weight of the world on her shoulders (her fate). She has been trained since a child through meditation, Buddhism, and Baobom to not only steel her body, but also her spirit and mind. Raised as a child as if she was to become a monk, this young woman shows a mental and spiritual strength of someone much, much older and wiser than her own limited years.

Power: Sense Air Currents (6)

Shen has the ability to sense air currents and vibrations, and this not only assists her in her flight and reaction ability, but also in heightened hearing. She can hear far and wide, and sounds that normal humans cannot. Furthermore, she can sense it if say someone was going to attack her from behind because of the shift of air currents unless they were trained to disturb them as little as possible or use other activity around to cover them (or she is distracted). Essentially, she can use this as a crude radar system.

Power: Talons (3)

Shen has the ability to transforms her fingers into talons, and her feet to gain talons as well. The talons develop per finger on her hands, but on her feet there are three talons that appear where her toes are and one where her heel is. They are just as durable as the rest of her, and have the ability to turn her strength into something sharp and cutting.

Skill: Aviation (4)

Shen learned on an agricultural biplane how to fly, but she was a natural. Merely increasing her technical knowledge of more state-of-the-art systems will have her flying most of anything with skill and finesse as if she just naturally understands the winds and weather. Finally, under her mentorship with Li, she has learned about basic maintenance and repairs to a plane. With additional education, it would be easy for her to upgrade to more intricate repairs to more high tech planes as it is if she treats the plane like a living person and as a result understands it a little better from the sounds it makes to the way it jerks in reaction to resistance.

Skill: Baobom (5)

This is a martial arts system of moving meditation, active relaxation, and self-defense. Though this art can be very effectively turned into a deadly martial art, the initial purpose is to achieve optimal state of health, energy, and vitality. It is also a way to increase psychological self-defense through the mastering of one's mental development. Shen's primary studies are Osseous Boabom, in which the learning method starts with one step of a time, which each step becoming more and more complex. This is also known as the Art of Self-Medicine through Self-Defense, and is dedicated to fast reactions, agility, self-control, balance, speed, precise reflexes, spontaneity, breathing, and concentration. Shen has also learned some of the Yaanbao methods, which studies perfection of movement, while using different types of sticks (length and shape) as the extension of one-self.

Skill: Buddhism (5)

Raised as a Buddhist, Shen has learned Tibetan Buddism which adds esoteric teachings to the tradition of Mayayana Buddhism. She does not just know it however, she has lived it. Essentially, the goal of spiritual enlightenment is not just for oneself, but to help all sentient beings attain this state. It is also believed that by including the Vajrayana path, so enlightenment can be obtained more quickly and thus helping others more quickly.

Tied closely to Shen's Martial arts and her study of Buddhism, she is a highly practiced mediator. She can ease her mind, center herself, relieve stress, to even strength her emotional and mental defenses through basic meditation through her senses (Satipatthana Sutta) and Baobom.

Skill: Tracking (3)

Because Shen grew up practically in the middle of nowhere (or perhaps she did), she was taught while growing up the tracks of different animals and how to follow them. She was taught how to figure out how old they were, and how to use them to find local water. Perhaps because part of her is a hunter, she grasped the knowledge quickly and easily picks up new track knowledge when exposed to it. When her wings fully bloomed, Shen actually began to actively hunt; she never really bothered to kill. This has also helped her train in stealth so even the sensetive ears of wild animals could not hear her. It was mostly to indulge in an instinct and for practice. The ability to apply this tracking ability to humans is not difficult in the least, from noticing a lame leg to how heavy someone may be from the depth to the material that the print is in.


Advantage: Buddhist Temple

Now, Shen does not own a Tibetan Buddhist Temple, but she has one she can call home. The Buddhist monks there have guarded her for generations, and when she was returned after being stolen from the Nazis, guarded her for over 50 years yet again before she finally hatched. They raised her with love and compassion, they trained her, and they are her 'parents'. She will always be welcomed back.


Flaw: Fate

Things are not black and white for Shen, as that would give her a choice of two options. No, things are only white. This is because of the prophesy; one that she feels she must honor and fulfill. This can easily cause problems in her personal life (when she gets one), conflict with team members even, to even make her feel like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. It is a responsibility that she has had to face since she was little, and afraid of failure as she does not know how to achieve it. This is not something she can ever just ignore and hope go away, she would be betraying the trust and love of all those that have spent generations protecting her. As a result, she takes his responsibility very seriously.

Flaw: Isolated Upbringing

Shen has had a very isolated upbringing. She still heard news, but they did not have the television. Traders and travelers came through, and she would learn of India and China, and the rest of Tibet. She would hear about the world, and she knew eccentric Li. Still, this is nothing like a regular teenager in America, or even in China. She will not understand modern fashion, fads, catch phases, movies, or music. She is out of the loop, and will take quite a while to catch up to it, if she ever truly fits in.

Flaw: Mystical Aura

Little that Shen knows, she does have a mystical aura because of her nature. As a result, certain magic users can sense Shen's aura, or track her down with more ease than normal people, and so on.

Flaw: Obviously Other

There is no way that Shen is going to pass as human without the use of magic or technology. This is due to the fact that she has these huge wings that come out of her back! Even without shape-shifting her hands or feet to have talons, the wings just do not go away. Ya, she totally sticks out in a crowd.


For generations, a Buddhist monk sect has protected the Egg of Dhammpada, but the in 1943, the Nazis stole it from them.

The Nazis had their prize for only a short time, until Jenny Sparks stole it back from them. Jenny fled to Tibet and gave the precious egg back to the Tibetan monks. This was to honor a prophecy that the temple had that stated a woman with wings will hatch from an egg and would bring about a new age of peace and love.

It took many, many years before the egg finally hatched in 1995; 52 years after the monks had obtained the very large egg. From it was born a girl, and she had feathers that grew from her back. They were a light brown at the top and faded into a divine white by the time they reached the bottom.

Even as a child, the woman they named Shen Li-Men could glide with the feathers. The name Shen actually has many meanings, such as cautious or deep, spirit, or root of a spirit. In reality, the Chinese name has many deeply rooted philosophical meanings such as god, deity, spiritual, supernatural, awareness, and consciousness, to even the spirit of humans. Her surname has revealed itself in many forms throughout religious texts such as the Bhagavadgita, the Bible, the Quran, and so on. In many cases, this surname is associated with a religious expression such as 'Favored by God'.

Shen was raised as a Buddhist, and trained in the Tibetian martial arts of Boabom, a system of moving meditation, active relaxation, and self-defense. She was taught the Tibetan Buddhism which adds esoteric teachings to the tradition of Mayayana Buddhism, and she was raised not only be taught the philosophy, but living it.

When Shen went through puberty, her wings fully manifested and she was able to take flight for real for the first time. Her hands and feet could also transform into talons, and her eyesight greatly improved. She had reached maturity.

Soon, she got to know an eccentric non-monk that lived near the center by the name of Li. He had a old Grumman Ag Cat biplane, which is an agricultural aircraft. Shen got to learn how to fly, and helped crop-dust under Li's mentorship. She was a natural, and always loved a chance when to fly when they managed to get their hands on extra gas.

Still, at the age of 18, Shen has felt the pressure of the outside world, the temptation of it, and has heard whispers of the horrors of oppression and cruelty from the Chinese tanks to supervillains. She has heard with fear and awe that has come with speaking of superheroes from those that travel to and from India. The young woman has begun to grow unsettled and unsteady from where she stands.

It is only a matter of time before she takes flight and goes to fulfill her destiny, however she must.


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There's a storm brewing. Aliens, secretly invading with plans of domination. Demons, plotting to throw the world into Hell. Conquerors of other dimensions and realities with our own now in their sights. These are the kinds of things we watch for. These are the evils we hunt. We will not relax our vigil. We will not let the tempest sweep away all we hold dear. We are Stormwatch.

File:Jenny Sparks.jpg
Jenny Sparks

This may not be the exact same Jenny Sparks that saved Shen's egg during WWII as her history is slightly different, but the two are somehow linked and neither deny the tie.

File:Magic and Mysticism.jpg
Magic and Mysticism

Shen is a magical creature and as a result has access naturally to the Oblivion Bar without tricks or spells. Many other magical beings can sense her own magical aura, and perhaps even that she is 'fated'.


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