Civilian NYC
SidEdit SidFace
Agility: 2 Strength: 0 Toughness: 2
Perception: 4 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5
Awareness 6 Baking 8 Crafty 4
Dance 4 Guitar 3 Singing 6
Heightened Senses 6
Career Education Residence
Clown Phobia Girly Human
Name: Sidney Lauren Chase
Position: Student/Baker/Civilian
Team: N/A
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Type: Original Character
Actor: Dianna Agron
Alts: None at present.
Timezone: EST
Music: "Candy Girl" - The Archies
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: Character Death


Chase Bakery is an institution in Brooklyn. It's been in the family for generations. Sidney practically grew up in the bakery. As a family business it wasn't unusual to find her as a toddler running around the place. She was baking by the time she was old enough to hold a spoon and stir a bowl of batter. While most kids might have resented having to work in the bakery Sid loved it. She attended school in the same Brooklyn neighborhood the bakery was in and up until high school would come home and work in there every day after school. She loved every part of it from the smells to the way the ingredients came together to the smiles that it put on people's faces when they tasted the goodies they made. It was a little like being a local celebrity. Sure the little family owned business would never be on the cover of Forbes magazine but around their little area of Brooklyn people knew their name and where to come for the best baked goods. By high school though she had discovered boys and fun and had gotten into cheerleading. She had less time to spend in the bakery. She had discovered another passion in school. It started with a boyfriend teaching her how to play guitar and then was reinforced when she won the lead in the school musical, 42nd Street. From there out she adored the feel of applause and being on the stage. She decided she wanted to study music for a career. Once graduation came though her father wasn't in the best of health. They insisted that she go to college but she knew they needed the help she enrolled part time to appease them and spends her time between her two loves, singing and the bakery.


Skill: Awareness (6)

You don't grow up in Brooklyn without learning to pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. Especially when you're a girl walking alone most of the time.

Skill: Baking (8)

She's been baking with her parents since she was old enough to hold a spoon. It's something she's been raised with and is part of her. She has recipes memorized and skills that come with the job are second nature to her. She is able to create new recipes with the fundamentals she has mastered and has a promising career in the field.

Skill: Crafty (4)

She's forever doing some little craft or another either crochet or knitting or some nifty little thing she saw on Pinterest. She's decent at it but it will never be a career.

Skill: Dance (4)

She doesn't have two left feet but she'll never be a prima ballerina either. She knows the basics and can learn routines, having studied ballet, tap, and modern to a degree and still taking some classes in college as part of her major requirements for performance majors

Skill: Guitar (3)

She is a decent acoustic guitar player. Not the best but good enough for coffee shops and busking and providing her own accompaniment.

Talent: Singing (6)

She's studying vocal performance at NYU. She's not the best singer in the world but she's pretty darn good and works hard to get better.

Talent: Heightened Senses (6)

While not on par with a metahuman or a mutant her sense of smell and taste is keener than the average Joe which helps with baking.


Advantage: Career

She will never have to worry about not having a job so long as the family bakery remains open. She has been gainfully employed since she was 16, which was when her parents started paying her a wage instead of an allowance for her work in the bakery.

Advantage: Education

While her main focus in college is music and performance she is still receiving a college education and learning from all the general ed requirement hours she has to take. Soon she will be a college graduate

Advantage: Residence

Some people are not as fortunate as she is, she has a place to call home even if it is rented. Two places if you count her parent's place


Flaw: Clown Phobia

She has a deep and unexplainable, unreasonable fear of clowns.

Flaw: Girly

Yes she is the stereotypical girl when it comes to things like spiders and snakes and rats and bugs. She will scream and shut down and climb a chair till someone kills it or gets rid of it.

Flaw: Human

Not really a flaw per say but more to quantify her vulnerabilities in a world of super heroes and villains. She has all the physical limitations of any human being. No regen properties, no anti aging powers, no extra durable skin. If she's shot she bleeds, can die. If she doesn't sleep she gets exhausted. If she doesn't eat she starves, etc...

Flaw: Naive

She is a sucker for those in need. It's just in her nature to try to help a person even if they are a total stranger. it can leave a person vulnerable to being conned or even assaulted. She tries to see the best in people even if there is no good there


Sidney Chase Logs

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