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Lady Sif

Quote-open "I am the Lady Sif, born a Goddess

and forged a Warrior. I was baptized in the tears of mine enemies and their children's children fear my name. I am rock and wheat and fire and ash and in My Lord Thor, I am promised to the sky."


A woman with many titles, a few of which are: Lady Sif, Sword Maiden to Thor, Lady of Blades, Shield Maiden of Asgard and Goddess of War.

An Asgardian whose main loyalty is to her betrothed, the Thunder God, Thor.

She is known to be exceptionally close to the Thunderer and fierce in her defense of Asgard, Midgard and those close to her heart.

Sif is also known for her prowess in battle as well as with tactics and strategy.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Durability: 5, Healing: 3, Near Immortal, Portal, Speed: 1, Stamina: 2, Strength: 6, Teleportation: 10, Tissue

Abilities: Skills

Archery: 7, Arts, Hand to Hand: 7, Riding: 8, Swordmanship: 8, Tactics: 8, Warrior's Training

Abilities: Weapon

Sword: 3

Advantages: Asgard, Asgardians, Thor

Flaws: Enemies of Asgard, Enemies of Midgard, Golden Apples

Languages: Ancient-norse and English


Power: Durability (5)

Being an Asgardian makes Sif's body much harder to damage. She can with stand things such as energy blasts, extreme temperatures, depths and force as well as high calibur bullets. While she could easy withstand a blast from Cyclops at a medium level, a blast from his beam at a High level would leave her a little sore.

Power: Healing (3)

Despite it all, the 'goddess' can be hurt though her body regenerates much quicker than any humans. Gashes and puntures can take only hours. Broken bones? Mere days.

Power: Near Immortal

Limitations: Dependant upon the Golden Apples

Like all Asgardians Sif is not truly immortal but very close to it. While she can be killed it takes a great deal of damage to do so. She ages at an exceptionally slow rate thanks to the Golden Apples which she must eat one of on a semi - regular basis in order to keep this hear immortal status as well as keeping her immune to illness.

Power: Portal

Through a series of special swinging motions with the sword, Sif can open a portal between any of the realms which allows her and those she chooses to travel between them whenever she wishes. Because of the fact that the sword was blessed by Odin, there are no limits to how often she can do this or how many or how much she can take through with her. So long as she has the energy to lift her sword and make the proper 'cuts', the portal can be opened. It's an instanteous effect. As soon as the last 'cut' is made, the portal is open.

Power: Speed (1)

Sif is exceptionally fast. Faster, even, than those humans that train hard their entire lives to be athletes putting her speed at approximate 40 MPH.

Power: Stamina (2)

Sif's stamina is far higher than that of a human. She can push herself for twenty four straight hours before she starts to become impaired.

Power: Strength (6)

Stronger than humans by far, Sif is even stronger than most Asgardians, able to lift around thirty tons.

Power: Teleportation (10)

By piercing the fabric of Infinity, Sif has the ability to teleport, instantly, to anywhere and when she wishes. This ability is a birthright of the Goddess. It happens fast enough that it appears as if she's blinking in and out of existance. However, the limitation to this is the fact that it's confined to the world she's on.

Power: Tissue

With tissue three times denser than a normal human, Sif is much heavier than she appears. That density is also, partially, why she's as strong as she is.

Skills: Archery (7)

A master marksman, Sif is an amazing archer and there is little she can't hit.

Skills: Arts

Sif is, despite everything, a great lover of the musical arts as well as dancing. She was blessed with a beautiful singing voice. She also plays a range of instruments including but not limited to the harp and violin. Her natural grace and balance, her excellence as a gymnast, all of this lends to the Goddess being an amazing dancer in her realm. She knows most of the 'old world' dances and quite easily picks up on the new stuff.

Skills: Hand to Hand (7)

It never pays to rely on having a weapon on hand and because of that, Sif made sure to learn hand to hand combat as well. Like the sword, she excelled in her combat training here as well.

Skills: Riding (8)

Sif adores horses and is an excellent rider. There is little that she can do on the ground that she can't do from the back of the steed and it's almost impossible to unseat her. She also has quite the soft spot for the animals.

Skills: Swordmanship (8)

Among the Valkyrie, there is only one who can best Sif with a sword and that is Brunnhilde herself. Aside from her, there's only one or two others who could do such. Sif's prowess with this weapon is known throughout Asgard and likely how she got the title Goddess of War.

Skills: Tactics (8)

Her years in battle and at Thor's side have taught Sif to be an excellent tactician, thinking and planning out the next move strategically instead of just rushing in.

Skills: Warrior's Training

A seasoned and hardened warrior with centuries of experience... thousands of years spent in training and as an active warrior as heightened a few aspects of Sif. Perception: 6 Agility: 5 and Willpower: 7

Weapon: Sword (3)

The Hofud that Sif uses is one made of Uru metal and has been enchanted by Odin himself. It is able to cleave through almost anything with ease and keeps its razor sharp edge without fail. Toughness Rating: 9


Advantage: Asgard

If a situation should ever arise where she can no longer stay on Midgard or simply needs to get away for whatever reason? Sif can always turn to Asgard for sanctuary.

Advantage: Asgardians

In a dire emergency, Sif has no doubt that her friends on Asgard as well as her brother would come to her aid if need be.

Advantage: Thor

Her Lord, her love and her best friend. If ever Sif were to need assistance in any way, or even a shoulder, she knows she can always seek out the God of Thunder.


Flaw: Enemies of Asgard

Asgard is her home and she loves it fiercely. She is willing to defend her home realm with her life if she needs to, therefore any enemy of Asgard is an enemy of Sif's and one she'll face head on. It also means she is known to said enemies and in order to take her out when she's 'vulnerable', they may hunt her down.

Flaw: Enemies of Midgard

She may not understand the people or culture of Earth entirely yet but it's important to her for several reasons. She, herself, has made a few friends that choose to reside in that realm. She will always rise to defend Midgard, making her quite the target. After all, who wouldn't want to be known as the Slayer of a God?

Flaw: Golden Apples

Sif near immortal status is dependent upon her ability to ingest these on a semi - regular basis. Without these, her body will require nourishment faster, she require rest more often, she will be easier to damage, prone to illness and will begin to age at a quicker rate than normal.


Sif is from Asgard, trained as a Valkyrie as well as with the warriors in Asgard itself, and grew up with the realm's two princes and their friends. Due to a most unfortunate hair cut, she went from blonde to black. Eventually, through many trials, tribulations and epic battles, Lady Sif was able to prove her prowess in the field and gained herself the right to be called Goddess of War. While she had a good life on Asgard, a man she loved and friends she was exceptionally loyal to, she's been assigned by the king to play security guard for his son while he's on Midgard.


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Sif is an Asgardian.



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