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Silent Master

Silent. Deadly.
Snake Eyes
Adapted FC

Snake Eyes

Quote-open.png "The man is a total mystery, but he's real good at his job, heck, he's the best." Quote-close.png

A silent warrior with a mysterious past, Snake Eyes has been a member of the United Nations special global operations unit: G.I. Joe since its inception. As both a soldier and a ninja, Snake Eyes has dedicated himself to the protection of the world and vowed to defend it against terroristic threats and other villainous actions.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Combat Ninja

Abilities: Equipment

Arashikage Katana: 6, Combat Suit: 4, Gauntlet, Omniquipment: 5, Vehicles: 6

Abilities: Skill

Animal Handling: 6, Combat: 8, Commando: 8, Holistic Medicine: 5, Mountaineering: 8, Regional Survival: 7, Shadowing: 8, Silent Communication: 7, Urban Ninja: 8, Vehicle Pilot: 5

Abilities: Technique

Arashikage Mind-Set: 8, Cloak of Chameleon, The Blind Sword, The Ear That Sees: 1, The Sleeping Phoenix

Advantages: Arashikage Clan, Languages, Silence, Timber, Tommy Arashikage

Flaws: Arashikage, Distinguishing Marks, Government Issue, Honor Bound, Mute, Storm Shadow, Tragic Past, Vengeful

Languages: ASL, SEE, English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish


Attribute: Combat Ninja

Limits: Humanity First. Should Snake Eyes not be in his top physical condition, or wounded or hindered in some other way, these attributes will suffer appropriately.

Snake Eyes has always been, at least physically, at the peak of humanity. His training with the Arashikage Clan has allowed him to surpass such things, on a small scale, though to give him an edge. His training as a Ninja and the subsequent Mastering of those Arts have given him an edge among even others that have also reached peak humanity.

Snake Eyes also has extensive training from the military, as a soldier and a commando. He has been trained to the utmost of humanity's potential in terms of military physicality and is one of the more physically capable members of the military.

Through a combination of his Ninja Mastery and his Elite Soldier, the following stats can be applied:

       Dexterity 4
       Strength 2 (2.5)
       Toughness 3
       Endurance 2
       Perception 6
       Intellect 3
       Willpower 6

Equipment: Arashikage Katana (6)

Scale: Toughness

Snake Eyes has surpassed the majority of his endless training within the Arashikage Clan, which has allowed him to become the Silent Master of the Clan. Through the ancient ritual, Snake Eyes was allowed to forge his own blade within the Temple of the Arashikage. Blades forged and tempered in these ancient ways and fires become nearly indestructible and capable of cutting through most conventional materials with ease.

Arashikage Katanas are very rare and only belong to members of the Arashikage Clan's Elite (unless stolen, of course). Each true Arashikage Katana is marked with the Arashikage symbol.

Equipment: Combat Suit (4)

Scale: Toughness

Snake Eyes wears a high end military grade combat suit that is specially designed for his needs. It covers his entire body and comes with a variety of different optional accessories that can be streamlined and mission specific. Standard features of the combat suit are its toughness, as it is capable of withstanding bullets, and is also fireproof and shock resistant. The special soft kevlar-esque feel is lightweight enough to allow Snake Eyes ease of movement. It has been designed to be silent, as it doesn't make a sound. The visor that is worn over his seamless mask provides Snake Eyes with state of the art technology, allowing him to see in various stages of the light spectrum (infrared, night vision, heat signatures, etc.) and a HUD display, with scrolling text of the audio that comes through from his colleagues and others that have access to this frequency.

Snake Eyes is in possession of various suits of the same style and caliber, though they are region and mission specific, allowing for epic levels of camouflage and stealth.

Equipment: Gauntlet

Snake Eyes is in possession of the primary piece of technology for Joes. What boils down to a simple communication device, on the surface, actually comes with more features than such a simple definition that's being used. The Gauntlet comes such features as GPS tracking (both ways), a heart/vitals monitoring system, audio/video communication and is capable of storing up to a full terabyte of data. Joe Gauntlets are voice-activated and only respond to programmed vocal patters. However, the Gauntlet belonging to Snake Eyes is programmed to his fingerprints and other biometric data.

Equipment: Omniquipment (5)

Scale: Arsenal

Note: His Rank and skill level allows him access to weaponry up to an Arsenal 5 if the mission calls for it.

Snake Eyes has access to weapons and gear of all types, ranging from melee weaponry to ninja gear to more military grade equipment and all the way down the pipeline to advanced Joe Technology. His military rank, grade and his status within G.I. Joe allows him to pick and choose from such a large armory, vehicle fleet, technology branch, and military surplus... all of which will assist him with his missions and assignments. The equipment itself varies greatly in their features, functionality and such. Snake Eyes, however, is trained in the use of all that he uses.

Snake Eyes is a walking arsenal when it comes to being prepared with his weaponry. He's normally packing multiple guns, various ninja weaponry and his signature blade. The specifics of his arsenal vary according to his assignments, but they are almost always at least at the level of full on assault weaponry.

Equipment: Vehicles (6)

Scale: Arsenal

Snake Eyes has access to a large fleet of vehicles that can work within the parameters of the natural Earth; land, sea, and air. The vehicles vary in what they are and how they work, but all of them are either personally designed for Snake Eyes to use, belong to the Joes as a whole or are just part of the military's fleet itself.

None of the vehicles that Snake Eyes has access to is armed with anything more powerful than a 6.

Skill: Animal Handling (6)

Limits: What worked on Timber may not always work. Animals are different and fickle.

Snake Eyes was able to raise, train and domesticate a wild wolf to the point that it serves as his pet... without making a sound. While this may be a particular bond shared between Snake Eyes and Timber, there's no denying the fact that he is a capable and worthy handler of wild animals.

Skill: Combat (8)

Snake Eyes has mastered twelve different martial arts disciplines, while being expertly trained in countless more. Enough so that he has become such a master in the martial arts that he often serves as a hand-to-hand combat instructor or is sent on missions into enemy territory alone. His martial arts prowess is one of the key elements of his person. He is always pushing himself to learn more and progress, knowing that one is never truly "finished" with their training until death.

Snake Eyes has managed to combine the knowledge of multiple martial arts into a singular seamless style that is all his own, allowing him to either focus on a particular style or vary his movements and maneuvers to compensate for various hinderances or opponents. He has routinely taken down large numbers of foes, on his own, with nary a scratch to his uniform. Snake Eyes is a very impressive and dangerous opponent.

Mastered Disciplines: Karate, Kung Fu, Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Kenjutsu, Gatka, Baritsu, An Ch'i, Savate, Hsing-I, Lua.

Snake Eyes is the most proficient in melee weaponry. Due to his expertise and mastery of various martial arts, he has been trained in the use of a variety of melee weapons that come with those. He can use each of these with weapons with great ease, showing an advanced expertise in this area.

Snake Eyes has a personal area where he excels, though, as one of his primary focuses in his training were with Bladed Weapons. His skill level for such things is on a Mastery (9) level. Snake Eyes is an impeccable swordsman.

Snake Eyes is a Qualified Expert (7) when it comes to using ranged weaponry, such as firearms or bows or anything else. While his personal choice is more of the up close and personal style of Melee, he is no slouch when it comes to ranged weaponry.

Skill: Commando (8)

Snake Eyes is an extensively trained commando soldier. In addition to the basic military soldier techniques, strategies and methods, Snake Eyes is an expert in the various infantry fields of military operations. What used to be a whole unit has been condensed into a single soldier trained for amphibious landings, parachuting and rappelling. This is what makes Snake Eyes a one man army unit. Snake Eyes is an expert in Demolitions (9) and Covert Operations (7).

Skill: Holistic Medicine (5)

Snake Eyes has learned the art of holistic medicine from the Arashikage Clan. He knows how to use specific herbs and plants to create healing solutions and teas to assist with the helping of wounds or sickness. He is by no means a master of this, as it was not the focus of his training, but he knows more than enough to keep himself in fighting shape on a regular basis.

Skill: Mountaineering (8)

Snake Eyes is an expert in the areas of mountaineering, including the practices of hiking, skiing, and climbing mountains. Along with the traditional training in these areas, Snake Eyes is well-versed in the arts of rock and snow craft. Snake Eyes is capable of handling the various terrains of rock, snow, and ice with expert ease. He is capable of leading the way and helping others or going at it alone. Snake Eyes is so well trained in this area, he can do other things //while// on the side of a mountain. Like fight ninja.

Skill: Regional Survival (7)

Snake Eyes has been highly trained in the art of survival in various regional locations. He possesses the knowledge of how to survive, traverse the terrain and live off the land in Jungle, Desert and Arctic environments. With or without the proper gear associated with each of those regions.

Skill: Shadowing (8)

Snake Eyes is an expert tracker and shadower, capable of traversing various landscapes in pursuit of targets. He knows how to follow tracks and sounds, as well as staying out of sight while in silent pursuit of those under his trained eye. It is a rare moment that one knows they are being followed by the Snake Eyes.

Skill: Silent Communication (7)

Snake Eyes has mastered the various styles of silent communication, ever since he lost the use of his voice. Everything from body language to sign language to hand signals varying from military to otherwise, Snake Eyes is well versed in a variety of silent communication forms. Snake Eyes does not need to use his voice or sound to communicate with his colleagues or even the public at large. Also? Texting. His speed at such puts teenage girls with smart phones to shame.

Skill: Urban Ninja (8)

Snake Eyes is mainly trained for more military functions, however, he's capable of using the same tricks and strategies in the urban jungle, as well. Everything from building infiltration to scaling and rappelling skyscrapers to flipping through alarm sensors and laser beams, Snake Eyes is an advanced expert in this.

Snake Eyes is, perhaps, one of the most quiet and stealthy human beings on the planet. Not only is he well practiced and versed in the ways of the Ninja, incorporating any and all styles of stealth movements and hiding, he's also mastered the art of physical silence. One moment he is there and before one can finish blinking, he is no longer there. These tricks of the trade, coupled with technology and talent, are what help to give Snake Eyes the title of Silent Master.

Skill: Vehicle Pilot (5)

Snake Eyes is trained in the use of vehicles all across the transportation spectrum: land, sea, and air. He is trained in both casual piloting and combat piloting, allowing him to use vehicles as weapons themselves. His base level of training allows him to be an expert in vehicular use, though he does specialize.

Technique: Arashikage Mind-Set (8)

Scale: Willpower

Area: Self

Limits: Requires extreme concentration and focus to generate and sustain.

One of the most heavily guarded and powerful secrets of the Arashikage Clan is the Arashikage Mind-Set. Those evoking this practice places them in a self-induced hypnotic trance, gifting unto them an unshakeable resolve and ferocious tenacity. While in this hypnotic state, they will ignore things like pain or fear. It has been said that the Arashikage Mind-Set has even been able to stave off the effects of brainwashing or protect one's mind from limited mind control attempts.

Technique: Cloak of Chameleon (N/A)

Area: Self

Limits: Not Shapeshifting. Mimicry of sound, body language and physical mannerisms.

One of the more hands on secrets of the Arashikage Clan is The Cloak of the Chameleon. With unrivaled physical control, warriors that evoke The Cloak of the Chameleon can alter their breathing and circulatory patterns, allowing them perfect mimicry of another person through sound and movement.

Technique: The Blind Sword (N/A)

One of the more simple secrets of the Arashikage Clan is The Blind Sword. Mainly for use in minimal to no visibility situations, this technique involves the use of the sword and its scabbard, effectively compensating for the lack of sight through touch.

Technique: The Ear That Sees (1)

Scale: Distance

Area: Self

Limits: Does not allow for actual identification (i.e. name of person, etc.) unless the warrior already knows that person. Must be within line of sight/sound to be utilized effectively.

One of the more useful secrets of the Arashikage Clan is The Ear That Sees. This technique allows a warrior to focus through their hearing ability. With concentration, they will be capable of identifying others through sound. Using things like the sound of cloth against cloth or a person's heartbeat, mannerisms and breathings; all the things that are distinctive to a particular person.

Technique: The Sleeping Phoenix (N/A)

Area: Self

One of the more crucial secrets of the Arashikage Clan is The Sleeping Phoenix. This technique gives a warrior complete control over their involuntary bodily functions, such as breathing and heartbeat. The warrior can use this ability to mimic death, which can be used to fool opponents or prolong one's survival in hostile situations or even when on the brink of death.


Advantage: Arashikage Clan

If it were not for the Arashikage Clan, there's a chance that Snake Eyes would be a very different person today than he is right now. They taught him how to handle and deal with the darkness that was threatening to consume him and he has been a loyal and devout follower of their teachings ever since he stepped foot in their presence. Since then, he has continually worked towards keeping the Arashikage on the path of what is right and his status as Silent Master allows him to train the new generation of Arashikage Ninja.

The Arashikage can and will assist Snake Eyes when necessary. And by necessary that usually means there are no other options left. Members of the Arashikage make up the "Ninja Force" unit of G.I. Joe that Snake Eyes leads on occasion.

Advantage: Languages

Prior to the loss of his voice, Snake Eyes was a multilingual soldier. Since then, he has studied various languages to the point of being able to comprehend them on a fluent level. While he may not be able to speak them, he can listen and understand with ease.

Advantage: Silence

Not being able to speak is just the beginning of the Silent Master's schtick. He carries himself softly and swiftly, living and existing in the shadows or hidden. He cannot make a sound and that right there is what already gives him an advantage over those that can and do. His is already a step or two ahead in combat situations or the prime choice for stealth assignments and missions. Through a combination of making his accident work for him and pure stealth skill, Snake Eyes has honed his senses to the point that he no longer needs sound to express himself or, well, at all. Boss.

Advantage: Timber

Snake Eyes has a pet wolf that he has domesticated to the point of being able to actually control him with no vocal commands. Timber, however, is still a wolf and still very much wild, but he is fierce and loyal to Snake Eyes and has accompanied him in battle many times. They are like brothers.

Advantage: Tommy Arashikage

Sometimes your greatest friend...


Flaw: Arashikage

Snake Eyes is the Silent Master of the Arashikage Clan. He serves, loves and honors the Arashikage and will do whatever he needs to do, in order to keep their secrets safe and even the members. There is a sacred bond between Snake Eyes and the Arashikage.

Flaw: Distinguishing Marks

Minus the usual military tattoos, there is an Arashikage crest on his right outer wrist. Also, beneath his mask, his face is scarred. These combined things can identify a civilian clothed Snake Eyes. A rare civilian clothed Snake Eyes, that is.

Flaw: Government Issue

As an American soldier, Snake Eyes belongs to the United States Government. His G.I. Joe membership makes him a pawn for the United Nations, but he's technically the property of the United States military. He can and will follow their orders, to the letter, unless his hand is forced due to it clashing with his own honor code or morals.

Flaw: Honor Bound

While Snake Eyes is capable of murder and assassinations, he is still an honor bound warrior. The Arashikage taught him to be just that. His fighting spirit is that of a man that will do battle to the ends of the Earth with ruthless aggression, but will do it with honor. This is something that is very important to him. He will not falter in this. Not even against his greatest enemies.

Flaw: Mute

Snake Eyes cannot make any sounds, speak or do anything that involves his vocal cords, thanks to an injury. He can, however, whistle.

Flaw: Storm Shadow

... is your greatest enemy.

Flaw: Tragic Past

Snake Eyes has had a very traumatic past. He lost his family, he lost one of his teachers and there have been countless battles in which innocent lives were caught in the crossfire. While he finds a way to cope with all the darkness and sadness that lives deep within him, he does often suffer from flashbacks or nightmares.

Flaw: Vengeful

While Snake Eyes tends to be in control of his emotions on a regular basis, there are times when he lets vengeance or revenge take over. These moments are when Snake Eyes is the most vulnerable, emotionally. He can tend to lose sight of his goals and his mission when in these rare states.


Snake Eyes was a founding member of G.I. Joe during the Cold War era, when it was one of the American-based peacekeeping forces on Earth and diametrically opposed to the terrorist organization Cobra. Any and all information of Snake Eyes' name, history, or any other pertinent data concerning this specific operative was classified to the highest level.

On a routine mission to take down a Cobra stronghold hidden in upstate New York, a Cobra device of unknown purpose went into meltdown and detonated. Snake Eyes and his wolf Timber were caught at the explosion's Ground Zero, knocking them out cold. When they came to, they found themselves alone in a desolate area that seemed to be a relatively untouched area of New York State, with the few remaining signs of damaged and destroyed structure long overgrown and reclaimed by nature. The coordinates were an exact match to where he last remembered being, but little else matched with it... and nobody Snake Eyes knew, friend or foe, were present with them.

Fearing detection, they disappeared immediately and headed to New York City, the closest major metropolis to their location. When they arrived, Snake Eyes found a megacity far different than the NYC he had known, and society far different besides. He quickly learned that not only had almost 30 years passed since he last saw a timestamp, but 'G.I. Joe' as an organization had been merged into a newer organization called 'SHIELD' at the end of the Cold War. Even worse, whispers on the wind imply that Cobra still exists as part of a greater enemy.

It was clear that the explosion had thrown Timber and himself forward through time to what is now the present, but that led to even more questions... questions Snake Eyes intends to answer.


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File:Tommy Arashikage.jpg


Storm Shadow

Tommy Arasikage is Snake Eyes' adopted brother and they were raised together in the Arashikage Clan from childhood. They have been through hell and high water together for years, only for circumstances to rip them apart. Even so, the two are closer than twins, and have more miscommunications and violent fights than normal brothers. Yet without the other, they are incomplete.

File:Arashikage Clan.jpg


Arashikage Clan

The Arashikage Clan is an ancient Ninja Clan that has adapted over the years to modern warfare while respecting their heritage. They have completely developed their own namesake fighting style rather than training in normal Ninjitsu style. They are often bound by a long history of blood ties, and have a very strong form of honor. They typically have two masters that handle the training, the Soft Master and the Hard Master.

File:G.I. Joe.jpg


G.I. Joe

Formed after the Vietnam War to combat threats to American security, G.I. Joe was an American peacekeeping force consisting of military personnel. It was often the first line of defense against the machinations of Cobra, a terrorist organization. This group was folded into SHIELD at the conclusion of the Cold War and the team dispersed into new roles or retired.




The United States intelligence and enforcement group that replaced the Joe Initiative. Snake Eyes still does not know what to think of this group, despite 're-enlisting' without a second thought. He does not trust them, as that will have to be earned from this point on, but is at least willing to give them a chance. So far, so good.



Snake Eyes's Wanted List