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Dr. Sophia Flores
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Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 5 Willpower: 3
Academics 5 Animal Husbandry 4 Firearms 3
First Aid 6 Medicine 6 Meta-Geneticist 6
Research 7 Riding 5 Roping 4
Survival 4 Technology 6 Writing 6
Contacts Farm Girl LexCorp
LexCorp Naive Secrets
Shady Work
Name: Sophia Maria Alonso Flores Brilliant geneticist working on the isolation and analysis of the X-Gene and its relationship, if any, to other metahuman genetic markers. She used to work as an intern for STAR Labs, but before they could make her a proper job offer, LexCorp snapped her up. Literally: they drove her to the airport and flew her to Metropolis.
Position: Research Scientist
Team: LexCorp
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Type: Original Character
Actor: Rosario Dawson
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Central Standard Time (UTC-6, North America)
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Sophia is the third of four kids and the only girl in her family. She grew up a bit of a tomboy, especially given that ranch chores were a necessity more or less from the time she could walk. Small as she has always been, she was only so helpful with the rougher chores but she did grow into her responsibilities. What time she didn't spend working on the family farm, though, she spent voraciously reading whatever was at hand. At heart she really is the girl next door and always has been. It's just that her head is a little too crammed full of brains to stay out there.

It's not actually ambition. Not hugely. But Sophia had a real talent for academics and a keen interest in biology. It started, yes, *started* with breeding strong and obedient livestock but it grew into a much greater interest in genetics in general. And when she started hearing about mutants and the powers some of them had that seemed to defy the very laws of physics? Well, she started getting seriously excited. Imagine if YOUR job could be studying superheroes?

She graduated high school early. She graduated college pretty early too, taking more than full time hours and filling her summers with more credits. She interned at STAR Labs in Austin as she finished her dissertation at the University of Texas, and she was all set to go to work for them -- all set, that is, until Lex Luthor /himself/ arrived in town to give her an offer she would have been a fool to refuse...

And now she's one of Lex's great young hopes: one of those brilliant research scientists given privilege after privilege and incredible resources in order to pursue her research. No more funding worries, no more grant proposals. Instead, it's champagne and corporate cars and her a huge lab in LexCorp Towers. It couldn't get better than this.


Profession: Academics (5)

Sophia's generally extremely well educated. She remembers a lot of what she's taught for a long time and has a pretty good chance of knowing Random Facts.

Profession: Animal Husbandry (4)
Sophia was in the FFA and 4H. She's raised cows, goats, and sheep and has even bred prize specimens for the county and state fairs of Texas. She did well enough that scholarships from those organizations paid for her housing as a college freshman.

Combat: Firearms (3)
She's a Texas girl. Yes, she can shoot. She's good with a rifle in particular and has lost track of the number of coyotes she's had to shoot.

Profession: First Aid (6)
As a medical doctor, Sophia is capable of both normal diagnosis and emergency care. Even without modern medical equipment she can stitch a laceration, splint a broken bone, etc.

Profession: Medicine (6)
Yes, she's been through medical school. She still needs to complete her residency, as she's spent her time pursuing the Ph.D in genetics, but that's all that's technically keeping her from being a proper doctor.

Profession: Meta-Geneticist (6)
Sophia has recently earned her Ph.D in genetics with a concentration in alternate human genotypes. In other words, she's studying metahumans, mutants, and similar offshoots of humanity so she can understand what causes these crazy and sometimes physics-defying powers. Someday she might even be able to block the X-gene... or activate it in a non-mutant.

Profession: Research (7)
It's necessary for any academic to be able to find other people's work to build on. Whether in a library or online or really any other way, Sophia is great at gathering information.

Profession: Riding (5)
Yes, ranchers really do still ride horses. Sophia did so for her family, but she also did so for competition. She's quite adept at Western-style riding, competing at the regional and state level.

Profession: Roping (4)
It's a necessary skill on a ranch: the calves don't necessarily go where you want them to, after all. Goats even less so. Sophia's participated in rodeos and has worked on her family ranch. She's capable of catching and binding animals and generally using ropes. She's good with several different kinds of knots and knows how to prevent even a creature much stronger than herself from slipping its bonds.

Profession: Survival (4)
Hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, and spending the night way out on the property. Sophia can live off the land, set snares, hunt, fish, make shelter and fire, and generally be self-sufficient in the wilderness.

Profession: Technology (6)
From computers to ESEMs to medical imaging software, Sophia is adept with a wide variety of technical equipment. Her experience is particularly geared toward scientific analysis with, of course, a specialization in medical equipment. She's worked in a medical lab, in biochemical research institutions, and the like.

Profession: Writing (6)
Publish or perish. Sophia's extremely good at taking her ideas and research and putting them into words. Articles and books, in particular.


Advantage: Contacts

Sophia's friends from college have graduated and spread widely across the world of genetic research. There's only so many people in her field, and she's made it a point to know as many as she can.

Advantage: Farm Girl
Sophia grew up on a ranch, actually, but it still holds true. She knows the rural life and is pretty well acquainted with rural people and points of view. Her upbringing gave her a strong work ethic and a self-reliant streak a mile wide.

Advantage: LexCorp
Lex Luthor has been *very* good to Ms. Flores. Her own laboratories, her own staff of interns and techs, a very generous salary, and use of company resources.

Advantage: STAR Labs
She may not work there anymore, but Sophia still knows a number of people from STAR Labs -- colleagues, other interns, et cetera. If she really wanted or needed, she could get help from her old friends.


Flaw: LexCorp

No, she really doesn't know Lex is a bad guy. In fact, as good to her as he's been, as good to her as LexCorp has been, it would take a lot to make her believe it. An isolated incident? Some corrupt person in the hierarchy? Sure. But that happens everywhere. You can't blame Lex Luthor for having too much faith in people.

Flaw: Naive
She's been in the big city for... uh, about thirty minutes, effectively. Sure, she went to college in some pretty populated places but she spent a whole lot more of her time in class and studying than Being Worldly and Having Experiences. She's a bit of a nerd and a bit too trusting, too generous, too honest, too hospitable. Too nice for the city.

Flaw: Secrets
Technically speaking, what Sophia studies isn't actually illegal. She's trying to understand the genetics of many human subspecies. But she's not working for a university or a pure research institution: she's working for LexCorp. And while she (and Lex's lawyers) could profitably argue that what she does is not significantly different from any pharmaceutical company studying, say, the effects of their drugs on diabetics, groups like the ACLU and mutant rights groups could get very unpleasant about things. Sophia herself would be in a great deal of danger as one of Lex's associates, tarred with the same brush regardless of the legality or morality of her work.

Flaw: Shady Work
Sophia doesn't hate mutants or metahumans or anything else. She's as nervous as the next (wo)man about running into, say, someone who can read her mind or blow up Albany, but she's not exactly speciesist. But she IS a normal human researching ways to isolate, activate, deactivate, and control metahuman genetic markers. Some folks might consider that a little questionable. How, for example, does she get her test samples? Or her test subjects? Even if everything she does is completely legitimate, even if she's not a Bad Guy, she's working for LexCorp on metahuman research.


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