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Agility: 6 Strength: 3 Toughness: 3
Perception: 4 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 3
Brawling 3 Enhanced Metabolism Intangibility
Matter Disruption 5 Politics 3 Speed 5
Stamina 3 Streetwise 4
A Strange Family Street Contacts Well-Read
Criminal Record Impatient Quick Living
Name: Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd
Position: Troublemaking Speedster
Team: Young Allies
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: Firestorm, Nate Grey
Timezone: Central European Time (UTC+1, Europe)
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: None


Thomas Shepherd is the adopted son of Frank and Mary Shepherd. They adopted him when he was just months old and never told him he was adopted. The circumstances of his adoption make it difficult to track down, as the couple went to Transia, in East Europe, to pick Thomas, and got him through underhanded means. Frank and Mary hadn't managed to have children on their own, and were denied the possibility of adopting one by the US authorities due to the problems their marriage was experiencing.

The couple thought that having a child would fix their problems, but they were wrong. Frank was an authoritarian workaholic, and Mery a maniac-depressive drug user. Tommy grew up in a fractured household, with much screaming, drama, threats and occasional physical violence. Their parents finally divorced when he was nine, and they got a joint custody of the child, which led to a conflicted upbringing, Tommy being used as a weapon by both parents and him spending the least possible time with his parents once he realized they were a pair of jerks.

Lacking any real direction or moral compass made Tommy a rebellious troublemaker from an early age. He got into gangs, petty crime and recreational drugs in his early teens and earned a criminal record for (non-violent) theft and vandalism. He even spent a few months in a juvenile facility and doing social work.

Social work got him in touch with political activism, which he embraced with surprising passion. He left the gangs (although not petty crime) to hang out with the artistic underground and radical political groups, and later, the Occupy movements.

Since he has pretty much abandoned his parents for good and moved into New York (from New Jersey) Tommy resorts to pick pocketing and burglary to pay the bills and food (and he eats more than three adults!). His powers have developed in the past couple years and it is now pretty much impossible for him to be caught, or even seen, so he manages alright. But he is looking for a better way of living.


Power: Speed (5)

Tommy main mutant power is his ability to move faster than a normal human. He lives in a slow motion world, as his thought processes, metabolism, and reaction speed are about 5 times faster than a normal human being, and he can accelerate himself to even faster. Although he rarely tries to move to supersonic speeds, he is able to run at about 4000 miles per hour when he really wants (this is match 5). At such speeds he is virtually invisible to the naked eye, he can outrun bullets (and catch them easily if he matches speed with them) and "dodge" energy blasts (they just can't cause him much damage in the brief miliseconds they hit him). His power is both physical and psionic. He has an enhanced metabolism, but he also can control motion mentally. He can perform such stunts as running over water and up walls by redirecting momentum, he can transfer kinetic energy to objects and destroy them, he can survive high speed collisions that should splatter him all over a large area, and he can punch at supersonic speeds without pulverizing his hands. As long as he has caused the motion, he is generally alright. This motion control also protect his clothes as long as they are close enough to his skin. (It does not protect large items or people carried, though).

Power: Enhanced Metabolism
Tommy's body is build for moving at great speed. His bones, tendons and muscles are stronger and more flexible than a normal human, giving him slightly superhuman strength (he can lift about 1,000 pounds) and some protection from impact (impact he causes is controlled by his speed power). His brain moves very fast, usually about 5 times faster than a normal human, allowing him to speed read and multitask easily. He can accelerate himself much more, although not for long periods (objectively speaking, what for Tommy is long for a normal human is brief!). Tommy metabolizes about 95 per cent of all he eats, and he eats three times more than a normal human. He only needs to sleep about two hours a day (although they feel like 8 hours to him). He also heals 5 times faster than normal.

Power: Stamina
Speed's metabolism is far more efficient than a normal human, allowing him to operate without rest for about 36 hours. However these are subjective hours. He lives at 5 times the speed of a normal human, so he seems to tire as fast as a normal human. If he accelerates himself at maximum speed, he tires 10 times faster than normal, so running for 40-45 minutes at match 5 (which would allow him to run about 2,500 miles) leaves him quite tired. He would needs to rest about 15 minutes (a little more than an hour subjective time) and eat a good meal before being able of doing it again.

Power: Matter Disruption (5)
The definitive proof Speed powers are not merely physical is his ability to destroy matter on physical contact. He can make items, even fairly large ones (up to a couple cubic meters) crack, explode or even be reduced to dust by generating hyperkinetic vibrations that accelerate the item molecules in different directions. He can affect plastic, stone, concrete and even most metals. Very strong alloys such as titanium steel or harder can resist his powers unless he pushes (exhausting himself).

Power: Intangibility
Speed can also use his matter disruption power on himself to 'push' his body through solid items. This is pretty unpleasant for him, although his body can handle it without real damage, so he only does so in emergencies and when moving very quickly (to minimize the time intangible). It does not protect him from energy attacks, since it works only on solid matter.

Skill: Streetwise (4)
Having spent a lot of time in the streets and among gangs, Tommy is quite familiar with the underworld. He knows how to hide, how to fence goods, how to pick pockets, how the police operates, etc. All skills a young delinquent should know and master (he has yet to master them, but he has a good start).

Skill: Brawling (3)
Tommy has been in plenty of brawls since he was a little kid, so he knows how to handle himself. He has little formal training, but has some experience and can defend himself decently even without powers.

Skill: Politics (3)
Tommy is a bit of a political activist. He is quite interested in the current local and global politics and has studied on his own modern political theory and history.


Advantage: A Strange Family

Tommy does not know yet, but he is (kinda, sorta) the son of the Scarlet Witch and the android Vision, grandson of Magneto, brother of Wiccan and nephew of Quicksilver (with which he shares powers and looks). Surely this is an advantage. Right? :/

Advantage: Street Contacts
Tommy has been living pretty much on his own for years, spending most of his time in the streets of New York and nearby cities, and he keeps in touch with a lot of odd people, from gangers to bums, petty criminals, not-so-petty criminals, homeless, metas and mutatns living on the streets, honest social workers, even pizza delivery kids, struggling artists and political radicals. Despite his usually 'hyper' mindset, he is not aloof, just cynical, and usually amusing and helpful. So he knows people that tells him things, and sometimes he trades favors with them.

Advantage: Well-Read
Living in an altered timeframe has some advantages. Tommy has a lot of 'free time' and has become a voracious reader to combat boredom. He has a large collection in his studio apartment, and a laptop full of ebooks. Normal school is not good for him (so slow!) but he has educated himself better than most people his age, and keeps himself up to date on world events.


Flaw: Criminal Record

Tommy has been a bad boy. He shoplifted, stole cars (for joyriding), wrote graffiti on his last school walls, etc. He was caught a few times, and did some time in juvie, and then had to do social work. This was a couple years ago, but records remain. He hasn't really reformed, he is just too fast to get caught, and he is a runaway. And he no longer steals out or rebelliousness or anger, he does it to survive, to help his friends and to fight 'evil', where evilness is defined by his rather radical and borderline anarchist political mindset.

Flaw: Impatient
Impatience is relative. Problem is that Tommy's mind is too fast compared to normal people. He is not thoughtless, he is not tactless and he is not aloof. He is not particularly given to rushed decisions (no more than any other teenager, at least). But he can only wait so long to people that. Is. So. Slow. So sometimes his friends and acquaintances will find he has done things without waiting for them, which can be pretty annoying. But, man... they were still arguing about the toppings of the pizza; so he left, brought the pizza, ate his part, and let them argue about if they liked the toppings or not, and 'what a jerk is Tommy'. He will also organize your CD collection by alphabetical order, because he had 5 spare minutes, was bored and wanted to be helpful. And so you will never find what you are looking for /ever/ again.

Flaw: Quick Living
So Tommy lives five times faster than normal. Also, his metabolism is very efficient, getting more bioenergy out of food (and water and air). This is very good, but simple math proves that he needs to eat, drink and breathe far more than a normal person, roughly 3 times more, and this if he does not speeds himself up to move even faster. Now, food, drink and water are not hard to find in an urban setting so he has yet to run into trouble (although he carries a few energy bars for emergency races). But fact is he suffocates three times faster than average Joe if lacking air, deadly poison will kill him five times faster, drugs will also affect him faster (his metabolism is fast, not poison-proof) although he will also recover faster. A deadly wound... is bad, it is very unlikely medical assistance will arrive in time. Fortunately he does not seem to be aging faster than normal, at least so far.


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