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Agility: 6 Strength: 4 Toughness: 3
Perception: 4 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5
Acrobat 7 Organic Webbing 7 Scrapper 5
Wall-Crawling 4
Bilingual Spider Society Web Savvy
Enemies Guilt Secret Identity
Name: Anya Sofia Corazon Granted her powers after saving the life of a member of the secretive Spider Society, Anya Corazon was once known as the heroine Araña. After the death of her father, she's left the Society and is attempting to move on by opening up a new chapter in her life. She now fights crime under a different guise: the spectacular Spider-Girl!
Position: Twitter Superstar
Team: The Outsiders
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Race: Mutate
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Seychelle Gabriel
Alts: N/A
Timezone: PST
Music: Poe, "Walk The Walk"
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: All
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Anya Sofia Corazon was born in Brooklyn and raised by her father, Gil, following the death of her mother. Her father worked as a reporter and his work often brought him into contact with some of the city's heroes, though he always took precautions to keep himself (and his daughter) safe. It was a loving and normal household, full of warmth and humor.

When Anya was fifteen, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time -- members of two ancient secret societies, the Sisterhood of the Wasp and the Spider Society, were battling. However, when she saw a man being charged with a knife, she intervened. In saving his life, she was severely wounded. Once the evil Sisterhood had been repelled, the man she saved showed Anya his gratitude by saving her life, sharing his power with her and making her a Hunter of the Spider Society. In short -- he gave her powers with which she could continue to do good, both with the Society and on her own.

She spent nearly two years as the superheroine known as Araña, fighting crime and trying to avert the Sisterhood of the Wasp's schemes. It was rough going at first since Thrilling Heroics and Sudden Superpowers don't exactly come with an instruction manual, but she found her footing. She'd found something that she was truly good at.

Unfortunately, she was not good enough to do the impossible. She was not fast enough to save her father from an old friend of his, a superhuman who had lost control of his own mind and fallen into a berserker rage. In her grief, she left the Society and struck out on her own, vowing to do better.

She needed a new life. New surroundings, new friends, a new name.

Her body lent a hand in her search for change, further mutating beyond what the Society had granted her with the manifestation of organic webshooters. She doesn't know why. She also doesn't particularly care. It's useful and it's cool, so she's happy to utilize them in her new identity: Spider-Girl.


Power: Acrobat (7)

Prior to receiving her powers, Anya was an active, fit young woman. Now her acrobatic ability has received a sizable boost and has left her flexible, agile, and light on her feet. Tumbling, leaping, keeping her balance, doing hand-stands -- she's a natural.

Power: Organic Webbing (7)

After leaving the Spider Society, Anya may have lost her ability to encase herself in an armored carapace, but her body seems to be trying to make up the difference by granting her organic web-shooters. Fired from her wrists, the webbing is comparable to Spider-Man's synthetic webbing in strength and toughness, each of which would be rated at 4.

Limitation: While Anya doesn't have to worry about mechanical failures or running out of canisters, she does have to be careful not to overdo it. Her body can typically produce more than enough webbing for a typical day of fighting the forces of evil, but over-extending herself is a quick trip to exhaustion, dehydration, and running out of juice. After a nasty fight, she tends to eat like a varisty football team to replenish her strength.

Skill: Scrapper (5)

When you grow up in a bad neighborhood and love kung fu movies, you wind up with some pretty dynamic ideas of how to hold yourself in a fight. Add superpowers and suddenly, it all seems pretty practical to accomplish. She's more of an improvisational brawler than anything else, but hey, it looks cool, right?

Power: Wall-Crawling (4)

Anya would have no business calling herself 'Araña' *or* 'Spider-Girl' if she couldn't wall-crawl. She, much like the ol' Web-Head out in New York, is able to adhere to most surfaces.


Advantage: Bilingual

Anya is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Advantage: Spider Society

While Anya is no longer a Hunter for the Spider Society, having passed her original powers on to one of their own, they parted on good terms. She can go to them through their front company, WebCorps, if she is ever in dire need of information or resources. They aren't guaranteed to help, but she has enough friends left in the group that chances are pretty good she at least won't be turned away empty-handed.

Advantage: Web Savvy

Yeah, yeah, being a detective is cool and all, but Anya is a child of the digital age. While she's certainly no Oracle, she knows her way around most modern computers and the internet itself, often using it to keep up with current events and help in her investigations. (Make sure you follow her on Twitter!)


Flaw: Enemies

One downside to being an experinced hero: you make enemies. From her time as Araña and working with the Spider Society, the Sisterhood of the Wasp certainly doesn't like her very much, nor do any of the villains that she helped lock up.

Flaw: Guilt

Anya's father was killed by a superhuman. They were friends long before she became a hero and the man was not in control of himself when it happened, but she didn't arrive in time to stop him, and now her father is dead. She feels horrible and has vowed to become faster and stronger, not wanting to suffer such a major failure ever again.

Flaw: Secret Identity

Both as Araña and Spider-Girl, Anya has done everything in her power to maintain the separation between her heroic and personal lives. There are some people who are in on her secret, either due to her implicit trust in them or their own damned cleverness, but their numbers are few and the truth has remained out of the papers.


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