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Agility: 6 Strength: 4 Toughness: 3
Perception: 4 Intellect: 5 Willpower: 5
Speed 1 Spider-Sense 8 Technology 6
Wall Crawling 4 Webs 8 Science 5
Daily Bugle Equipment
Enemies Guilt Neurotic
Pesticides Poverty Responsibility
Secret Identity
Name: Peter Benjamin Parker A few years ago, when he was early in his sophomore year at Midtown Magnet High School, orphan Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider on a class field trip. Over the next few hours he found he was blessed with extraordinary powers. His uncle, with whom Peter was raised, was shot in an episode for which the young man feels responsible. Taking to the night as Spider-Man, Peter is resolved to help those in need from the forces of evil.


Position: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Team: The Avengers
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Race: Mutate
Type: Iconic Marvel FC
Actor: Andrew Garfield
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Central
Music: Juicebox, the Strokes
Quote: "With great power comes great responsibility"
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Things have been kind of rough for me over the past few years. My whole life, really. My parents gave me away when I was five. My Uncle Ben and Aunt May say it was out of their control, but I've never really got an explanation. But I don't mean to demean my aunt and uncle. They've been good parents to me. They were firm when they needed to be. They were lenient when they needed to be. They taught me right from wrong. A lot of people don't get that, so I guess I should consider myself lucky.

I've always loved science, so when we visited Oscorp for a field trip you can guess how excited I was. I may or may not have wandered into an area I shouldn't have been. I may or may not have entered a prohibited area. I definitely got bitten by a spider. I definitely gained some amazing powers.

I did a stupid thing later. I was late home and was supposed to meet up with my aunt. Got yelled at by Uncle Ben. I left in a huff and he went to go find me. I stopped to pick up something to drink. Didn't have enough money and tried to use two of those 'take a pennies.' Clerk gave me a hard time. Guy after me ended up robbing the place. I could have stopped him. I didn't. Out on the street the robber got in a skirmish. There was a gunshot and the thief ran away. Uncle Ben fell to the ground dead.

I knew what I'd done that night. I know his death is my fault. And there's not a day that goes by that I don't replay those events over and over in my mind and there's not a day that goes by that I don't wish there was a different outcome. There never is. Nice gift for a guy who only made sure I didn't grow up on the streets.

I can't take it back. But I can try to make him proud. So that's what I do. I dress up like a spider. I fight bad guys. It'll never be better, and I can't bring him back. Maybe I can make him proud.


Power: Acrobat (8)

Augmented by his powers, Peter has found himself to be extremely agile and acrobatic. He throws his body around with reckless abandon and has the grace of an Olympian gymnast. An Olympian gymnast, with superhuman flexibility and web shooters.

Skill: Hand to Hand (5)
It's been 3 years now since Peter Parker became Spider-Man and he's continually getting better at fighting. Her prefers weapons free in order to limit the damage he inflicts on others. The stat skill is augmented from his powers and listed at its power-fueled maximum.

Power: Healing Factor (2)
Because of the mutation that came from the spider-bite, Peter Parker heals much faster than a normal person. When injured, Peter's mutated physiology heals at 5 times a person's normal speed.

Power: Leaping (1)
Spider-Man's dense leg muscles give him the ability to leap an entire city block.

Skill: Multi-Media (6)
Peter is a bit of a tech wiz, and his love of photography has allowed him to meld one of his skills with one of his loves. He stays up to date with all of the multi-media out there, and is adept at all different sorts.

Skill: Science (5)
Peter has been blessed with an unbelievable scientific mind. Ever since he was a small child, he loved to read up on scientific studies in engineering, biology, physics; you name it. If you asked him, he'd probably just tell you it was interesting. But part of it is probably due to the kinship he feels with his father who disappeared long ago.

Power: Speed (1)
At full speed, Spider-Man is able to run at 50 miles per hour due to the mutation he received from the spider-bite. Likewise, his reflexes are amazingly sharp.

Power: Spider Sense (8)
An odd effect of Spider-Man's powers is what he has termed the Spider-Sense. Just before his body is put in harm's way, Spider-Man's nervous system will warn him that he is about to come under attack. Because of his augmented reflexes he is able to avoid most strikes and missile attacks that come his way and can almost predict movements before they happen.

Skill: Technology (6)
For all his scientific and mathematical acumen, Peter really shines when it comes to the creation and use of technology. In truth, he'd like to be an engineer someday. And he's already created a pair of webshooters that he uses for weaponry and transportation as Spider-Man. He's currently working on devices he plans to use to trace people, but those are still a work in progress.

Power: Wall Crawling (4)
Spider-Man's body is able to stick to even some of the most slippery surfaces. This allows him to crawl up skyscrapers, despite the glass windows. In actuality, his entire body can stick to surfaces, but the power is concentrated in his hands and feet.

Skill: Webs (8)
Based on a specific design that Peter created, his web shooters are worn at the wrist and spew a thin web-like compound that he can use in many ways. When Peter first started using his web shooters, he was not all that effective. After nightly practice, however, he has developed into a real expert at using the webs in all sorts of ways. There's transportation by skyscraper as well as shooting the webs at adversaries to adhere them to the ground or walls. He can also fire them as blunt force objects. Their strength would be listed as a 4, their toughness a 4. He has a limited amount, and though he himself has never kept count of the chemicals, he gets about 100 shots to the canister. Most nights, he keeps 3 canisters on him. But that varies depending on preparation time and resources. When used as a weapon, the shooters rate as a 2.


Advantage: Daily Bugle

Working for the Daily Bugle gives Peter something he can't get from other jobs. Sure, he's a peon. Sure, he gets treated like garbage. But working at the Daily Bugle gives Peter something money can't buy: access. He hears rumors. Gets Press Passes. And learns things before they hit the internet or print.

Advantage: Equipment
Peter Parker has created some technology to aid him in his fight against crime and villainy as Spider-Man. Using his interest in chemistry, he created devices which he calls webshooters which allow him to fire an immediately hardening line of 'webbing' which adheres to objects, allowing him all sorts of uses. He's also created tracking devices that trigger his Spider-Sense, which he can use to follow targets.


Flaw: Enemies

Peter has created some powerful enemies during his time as Spider-Man including those in the press, those in the police force, as well as some supervillains who are all looking to kill him.

Flaw: Guilt
Peter is a guilty guy. He feels guilty that his parents left him as a child. He feels responsible for his parents death. He feels guilty that he has put May out several times, worrying for him when he's been late in coming back. He feels guilty for everything.

Flaw: Neurotic
There is the law of the land, there is the law of the heart and conscience. Then there is the law that governs Peter Parker's life: Murphy's Law. What can go wrong, will go wrong, and he's come to expect the worst. Often he is right.

Flaw: Pesticides
Due to his combination of human and arachnid physiology, Peter is abnormally susceptible to Pesticides.

Flaw: Poverty
After the death of his uncle, Peter and his Aunt May have trouble making ends meet. He works at a host of jobs to try to keep income coming in, but they still have a mortgage. Food stamps and part time jobs only go so far.

Flaw: Responsibility
With great power, comes great responsibility. That's what his uncle Ben taught him, and it has really stuck home for Peter. He feels he must do what he does as Spider-Man. He is compelled. It's not a choice for him.

Flaw: Secret Identity
Because of the people he cares for, Peter Parker must keep his identity a secret. This forces him to live in hiding as Spider-Man and take necessary precautions to maintain this secret.


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