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Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 4 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5
Budget Utility Belt 1 Gymnastics 4 Motorcycle 2
Self Defense 3
Investigation Snooping
Barely a Vigilante Cluemaster Pill-Addicted Mother
Name: Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown is the daughter of Arthur Brown, AKA the Cluemaster. Fed up with her father's larcenous ways, Stephanie took matters into her own hands when he was immediately returned to a life of crime upon being declared of his clue-obsessed criminal psychosis. Armed with a new identity as 'The Spoiler', she spent leaving clues around Gotham City pointing to his next heist, allowing the police to head it off in time.

Although her father is behind bars, Stephanie still goes out on patrol and stops the occasional mugging or leaves leads for the police, should she happen to stumble on anything juicy.

Position: Suburban Vigilante
Team: Birds of Prey
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: PST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Stephanie is the daughter of Arthur Brown, AKA the Cluemaster, AKA a lesser known criminal hailing from Gotham City. Her childhood was a blur of missed holidays and prison visiting rooms, with her mother unraveling throughout it all due at first to depression, and then an addiction to various painkillers; needless to say, it wasn't an especially nurturing environment, and Stephanie did her best to keep her head down and avoid it while growing up.

When the day came that her father - declared cured of his obsessive need to lead police to his crimes with clues - was to be released from Blackgate once and for all, Stephanie was wary; when it turned out that the prison psychologists had done nothing to diminish his desire to continue committing crimes, she was livid. Unwilling to wait and see how long it would take the police to catch him when he /wasn't/ doing their jobs for them, Stephanie took matters into her own hands: with a handmade costume and a few spare tools stolen from her dad, the Spoiler burst onto the scene to bring him to justice.

It mostly involved hiding clues all over Gotham in Cluemaster's stead, but that was still enough for him to be apprehended before it was too late.

Energized by her success and newfound sense of civic duty, Stephanie now juggles her already complicated home life with occasional patrols as the Spoiler.


Equipment: Budget Utility Belt (1)

Spoiler's utility belt consists of a few tools stolen from her dad's stash or purchased from sporting goods stores and eBay, including a grappling hook and climbing rope, pepper spray, and a taser.

Skill: Gymnastics (4)
Stephanie has been involved in after school Gymnastics for a significant chunk of her life, and she frequently uses these skills while working as Spoiler; unlike her spotty martial arts training, there wasn't much to stop her from going to practice directly after school, as she didn't have to worry about her parents forgetting to pay for or take her to lessons.

Vehicle: Motorcycle (2)
Stephanie owns a little motorcycle that comes in handy for getting around in or out of costume. It's seen better days, but it still holds up remarkably well to the abuses of reckless teenage driving.

Skill: Self Defense (3)
Rather than a global trek to train with the world's greatest instructors, Stephanie Brown's combat training comes entirely from her neighborhood martial arts dojo. Her parents initially signed her up for lessons as a child to keep her from getting in the way around the house, but the constant turbulence in the Brown household made it difficult for her to keep up with them on a consistent basis. Since beginning to experiment with going on patrol as Spoiler however, she's made an effort to get in as much practice as she can, to protect herself.


Advantage: Investigation

Though not a trained detective, Stephanie was exposed to her father's mad, meticulous schemes from an early age and has a budding knack for picking up on and piecing together criminal evidence. Augments Intelligence when used.

Advantage: Snooping
Ever since foiling what would have been her father's triumphant return to crime, Stephanie has made a habit of skulking around the seedier parts of the town from time to time, looking for leads to would-be crimes. This is, to say the least, inconsistent: she might have a vague idea of what kinds of things to watch out for - non-descript packages tossed into a piles of refuse, a lot full of cars outside of a decrepit warehouse at midnight - but she has no network of informants, no advanced surveillance equipment, and is an amateur detective at best. Sometimes, she's in the right place, at the right time to catch useful information; other times, she spends the night squinting futilely through binoculars on Battergate rooftops.


Flaw: Barely a Vigilante

Stephanie is young, inexperienced, and just skilled enough to have not gotten herself killed yet; these three factors add up to a girl who doesn't always consider the danger she faces every time she goes out as the Spoiler. To her stubborn mind, whatever good she manages to do outweighs the risks.

Flaw: Cluemaster
Stephanie Brown's father Arthur is the Cluemaster, Gotham criminal who once had a penchant for stringing authorities along via series of carefully constructed clues. Stephanie initially adopted the Spoiler's mantle as a way to get back at him for screwing up her life with his crimes, and she sees it as her responsibility to make sure that he /stays/ locked up for as long as possible. Arthur is a violent criminal with very little regard for his daughter's happiness or well-being; he does not presently know that she was responsible for locking him up.

Flaw: Pill-Addicted Mother
A life time of dealing with the fallout from her husband's volatile 'career' has driven Crystal Brown to depression and an addiction to painkillers, leaving Stephanie with the responsibility of making sure that her mother and the house are taken care of, most of the time. Making matters worse, Crystal's original 'scrips are long expired, leaving her to rely on unaware or downright unscrupulous doctors, or - more likely - actual dealers to get her fix.


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