It is only proper to contact a staff member only through their staff alt. Also, Never bother a staff member who is listed as off-duty -- you can see it on '+who' or '+staff'. If you do not see a staff member on +staff, they are to be treated as if they are not connected. Whether or not you know the staff member's alts, never page anyone's player alt with a staff question or problem. Contacting the staffer off-game via messaging programs or on other MUs is unacceptable. Staff members should only be contacted via email at the address listed in their +finger info.

Staff members have no staff authority via their player character alts. So, you should treat staff members connected to player alts like any player. If a staffer needs to come into a situation as an admin, it must be done via an actual staff character. When they are connected as players, staff members have the same right to express opinions as anyone else. They must also abide by the rules of conduct. Staffers with player alts have all the same rights and responsibilities as any other player when connected to those alts.

Admin Email: <>


Head Staff

Staff-genie The Genie
Alias: Genie
Position: Head of Code/Game System, Apps
Likes: Wishes
Wikia Profile: User:MUX-Admin
Timezone: PST
Hello, I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! No, wait -- that's not right! Oh, yes. Right. I'm a staff member, here to help out on the game. I read apps, write and maintain code, and generally help keep things going. I'm also the resident system guru, here to answer questions about the game's stats, character sheets, and such.

Notes: If I'm on-duty, always feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Staff-peterpan Peter Pan
Alias: Pan
Position: Head of Theme, Apps/Plot Support, Funny Jokes
Likes: Pixie Dust
Wikia Profile: n/a
Timezone: EST
Don't let his adorably impish exterior fool you, Pan's wits are as sharp as his sword. Just like you'd expect, Pan is the man with the plan. Second star to the right and straight on to morning!

Notes: Lost: The Lost Boys. If seen, please return to Pan.

Staff-timon Timon
Alias: None
Position: Head of Help Staff, Apps Support, Hakuna Matata
Likes: Slimy, yet satisfying
Wikia Profile: n/a
Timezone: EST
Timon is as cute, fuzzy, and helpful as he is in his movie. Feel free to ask him for help when he's on duty. You can pay him in grubs or thank-yous.

Notes: Timon is also a champion warthog racer.

Staff-maleficent Maleficent
Alias: Mal
Position: Head of Plots, Apps/Help Support
Likes: Thorns and Roses
Wikia Profile: Wintergrey
Timezone: EST
Maleficent is your chief plot developer and karma scene runner, available to help you hero harder and villain valiantly. Stuck? Dissatisfied? Bored? Let's do something about that. Already awesome? Let's do it twice.

Alts: Cannonball and Loki

Support Staff

Staff-baloo Baloo
Position: App Staff
Likes: (Please Fill In)
Wikia Profile: (Please Fill In)
Timezone: (Please Fill In)
(Please Fill In)

Alts: (Please Fill In)

File:Staff-drface.jpg Dr. Facilier
Position: Plots and Apps
Likes: (Please Fill In)
Wikia Profile: (Please Fill In)
Timezone: (Please Fill In)
(Please Fill In)

Alts: (Please Fill In)


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